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loren greenberg


I have heard the expression "vonce" used by my parents and others from NYC while growing up. I am certain it is
a Yiddish expression altered by English speakers. It was used to refer to an active child. Perhaps a "rascal" or
"shovav" in Hebrew?

Does anyone know what the genesis of this expression is?
Thank you,

Loren Greenberg
Los Angeles, CA

Abelow - Merkine, Lithuania
Golub(ofsky)- Vasilishki, Belarus
Milner - Smiltene, Latvia
Shafir, Schaeffer, Melamed, Agazim, Vinograd -StaroKonstantinov, Ukraine
Volpiansky - Kaunas and Balbieriskis, Lithuania

Lithuanian Telephone Books #lithuania

Todd Brody

Hey genners:
My gr-grandfather left Lithuania in 1929 for the United States.
I have been trying to find Lithuanian phone (or other directories) prior to 1929 to see if I could find his address.
The earliest directory on the Genealogy Indexer seems to be 1930.
The website for the European Reading Room of the Library of Congress says that they have a 1923 directory for all of Lithuania (Telefonu Abonentu Knyga), but that directory doesn't appear to be online.
Is anyone aware of other Lithuanian directories for the period prior to 1929 -- bonus points if they are available online.
My gr-grandfather lived in Telsiai, but it is possible that by the end of his time in Europe he was living in Kaunas.
Thanks for your help.
Todd Brody

Re: Elm Ridge Drive, Toronto #canada


Thank you, Jeremy,


From google street views, it is clear that the area was redeveloped later; I just did not know it was because of the expressway construction.


That whole area was very Jewish from the beginning, that's why my hope is that there are a few genealogists who will recognize the names (and that's why I posted the entire 1951 Directory page).





Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Lithuanian Research Tzvi Hirsh Brude #lithuania #rabbinic

Todd Brody

Hello genners.
I am researching my ancestor R. Tzvi Hirsh Braude, the son of Aron, who was a rabbi in Salant and Alsedziai in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  
I am pretty sure that he is listed in the 1834 Revision Lists for Alsedziai (which was part of Plunge) as Girsh Braude the son of Aron.  This record says that he was born in 1776.
And I have found him in the 1784 Poll Tax list for Kalvarija living in his father Aron's home (which makes sense if he was 8 at the time).
What I am looking for are any records for the 50 year period between 1784 and 1834, which would help me figure out when he was living in Salant and when he was living in Alsedziai as well as who his children were.
I have looked through all of the records at Litvak Sig, but I am hoping that there might be records out there that have not been indexed.
Please note that there are a number of Lithuanian rabbis named Tzvi Hirsh Braude.  I am not referring to the rabbi who lived in Kelme and was the son-in-law of R. Simcha Zisel Ziv.  My Tzvi Hirsh Braude lived much earlier.
Thanks for your help.
Todd Brody

Re: Looking for information on relatives who emigrated from Brest-Litovsk to Denver, Colorado in the late 1800's #names #russia #usa


Hello Arianne,

In your post you wrote that  "Leia had a brother, Mendel who moved to Denver with his wife, Frieda in 1911."

Mendel and Frieda GINSBURG are the grandparents of my husband, Gerald. His father, Max Miles GINSBURG, was the youngest of 7 children of Mendel and Frieda. 
Since it seems that you are also doing research on Ancestry I am including the links to a few relevant pages on our family tree. There is a lot of information on these pages that is relevant to your search.
I also know from my in-laws memoirs that the BUCHHALTER family lived right across the street from Mendel and Frieda when they all settled in Denver. 
You will also find pictures of some of these people on their Ancestry pages. 
Mendel and Leah had a sister, Adele, who apparently never left Russia. The photo of her on Ancestry is a post card sent to her niece, one of Mendel's daughters. 
If you have more specific questions please feel free to contact me directly.
Marilyn Ginsburg, Canada  (Ancestry page for Moses BUCHHALTER, father of Joseph)  (Ancestry page for Leah Ginsburg BUCHHALTER, mother of Joseph) (Ancestry page for Joseph BUCHHALTER) (Ancestry page for Feige GINSBURG, mother of Leah and Mendel) (Ancestry page for Mendel GINSBURG)

Re: Hebrew Translation Request #translation

David Lewin

Tsilka is diminutive

The actual name isTzilla

At 15:48 22/10/2020, via wrote:
The Jewish name of Cacilie is Tsilka

Her Hebrew death date matches the Gregorian calendar.

Her father was possibly alive when she died as the usual ז"ל or similar acronyms are not written.

Jacob Shayzaf

Translation of Birth Records From Galicia #translation #galicia



I have attached two birth records that I found using JewishGen Unified Search. The person's name was Hersch Yosel (Metzger) born in Sniatyn on 25 March 1883. I don't think either record is correct from the information that I can read. I just need confirmation. Thanks!

Warren Metzger
Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Re: Looking for information on relatives who emigrated from Brest-Litovsk to Denver, Colorado in the late 1800's #names #russia #usa

Sheila Toffell

Get in touch with the Jewish Genealogical society of Colorado.  they have a ton of stuff.

Shelia Toffell

Re: Did Barney Barnato and Sir David Harris walk together? #southafrica

Paul Cheifitz

Hi Ron, 
Col. Sir David Harris was born in London in 1852 under that name. Barney was his first cousin and born the same year in London. In his memoir Pioneer Soldier and Politician, David writes that he arrived in Durban in 1871 and made his way, on foot, to was to become Kimberley, not Namibia. Barney only arrived there in 1873. Sir David was married to my grandmother's cousin, Rosa Gabriel. 
All the best, 
Paul Cheifitz, 
Netanya, Israel

Re: Tombstone #translation

Leya Aronson

Maria, I have tried enlarging the picture, and the word that appears at the end of the first line and is partially cut off looks like the 
word for pleasant -which is Hebrew is Nechmad.
I also did not add that his mother was named "Chila"

Leya Aronson
Toronto, Canada

Re: Havana, Cuba: Class Pictures Centro Israelita, 1942-43 #photographs


Although my family was in Cuba during the war years, my brother was too young to have attended this school.

If anyone reading this had family in Cuba at that time, I recommend a documentary called "Cuba's Forgotten Jewels:  A Haven in Havana".  It tells of the experience of Jewish refugees in Cuba, with a particular focus on the diamond industry that was brought to Cuba by Belgian immigrants, and the refugees who worked in this industry.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Finding death of my great uncle Otto Seelig #germany #records

Lewis, Megan

Hello Susan,

Otto Seelig is not in the Bundesarchiv's Residentlisten of German Jews in Germany 1933-1945, nor is he in the Bundesarchiv Gedenkbuch of German Jewish victims or the 1939 German Minority Census. Based on this info, I assume he either died or moved before 1933.

Megan Lewis
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Update: yDNA Rabbinical Lineages Index Reaches 24 Distinct Lineages #dna #rabbinic #sephardic #education

Adam Cherson

When all the dusty family trees books and scribbly civil records have been exhaustively mined (and I believe that time is rapidly approaching), yDNA-based rabbinical research is the way forward.


The 24 current index listings are mostly the result of prior published work by various researchers. The next step is to discover new signatures using the data-rich GENI platform.


Volunteers are needed to obtain new yDNA signatures. Please join the project by creating a free GENI account and visiting the project website: A focus list of about 50 high-probability research-ready lineages, many renowned, is available to volunteers at the project site. Instructional and workflow guidance provided for immediate immersion. This is highly rewarding and fascinating work, of benefit to the entire research community.


The current indexed lineages, which may also be viewed at the project site, include the following Rabbinical lines:


Chaim LOEW (MAHARAL lineage)

Yisachar HILDESHIEM (TWERSKY lineage)

David Ibn YAHYA (CHARLAP lineage)

Samuel ibn NAGHRELLA


Moshe b’ Yehuda Leyb (of Pinsk) (GRA son-in-law)

Yekhiel Yehuda LURIA (MAHARSHAL lineage)


Avraham CHAYES

Yakov BLUMENZON (of Widoma)

Zevulun Eliezer HEILPRIN

Levi Yitzach DERBAREMDIKER (of Berdichev)


Avraham Yehoshua HESCHEL (MAHARIV lineage)

Sholom SHACHNA (RASHACH lineage)

Shabbetai HaCohen HASSID (of Salonika)

Yosef DI TRANI (of Sepharad)

Yoel HaCohen SHAPIRO (of Cracow)




Eleazar KATZ (ABD Vaidislaw)


Elimelekh SPIRA (of Dynov)

Ephraim Halitsitser LIPSCHUTS

Yermiyahu Akiva ALFES


Adam Cherson
Custodian of yDNA Rabbinical Lineages Project

Re: trying to make contact with the Baschkin family of Rye, NY #usa


White pages.  Try Laurance Baschkin. Has Bernard as family.  914 978 0253. 914 878 7802. 914 835 3506.  Pound Ridge NY. 

Kamenetz - Podolsky Jewish Cemetery #photographs #ukraine


I saw a map with surnames of a Kamenetz - Podolsky Jewish Cemetery (27 plots wide) and was wondering if anyone knows if pictures of the gravestones exist. Are there any ongoing projects to take pictures of Ukrainian cemeteries?


Thank you in advance.


Michael Skoller 

(Beitelman, Sagan, Skollins, Lisenbaum, Birnbaum, Shakofsky, Shopsitz, Somni & Weitzman)

Re: Hebrew Translation Request #translation

The Jewish name of Cacilie is Tsilka

Her Hebrew death date matches the Gregorian calendar.

Her father was possibly alive when she died as the usual ז"ל or similar acronyms are not written.

Jacob Shayzaf 

Re: Looking for information on relatives who emigrated from Brest-Litovsk to Denver, Colorado in the late 1800's #names #russia #usa

Alice Ra'anan <araanan@...>

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I have 2 bits of information that may be useful:

1. My great-grandfather Shmerl Hellerstein emigrated to Denver from Brest-Litovsk in the 1880s. Since it is an unusual surname, I always make a point of contacting any Hellersteins I come across. In one case, a Hellerstein told me that his family's original surname was Farber, but they took the name Hellerstein in order to get exit papers so that their son would not be conscripted into the Czar's army. My husband has speculated that the Hellersteins and Farbers either were related or knew each other fairly well in order to pull this off.

2. Shmerl Hellerstein's oldest son was Moses, b. circa 1865 in Brest-Litovsk. In Denver in 1890, he married a woman named Tzivia Zalinsky (b. circa 1870, also in Brest-Litovsk). She became known as Jennie Hellerstein. Moses died in 1930, and Jennie later married a man named Buchalter, whom she had also known growing up in Brest-Litovsk. Unfortunately I don't know his first name so he may not be part of the same family. 

Alice Hellerstein Ra'anan
Alice Hellerstein Ra'anan

Re: Nov. 4: Zoom lecture on facial recognition tools for unnamed family photos #events #announcements #photographs

Deborah Blinder

Will this be recorded? I'm unable to attend at that time, but I'd very much like to hear the lecture later if possible.
Deborah Blankenberg (JewishGen ID #613395)
Lodi, CA
Researching BLOCH/BLOCK (Germany to New York, Colombia and Missouri), BLINDER (Kishinev to New York via Poland? and Paris), KUSHER/KUSZER (Lodz vicinity to New York via Paris), GOLDSCHMIDT (Germany)

Viewmate Translation Request Russian Birth Record #translation

Harry Moatz

I've posted a vital record in Russian. I have found a birth record.  I'm hoping it is for Sophia Greenburg, daughter of a Meyer or Myer Greenburg and Fanny or Jennie Brodesky (sp?). It is possible Sophia initially had a different given name.  If so I would appreciate a translation of all the information, and  if possible to know if the infomration on the right is Hebrew or Yiddish for which I will also seek a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Harry Moatz

Re: Opole Lubelskie Ghetto #holocaust

Moshe Berman

Thanks so much for that! 

I didn’t know that Opole Lubelskie residents were sent to Treblinka. I had heard of Poniatowa before but unsure how to trace people since the official sources have no records. 

I’m looking for clues in my family letters and sometimes they reference other people. (I am wondering if any other letters reference my ggf.) Do you know if any letters or photos survived in your family? (My email is moshebermann+jewishgen@..., if you’d rather not answer that publicly.)

Thanks again,
Moshe Berman

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