The Hebrew equivalent of the German male name Sally #germany #names

David Birnbaum

I am working with a burial society to help them set up a gravestone on the unmarked grave of a man who died in Israel in 1997 with no close relatives. He was born in Germany and his father's name was "Sally". The burial society would like to know the Hebrew name of the father. Although this will not provide proof, it would be useful if the group members could provide examples they are familiar with. 

David Birnbaum <David.Birnbaum@...>

Re: Searching for Spector Families #ukraine #usa



I have several matches on both Ancestry and FTDNA with the last names Spector and Landau. They appear to be 4th cousins so I don’t know where the connection is to me. They do appear to be on my father’s side.

i do have a friend whose last name is Spector and the guy who cleaned our carpets is a Landau. He’s from Israel. I don’t believe that either one has had their DNA done.

if you find out any more info I’d love to hear about it.

Ellen Slavin-Wilton Manors, Florida

Slavinsky-Russia, Pittsburgh, New York changed to Slavin
Shlomowitz- Lombardi
Gillman or Gellman- Russia
Macasey, Mokoshie changed to Goldstein- Minsk then NJ, NY
Weiss, Jacobowitz-Hungary

Latvian State Historical Archives cease Research. #courland #latvia #belarus #russia #lithuania

Arlene Beare

The Latvian State Historical Archives have ceased all Genealogical Research as of November 1st. They are short of Staff to provide the Service in an acceptable time frame.  This will be a sad loss to all Latvian Researchers .
This was their message posted in Latvian and sent to me as  a Google Translation.
"From 1 November 2020, the Latvian State Historical Archives of the National Archives of Latvia will suspend the acceptance of requests for thematic and genealogical research indefinitely. Due to the accumulation of unfulfilled thematic and genealogical research requests in the Latvian State Historical Archive and the lack of archival resources for the fulfillment of these requests within a certain and acceptable period, The Latvian State Historical Archive apologize for the inconvenience and remind that all interested parties can conduct independent research in the archive reading room or using the archive site Raduraksti, as well as we recommend using the Recommendations for family researchers published by the LNA."
The Latvia Research Division of Jewishgen is committed to helping Latvian Researchers as much as we can.  We are transcribing data from images on the Family Search Site and these will be added at regular intervals to the Jewishgen Latvia Database. Volunteers to help us with this work are urged to come forward. You can contact paulcheifitz@... if you would like to help. 

Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

ABRAMOWITZ to ABRAMS -Boston late 19th early 20th cent. #usa #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Does anyone know of an ABRAMS family in the Boston area who were
originally ABRAMOWITZ and came to the states around mid 19th cent.?

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Peter Lobbenberg

I am getting a little upset with this thread.

To paraphrase one poster, it's starting to feel like a religious war.  Why?  Why??  There are those who love Geni despite its manifold faults (and to make it clear, I'm one of them); there are others who can't stand it, and fair play to them too.  What happened to live-and-let-live?  Children, children........

One serious point I do want to make.  A number of posters have written about "putting their family tree on Geni".  With no disrespect, I believe that's a nonsense, a contradiction in terms.  Geni does not admit of posting one's own family tree: as others have pointed out, its entire driving force is that it is a collaborative website, and in my experience uploading an individual tree, for instance via Gedcom, does not work and was never designed to work.  Thus on e.g. Ancestry or MyHeritage you can have, let's say (to take a fictitious illustration) Joseph Cohen 1874-1932 on a number of family trees, usually uploaded and managed by different individuals, and as often as not the details on those trees will be inconsistent as between one tree and the next.  On Geni, the concept is to have one and only one profile for each individual: where duplicate profiles materialise, as happens from time to time, there is generally a facility to merge or eliminate them.  Undoubtedly the system has its advantages and its disadvantages, and I would be the last to claim that Geni is without fault, but I have found that it suits me very well.

Now could we please accept that there are two camps, the Geni supporters and the Geni haters, and leave it at that?

Peter Lobbenberg
London, UK

Re: Searching for Spector Families #ukraine #usa

Erica Fox Zabusky

Hi Walter,

I know there are Spectors in my mother's family that came from Zaslav/Izaslav. I knew of a Sherman David Spector that my mother had corresponded with. He was born in Massachussetts, was a Professor of History at Russell Sage College, and died in 2008. He has 3 children, at one point I had tried to make contact with them, but never got any response. Sherman's mother was Annie Silverman Spector (my grandfather's niece), but at present I don't have further info on her husband. Happy to explore further, as I'm always looking for a ny information on Zaslav (Izaslav, Izyaslav))
Erica Fox Zabusky
ZABUSKI - Czestochowa, Sochaczew
FRYDMANN - Sochaczew
BRAUN, PANKOWSKI - Czestochowa
FIKSEL, RUDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta, Odessa, Kharkov
FOX (from FIKSEL) - Philadelphia, St. Louis
RODMAN (from RUDMAN) - Philadelphia
POLISZUK, GOLDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta

Re: families left out of 1793 Czech Jewish census #austria-czech #general

Vivian Kahn

The JewishGen Hungary Database includes some records from the 1793-94 Tolerance Tax, which was imposed by the Austria-Hungary monarchy to and only applied to Jews. Go to for more information

Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

Re: families left out of 1793 Czech Jewish census #austria-czech #general

Vivian Kahn

Czechoslovakia didn't exist in 1793. Are you asking about an area that was in Bohemia or Moravia?

Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
Researching families including:
BERKOVICS/BERKOWITZ/ROTH/GROSZ. Avas Ujvaros, Hungary/Orasu Nou, Romania
KAHAN/JOSIPOVITS/DUB, Sziget, Kabolacsarda, Nagyvarad, Hungary/Sighet, Ciarda, Oradea, Romania
KOHN/Zbegnyo/ Zbehnov, Tarnoka/Trnavka, Slovakia; Cleveland  LEFKOVITS/Kolbasa/Brezina, Slovakia
MOSKOVITS/Honkocz, Szobranc, Osztro, Kassa, Hungary/Chonkovce, Sobrance, Ostrov, Kosice, Slov., Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
ELOVITS/Hornya, Hungary/Horna, Slovakia
NEUMANN/Szeretva, Kereszt, Nagymihaly, Miskolc, Hung./Sobrance, Kristy, Stretavka, Michalovce, Slov. 
POLACSEK/Hunfalu, Hungary/Huncovce, Slovakia
SPITZ/Nikolsburg/Mikulov, Prosnitz/Prostejov, Moravia/Czech Republic; Kismarton/Eisenstadt, Hungary/Austria; Hunfalu,Hungary//Huncovce, Slovakia

Re: Excellent lecture series from The Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre #holocaust

Michael Sharp

I was the source of the original posting as I volunteer at the Centre. It is the first Holocaust educational institution / memorial in the north of England and is the only one based on a university campus. It focuses on telling the story of the Holocaust and its lessons for life today through the experiences of 16 survivors and the operational philosophy is survivor-driven, making us unique in the UK. Although hosted by the university we are not part of it but are a small independent charity. Please do support us by joining us in the talks and if you are in the area, please do visit us - our opening times are on our website and are updated top reflect coronavirus-related restrictions.

Finally, this week marks the sad loss of our founding chair and the driving force behind the Centre, Lilian Black BEM - honoured in the latest Queen's Birthday Honours for services to Holocaust education. She died this week from coronavirus, before she could be formally awarded her honour. May her memory be a blessing.
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

Re: given name Chashele #latvia #names

Cheryl Lynn Blum

My great-aunt, (by marriage to my great-uncle - and what a thrill it was to find them after thinking they had died in the Shoah) was named Chasye. The diminutive would have been Chaseleh. 
They came from Bystritsa in Vilna (Lithuania/Belarus). 
Cheryl Lynn Blum 
New York. 


Re: Reclaim The Records is going after EVERY SINGLE DIGITIZED RECORD at the New York City Municipal Archives, to put them all online, for free public use #usa #records

Barbara Kenzer

I would be very happy to volunteer in any way I can for making what should have been public for a long time. My family was from New York
Barbara Kenzer 

Re: Looking for tombstone to take pictures at Har Hazeitim cemetery, Mount Olives, Jerusalem, Israel #israel #photographs


try their site
Vivian Silbermann Cohen

Re: Reclaim The Records is going after EVERY SINGLE DIGITIZED RECORD at the New York City Municipal Archives, to put them all online, for free public use #usa #records

Jane Foss

I strongly support this effort and tho I cant afford a donation of money I'd be happy to donate time as a volunteer in data entry or whatever is needed that I'd be capable of doing......

.jane lowenkron foss

Re: given name Chashele #latvia #names

rv Kaplan

I know about immigrants having a number of first names, potentially.  My great great grandfather from Josvainiai, Lithuania was Tzvi ben Yisroel Fayn.  In the 1874 Revision List for Josvainiai, he is listed as Girsh, which is really Hirsch (diminutive is Herschel).  In Scotland, he became Harry.

Writing in a letter, he is speaking about his granddaughter in Glasgow - and at that time he only had 2 local granddaughters, Ray and Dora - both born in Glasgow.  Chana is not a name I have seen in this family, but it's possible Ray or Dora had Chana or Chasha as a middle name and that's what he called her.  What's strange is that no one else has ever mentioned that name and no document I have seen mentions a middle name.

Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

On Sun, 1 Nov 2020 at 11:34, Marcel Apsel <marcap@...> wrote:

I don’t agree that Chasele is a diminutive of Chana; it should be Chanele or we should have somebody who has problems to pronounce an n; another very doubtful explanation might be that there were two girls named Channa and to differentiate both of them, one might be called Chanele and the other one Chasele.  But basically Chasele (little Chasya) is not a diminutive for Chana, but well for Chasya, a first name mainly used in very religious circles.   My neighbor’s daughter is called Chassie, another diminutive of Chasya.



Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium

Re: Geni Family Trees #general


I use Geni extensively and, despite the many mistakes, find it an incredible source of information.
What makes use difficult is the fact that there doesn't seem to be an agreed way how to enter details and because of that anyone just does it the way they feel correct.
In particular what disturbs me is the fact that many people enter someone's wife with the surname of her husband rather than her maiden name. In order to find the maiden name one would have to hoover over her name and find her father's name. Quite annoying. Can the curators do something about that?

N. Aronson
Manchester UK

Re: given name Chashele #latvia #names


It most possible is a Hashe (Khashe).  In Russian language they used so called "Diminutive" form: Hashele, Moishele, Sorele, most for a little baby or saying with love.

Michael Ryabinky

Re: Geni Family Trees #general

Joyaa Antares

On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 05:34 PM, E. Randol Schoenberg wrote:
Look, for example, at the tree of the Maharal of Prague.  There are still some issues, but we have tried to eliminate much of the apocryphal ancestry that you will find on most other sites, based on recent scholarship.

Hi Randy,

I have taken a look at the page - thanks. 

I can see that there are 115 managers and one curator.

Why is it that under the "sources" tab, no sources are listed?  This seems completely at odds with claims you have made on the concurrent thread about Geni trees, (for example, "Aubrey, let me know where I can see a superior genealogical tree to what we have on Geni. Many of us who know much more about genealogy than you do").

It is not my intent to be oppositional.  It is simply that the evidence doesn't appear to support your claim.

Thank you, Joyaa

Joyaa ANTARES, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Re: given name Chashele #latvia #names

rv Kaplan

Thanks Marcel - could be - and yes, I remember you from Warsaw!
Harvey Kaplan

On Sun, 1 Nov 2020 at 00:40, Marcel Apsel <marcap@...> wrote:



It might be a diminutive of Chasya


Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium


If you don’t remember me, I think we had together Friday night dinner in 2018 at the Warsaw Seminar together with Bill Gladstone.





Re: given name Chashele #latvia #names

Marcel Apsel

Never heard that name before  and I am Dutch speaking.   But in the Netherlands you find sometimes names based on very local traditions.  I can learn every day.


Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium



Re: given name Chashele #latvia #names

rv Kaplan

Thanks, but nothing to suggest any Dutch connection - just coincidence.
Harvey Kaplan

On Sun, 1 Nov 2020 at 07:57, David Barrett <david@...> wrote:

Whilst the question implies that Chashele is a Lithuanian  derivative there is a Dutch name I believe Hashele  which means 'little egg'

Could there be any connection?


David Barrett



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