Marriage records and dates #records

Richard Stower

Will someone explain the apparent discrepancies between AGAD marriage records which have different dates of marriage that conflict with births of the couple's children.

Thank you

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine

Researching in Kolomyya: SECHESTOWER (or variations), THAU, SPIERMAN, GRAFF. In Dobrowa Tarnowska: KANNER, SCHMIDT (or SMITH and variations), WERNER. In Chortkiv:  GROSS, FELLNER.

Re: Looking for a reliable archivist to obtain family records from Ukraine #ukraine


Two years ago I had Andriy Dorosh handle research for me in Brody & Lviv.  This was to supplement my own work & ahead of a trip to Ukraine which he also arranged for me (with guide & driver).  Oksana, was the woman who did the archival research & she also gave information to town guides we met with in Brody, Lviv & Kolomyia (and then they did some supplemental work to augment my town visits). Oksana, was also my personal guide throughout the week I spent in Ukraine, and she did a great job.  You can see Andriy's online site at:, and contact him at: dorosh.andriy@...  He did a really nice job with all our arrangements and had a good complement of people working for him. My trip was very beneficial & the archival research helped a lot, too.  Prices, I felt, were very reasonable.

Leah H. Snider
Silverdale, WA /USA

Re: "Ligia" - which town in Minsk Gubernia #names #belarus

Sherri Bobish


How about this as a vague possibility?  I've seen names of towns even more distorted.

Lahoysk, Belarus
Alternate names: Lahoysk [Bel], Logoysk [Rus], Lahoisk [Yid], Łohojsk [Pol], Logoisk, Łahojsk Region: Minsk

A very quick look at finds virtually no records for this town.  There are several other 'Genners researching this town, and one is searching LEVINE.  Of course, that is an extremely common name, but you never know!


Sherri Bobish

Visegrad 4 Film Series - Oct. 15-28, 2020 - ONLINE #announcements

tony hausner




2020 Visegrad 4 Film Series

Event Invitation
We invite you to join us on a riveting journey to Central Europe through a number of contemporary cinematic gems from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Great neighbors with strong cultural ties, the four countries are known as the Visegrad Group (Visegrad 4 or V4) - an alliance established in 1991 to further integrate our region and increase our political, economic and cultural cooperation. This year, Poland assumed the Group’s annual, rotational presidency, aiming to actively promote Central Europe and the V4 as a strong regional and global partner. 
This year’s Visegrad 4 Film Series, now in its ninth iteration, is brought to you virtually and available to audiences
across the United States! 
The program is FREE – all you need to do is register to stream through the Polish Film Festival Miami’s online platform.
All films are only available for viewers in the United States.
About the program: 
We are proud to present four internationally acclaimed feature films. For the series’ debut, we will screen two films - Corpus Christi and AmnestyCorpus Christi, directed by Jan Komasa and the 2019 Polish Academy Award Nominee for Best International Feature Film, is a compelling story about faith and second chances set against the backdrop of a small mountain village in Southern Poland. Jonáš Karásek’s Amnesty is a political thriller that covers the events following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. In week two, we will invite you to watch Kincsem - Bet on Revenge by Gábor Herendi, a record-breaking film about a record-breaking horse, as well as Havel by Slávek Horák – the first major fact-based biopic about the human rights icon and the Czech president, Václav Havel. 
Our younger audience members are invited to watch a collection of beloved cartoons presented in cooperation with the Polish Cartoon Film Studio (SFR in Bielsko-Biała), the Slovak Film Institute, the Czech National Film Archives and the National Film Institute of Hungary. We’re sure that the unforgettable characters of Bolek and LolekJoey - JožinkoFerda, as well as Rabbit and Deer will have older fans glued to their screens too, as many will fondly recall their first childhood visit to the movie theatre.   
Poland, 116 min.
Directed by Jan Komasa
Available for streaming 10/15 – 22
Slovakia, 130 min.
Directed by Jonáš Karásek
Available for streaming 10/15 – 22
HAVEL (2020)
The Czech Republic, 103 min.
Directed by Slávek Horák

Available for streaming 10/22 – 28
Hungary, 122 min.
Directed by Gábor Herendi

Available for streaming 10/22 – 28
At the Kids Corner
Bolek and Lolek - 2 episodes from the 
Wild West series (1972, Poland)
Available October 15-28
Joey's Space Adventure (1990, Czechoslovakia) 
Joey's Fishing (1981, Czechoslovakia)
Available October 15-28
A collection of cartoons curated by the Czech National Film Archives (1959-1987, Czechoslovakia)  
Available October 22-28
Rabbit and Deer (2013, Hungary)
Available October 22-28
Stills from “Joey's Space Adventure” (Slovak Film Institute), "Bolek and Lolek" (Cartoon Film Studio - SFR) and "Rabbit and Deer" (


The Embassy of the Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW, Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202/274-9105 | E-mail: cul_washington@...

Tony Hausner
Founder, Safe Silver Spring
Past Chair, 
AAII Chapter Leaders Executive Committee
Cell: 301-641-0497


Re: Looking for a reliable archivist to obtain family records from Ukraine #ukraine

t s

Another high recommendation for Bela. He has been very helpful.
Todd Samovitz

Re: "Ligia" - which town in Minsk Gubernia #names #belarus

Michele Lock

I originally thought the town was Lida as well. But during Russian times, Lida was in the Vilna gubernia, and I believe in the Grodno gubernia before that. 

In the 1920 US census, when asked by the enumerator Mrs. Koplowitz what his birthplace was, the father Simon Lavine answered 'MInsk'. I can see that his neighbors who were Jewish immigrants gave answers such as Vilna, Kovna, Galitzia, Grodno. It appears that Mrs. Koplowitz was asking them in Yiddish what gubernia they were born in, probably because she knew the usual 'Russia' was way too broad. See the partial column from the census image below; the entry that is the third from the bottom is for Simon Lavine:

This is why I believe Simon Lavine and his family are from the Minsk gubernia, and that 'Ligia' is located somewhere there. I have requested the New Jersey death certificate for Simon Lavine, to see if there is any more definitive information on that document, though it will likely just say Russia. The death certificate for his wife Ada Lavine says Russia, and that is it.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA

Re: "Ligia" - which town in Minsk Gubernia #names #belarus


Yes, Lida is probably the town.  We may be cousins.  My gggrandfather Benjamin Vine/Wein was from Lida.  He had a sister Celia who immigrated to NYC 1893 with her husband Bernard Levin.  They moved to Trenton about 1901.  Bernard's siblings used the surname Bergman.  Celia and Bernard had seven children (5 Levins, one Levine and one Lavine).  My grandmother, Rose Vine, was Celia's grand niece.  I can't find Charles, Esther, or Simon in my family file.  Bernard's father was Louis Levin.  Bernard's death certificate lists Louis and says he (like Bernard) was born in Lida.  Wish I could give you a real connection.  Lots of Levines, Levins, and Lavines in Trenton!
Fred Millner
Hamilton, NJ

Looking for a Lower East Side photo. #photographs

Bruce Drake

I occasionally post about this here in my never-ending quest to find a photo that includes somewhere the storefront of a restaurant that my grandfather, Samuel Drach (from Wojnilow) owned on 10 Delancey Street, between the Bowery and Chrystie, in the years between 1910-1920. (That building and its storefront are still there but now unsurprisingly is a craft whiskey bar). I have scoured every possible photo source and am posting here in case anyone has old family photographs that might have such a shot. The closest I have come is a 1940 NYC tax photo taken at a point when the storefront was a bird shop.
Obviously, answer privately.
Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

ViewMate translation request - Polish #poland #translation

Alex Guri


I've posted vital records in Polish for which I'd appreciate a translation.
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much,
Alex Guri

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Josh Poritz

Hi all,
I have posted three pages from the 1834 Grodno Revision List on ViewMate and am looking for translation of the entries on these pages that pertain to the DZIVETETSKY, SCHMIGELSKY, or KHAZANOVITZ families:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thanks in advance!
Josh Poritz
New York, NY

How can I research famliy members from the Volyn area (Ratno, Kovel, etc). that emigrated in the late 19th and early 20th Century to the US? #ukraine


My family tree does not go back any further than the US at the moment as I cannot track my relatives into their native lands, which were held by Russia, Prussia and Poland at various times. 
Not sure how I can research them.  We have Kempers, Millmans, Chaiets, Bluts, Zuckers, Pens and Jacobs in our line .  

Can someone help point me to where I might further the research?

Thank you,
Steve Millman

Re: Wer Einmal War: Salomon (Salo) Landau (Pages: 1716-1718) #austria-czech


Hi Johann and Laurent,

Thank you so much for this information. I do think my ggg-grandfather Schia Landau and Salomon (Salo) Landau were brothers. Schia Landau was also born in Nowy Sacz (~1841) and his father was Judah Leib HaLevi Landau. Interestingly, Sophie Wachmann's sister Amalie Wachsmann married Schia's nephew Josef Baruch Landau, which further strengthens the connection to my family.

Thank you again!

Jeremy Lehmann

Re: Tombstone #translation

Leya Aronson

Good morning.
Actually the Shin  and Aleph are abbreviations for SHEM IMO...the name of his mother.
The letters after are an abbreviation for "She should live [and be well]" [Shetichye means she should live, the ,and be well is understood.] So while his father was deceased, his mother ws alive when he died.
Hope this helps.
Leya Aronson
Toronto Canada

Re: Wer Einmal War: Salomon (Salo) Landau (Pages: 1716-1718) #austria-czech


Hi Johann,

Actually "Wer einmal war " gives his father name on his Hebrew name. There Salomon is mentioned as the son of Judah haLevi. 
Best regards, 

Laurent Kassel  
Moreshet, Israel 

Re: "Ligia" - which town in Minsk Gubernia #names #belarus


It is Lida, Belarus.



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Re: Need map of the Padua Ghetto #general


At this site:
you can find a brief history of the Padua community (in italian) and a map of the old ghetto. Please keep in mind that what is referred to the "ghetto" area today is much larger than the actual historical ghetto.
There is also a nice website of the Padova Jewish Museum at:
It's in english too.
Hope it helps.

Re: Tombstone #translation


Here is buried
The beloved and esteemed young man 
The honorable Rabbi Abraham son of  Yitzchak peace be upon him, son of our teacher the Rabbi Menachem Rosenberg may his light shine
Died the 8th of Cheshvan 5697
May his soul be bound in the bond of life
His wife's name Chila may she live

A few notes: Many of these words are abbreviated as is common, the second description is abbreviated my best guess is that it's meant to say "vhachoshuv" (and the esteemed) but it is misspelled.
The abbreviated title before his name probably doesn't mean he was an ordained Rabbi at his young age but was just an honorific. His grandfather, however, seems to have been living and was a Rabbi (maybe well known given the fact he is mentioned).
The title "habachur" (the young man) usually means he is unmarried, but the line at the bottom of the stone seems to give his wife's name so it probably is just referring to his very young age at death. I have never seen a stone list the wife's name exactly like this and again it's abbreviated but I believe it stands for "Shem ishto" (his wife's name).
The 8th of Cheshvan would have been either the night of October 23 or the 24th of 1936. His yartzeit is actually a week from now, Sunday night and Monday the 25th into the 26th.

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: Tombstone #translation


Can't make out all of it, but:

Buried here
The Dear and Wise Youngster*
כ"ה The late Abraham the son of Yits’chak (Isaac)
Son of Our Teacher
the late Menachem Rosenberg
Died on 8 Cheshvan 5737
ש"א (abbreviation that I don’t know) Chila (should she live)


* actually “Unmarried”

The way I understand it, you have two generations back. The father Yits'chak and the grandfather Menachem, but I may be wrong about that.
There are two abbreviations that I don't understand, I have left them in Hebrew characters "as is". Hopefully someone else can supplement my interpretation above.

Seth Jacobson

Re: Finding My Grandfather's Siblings From Minsk #belarus

Carl Kaplan

For the archivist, I went through the non-profit Together Plan out of the UK, that helps rebuild Jewish communities in Belarus. I hesitate to state their cost, because they tailored it for what I was looking for. In the end, for me, it was worth it, but obviously there is no guarantee on results. Their website is, and I believe the contact for their archivist is archive@...
Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland #russia



In Russian:


Состоялось в городе Лублин 27-го ноября (9-го декабря) 1868 года в 4 часа дня. Явились евреи Тобиаш Либерман, рабочий, 35 лет и Израиль-Ицек Гликман, спецулянт, 44-х лет, оба жители города Люблин и объявили, что вчера,  в городе Люблин, в 6 часов вечера, в доме под номером 395, умер Ицек-Нута Вайсблех, один год и 6 месяцев от роду, родившегося в городе Люблин, сына Вольфа и Шандли, супругов Вайсблех. По настоящему удостоверяю о кончине Ицека-Нуты Вайсблеха.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан и ими подписан.

 Подпись Подпись Подпись Подпись

Translated into English:


It took place in the city of Lublin on November 27 (December 9) 1868 at 4 pm. Jews Tobiash Lieberman, a worker, 35 years old, and Israel-Itsek Glikman, a special agent, 44 years old, both residents of the city of Lublin, appeared and announced that yesterday, in the city of Lublin, at 6 pm, at house number 395, died Itsek-Nuta Weisblech, one year and 6 months old, born in the city of Lublin, the son of Wolf and Shandlia, the Weisblechs. I truly certify the death of Itsek-Nuta Weisblech. This act was read and signed by those present.

Signature Signature Signature Signature
Translated by Michael Ryabinky

18261 - 18280 of 669780