Re: Need help, please, dating a Warsaw and a Liverpool studio photo of my great-grandmother #poland #unitedkingdom #photographs

Michael Sharp

clearly late 1800s

Michael Sharp, UK

Re: son of Jeno WEISZ and Malvina PANETH, born after 1937 in Budapest #hungary


Hello Karesz, very many thanks for your reply. It does seem like this is going to be tricky. But that doesn't put me off! Perhaps it would be easier for me to focus on the Israeli end of the story. If anyone is reading this who knows about Israeli records, this cousin lived in Be'er Sheva, any ideas about how I can investigate residents there in the late 1950s? 
Karesz, I may come back to you later if I don't get anywhere. Many thanks again.
Emma Cole

Re: Heimatschein from Vienna #austria-czech

Johann Hammer


The Heimatschein was the predecessor of citizenship. That means she was an Austrian citizen.

Kind regards,
Johann Hammer

comparing two names מאניש and מזיש #names

Lee Jaffe

I'm turning again to the wisdom of the group for help interpreting a father's name on headstones belonging (by some accounts) to two brothers.

One, belonging to my great-grandfather Joseph Schwartz (1866-1921) reads:
יוסף בר מאניש

The second belongs to Samuel Schwartz (1861-1952) reads:
שלמה בן מויש

On the simplest level, I'm hoping the group can help make sense of these inscriptions.  I've searched all of the sources about Hebrew given names I could identify andI haven't been able to link either father's name to a Hebrew name I recognize (Maneesh?  Moish, not Moshe?).  But, on the other hand, both versions starting with a Mem doesn't rule out it being Emanuel (or does it?)   If you can point me to a source for these names, that would get me passed the first hurdle.

On a deeper level, I'm trying to figure out whether there is anything here that suggests (even slightly) that these two had the same father?  Could one be a typo?  A poor rendering of a badly remembered Hebrew name?

This isn't a random question.  For years, I've seen other trees which link my great-grandfather Joseph Schwartz (for whom I have no earlier family information) to the Schwartzstein family: father Emanuel Schwartzstein and his son Samuel (and Joseph's putative brother).  However, after years of looking, I've never managed to find any documentation showing a connection between Joseph and either Samuel or Emanuel.  I've tried to reach out to the owners of the Schwartzstein trees but they haven't responded to questions about what documentation they had.  Then, last month, MyHeritage matched me to three of Samuel's descendants via DNA , raising the stakes. But still, I'd like more evidence that Emanuel is indeed Joseph's father or that this Samuel (and not one of the many others) is Joseph's brother.  MH's "Theory of Family Relativity" shows a path from me through these other trees to each of these matches.  But I don't trust the trees.  

As luck would have it, I managed to get a photo of Joseph's gravestone last week and hit on the idea of comparing the inscriptions.  I traced a FindAGrave record linked from one of the Schwartzstein trees to a photo of Samuel Schwartz's grave (see attached).  As is so often the case, I'm just more confused.  I acknowledge all of the usual sources of uncertainties.  There is no hard-and-fast rule for converting old-world names into American and I don't trust entries in other trees without supporting documentation.  But then there is the DNA ... and I can't ignore that I have three matches to Samuel's descendants.... so, I feel I need to pursue every and any angle I can.

Thank you in advance for any help or pointers you can suggest.

Lee Jaffe

Re: son of Jeno WEISZ and Malvina PANETH, born after 1937 in Budapest #hungary


This is a hard one – because of the current privacy laws you would only be eligible to view the birth record if you are a direct descendant or a professional researcher.

The birth record would have late notes referencing any changes (name change, change of religion until 1949, marriages, divorces, death) if the person stayed in Hungary.

I may be able to help you but this really just a ‘maybe’.


Karesz Vandor
genealogist/historian/private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
e-mail: info@...




Viewmate Translation request from Aramaic #translation

Chaim Luria

I need a translation from Aramaic (with vowels) to modern Hebrew or English.

The text can be seen on Viewmate  #86822

The eulogy was written in Padua, Italy in 1631.

I can be contacted with any questions or responses.


Chaim Luria


ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Aileen B Goldman


I've posted several vital records in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Aileen Goldman

Translation from Russian please [repeat] #poland #translation #warsaw

Peter Lebensold

With Yom Kippur behind us, I'm hopeful that some kind person will now find the time to translate the marriage record in Russian (I believe) that I posted  on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
According to JRI-Poland, this is the record of the marriage, on 11 January 1898, of Chaim Mendel JARECKI and Nicha GELBFISZ. I would love to get as complete a translation as possible of this document, including names of witnesses, indication of any previous marriages, and some idea as to whether the religious marriage might have taken place some time before - or soon before - the date of this civil registration.

For years, I have believed (with published supporting data) that this couple were my paternal great-grandparents - the original precursors of the GELBFISZ, FISH, GOLDFISH, GOLDWYN line in North America.  But recently indexed new data is starting to put that into question.
So the more information I can get the better.
Thank you very, very much!
Peter Lebensold

Find immigration manifest and naturalization papers? #records #usa

David Brostoff

I found an index record for "Brostoff, Jankel or Jacob" in "Texas, El Paso Alien Arrivals, 1924-1952" on Family Search, which I am attaching to this message.
A search for his last name in "Texas, El Paso Manifests of Arrivals at the Port of El Paso, 1905-1927" results in no matches.
Several questions:
Does this mean there is no manifest?
I know from other sources that he was born in 1902. Does "ar. 4-6-21" on the index card mean that was the date he entered the U.S.?
What does "leg. 6-13-30" mean?
I have also found an index record on Family Search that he was naturalized in 1933 in Princeton, Ill.
Where can I search for his naturalization papers?
Thank you,
David Brostoff

Re: Are these the same person? #galicia #records #names


How common is the surname Kremer in that area?  If it is not a common name, the odds are that there is only one Sime Kremer.  And, since Rachel is the eldest and the only child listed with Hirsch as the father and  Rachel is listed as a child of Chiam in the 1870 census, that should be a strong indicator that Hirsch and Chiam are the same. Especially if the birth dates for Rachel are similar in the two record sets.

I have some similar JRI records with alternating names for the parents. Fortunately in that instance, it was easy to figure out.

 Rich Meyersburg
Laurel, MD

1858 Jubarkas Revision List #lithuania


Hi all,
I am trying to prove a connection between my 3rd great grandmother Leah Sundelowitz (1836-1917) and the Zundelevich's/ Zundel's of Jubarkas/Yurburg. In her husband's siddur her first two sons were born in Gorgenburg which is the German equivalent of the town also since her husband was from Sakiai I am assuming this was her home town as the groom usually married in the bride's town in those days. She moved to the united states in 1869 and moved to Rushville, Indiana where her son Will/William was born. Back in Jubarkas there was a Zalkind Zev Zundel (died 1848) who may have been her father as Zev can mean Wolf which can mean Will in English. The only way I can confirm this is probably through the 1858 revision list which is currently not online for Jubarkas. Does anyone know if it is being translated or was it destroyed? 

Thank you for your time, Elani Joseph

Gesher Galicia Zoom Membership Meeting November 8th: Reserve Your Spot #announcements #galicia

Steven Turner

Dear Friends,

We hope that you saved the date for our first ever membership Zoom meeting. It will be  Sunday, November 8th at 12-1 PM EST (9-10 AM Pacific, 5-6 PM UK, 6-7 PM Central Europe, 7-8 PM Israel, 4-5 AM next day Australia). This seems to be the most convenient time for our membership across the world.

To reserve your spot please go to   

We look forward to seeing you all.

Dr. Steven S Turner
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Viewmate translation request - German #germany #translation


I request translations of the German text on several family registers and a marriage certificate – all downloaded from Ancestry.  They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond using the online ViewMate forms.

Thank you so much,

Diane M. Jacobs

Re: Weinbergers from Kisvarda #hungary


Hi Jutka                                                  4th October 2020

I wonder if you are interested@

I attended the Anna Frank Ginazium in Budapets--

Volt iskolatarsain: Vadasz Jutka  --jelenleg Amerikaban el es
Weinberger Mari from Kisvarda it el Londonban
En Erettsegiztem 1968

I wonder, if you wish I can contact   Vadsz Jutka -n the USA  

I am in regular contact with Mari Weinberger  from Kisvarda--if I am not mistaken Mari's father was a Kosher Butcher in Kisvarda

Wishing a Mazeldike, Healthy Happy Sweet New Year to All

Veronika Pachtinger
London UK>

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

Robert E. Ybanez

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Robert Ybanez Kalinski

Robert E. Ybanez Kalinski

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #poland #translation

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

1.  Death record of Ruchla Laja WAJSBLECH:

2.  Death record of Ela Wolf WAJSBLECH:

3.  Birth record of Lejb WAJSBLECH:

4.  Birth record of Nuchym WAJSBLECH:

5.  Death record of Szmul WAJSBLECH:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Re: Researcher in Belarus #belarus

Gerald and Margaret

Do contact the Together Plan ( to make contact with experienced  Belerussians who  undertake genealogical research.  They speak the language and are used to the bureaucratic complications of the country, a huge advantage !!.  
References available from debrakbrunner@...  

Margaret  Levin

Re: Heimatschein from Vienna #austria-czech

Eva Lawrence

As Martin Tompa explained, the Heimatschein is a certificate giving the bearer the right ot reside in a community. An electoral register is something different. Its existence implies that the community is governed as an elected body,  and further that the person listed is empowered to  chose the members of that body.  In modern terms that's what citizenship means, and the criteris for voting vary from country to country. .  Austria became a republic after 1918,  but I am pretty certain that a 17-year-old wouldn't have been entitled to vote. .
Eva Lawrence

JGSLI Virtual meeting on Sunday October 25 at 2:00 PM Eastern #announcements #events

Bonnie Birns

Hello all! The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island is delighted to invite you to our October monthly meeting featuring our guest speaker, Rhoda Miller, Past President of JGSLI.


JGSLI is extending the invitation to the broader genealogy community. We ask that you register in advance (see below). Please share with your friends!

Sunday, October 25th, 2:00 PM, via Zoom

Speaker: Rhoda Miller
Topic: Gone Girl. Strategies for Finding a VERY Long-Lost Cousin.

DNA and document strategies will be unfolded in this quest for a female cousin. Finding females is normally a challenge but when the woman does not want to be found, the challenge becomes even greater. Learn techniques for breaking through a brick wall as well as the new problems on the other side of that wall. Rhoda Miller, Ed.D., CG® has been a Certified Genealogist since 1998, specializing in Jewish research and Holocaust studies. Rhoda is a Past President of JGSLI and continues as a board member. With JGSLI, she led the award-winning project of publishing the Images of America book, Jewish Community of Long Island.

There are two ways to join our meeting:
Register for our Zoom meeting: this will allow you to join in so you can chat with others before and after the meeting (this will be limited to the first 100 people to join)


When: Oct 25, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Tune into our meeting via Facebook Live at . No Facebook account is required to view the meeting, but if you are signed into Facebook you can ask questions in writing via the comment section under the video.


This webinar is free and open to the public.


I look forward to "seeing" you all then!


Bonnie Birns


President, Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island
Jericho, Long Island, NY researcher #59766

JGSLI Family History Workshop Sunday, November 1, 2020 #announcements #events

Bonnie Birns

Please join us for the Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island's (JGSLI) 30th annual family history workshop, "Jewish Genealogy 101: Four Hours+ to Your Family Roots" The workshop is a half-day course on sources and strategies essential for Jewish Genealogy research and is recommended both for beginners and for family historians who want to brush up or expand their skills.

Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020 from 12:30 to 5 p.m. Virtual Seminar on Zoom.

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Last Day to Register is Friday, October 30.

Bonnie Birns
President, Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island
Jericho, Long Island, NY researcher #59766

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