Re: Looking for a Lower East Side photo. #photographs

Robert Murowchick

Success! Here are the buildings at 8 and 10 Delancey Street in a photo taken in Dec. 1907, featuring the Guttman Coffee House and Delicatessen (see attached image, and detail). Perhaps this is your grandfather's restaurant, or perhaps his replaced the Guttman? This photo is from the New York Historical Society, which has a full set of 1907 Delancey St. images, building by building, from Dec. 1907 at

Bob M

Robert Murowchick    <robertmurowchick AT>
Needham, MA

Researching these family links:
MUROWCHICK/MURAWCHICK/MURAWCZYK etc (David-Gorodok, Belarus, New Jersey, Chicago)
KUNECK/KONIK/KYONIK (Kozhan-Gorodok, Belarus)
EPSTEIN/EPSTINE (Gavish/Gavieze, Liepaja, Latvia)
SEGAL/SIEGEL (Tilsit, Koenigsburg, Germany; Baltimore; Chicago)

HOROWITZ marriage in Minsk 19th cent. Hashtags Minsk, HOROWITZ, AGOLNICK family, Rabbinic group #belarus

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Researching a supposed marriage of the son of a Rabbi David, Rabbi of
Novarodk, family name unknown to me, to a HOROWITZ daughter probably
around the early part of the 19th century. The groom's name was Moshe
(son of David son of Moshe of Klezk). Reportedly he adopted the
HOROWITZ family name and died relatively young. (Possibitiy that his
father, Rabbi David, had no family name.

As the (A)GOLNICK) family in USA are descendants of the above Rabbi
David of Novarodok, the above Moshe may be their ancestor.


Yoni Ben-Ari

Dieveniskes, Vilna (Divenishok), Lithuania, Grenoble, France, c1935 Photo for Identification #lithuania #photographs

Adam Cherson

Seeking to identify close friend of Blumeh (Movshovich) Berkovich, writing to Blumeh from Grenoble, France:

the postcard reads something like this:

“And I again settled in Grenoble. The mood is not to describe. And how are you? I didn't thank you for your friendship. Don't be upset/everything goes by [or ends] in this stupid life/the stupid existence becomes yesterday [news]/loses its whole importance___ Stupid post - again and again the same. ___I made piece with my destiny and you do the same. The game is over/the future preset. And work is awaiting me - again and again work. May God give us strength to cope with all. Be well your ...[illegible first name or 'friend' ] Wein.”

Adam Cherson

Havana, Cuba: Class Pictures Centro Israelita, 1942-43 #photographs

Adam Cherson

Comments: Photo from family collection of Samuel BENYAKONSKI. This photos shoe the 5th and 6th grade classes of 1942-43 at the Centro Israelita of Havana (located on Muralla/between Zulueta and Egido). Reasonable to suppose that some of these kids were of parents from Divenishok (Dieveniskes).


Families known to have been associated with the Centro Israelita of Havana during this period and who may have family in these photos:


1941: 5th Grade (top row 3rd from viewer's left: Samuel BENYAKONSKI)


1942: 6th Grade:
(2nd row from back, furthest on viewer's right: Samuel BENYAKONSKI)

Adam Cherson

Nov. 4: Zoom lecture on facial recognition tools for unnamed family photos #events #announcements #photographs

Moriah Amit

Family History Today: Using Facial Recognition Tools to Identify Unnamed Ancestors
November 4 at 3 PM ET

In contrast to vital records, family photos do not impart clear, standardized information and have always posed a genealogical challenge. In 2019, amateur genealogist and data scientist Scott Genzer developed a technique for using free online facial recognition tools to identify people in photographs, and has successfully applied it to historical photos of the Jewish community of his ancestral town, Mielec, Poland, among others. In this presentation, he will offer a detailed demonstration of this technique and explain how it may help you break through some of your genealogical brick walls.

This program is sponsored by the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish History. It is supported, in part, by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the Human Endeavor and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Ticket Info: Pay what you wish; register at /tickets/family-history-today-2020-11-04 to receive a link to the Zoom program

PLEASE NOTE: Our system cannot currently handle registrations from outside the U.S. International registrants, please send an email to programs@... with your name, email address and the name of the program for which you would like to sign up. We will register you manually and send you the Zoom link for the program. This is a free program but donations are welcome at

Moriah Amit


Re: Tombstone #translation

Maria Rev

Hi Laurent,
You are right, the grave is in a former Hungarian province, now in Romania, and related to a Hungarian family.

In that case, what could be the meaning of "Shem Imo"?
Many thanks
Best regards
Maria Rev

Re: My grandparents JONUSS and MAZUS from Ezere, Latvia #latvia #lithuania

Bernard Aronson <dovbenhos@...>

My great-great-grandparents Joseph Jonas (Jannes) and his wife were from Riga; they were feldshers (paramedics) that died in treating cholera victims during the epidemic that f=broke out in Moscow in1830.  Their son, Samuel Jonas (Jannes)aged 12, and his sister were orphaned and went to live with an uncle.  The uncle substituted my great grandfather Samuel for his son and he was drafted into the Russian army where he served for 25 years.  Upon leaving the Russian army as a corporal, he married a younger Jewish woman and he served as a constable somewhere in central Russia.  During that stay, his wife was attacked and Samuel beat the living daylights out of that lowlife.  As Jews, they would have been lynched except because of Samuel's service, they were exiled to Bialystok in the Russian Pale.  They grew a large family, which included my grandmother Gussie and all of them emigrated to the USA/  BTW, Matilda is not a rare name among Jews.  I had two relatives named Tillie.

Re: Opole Lubelskie Ghetto #holocaust


Most of my mother's family were from Opole Lubelskie. Only a few survived the Holocaust. I found records on Yad Vashem, submitted by a surviving cousin, saying they all died in Treblinka. My sister visited the area a few years ago with a  guide who told her that some of the residents were taken to Poniatowa, near Opole Lubelskie, where they were forced to work and later killed. 
Perla Goldschmidt
Doylestown, PA

Re: Belgium's Kazerne Dossin Online Exhibit #announcements #holocaust #photographs #records


I can highly recommend a visit  Kazerne Dossin (pandemic permitting) or of course online in the meantime.  They keep alive an important part of the history of the Holocaust which some may be unaware of. They were (and still are) extremely helpful with my research on a branch of my family that emigrated to Belgium in the 1920s from Poland, who like so many more were seeking a better life away from poverty and antisemitism.  

Jeff Kutcher

Re: Chmelnik, Ukraine #ukraine #records

Gary Pokrassa

Unfortunately I do not see an listings for this town in Alex Krakovsky's postings and not much online at JG database
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Re: Hebrew Translation Request #translation

Leya Aronson

Good Morning,
The Hebrew Date of 5689 corresponds to 1929.

Leya Aronson

JewishGen News - October Issue #JewishGenUpdates

Nancy Siegel

Don’t miss the October issue of JewishGen News! If you aren’t subscribed to receive a copy by email, you can read it by following this new link:


Articles include:


*Introduction by Avraham Groll

*New Webinar - Translating Russian Documents

*Family Tree of the Jewish People Update

*Emmy-Winning Jewish Documentary

*Yizkor Book Project Update

*Education Report

*Research Division Updates




   **United States

*LitvakSIG Update

*Museum of Jewish Heritage - Oral History Podcasts

*Success! Story - A Hundred Year Journey …




Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications
(San Francisco, California)

Elm Ridge Drive, Toronto #canada


Twenty some years ago, in a talk at the Los Angeles conference, I stressed the importance of reviewing previously acquired material as it may contain important, earlier overlooked, information. "... One man's background noise is another man's great-grandfather..." It is time to put the theory to the test.


In 1922, a young couple by the names Naftali b. Ber Lasutra and his wife Nechama b. Meishe (nee Gluzman), both natives of a small shtetl Pulin near Zhitomir, arrived in Toronto. Within the first ten years, they changed names to Nathan and Annie Lester. They lived on Borden Street for a number of years. By two independent accounts, they did not have children, although Nechama had a sister named Khaya who may have also lived in Toronto.

In the late 1940's, they moved to a new development on Elm Ridge Drive. Annie Lester died in 1956. In a year, Nathan Lester left for Israel where his brother, a photographer and a documentary filmmaker Yaacov Ben-Dov lived since 1907. Nathan died in 1974 and is buried in Holon.

There is evidence suggesting that Nathan Lester and some of his neighbors at Elm Ridge Drive were long time friends. It is therefore logical to assume that he wrote them from Israel.


So, if you research any of the names below, please check your "other stuff" folder. It may contain a never translated letter in Yiddish, or a picture of "uncle Sam with neighbours", or something else.

The names are copied from the 1951 Toronto City Directory The numbers are house numbers. Just in case, the entire page can be viewed at


139         Max Solomon

141         Banjamin Scinberg

142         Morris Rubinoff

143         Ciro Romanin

144         Joseph Steinberg

145         Albert Ciavir

146         Sam Berke

148         Nathan Lester

149         Boris Litman

150         Israel Rotblott

151         Harry H Berman

153         Max Axsmith

155         Samuel Blustein

157         Harry Goodfellow

159         Samuel Samer


Thank you!


Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Re: Hebrew Translation Request #translation


Buried Here
The Dear Woman and a Good Soul
The Crown of her Husband, the Glory of her Children
Mrs. Cirka daughter of
???? Rabi Yoel Betzalel the Levite
her death is painful for her husband and all her houshold
in the 5 day of the month of AV in the year 1929
her soul shall be bound in the bundle of life

(notice the discrepany in the year of death!)

Meir Razy
researching Rovno & Dubno

Re: Hebrew Translation Request #translation


Here is buried
The beloved woman and good soul
The crown of her husband and glory of her children
Mrs Tzilka daughter of our teacher the rabbi Yoel Betzalel the Levi 
Died to the despair of her husband and all her family
The 5th day of month of Menachem-Av the year 5689
May her soul be bound in the bond of life

-Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: Research advice for ACKERMAN in Hungary or Subcarpathia #hungary #subcarpathia


Regarding research in Carpathia , you can contact Mr. Bela ( Baruch) Huber  from Ungvar ( Uzhgorod) . 
His email : huberbelay@...

All the best , 

Mark Friedman 

Looking for information on relatives who emigrated from Brest-Litovsk to Denver, Colorado in the late 1800's #names #russia #usa


Hello all, I have been helping my dad with the maternal side of my genealogy, but we both seem to have hit a wall at my great grandfather's side of the family and I am hoping some distant relatives are using this site as well and have some pieces to this puzzle that I am missing.
Thanks in advance for your help, long drawn out context below!
My grandmother's father was Harold BUCHHALTER who married Bessie BLACK. Harold had a brother, Barton, and two sisters, Malkah Ruth (FRIEDMAN) and Faye (LEWIS), all now deceased but with living descendants. Joseph BUCHHALTER and Libby GREINETZ were their parents, Joseph supposedly being the only child of Moses or Moshe BUCHHALTER and Leia Riwka GINSBERG. Leia had a brother, Mendel who moved to Denver with his wife, Frieda in 1911.
Before Harold passed, he told us that the family surname is actually MIODEK or a variation of such, first changed when Moses settled in Denver around 1890. 
Moses is supposedly the first BUCHHALTER after changing his name. He was born c. 1867 and died in Tel Aviv in 1963. According to Harold, his father was Itzrok MIODEK, who married Tzipa/Cipa SHEINBLOOM/SCHONBLUM. Tzipa also made her way to Denver, but not with Itzrok unless he changed his name too. This is where our trail seems to get cold, as none of the information available on ancestry or JewishGen seems to match up with dates of significant events in their lives.

Harold told us that Moses had five siblings: 
  1. Golde Rivka MIODEK (married Max KRIZELMAN/KRISSEL/GINSBERG, their children had these variations of their last name), 
  2. Reuben MAYDECK (married Leah NEIRSTEIN, possibly WEINSTEIN, Leah died in 1902 and Reuben later married Dora ZAKIM/ZAYKIM),
  3. Chaim David MIODECK (married Pia or Pescha RABINOWITZ),
  4. Chana/Anna/Hannah (married Itzrok WEINSTOCK),
  5. Rivka (married Joel/Yosel LERNER).
There are few results for the surname MIODEK on JewishGen, however there are significantly more results for MIODECKI/MIODECKA, and I'm wondering if this is the same surname and the gender suffix was dropped. It also appears in several cases that this surname is used interchangeably with MIODOWNIK as there are a few marriages and births under both surnames that appear to match up.


Thanks again!
Arianne Barton

Re: My grandparents JONUSS and MAZUS from Ezere, Latvia #latvia #lithuania

Arlene Beare


I think you should definitely do a DNA test which will give you your Ethnicity.  There are many Companies to choose from such as,  FTDNA. com (Family Tree DNA). and others. The name Erika Dreznieks sounds Latvian but not Jewish. Matilda Jonuss likewise does not sound Jewish as Matilda is not a common Jewish name. .  Ancestry has the largest database but My heritage has the largest Jewish database.   FTDNA has the advantage that part from autosomal DNA which means you inherit  half from each parent they also do Mitochondrial DNA which is the maternal line and Y DNA which is the paternal line. You just need to test autosomal DNA(called Family Finder) in the first instance.  The Ethnicity results also vary with different testing Companies depending on the pool they have tested.   IF you test with Ancestry as with any of the Companies you  are able to  download your Raw DNA data and upload to other Companies but you cannot upload Raw data from other Companies to Ancestry.  
The name Late Mazus may be Jewish. Jekab Jonuss also cannot be ruled out. as it may be a Jewish Name.
I think you need to have your Ethnicity results and can then pursue the research depending on the results.  We will be happy to help you if you find that you do have Jewish heritage.

Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

GEDALI Family from Batiz Hungary later Romania #hungary #romania


Is there any JewishGeners whose family name is/was GEDALI or a variant in
the spelling of this name and lived in the mid 19th century and onwards in the
Hungarian town called Batiz (which later became part of Romania). If there is please reply to my personal email address sabaisio@.... Thank you in advance, now y'all stay safe, sound, and very healthy during this pandemic, 
Aizic Sechter from the Lone Magen David Star state of Israel.

Re: How can I research famliy members from the Volyn area (Ratno, Kovel, etc). that emigrated in the late 19th and early 20th Century to the US? #ukraine


Check into the Kovel group on Facebook.

Joel Ackerman
Jerusalem, Israel

18061 - 18080 of 669652