(Netherlands) Secret Register of Released Prisoners #records #photographs #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen


Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum (BHIC) digitized and indexed the Secret Register of Released Prisoners, Geheim Register van Ontslagen Gevangen, which was kept from 1882 to 1896. There are 1,700 prisoners in the registers. The register included photographs, personal details, and overview of crimes of the prisoners who would be released in the upcoming month even though they were still considered dangerous.  The register was sent in the form of a monthly journal to the procurators-generals of the courts and the district attorneys. In later years, it was also sent to the military police and police commissioners in larger municipalities. The contents were kept confidential so that the released prisoners could try to find a decent place in society again.


The website is:

It is available in Dutch and English.


To search, enter a name and press “zoek” [search] or click on “ga naar uitgebreid zoeken” [go to advanced search] for more options:


Alle velden [all fields]

Achternaam [last name]

Voornaam [first name]

Geboorteplaats [place of birth]

Periode [period] t/m [to]


To read more about the archive see:


Thank you to Yvette Hoitink, CG who posted this information on her newsletter, Dutch Genealogy,


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Looking for the origins of my family #general

Mary Ann Evan

Davya, the earlier suggestions to look for death certificates and passenger manifests are really excellent.

Regarding other spellings of the name, I had a few thoughts.
1) I'm assuming that your family came from Eastern Europe rather than Germany or Austria. I haven't seen any Slavic language that uses a double "o" in the middle of a word. I think the original spelling is more likely to have a "u" instead of the double "o". Another possibility is an "o" with an accent (ó), which would also have been pronounced like the English "ooh."
2) If they lived in Poland or in areas in Belarus or Ukraine that might have been part of Poland at the time, the ending "tsky" was almost certainly "cky" as the letter "c" in this word would have been pronounced like "ts" in English.
3) Also, and this is really a long shot, if at some point the name used the Polish spelling, the second letter could be different. The original may have started with "Sł" where the "ł" is pronounced like a "w" in English. More important, when indexing is done by people who don't speak the language of origin, this "ł" is often transcribed as the English "t," and so you might also keep an eye out for names starting in "Stu" in the indexes of passenger manifests or other documents indexed by Americans.

Mary Ann Evan

Dolginovo research assistance #belarus


Hi Everyone,

Struggling here a bit.  Working on my family tree and trying to find more information on births/marriages of the 'Kamenetsky' side of the family.  Primarily the 6 kids, one of whom was my great grandfather and died in the Ghetto. 

I believe I have their names, birth years (sort of), and towns of birth/residence.   Problem is via JewishGen I cannot find anything except a little bit in the 'family tree' research section which has an incomplete list.  


Children were all born to Benyamin Kamenetsky and Ettka.  I believe most were born in Dolginovo. It is possible the first two older boys Yaakov and Chaim-Zorach were in a different shtetl, but somewhere in that general area.  The other 4 were almost certainly born in Dolginovo:  Dveira, Yudel, Aaron and Leah/Liza.

At some point the family moved from Dolginovo to Minsk.  Hard to say when, but a rough guess would be around 1910. 

Everyone one of those people married and with the exception of Yaakov stayed in Minsk. 

Yet I can't find a single birth certificate/proof and not a single marriage cert. 

Are these records simply not things available on jewishgen?  
I was able to piece most of what I have from living relatives, but there are still missing people.  Some wives are not known at all. 

Here is a link to the public geni tree profile of Binyamin and the family:

Any and all help would be super appreciated.

-- Arkady Kamenetsky

Friends/Relatives of Ben Davis (Binyamin Devenishki) and Miryam Rabinovich, Dieveniskes. Lithuania and Houston, Texas #lithuania

Adam Cherson

These are part of a series of high-definition photographs obtained from town residents, for identification.
If you are able to recognize someone, please contact me privately using the 'Private' button below.

Houston, Texas; Vilna, Dieveniskes, Divenishok, Dziewieniszki, Jevenishok, Devenishki, Dzievianiski

Year: various: from 1900-35

Adam Cherson

Re: Update to the Family Tree of the Jewish People #JewishGenUpdates

Max Heffler


                One method is to use MyHeritage’s free Family Tree Builder to sync your tree to your PC and then export the GEDCOM that can be uploaded into FTJP


Max Heffler,

Houston, TX


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My family tree is on How do I upload it to JewishGen?



Web sites I manage - Personal home page, Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society, Woodside Civic Club, Skala, Ukraine KehilalLink, Joniskelis, Lithuania KehilaLink, and pet volunteer project - Yizkor book project:

Re: Looking for the origins of my family #general

The Becker's Email

Have you obtained Joseph's and Kate's death certificates?  Hopefully the informant(s) were there children who may have supplied info on where, in Russia they were from.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Rabbi GERSTEIN in Canada #canada #general

Linda Higgins

Has anyone in Canada heard of a deceased Rabbi named Gerstein?

Re: Discovered possible (probable?) Jewish roots in Colonial USA #unitedkingdom #usa #sephardic

Sherri Bobish


Found on GoogleBooks:

The County Court Note-book - Volumes 1-5

The court orders payments to the wives of certain recruits from Frederick County.  March court 1779 (From the records of the county court)
Mrs. Levy, wife of David Levy; six children.
The records states that the above men were soldiers in Col. Weltner's regiment.

You might try contacting NARA to check if there are surviving records of his Revolutionary War service.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Decipher names on New York Passenger List? #records #names

Sherri Bobish


Looks like Israel BACH submitted naturalization papers in Maryland in 1938. has the papers, including a photo of Israel BACH.

Israel gives a home address in Baltimore, but says that his wife and children live in St. Louis.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Update to the Family Tree of the Jewish People #JewishGenUpdates

lorraine meehan

My family tree is on How do I upload it to JewishGen?

On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 5:17 PM Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:

JewishGen is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to the Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP), enabling the addition of 555 new family trees, representing 454,416 individuals. In total, the Family Tree of the Jewish People now includes 7,684 trees which represent approximately 8,642,345 individuals. 

While small in comparison to Family Tree collections at major commercial sites, the JewishGen Family Tree of the Jewish People provides researchers with unique access to vital Jewish family history information that is available in no other facility. We encourage everyone to utilize this valuable resource that we hope will continue to grow on an ongoing basis.

Improving the FTJP was labor intensive and required the navigation of many complex systems and processes. In this regard, please join me in expressing our gratitude to volunteers Gary Sandler (Director of Systems Administration) and Iris Folkson (FTJP, Support and IT Coordinator) for the dozens of hours they spent analyzing and upgrading our system, adding trees for the first time since in 2018, and ensuring that the FTJP can be updated on a monthly basis going forward.

The FTJP can be searched by visiting:

To submit a Family Tree, please visit:

Shabbat Shalom & Chag Sameach.

Avraham Groll

Executive Director


Lorraine Meehan

Re: ViewMate translation request - Hebrew #slovakia #translation


Hi Dave, 

I'd like to relate to one aspect of the epitaph which, to my knowledge, belongs to Hungarian tradition only. 

The line which says :Sh[em] i[mo] Yudit i. e. the name of his mother was Yudit.
Sephardic Jews often mention the name of the mother of the deceased in the same line as the name of the father. 
Most Ashkenazi Jews do not mention the mother at all. In Hungary (in that aspect Slovakia is a country of Hungarian culture for the Jews) there is this special formula: His/Her mother was.... 
I asked a number of persons about the origin of this formula and could not obtain a satisfactory answer. The only suggestion that I couldn't check that this custom started with Neolog jewry.
I would appreciate comments from the group on this question  

Best regards, 
Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet  Israel 

Re: Origin of girl's name "Seiva" #names #romania #yiddish

Daniel Bargman

Sheive is the Yiddish name of my grandmother, from Hebrew Bat Sheva (Betsabe)

Daniel Bargman

Russian Military Archive #russia #records


My grandfather was conscripted into the Russian Army somewhere around 1900 - 1904.  His name was Michael Goldsmith.  To whom do I contact to find his military record.  How do I contact the Russian Government?  Can I contact them in English or does it have to be in Russian?
Any help would be appreciated.
Karen Goldsmith Adelman

Re: Looking for BMD records in Wisnnitz #ukraine

Dennis Rice

I found a number of BDM records through The family history center Familysearch  Nowy Wishnitz synagogue records. I also communicated with the Bochnia Archive which is 5 miles north of Nowy Wishnitz (bochnia@archiwum)

Dennis Rice

Re: Looking for the origins of my family #general

Lee Hover

Don't overlook the possibility of Galveston as the port of entry.  That's where my GF came in in 1909.

Lee Hover

Dieveniskes, Lithuania 1928 Group Photo for Identification #lithuania

Adam Cherson

This is one of a series of high-definition photographs obtained from town residents, for identification.
Please contact me privately using the 'Private' button below, if able to help.


Title: Youths From the Town
Location: Dieveniskes, Divenishok, Dziewieniszki, Jevenishok, Devenishki, Dzievianiski, Vilna Province (south of Vilna City)

Year: about 1928

Comments: seated from left: Unknown-A (possibly a relative of either Blumeh Movshovitsh or Breyneh Rudnik), Yakov Benyakonski (confirmed), Bilkhe Cherson (confirmed), Hershl Rogol (confirmed); standing from left: XXXX Levine, Blume Movshovitsh (confirmed), David Berkovitsh (confirmed), Breyneh Rudnik (confirmed), Unknown-E, Unknown-F (E and F may be siblings)

Adam Cherson




SOLTS, KAPLAN, LEVINE, SZCULC, PORTNOI–  Dieveniskes, Divenishok, Dziewieniszki, Jevenishok, Devenishki, Dzievianiski, Konvalishki, Kallelishok, Vilna Province, Israel


RUBINOVITSH, RUBINOVICH, GREIS, GREENES, GREEN– Smarhon, Smorgon, Smorgonie, Svir, Lida, Oshmyany Province, Vilna Province, Israel


BENYAKONSKI, BINIAKONSKI, BINAKONSKI, KARTSHMER, SMID, SCHMIDT, DEVENISHKI, GRODZENCZIK, GRODSINSKI, OLKENITSKI, GLAYKH, GLICKMAN, RUDNIK, SHAMIR, SZMERKOWICZ, CHAFETS, CHAFETZ, GOTTLIEB, GURNOFELSKI, KHLAVNOVICH, CHLAVNOVICH, KALAI, BALASHER, BALTORISKI, PRUSAK, PRUSKIS, RAPPAPORT– Voronova, Voronove, Varanova, Binakoni, Benyakon, Yashun, Jiasiunai, Jiasiuny, Rudnia, Lida, Vilna, Dieveniskes, Divenishok, Dziewieniszki, Jevenishok, Devenishki, Dzievianiski, Konvalishki, Kallelishok, Siauliai, Svir, Vilna Province, Oshmyany Province, Israel, Ireland


KHRSZN, KHERSON, CHERSON, GERSON, JERSON, RABINOVITSH, RABINOVICH, COHEN, HACOHEN, GERSHON, GERSHONOVITSH, EDELMAN, MELAMED, KARTSHMER, ROGOL, VINOKUR– Dieveniskes, Divenishok, Dziewieniszki, Jevenishok, Devenishki, Dzievianiski, Konvalishki, Kallelishok, Vilna, Volozhin, Bielica, Vilna Province, Oshmyany Province, Israel



Re: Discovered possible (probable?) Jewish roots in Colonial USA #unitedkingdom #usa #sephardic

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt


Because you mention that David Levy served in a German battalion unit at Valley Forge, and his wife was born in a German-speaking area, it raises the question about whether he might have been of Ashkenazi origin.

All early American Jews were not all Sephardic. It is true that synagogues operating at the time in America were practicing Sephardi rites, but there are highly visible examples of those who were Ashkenazi that actively participated and intermarried into those communities. One notable example is the religious leader of Shearith Israel in Manhattan in the late 1700s, Hazan Gershom Mendes Seixas himself, was the son of a Sephardic father and a mother of Ashkenazi descent. 

DNA: Not always passed down through all lines, so just because your DNA results didn't show any Jewish, doesn't mean it's not possible. This is assuming you took an autosomal DNA test. 

David Levy is listed in the Daughters of the American Revolution ancestor database (index) as #A069673.The dates differ with him born circa 1740 and death as before 1-18-1804. He was a non-commissioned officer shown as QUATERMASTER SERGEANT, ALSO PVT IN CAPTS KEEPORT, BALTZEL, BUCHARDT, BUNNER and LCOLS GEORGE STRICKER, LUDWIG WELTNER; GERMAN REGT, CL. His wife's name is slightly different as well and listed as Barbara Weisser.

Ordering Genealogical Documentation from DAR: 
More information can be purchased about any patriot ancestor appearing in the DAR database for $10-$30 to see supporting documentation and/or descendant applications including significant genealogical detail about relationships. To search, visit Once you find someone in the results, click on the "PURCHASE" button to order. If more than one descendant application is available, select the one most recently submitted which will be the last one on the list.

Intermarriage in 18th C. America: 
The prominent colonial Jewish gentleman, Simon Gratz of Philadelphia, may or may not have married a non-Jewish woman whom he sired 7 children with. All of the children were raised Christian, and there is no evidence their parents, Simon and Mary Smith married. There are other examples in this time period of similar relationships between Jews who remained involved in the Jewish community but "married" or coupled outside of the faith. Your description of baptisms and roles in the church for David Levy's family are consistent with this. Were they always affiliated with the Lutheran church or another? Some churches excommunicated members for marrying outside of their faith. And where are David Levy and his family buried?

A new JewishGen US Research Division website covering 1624-present will provide links and guidance on research for all periods in America including colonial Jewish families. Suggestions or materials for content are welcome.
Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Director, JewishGen US Research Division

Re: Discovered possible (probable?) Jewish roots in Colonial USA #unitedkingdom #usa #sephardic

Stephen Cohen

Dear Albert:

I suggest that you get in touch with my sister, Dr. Mara Cohen Ioannides, a professor at Missouri State University, who is an expert on American Judaism and American Jewish History, and has been tracking various early Jewish families for historical research.

-Dr. Stephen M. Cohen
Central New Jersey

Re: Decipher names on New York Passenger List? #records #names

Laurie Sosna

If I'm reading it right, line 27 & 28 (Peisach and Vigor Kelwasser) are going to their nephew M. Gerber at 20 Ridge St.

Line 29 & 30 (Israel & Chane Bach) are going to their nephew Isak Stroch and uncle M. Bach at Rivington St. 147
147 Rivington St. should be in the 1900 Census district Manhattan 277
I scanned through the pages, but was unable to locate the house number.

Some of Rivington is also in Manhattan 224

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA

Re: ViewMate translation request - Polish #poland #translation

Our Jewish Family History Research

Hi all:

The link to my viewmate post:

Many thanks in advance.
Jacqueline GRUSZECKI
Researching: ENGEL,WAGOWSKI and extended families from Lodz and other areas.

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