Re: Searching for family of Brunya Golberg from Krepice, Poland #poland

Renee Steinig

Bronia Goldberg, whose arrival and naturalization records are on
Ancestry, is probably the person you're looking for. She was born on 1
Mar 1910 Krzepice and married Chaim, born 19 Apr 1908. Son Lasor was
born 3 Mar 1950 in Germany and daughter Sarah was born 4 Jan 1952 in
Chicago. Chaim died in 1990, last residence Chicago.

Lasor and wife Esther live in Brooklyn. They're listed in the Verizon
White Pages (


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Eliyahu Allon <eliallon@...> wrote:

<<I am searching for the family of Brunya Goldberg from Krepice, a
town in southwest Poland near the German border. She was an older
friend of my mother-in-law, Fela Granek Szymkowicz, and helped her
survive War II. After the War, she and her husband settled in Chicago.
She had a daughter and son, both of whom moved to Brooklyn. Any
information would be appreciated.>>

Re: translation from Russian needed #translation


I am working on google translate. Not easy from Russian to English. 
I used google translate for дороготы . It translates as Expensive.

Still playing with the translator.
Maybe someone out there can suggest a better translator.

The bottom handwriting may be the name of the photographer.
The handwritten part is fotograf. The samped tex is probably his name. The small stamp below it may be the town where the photographer is located.

Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
Lviv Oblast Ukraine

Warsaw cemetery #warsaw


Have the Jewish cemeteries in Warsaw been indexed?
I am looking for a distant cousin who died in Warsaw in 1956 in a trolley car accident.
His wife and 2 sons later moved to Tel Aviv.
Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
Lviv Oblast Ukraine

Searching for family of Brunya Golberg from Krepice, Poland #poland

Eliyahu Allon

I am searching for the family of Brunya Goldberg from Krepice, a town in
southwest Poland near the German border. She was an older friend of my
mother-in-law, Fela Granek Szymkowicz, and helped her survive War II. After
the War, she and her husband settled in Chicago. She had a daughter and son
, both of whom moved to Brooklyn. Any information would be appreciated.

Eliyahu Allon
(O) 248.677.1159
(M) 248.259.1144

Re: Town in Minsk #belarus

Sherri Bobish

Mary Ellen,

Try using
You can do a soundex search on the town name. 
Keep in mind that most towns had several names in different languages, including Yiddish variant town names.  The above database includes these.

Where did you see the town name Sibishoff?  Do you have this person's naturalization papers, passenger manifest, or other records that may list the town of birth?


Sherri Bobish

Re: Looking for Herman/Hyman Wayler on ships manifest #general #lithuania

Sherri Bobish


Unless Herman's nat papers have attached to it a certificate that the manifest has been found (this is not done on earlier naturalizations) than I suggest you assume that the ship name and/or the date of arrival is in error.

Also, do not limit your search for a manifest to NY.  He may have arrived at another port (even through Canada.)

My grandfather and all his siblings arrived in NY in 1892.  I have the passenger manifest.  On their naturalization papers only one of them got the ship name correctly.  One listed a name of a ship that hadn't even been built yet in 1892.

Have you searched for surname Wayler in records from Kovna (Kaunas)?

A quick search at the above site (using soundex search for the surname) finds variants such as:  WELLER, VELER, FELER, etc.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Original Hebrew Name for Guyon Dit Dion Family in France/Canada #names #france #canada

Sherri Bobish


Try using which has very large worldwide databases, i.e. census, vital records, etc.

I suggest starting with what you know about current family and working your way back one generation at a time.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Help with Litvack.SIG #lithuania

Jill Anderson

Dear Jo Ann

Apologies - it was mis-filed. It's now on the Data page under "Kaunas". It's the last file in that section.

Best regards

Jill Anderson
President, LitvakSIG

Re: Looking for the whereabouts of Gussie HOCH #galicia

Sherri Bobish


St. Lawrence State Hospital was a psychiatric facility.
If Gussie was there than I would assume it was for psychiatric reasons, and her passing away from bronchi-pneumonia was not the initial reason for her hospitalization.

Also, since Gussie married in 1912, if Louis was a citizen, or became a citizen by 1922, than Gussie would automatically acquire U.S. citizenship under her husband's papers.


Sherri Bobish
Oct 26  

New records added to the Vilnius District Research Group of LitvakSIG #lithuania

Jill Anderson

A new file has been added to our records and it's the conclusion of our work on the 1834 revision list for Vilna Uyezd, including additional revision lists. There are now 15,974 lines in this file. All the new data is on microfilm that has been posted on Family Search, so you will be able to find the original images for the new data. 

If you are not a contributor to the Group, you will have to wait for about eighteen months to see these records - at that point they will be added to the free All Lithuania Database. If you would like to see them now and have access to all our records, which are on Excel spreadsheets, you will need to donate $100 to the Group. You will then have access to all existing and new records for a period of five years. If you contribute now, you'll be able to download, sort or browse these files from now until the end of December 2025 and you'll be helping to support our future translations. Further details are on our website here:

Jill Anderson
District Coordinator

Re: Jewish Actors (Cohen) in England ca 1916 #unitedkingdom

Dave Smith

Thanks for this suggestion. The occupation doesn't appear against them on the UK censuses so I have been a little doubtful about the veracity of this belief. I suspect they may have used stage names or, for other reasons, have not used their Jewish name. it is high on my "To Do" list, 'though. Many thanks for the suggestion.
 Best Wishes

Dave Smith (01892 835974 / 07896 310693)

translation from Russian needed #translation

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

The attached is in Russian, appearing on the back of a very old photo of a woman family member
I would greatly appreciate a translation
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania

Judy Floam

The genetic connection is interesting – it might partially explain the Litvak/Galitizaner divide about sweet things, since Jews tended to intermarry locally.


Judy Floam

Baltimore, MD

Correction: Europe's Jewish Population Continues to Decline #announcements #general

Jan Meisels Allen

My apologies for my typo. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 not 1952.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee





The Institute for Jewish Policy Research says the number of Jewish people in Europe has gone done by 60 percent in the past 50 years.

The report says this is mostly due to the exodus from the former Soviet Union which collapsed in 1991.


Populations drooped drastically in Russia and Ukraine, but increased in Austria, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. Some 70,000 Israeli-born Jews have also moved to Europe.


Jews, whose continuous presence on the continent has lasted for more than 2,200 years.


The report looks at three major territorial divisions:

  • the EU with its 27 member states;
  • the former republics of the Soviet Union in Europe, (noting that the three Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are already included among the EU 27); and
  • the balance of other countries in Europe located in part in western Europe with the prominent presence of the UK, and, in part, the Balkans.


The operational limits of Europe adopted in this report include the conventional geographical definition of the continent from Lisbon to Vladivostok, as well as two countries sometimes classified as part of Asia.

One is Cyprus, which is included as it is a member of the European Union. The other is Turkey, which has been included because a clear majority of its Jewish population lives in the European part of the country,

namely the neighborhoods of the Istanbul metropolitan area west of the Bosporus. Similarly, the entire Russian Republic is included in the population estimates, including Jews who live in areas actually

located in Asia beyond the Ural Mountains.


The Institute for Jewish Policy Research is a London-based research organization, consultancy and think-tank.

To read the report go to:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Joan Parker <parker5850@...>

I've been following this thread and wonder if this suggestion might be viable... or if I'm  being very naive. Since one cannot eliminate bad stuff added to their tree (I too had the ex-wife's family of my nephew added by  Randy Schoenberg.  It was just there one day and I have no interest in her or her family).  Her branch is not on my Ancestry or  My Heritage trees.  Can one make a gedcom of their other  tree and DL it to Geni as an upgrade to their Geni tree?  Would this eliminate all the bad stuff? Or is this just too simplistic?
Joan Parker
Past President/Archivist
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
1) GOLDBERG/ GOULD, GOODSTEIN/GUDSTEIN, BERGER, GERBER/CRAWFORD, JAGODA-Lipno, Plonsk, Plock, Poland-Russia; Warsaw, Poland-Russia; Galveston, TX; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR, Los Angeles/Hollywood, CA.
2)  PARKER/PINKUS, WINOGRAD, (GERSHO-BEROVNA?)., R0SEN, -Brest (Litovsk), Belarus; Grodno, Russia; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. WEISS, NEIKRUG, DEL PINO--Brooklyn, NY.  RABWIN--Hollywood, CA, Salt Lake City, UT. CLAYTON-California.
3) GELFAND, KRITZOFF, KATZ, TROCK --Berezin/Bresin, Kodima, Minsk, Belarus, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

Signature Guidelines for the Discussion Group. #JewishGenUpdates #guidelines

Nancy Siegel

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How to Create an Automatic Signature - Instructions

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Thank you!

Nancy Siegel
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Re: Slovakia civil registration records #records #slovakia

Vivian Kahn

JewishGen's Hungarian Research Division has a Slovak Archives Project that is undertaking digitization and transcription of all of the the Hungarian civil registration records held by Slovak Archives. Peter Absolon, our researcher, started in archives in eastern Slovakia, close to his base in Kosice and is working his way across the country as time and funds allow.  Because of privacy rules, records are only available for births, deaths, and marriages more than 100 years ago.

Sarah Feuerstein, the Hungarian Division's Vital Records Coordinator, needs qualified transcribers to help translate the records. If you can do so, please contact me off-list. We also need donations to allow this work to move forward. To donate, go to JewishGen's Generosity Page and donate to the Hungarian Division's General Fund.  

Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
JewishGen Director of Hungarian Research

Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania

Jules Levin

Salt and pepper on sour cream? yum; salt and pepper on a banana? ugh

Jules Levin

On 10/27/2020 7:13 AM, ifolkson@... wrote:
Salt & pepper was all I needed.  My mothers family was from Ukraine.

Iris Folkson

Re: Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Martyn Woolf

I have read the various comments about GENI and the Mormons. Some considerable number of years ago I was Chairman of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, when the question arose of Mormons baptizing both Holocaust victims and other Jewish dead. I took it up very strongly with the Mormons here in the U.K. and received a positive assurance that the practice had been abandoned because of the number of complaints. I believe that we received a letter confirming this.

In any event I agree with a number of comments about it over the years, that it does not make a great deal of difference; perhaps the more deceased Jews that are baptised by the Mormons,  the better the Mormons will be.  (That should attract a bit of correspondence).

As to GENI, this is a site that does arouse my ire. It is not so much a genealogical site as a place to find "Mishpocha". If I need the name of my ex sister-in-law's cousin's chauffeur,  that is the place to go.  For serious genealogical research, it is not.  A lady asked me a year or two ago for some help on her tree. She said that she had been "doing" her tree for nearly a year and only had about 32,000 relatives.  I told her that I had been researching my family for more than twenty years and still had not found anywhere near 1,000.  The difference is that my tree is sourced. If people want to "Hoover up" what purports to be fact, from such sites, let them do so. It probably makes them very happy.

Having now established myself as a grumpy old man, there is one tip that I would pass on and which I have used for years.  I have the habit of putting surnames in upper case when I am 100% certain of my view.  It allows me to see very easily when some antecedent needs some more work.

Martyn Woolf

Re: Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Sarah L Meyer

I put a small tree on Geni years ago and keep getting messages about smart matches with my own My Heritage tree.  I too would like to delete it.  If there is a process to do that, please let me know.  I have not added to it and  will not.  That said, I am not sure that this person is LDS, but if he is, he is breaking their rules.  
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

7081 - 7100 of 658901