Re: Sephardic Resiliencia Festival - Virtual #sephardic


Though I've most recently found direct lineage on my French side and was able to confirm it, my Sicilian side consists of Catalanos that I'm still researching but am told might be Jewish immigrants to Catalonia, Spain. Because they are just a maybe and cannot be confirmed, I haven't counted them yet. I will be interested in learning more about Sephardic Jewish culture for sure. Thank you!

Connie Derosier Carter
Kissimmee, FL

Are there name lists for when surnames were taken in Galicia? #galicia

Kitty Munson Cooper

There were name lists in Germany created when the jews were required to take surnames in about 1815. Now that I am researching my husband's Solotwina ancestors I was wondering if there was anything similar for Galicia? And what they were called and where to find them.

Kitty Cooper
currently reseaching Tieger and Igel from Solotwina

JewishGen Talks Recording Now Available - Translating Russian Documents for the Non-Russian Speaker #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear Friends,

A recording of Dr. Alan Levin's JewishGen Talk - Translating Russian Documents for the Non-Russian Speaker - is now available by clicking here.
Please click here for a copy of the slides used during his presentation, and here for the handout.
We hope you will join us for our next JewishGen Talk on Tuesday, November 10th @ 3:00 PM EST, when Genie Milgrom discusses our new JewishGen Crypto Jewish Research Division. Register now at
Wishing you all good health, and success with your research.
Avraham Groll
Executive Director
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Re: Slovakia civil registration records #records #slovakia

David Oseas

Hungarian Civil Registration records for the period 1895-1980 are online at FamilySearch:

An excellent guide to all Slovakian records available thru LDS can be found at this website:

David Oseas

Original Hebrew Name for Guyon Dit Dion Family in France/Canada #names #france #canada


My name is Connie Derosier Carter and I am new to JewishGen. I just found out this weekend, after 63 yrs of life, that I have Jewish roots in France and Canada! From what I can gather, the Guyon dit Dion family seemed to hide their culture, including their religion, right up through the 20th century for some. 

I am writing to ask for leads on where to search to find their original Hebrew name. It may be that the first ancestor here immigrated way back in the 13th century. However, I believe the name carried on since they seemed to hide their identity through the years. I found several Guyon's buried in Jewish cemeteries. And, I found my direct lineage on this site!

Thank you so much for anything that you can do to help!

Connie Carter
Kissimmee, FL

New books #hungary

Radovan Sremac

Hello. I would like to inform all those interested that I have published two books about Jewish families in Serbia:
1. “Jews of central Bačka during the first half of the 19th century” - the book contains lists of Jews (with date of birth and names of parents) from the period from 1765 to 1865. Includes 197 families from Kula, Vrbas, Crvenka, Savino Selo, Kruščić, Kucura.
2. “Jewish families in Zemun and the surroundings” - the book contains completely transcribed Jewish vital records (for Ashkenazi and Sephardim) for the following places in Serbia: Zemun, Ašanja, Batajnica, Beška, Bežanija, Boljevci, Čortanovci, Deč, Dobanovci, Donji Tovarnik, Golubinci, Indjija, Jakovo, Karlovčić, Krcčedin, Kupinovo, Nova Pazova, Novi Banovci, Novi Karlovci, Novi Slankamen, Obrež, Ogar, Pećinci, Petrovaradin, Petrovčić, Popinci, Prhovo, Progar, Sremska Kamenica, Stara Pazova, Stari Banovci, Surčin, Surduk, Ugrinovci, Vojka. A total of 252 families.
Both books are bilingual, Serbian-English. 
#Hungary #Serbia 

Radovan Sremac 

Sephardic Resiliencia Festival - Virtual #sephardic

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Join us for 10 events over 5 days: Film, art, music, genealogy, history, research. Register at

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
JGS of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: Looking for Herman/Hyman Wayler on ships manifest #general #lithuania


Is it possible that he used another name before emigrating to America?  Have you tried using a soundex to capture alternate spellings? Another possibility is to search through the manifest using age and place of origin rather than his name, in case he did change his last name.  Best wishes!
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Looking for the whereabouts of Gussie HOCH #galicia


Looking for the whereabouts of Gussie (WARSHAFSKY, WHARSHOWSKI) nee HOCH from Dynow, Galicia (Aug. 22, 1891-Apr. 8, 1957). Gussie (Gietl) emigrated from Dynow, arriving in NYC July 7, 1903 with her mother and five siblings. I have NY census records of the family living on the lower east side for 1905, 1925 and 1930. Under the 1925 census she is listed as Gussie WARSHAFSKY. Her marriage license shows marriage to Louis WARSHOWSKY on May 11, 1912. I wasn't able to locate censuses for 1915 or 1940 under her maiden or married name. On the 1930 census she is shown as naturalized,, but I did not find a naturalization record for her. I have a copy of her death certificate for April 8, 1957 from St. Lawrence State Hospital in Ogdensburg, NY. Cause of death was bronchi-pneumonia due to arterial sclerotic heart disease. In column listed as 'length of stay in town/city' is 2 days. It is a mystery to me that Gussie was nearly 300 miles from NYC, where I guessed she still lived up until her death. She is shown as 'separated' in the marriage/divorce/widowed column, with husband 'unknown.' If anyone can help me find out what happened to Gussie between 1930 and her death I would be grateful.

Brooklyn, NY

NEGER, SPINRAD (Dynow, Poland)
TOLPEN (Suchostaw, Poland/Sukhostav, Ukraine)
DISTENFELD, ADLER, WILDER (Kamionka Strumilowa, Poland/Kamianka-Buzka, Ukraine)

Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom

Aaron Slotnik

Thanks for your helpful suggestions so far, particularly Rodney, Terry, and Ann.  I wanted to post an update with some additional information and questions.

I've found some records in the JewishGen 'Jews Free School, Spitalfields' database (  Does anyone know if additional information is available on these students above and beyond what is indexed, particularly the child's birthplace?

According to Ancestry's Australia Death Index, 'Henry Moses Winston' died in Queensland on 6 Apr 1955.  Agree with Rodney that his second marriage record is the best potential source for his birthplace . . . it seems he married outside the faith.  And thanks to Rodney as well for the link to see what information is included on the Australian certificates as I was unable to find that detail.  According to Ancestry's UK outbound passenger lists, it appears that 'Henry Weinston' departed for Sydney on 6 Mar 1913 on the SS Commonwealth while his wife 'Jane Winston' and 5 of their children departed for Brisbane on 16 Jan 1914 on the SS Osterley.  Do Australian passenger manifests and naturalization records exist and, if so, do they include birthplace information?  I was unable to find anything for him on the National Archives of Australia site, although they do have his son's military record.

For those who have an Ancestry subscription, here is his 1911 UK Census entry which has a number of other associated records for him (

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL

Slovakia civil registration records #records #slovakia

Carole Bass

I've been unable to find Hungarian Civil Registration records for what is now Slovakia. Are they available online? If so, where?

Many thanks.

Carole Bass

Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania

Jules Levin

"and we had applesauce and sometimes sour cream but sour cream on
bananas always. I still like bananas, but now with yogurt."

I just noticed in reviewing all the latke recipes discussion that many
people added "sour cream with bananas" to the discussion.  My great
grandmother reached Chicago in 1891 at the age of 15, from St.
Petersburg, with her family of 7.  They traveled "Cabin class", because
they were rich.  Very rich--my great grandmother spoke accentless
English, thanks to personal tutoring in Tsarskoe Selo, where she
attended a girls' finishing school.  To the point:  she complained about
Chicago because you couldn't buy bananas in the winter!!!  I also spent
4 months in Vilnius in 1981, and a young woman whose mother was a party
member with connections told my then wife that she had NEVER eaten a
banana! So to all the contributors here whose families ate bananas with
sour cream--I assure you they did not eat or even see bananas in the
shtetl in Lithuania or in Galitsia or anywhere else in Russia, unless
they were wealthy in St. Petersburg, where the wealth of the world
reached the great capital.   Consumption of bananas as a regular
consumer product began in the USA after the invention of the
refrigerated railway car in the 1890's, and I am sure it quickly became
popular with new immigrants, except not in winter.

Jules Levin

"Unehelichen"/Illegitimacy: applied to mother or child? #germany

Michael Rubin

I'm trying to confirm the application of the term "unehelichen" within a birth certificate from 1827 in the Pfalz.  The birth record follows a fairly typical format around the registrar indicating that so and so appeared before him and declared that a daughter was born.  Then this phase is used:   "....geboren sei welchem sie den Vornamen Regina zu geben erklaret, dieses welches Kind von der unehelichen Karolina geboren Isaak, des alters Vier und zwanzig Jahr."  I'm assuming that "unehelichen" refers to the newly born daughter Regina but maybe I'm confused and it should be applied to the mother, ie. Karolina. Or does unehelichen actually imply "unmarried" in this context rather than "illegitimate" as we might use it in English to refer to the child?  
Thanks for your input.
Michael Rubin
Boston, MA  USA 

JGS of Greater Boston November Zoom Programs #events #lithuania #records

Jessie Klein

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston offers two Zoom programs in November: Complete program descriptions are available at

Nov 8 1:30PM EST Jonathan Brent-YIVO's Rediscovered Archives in Vilna and New York followed by a second talk by Elliot Matz- Bringing Jewish Life to Lithuania's Open-air Museum of Lithuania.  Program is free to JGS of Greater Boston members and $5 for nonmembers. Information is at 

Nov. 15 1:30PM EST The JGS of Greater Boston and Hebrew College present Steven Zipperstein-Myth and History in the Recent Jewish Past.  The program is free to all. Non-JGS of Greater Boston members are asked to register at to receive the Zoom link.

Jessie Klein
Co-President JGS of Greater Boston

Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #general #belarus #unitedkingdom


Your grandfather was probably at work in 1920, and not present when the census taker came to the door.  Whoever did respond, answered as best he/she  could.   Once in a while you will see a census entry as "unk"  for unknown.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 10/26/2020 9:55 AM, Diane Jacobs wrote:
You have remember that all documents
And verbal stories maybe incorrect.
My grandfather who emigrated in 1888 states on his 1920 US CENSUS he was born in NY.  I have his 1888 passenger manifest
and his 1929 Naturalization Petition.

Go figure.  And he and his siblings have 3 different maiden surnames for their mother. 

Diane Jacobs 

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Date: 10/26/20 6:27 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [] Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #unitedkingdom #general #belarus

I also agree that you cannot trust death records as giving correct details. i searched Australian records fruitlessly for quite some time for a relative whose birth was recorded as Melbourne in his death certificate. Eventually, via another record, I found him as being born in London (which I had suspected), but even there in the British records it took time to find his birth certificate as the surname was wrongly spelt by the clerk who took the registration. Marriage and birth records in English speaking countries of people whose origin was in East Europe often suffered from the person's thick accent causing the clerks to register wrong spellings -another example in my family is Valso instead of Warsaw!

Ann Belinsky
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Viewmate 88066 - identify subjects #photographs

Paul Silverstone

Subj: ViewMate photograph request -

I've posted a photograph to identify some of the people pictured.

It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

This picture of six men takenn in New York in the 1890s shows my
grandfather Harris Silverstone seated in center, and his two
brothers-in-law, Bennie and Charles Silverstein standing in back on the
right. Who are the other three men? My family came from Makowa (Makow
Mazowiecki) north of Warsaw. These men may also have come from that area.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Paul Silverstone

Paul Silverstone
West Vancouver, BC


Re: NY cemeteries 1905 #general #usa

Moishe Miller


You note that "was not able to find either cemetery online today. Are
they still in existence?" Yes, both cemeteries are in existence and are
active. You can contact each:

Washington Cemetery
5400 Bay Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: (718) 377-8690

Mount Zion Cemetery
59-63 54th Ave
Maspeth, NY 11378
Phone: (718) 335-2500

Also, it is possible that these are two different families, or, that
there was a change in the burial which resulted in a second death cert
being filed. What are the signature dates on each?

-Stay safe
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF# 3391

Jewish Actors (Cohen) in England ca 1916 #unitedkingdom

Dave Smith


I am seeking any information available on Hyman Cohen (b 1866) and his
son Julius Cohen (1889-1947) who I understand were both actors. In
particular I am trying to trace their movements around England in the
period ca 1916. Any help or ideas will be most gratefully received. I
have not been able to identify them clearly in the 1901 & 1911 census
and I am not even sure when Hyman died.

Thanks You and Best Wishes
Dave Smith (01892 835974 / 07896 310693)

Help with Litvack.SIG #lithuania

Jo Ann Goldwater

I am having a problem accessing the latest information added to LitvakSig. I sign in and try to find the collective data at the bottom of the page but can’t find the Kaunas district 1765 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Poll Tax to the Collective Data (6392 lines, 5707 of them new)
Thanks for your help
Jo Ann Goldwater

Re: Help with dates from 1800s Russia/Poland #general

Alan Cohen

How about death dates? 
2699 could be 2nd June 1899 or 6th February 1899 depending on whether you use European or American configuration; similarly with the 2695 being an 1895 date. Both are possible for people born in the 1820-30 period.

Alan Cohen
Northwood, London, UK

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