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Carole Silverman

Hi Gary,

After looking at the photo of the residue of the Kamemetz-Podolsk records that you providedssI have decided to look for info about family from Izyaslav, Ukraine. Do birth and marriage records exist and are they available.

Many thanks,
Carole Silverman

Re: Family Wonder/Wander in Brest Litovsk and London #belarus #unitedkingdom

Michael Hoffman

Hello Bernard,

I would suggest that if you have not already done so, that you do searches in the 1891, 1901 & 1911 England & Wales Census and the 1939 Register to start with
using  Use firstly for Births, Marriages and Deaths this is a free to use website.

Michael Hoffman

Re: Looking for Vselyub Cemetery #belarus


To everyone who has replied here and to me privately...THANK YOU!  The research community is amazing.  In such a short time, valuable help has come from a half dozen people in Israel, Belarus, and the US.  Here is a progress update.  There is reliable information from a descendant that over 100 families were in this shtetl before the war.  As referenced above, cemetery restoration was done in 2006.  A panoramic photograph has been found that shows about 50 headstones from that restoration.  However, there is also evidence that more stones exist, but were not set upright or read/rubbed.  An archive of photographs from the restoration has been located and will be scoured for clues.  A photograph of one headstone rubbing is in the archive.  It was for Bryna/Braina, daughter of Shlomo, wife of rabbi Yaakov Libowicz.  JGen researchers from this area, who have searched for Libowicz, have been emailed.  A list containing Jewish names on 55 stones has been found.  Two of the names were immediately recognized as belonging to a survivor family.  This family was part of the early nucleus of Bielski Partisans.  From a memoir that this family published, one of the names in this cemetery now has a face and a final resting place.

Shalom.  Ken Domeshek.  Houston


Researching Family in Cardiff #unitedkingdom


Recently Mr Kaplan requested information about family from Cardiff. I have managed to get a lot of information from the shul in Cardiff. Please see the email below.

Dear Mr Kaplan,
I received an enquiry from Lorraine Silver and Norma Levison on 5th Oct re Levy / Levine family history in Cardiff.
I should first mention that both the cemeteries of Cardiff United Synagogue are viewable on line with pictures of each grave and a full listing.
Go to      (cut and paste)     
Scroll down, Enter a first letter  of the person you seek,  and then below it comes all the people who are buried  there whose name begins with that letter.
There is a Minnie Levine, wife of Barnett Levine listed with a picture of the memorial stone at Highfields Rd.
There is a Reuben Levine also in Highfield Rd cemetery also with a picture of the memorial stone. He died March 12th 1951.
Golda Levine is also buried in the same place. She died 22/9/1967.Looks like she didnt marry.. The stone is very clear. to read.
There is a Lena Levine in Ely cemetery. She died 10/12/1977. She was 88yrs old, and the daughter of Rev H. Hamburg ( of Cardiff) so
probably no connection.
There is a Minnie Levy in Ely cemetery  who died 20/11/2004 aged 91 yrs. Again a clear gravestone but probably not your family.
There is also a Maurice Levy ( of Bristol ) who died 30.1.1921, but I suspect this is not your he was 66 yrs old. Gravestone is viewable
on enlargement.
There is also a Annie Levi in Highfield Rd but she died in 1949
Please peruse the cemetery websites as they are easy to use and f.o.c.
I have checked Cardiff Jewish marriages on CD Rom from 1851-1912 and none of the people you mention appears. After 1912, the ledgers are available for manual checking but I do not have access to the shul at present.
I could do this for you but perhaps Neil  or Rochelle Schwartz would be prepared to do this for you after simchas torah ? 
As you write, Annie Savitcky married in June FreeBMD she is down twice on the same date as Anie and Annie!
You can get a copy certificate in due course. 
My only other thought about the Levine family is 1) they left Cardiff or 2) left Judaism or 3) moved to other Welsh Jewish centres.
I have Newport, Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil records if needed.
Cardiff Reform shul didn't open til 1940s or 1950s but I have their burial records too
I hope some of this helps.
Kind regards
Tony Blasebalk
Cardiff United Synagogue Burial Board. 

Re: comparing two names מאניש and מזיש #names


My thought too that the nun/vav difference is an error.
One tombstone is in yiddish (using the aramaic 'bar' for son of), accounting for the alef in the name, which is missing in the second tombstone, which is in Hebrew (with ben for son) of.
Relly Coleman

Re: Looking for Benjamin LEVIN, who died in Johannesburg in 1939 and his brother #southafrica


Peter - have you tried searching the South African National Archives online catalogue in the first instance for your family names? You can also use other search parameters, such as address. Try:  link:
Naomi Leon
Brighton, UK

LEWKOWICZ, RYWAN, LASKY, BERGER, WRON, FAJBISIEWICZ (Rawa Mazowiecka, Aleksandrow Lodzki, Lodz)

Looking for family of Tsoglin from Chernigov and Semenovka #ukraine

earl zeitlin

I am contacting you whether anyone has any information regarding the family name Tsoglin. My paternal grandfather Isadore Zeitlin born in 1889 was Israel Tsoglin in Russia (now Ukraine). He lived in Semenovka NE of Chernigov, then later Chernigov. His Hebrew name was Yisroel Yeshiah ben Shlomo Chaim). He came to the US in 1911 settling in Chicago. His father was Shlomo Chaim ben Zvi Hersh. His mother was Henya Surkin. His wife was Chana Resnick of Svencionys, Lithuania. The family was in the leather hide business. Any information would be appreciated. I previously prepared a letter in Russian sent to the archives in Chernigov but had no response.
Earl Zeitlin; Monsey, NY 

Swedish Death Records: VON KRASKOWSKI #records



My mother’s cousin, Thekla (or Johanna Tekla) KANN, was born on 10 Jan. 1890 in Peitz Krs. Kottbus, Germany, to Berthold KANN and Josephine MANUEL KANN.

She married Georg VON KRASKOWSKI on 22 Sept. 1922 in Stockholm, Sweden. Georg died in Stockholm on 11 August 1932.

How can I find Thekla's death date and place? I’ve checked JewishGen, Ancestry, FamilySearch, and MyHeritage, but to no avail.

Thanks for your help.

All the best,

Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Lexington, MA

Re: Adoption Lwow, Poland #dna #poland #galicia


Thank you for taking time to reply.
* yes sorry -conversion from Judaism.
No siblings.
Noreen Thorne (England)

Re: Yiddish male given name 'Kos' #poland #names

Yitschok Margareten

Maybe it's the Hebrew name Kehos?

Yitschok Margareten 

Re: Translating/ identifying town origin of postcard #names #general

Yitschok Margareten

The town is apparently Ostrowiec Poland.

The date looks like 5/6 1933 which is June 5th, the mess around the 6 looks like a correction from 5/5 to 5/6.

I'm not familiar with the Polish language, but I believe the word before the date is something like "the" or "dated" not the name David.

Yitschok Margareten

Re: Translating/ identifying town origin of postcard #names #general

Alexander Sharon

Town is Ostrowiec (Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski) in Kielce region. Written date is June 5, 1933 (Dnia 5/6/1933)

Alexander Sharon

Translation from "Russian" to English #translation


Please would someone be able to translate to English this back of postcard inscription. Think it is Russian 
Many thanks.
Debby Myers

Re: Yiddish male given name 'Kos' #poland #names

Yehuda Berman

There is a Hebrew name pronounced Catriel in modern Hebrew and Cosriel [Kosriel] in Ashekenzic Hebrew. Kos could be a nickname for Cosriel. If you know where he is buried, you might be able to see if his full Hebrew name is on the marker.
Yehuda Berman

Re: Finding Out You Lost Your Citizenship #events

Kenneth Ryesky

My wife's grandmother had same problem; it came back to bite her in about 1950 when she sought to make Aliyah and learned that she had lost her citizenship and had trouble getting a US passport.
-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@...

Re: Yiddish male given name 'Kos' #poland #names


You may consider the name "Kohos", which is the Yiddish variant of the biblical name "Kehat".
Yossi Yagur

Re: Looking for FAJWEL / TAJFEL / BEKERKUNST / KNASTER families from Ozorkow / Leczyca / Kutno / Warsaw #poland #general

Helen Gardner

My gggrandmother Chaya Sara married Moshe Blumberg. Her family name is given as Tywel, but her father's name is given is Faivel. My guess is she's Chaya Sura bat Faivel and her surname is unknown or maybe she didn't have one since this is early-mid 1800s.
Helen Gardner

ancestral names, all from Poland, mostly Warsaw


Re: Looking for FAJWEL / TAJFEL / BEKERKUNST / KNASTER families from Ozorkow / Leczyca / Kutno / Warsaw #poland #general

Lisa Mellen Ben-Shoshan

I have many Knasters in my tree, related by marriage, though most of them were born in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Please contact me to share tree info at lisa.m.benshoshan@....

Lisa Mellen Ben-Shoshan

Re: Finding Out You Lost Your Citizenship #events

Susan H. Sachs

Two interesting features of the law that took away the native born US woman's citizenship when she married an immigrant who had not yet been naturalized are:
1.  This law only went into effect in 1906.  If I'm not mistaken women who married immigrant men before then were not deprived of their own citizenship.  
2.  As you realize, the law only applied to women - native born US men were not deprived of their citizenship if they married immigrant women.
Thus the law, with one stroke, was both anti-immigrant and anti-feminist (though that term hadn't been invented yet.)
As for your question - how did the women know they were deprived of their citizenship - it did seem strange to me that when I saw my grandparents' marriage license, of 1911, stating my grandmother was born in 1892 in McKeesport, PA and that she was marrying my grandfather born in 1888 in Austria-Hungary - no mention is made of her loss of citizenship at that point.  As I understand, if she had lived long enough to vote (she passed away in the flu pandemic of 1918) she would have learned of it then as you point out - or if she had wanted to travel overseas before my grandfather was naturalized and had included her in his papers - and she needed a passport.  She would have learned that she couldn't have a U.S. passport.  
Susan H. Sachs

Family Wonder/Wander in Brest Litovsk and London #belarus #unitedkingdom


I am seeking to find whether my great, great grandfather, Aaron Moses Wander, born Brest Litovsk 1850ish, had any siblings and to learn of their descendants. Aaron's son, Benjamin Hyam Wonder, born 1874 in Brest Litovsk, migrated to London in the early 1890s. My grandfather, Theobold, son of Benjamin was born in London in 1894. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Bernard Wonder (Australia)

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