Advanced question on family name adoption lists in Baden #germany #records


For many years, I have used extensively the name adoption lists in Baden for my research.    A great resource for Baden researchers are the files created by Berthold Rosenthal available online at the Center for Jewish History.   The part of his collection containing the name adoption lists is here:

In these files, depending on the town there may be:
1.  Lists of names from enumerations before names were adopted towards the beginning of the 19th century.
2.  Lists of names of heads of households at the moment of the name adoption with the new family name:  e.g. Samuel Judel = Samuel Emmerich
3.  Lists of names of individuals with their new names,  including other family members.    These are the most rich in information and usually have the ages of all the individuals and frequently the birthdates as well.     As such, these files seem to represent the most easily accessible (online) resources for "census" type information and 18th century birthdates previous to the 19th century "Matrikel" files that are available online (from the Baden archives or Familysearch) and usually start around 1810.

Does anyone know about the original sources that Rosenthal used to create his lists and whether/how those sources can be accessed?

Thanks very much,
Jeff Sugarman

Re: Identify military uniform and medals #photographs #general #germany

Jx. Gx.


The "two small holes" you mention between the first and second button on the uniform look like specks on the image, not holes. They did not wear name tags on their uniforms and I've never seen any medal/award posted in that position on a WWI German uniform.

Jeffrey Gee

Re: Kreplach and regions, etc. #general

Aline Petzold

Interesting discussion. My  family is from Stefanesti in northeastern Romania (now Moldova). My mother and grandmother always made varenishkes filled with potatoes and fried onions and I have carried on that tradition.  My aunt from Czernowitz made plum filled dumplings. 
Best regards,
Aline Petzold St. Paul MN

Re: Australia - Renee Ruby of the Kapper-Roubitschek Family #austria-czech #records

Michael Hoffman

You should do a search on the website of the Australian National Archives at
There are 32 entries for Raubitschek, it appears that all the files are open and you will have to apply for copies.

Michael Hoffman


Re: Offering photos Mt Judah Cemetery, Queens NY #usa


Section: 2
Block: 5
Gate: 9
Path: L13
Grave: 008
Map: 316
Date of Burial: 8/13/1922

Section: 2
Block: 5
Gate: 9
Path: L13
Grave: 008A
Map: 316
Date of Burial: 9/13/1948

Section: 2
Block: 5
Gate: 9
Path: R13
Grave: 011
Map: 316
Date of Burial: 8/23/1921

and then finally:  
Section: 1
Block: U
Gate: 7
Path: N
Grave: 155
Map: 25
Date of Burial: 9/1/1929
Thank you so much.  My email is Blockmk@...  if you want to send your info  I also have request for these on Find-a-grave
Katherine Block

Re: Large LEVY family (Simon and Lena arrived NYC ca. 1890) #usa #general

Jay L Gordon

Hello Sam,

I should have mentioned that the parents, Simon and Lena  were born the late 1860s, so the kids' birth years are from the 1890s forward.


Jay L Gordon

Re: grave stone translation requested #translation


Hi June,
The hebrew is:
Here lies
Rivka daughter of Chaim.

Have a nice day,
Cesar Yeudkin

Re: grave stone translation requested #translation

Valentin Lupu

"Here rests Rivka, Rabbi Chaim's daughter"
Rabbi in this context is an honorific term only.
Valentin Lupu

Re: How far back can one go? #general

Richard Cooper

In 1787 Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire were required to take fixed surnames that did not change with each generation. The Prussian and Russian Empires followed suit later. So I would say you are broadly correct: for the majority of Ashkenazi Jews, whose ancestors lived in partitioned Poland, you will be very lucky to trace back further than an ancestor born around 1750. The exceptions, as you say, are those from Rabbinic dynasties and famous hofjuden like OPPENHEIMER and ROTHSCHILD. Records from Kutno are unusually well-preserved and through parent to child lines you can trace some families back to just before 1700: but I haven't found such records in other towns. In Western Europe, where the Jewish population was more acculturated, you can also find records back to around 1600. Sephardim, of course, used fixed surnames much earlier: the SHALTIEL family can trace back to Temple times. And of course the COHEN Modal Haplotype goes back 3,300 years - but we have no documentation for the intermediate generations. So to recap: the vast majority of us will not be able to trace our family tree, generation to generation without skipping, further back than c.1750,

Ric Cooper
Midhurst, UK

Re: Great Great Grandfather Aaron COHNREICH born ANKLAM 1842 #general


Thank you for the helpful resources Johanna.  I am part of the Conridge family from London.  My interest is general, my father mentioned the Cohnreich connection before he died and I am just curious to learn more about what seems to be an interesting family story.  I will have a look into your suggestions.
Liz Thomas

Re: Seeking genealogist for death records search in New Jersey #records

Barbara Ellman

Due to COVID, the NJ State Archives are closed to the public until further notice.

The NJ Death index 1901-2017 is online at Ancestry.  A Death index 1878-1900 is available online at the NJ State Archives site.

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

Re: Meaning of surname “Moshchennik” #translation #names #lithuania #russia

Gary Dickman

On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 03:21 AM, <flmillner@...> wrote:
I am not etymologist, but мошенник is fraudster.

Gary Dickman

Mevaseret Zion

Re: Details of family photo from Tilsit, East Prussia #photographs #germany

Fig, Lorraine

By the way, the suggestion of using that directory was a very good one.  Although I have not yet found the studio of L. Peters, photographer, I did find the name of the man in the photo, Jacob Ludwinowsky, in one of the directories and was able to obtain his occupation.  So that was new and interesting information!
Kind regards,
Lorraine Fig Shapiro
Ann Arbor, MI
Researching LUDWINOWSKY/I  and SLADOWSKY/I (East Prussia and Suwalki province, Poland).

Re: Details of family photo from Tilsit, East Prussia #photographs #germany

Fig, Lorraine

Hello Sherri,
Thank you for the information.  Does this look like a wedding photograph?  I see the man is wearing a wedding ring.  Was that a common practice at that time?  I can't clearly make out the woman's left hand.
Is there any significance in her pendant?  Can you guess at the years this type of clothing was in fashion (in Germany/East Prussia)?

Thanks so much.
Lorraine Fig Shapiro
Ann Arbor, MI

Re: Identify military uniform and medals #photographs #general #germany

Fig, Lorraine

Dear Jeffrey and everyone,
Thank you for your information.  I have learned a tremendous amount from your expertise.

Another mystery - It was noticed by a family member that there are 2 small holes on the left chest of the uniform, some distance above the medals.  The holes look like they are from a medal that was originally placed there.  Or could it have been a name badge?  And why would he not be wearing whatever used to be pinned there?  
Thank you,
Lorraine Fig Shapiro
Ann Arbor, MI

Re: Google to Restrict Unlimited Storage #announcements #photographs

Dahn Cukier

Dear Fellow Researchers

Google has shown again (not Google again, but cloud services) that
the cloud, especially free cloud services, are unreliable for long term use.

I strongly suggest purchase of external storage devices (plural)
and backup to those devices all information and documents
you have. Although cloud storage may be convenient and
financially free, it does come with costs.

The  most robust backup is still paper.

An internet service, may be ordered by a court or
the owner of original documents
to remove a document or information, then although
you have saved the information to their cloud, it is now gone.

If you use external devices for backup, be sure to use more
than one device and once a year verify that the information
on each device is readable, I suggest also keeping a copy
outside the home such as at work or with a family member.

Dahn Cukier

When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Friday, November 13, 2020, 10:22:04 PM GMT+2, Jan Meisels Allen <janmallen@...> wrote:



Google announced it will phase out its unlimited storage on Google Photos effective June 1, 2021. Anything uploaded will count toward the new 15 GB limit imposed on Google accounts that already include files from other services such as Gmail and Google Drive.  After hitting the limit Google Photo users will have to pay for extra space through the Company’s Google One Cloud Service which starts at $1.99 per month for 100GB storage.


Many users are unhappy with this as they thought it Google Photos would be around forever,




Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Meaning of surname “Moshchennik” #translation #names #lithuania #russia


I have 19th-century cousins in Eishyshok/Eisiskes using Moshchennik as a surname.  Online sources assure me it is Russian, but translate it as “cobbler,” or “paver.”  Then there are recent Russian newspaper articles that translate the word as “scammer” and “fraudster!”  The Polish equivalent, moszczenica, is a tiny town near Krakow, but is also translated as “cutworm.”  (Perhaps that is why it can mean “scammer” or “fraudster.”)  Any Slavic language etymologists out there?
Fred Millner
Trenton, NJ

Re: Great Great Grandfather Aaron COHNREICH born ANKLAM 1842 #general

The Becker's Email

Not sure exactly what you are looking for...more info on the Conreich family or how to contact Nick Landau.  Ancestry has an 1857 manifest for Elias and Taubchen arriving London.  There are 1861-1901 censuses for family members.  One changed his name to Conridge.  Ancestry has transcriptions but Findmypast has orig. census records.  Besides using Ancestry's free introductory search from home, you can access from many public libraries.
Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Re: Australia - Renee Ruby of the Kapper-Roubitschek Family #austria-czech #records

Pieter Hoekstra

Livingstone Ave is a nice address. I grew up in Pymble not knowing I was Jewish. I think it might have been common and not a rejection of faith but making a new start after the war years, so it is possible these people did not practice either.

A current search of the Australian telephone directory does not list any Raubitschek variations, but with people less likely to connect a landline today due to ease of mobile phone usage and constant scam phone calls to landlines this is not surprising.

I note that Ernst Raubitschek was awarded his Bachelor of Dentistry from Sydney Uni in 1943. If there were no delays in his education you'd expect him to be around 24-28yrs(?) of age, so born around 1916-1920. Does this fit with your research timeline? In 1954 there was also a Renate Raubitschek dentistry graduate from Sydney uni.

I found this in a list of publications by Jewish dentists - Jewish dentists - מרחב - הספריה הלאומית
Ernst Raubitschek (dentist) wrote a book that was published in 2009 titled; "By train to Dachau" The editor is Renate Yates. This suggests to me Yates is a married name of Renate Raubitschek and Ernst and Renate are related. Publisher is Sydney Jewish Museum if you want to explore this possibility.

Update ... Renate Yates (b. 1933) is daughter of Ersnt
(1896–1971) & Fritzi (1901–1997) Raubitschek originally from Vienna. She ditched dentistry and is now a crime writer. Works By Renate Yates This should provide a lead to follow.
She can be contacted on Linkedin.


Pieter Hoekstra  <sold@...>

Seeking genealogist for death records search in New Jersey #records

Marcia Segal


I'm not able to travel right now, and I need help getting past a brick wall. Is there a genealogist who would look for death records at the state archive, which would involve multiple versions of a name, and multiple years? Also seeking burial information, if possible--it was a tragic death and he was buried outside the perimeter of the cemetery, with no record at the cemetery for the burial. So a couple of different issues to address.

Many thanks,
Marcia Segal

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