Vermögensverkehrstelle - Wien 1938 #austria-czech #holocaust

Daniella Alyagon

I have recently started to go through the various Vermögensverkehrstelle records I scanned in Wien.
Does anyone have an English translation of the blank form used for these asset declarations?
thank you,
Daniella Alyagon

Re: Large LEVY family (Simon and Lena arrived NYC ca. 1890) #usa #general

Sherri Bobish


Do you know Lena's maiden name?  Have you located Simon & Lena's passenger manifest(s)?  Did Simon naturalize?  Do their death certificates give any clues to their birthplace(s)?  Are Simon & Lena buried with a landsmanshaftn?  These societies were often shtetl based.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Details of family photo from Tilsit, East Prussia #photographs #germany

Sherri Bobish


I am going to make an educated guess that this photo was taken after the couple married, but before they had children.  Taking a photo was a big deal at that time, and I think they would have included the children in the photo, if they had children.

I do not know how common wedding rings were in Easter Europe at that time.  Also, I cannot see the pendant clearly in your photo, so cannot comment on that.

There are people that specialize in dating old clothing.  You may want to start a new thread on the discussion list with an appropriate subject line, i.e. Dating of 19th century clothing.  That way people with knowledge of the subject will read your post.

best regards,

Sherri Bobish

Can This Be Translated #translation


Can this be translated?

Thank you,
Sheldon Dinoff

Pictures of Lunz Street, Tel Aviv in 1949 #photographs

Merry Nessinger <Navajo35@...>

I am looking for photos of Lunz Street, Tel Aviv in 1949. If anyone can send such photos to my email I would appreciate it greatly.

Meredith Nessinger

JGS of Greater Boston December 6 Zoom Program #events #holocaust

Jessie Klein

The JGS of Greater Boston presents Deborah Munk Long-Out of the Whirlwind: Finding Your Family Lost in the Holocaust  Sunday Dec. 6 1:30PM-3:30PM EST
Free for JGSGB members. $5.00 for Non-Members. Information at

Jessie Klein
JGS of Greater Boston

Re: Malvine Weiss transferred to MAUTHAUSEN 14 April 1945, then where? #hungary #holocaust


Check  , there are several Malvine Weiss there . Sometimes it is the some person small differences in the data.


Re: Meaning of surname “Moshchennik” #translation #names #lithuania #russia


There is a difference in pronunciation between moshchennik (мощенник), a paver, and moshenik (мошенник), а swindler. Frankly, while a swindler in Russian is a very popular word, I have never heard about a paver as a profession. Must be an old word, not currently used, as this trade no longer exists. 

Efraim Gavrilovich 

Re: Latest additions to JGFF towns database #JewishGenUpdates

Paul Chirlin

What is the difference between a bold town and a not bold town?  Could you explain the criteria for adding a new town?

Paul Chirlin

Re: Translation Help Need for Russian document #records #russia #translation #announcements


In Russian:


Божею Милостью

Смиренный Платон, Архиепископ Алеутский и Североамериканский.

Сим выражаем нашу Архипастырьскую признательность с призыванием Божьего Благословения прихожанину Десложской церкви Михаилу Таращак, за его усердные труды на пользу Православной церкви Северной Америки.


13 марта 1909 года. 


Translated into English:


Divine Grace

Humble Plato, Archbishop of Aleutian and North American.

We hereby express our Archpastoral gratitude with the invocation of God's Blessing to the parishioner of the Deslog Church, Mikhail Tarashchak, for his hard work for the benefit of the Orthodox Church of North America.


# 638

March 13, 1909.


Translated by Michael Ryabinky

Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Records for Ellis Island deportations #records


My great-grandfather was detained at Ellis Island for 24 hours for medical reasons. That information was found on the ship manifest, not on the general Ellis Island records.
Barbara Cohen

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation


I've posted a marriage record in Polish for Aron Dank and Reizel Goldberg. I would appreciate a full translation of the record. The record of interest is the second entry on the page. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page or to me directly at 49tikkunolam@....

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Siddy Rosenberg

Re: Seeking Romanian Birth Certificate / Researcher #romania


I have also been interested in finding the birth certificate for my grandmother who was born in Bukovina in 1897, likely in Campulung Moldovenesc, or perhaps a close-by town.     While I have been able to locate the birth records for great-grandmother, her siblings, and two of her nephews, I can find no record for my grandmother or any of her siblings.   Any suggestions/guidance most appreciated. 
Rebecca Fogel Anderson
Durham, CT

Re: Jewish Museum Galicia New App- Focuses on Polish Jewry Outside of Holocaust #announcements #galicia #poland #photographs

Moses Jefferson

It should be important to stress for iOS users out there (like me!) that the App doesn’t support those running iOS versions lower than iOS 13.

It’s a shame developers don’t include support for their Apps to run on just recent version of iOS.

Moses Jefferson
Genealogist & Researcher of Jewish History
London, UK

Re: Records for Ellis Island deportations #records

Diane Jacobs


You need to scroll through these manifest
pages and look at the beginning and the end to see if there are the Detained Manifest and Special Inquiry pages .
Then you can look for the names and possibly see what happened. By using and going to the Ships
Lists database  in the first batch of the NY PASSENGER MANIFEST section, this will allow you to scroll thru the pages for your specific arrival by date and ship.

Diane Jacobs 

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From: Mary Henderson <gengenres@...>
Date: 11/15/20 4:49 PM (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: [] Records for Ellis Island deportations #records

Hi, all!

Are there resources to find information regarding the detention and
deportation of people trying to immigrate through Ellis Island in the
early 1900s?

There is a passenger list for sisters Ettel and Riwke Rand, arriving
in New York, Ellis Island, on Dec. 9, 1907 on the SS Ryndam from
Rotterdam. To the left of their names on the passenger list is
stamped "deported". I'm hoping to find out more about their
deportation. On the second page of the document is a handwritten note
that appears to say "Dr holds" so they may have been ill, but I'd like
to find out any details.

Mary Henderson
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Looking for candidate to visit the National Archives at College Park, MD #records #usa

Moses Jefferson

Hi folks,

I need someone who’s willing to visit the National Archives in College Park, MD on my behalf, presumably when it reopens (see The candidate should preferably live in close proximity to the site, to prevent travel expenses since my budget is quite tight.

The nature of the records are captured reconnaissance images taken by the Nazis during WWII, identified by the archives as “Record Group 373”, for more information check out this blog

The right candidate must obviously have minimal archival skills, but since the above blog provides a detailed guide for a newbie, therefore I believe there’s no experience needed.

Kind regards,

Moses Jefferson
Genealogist & Researcher of Jewish History
London, UK

Re: Looking for siblings and parents of ENGEL Adolf b 1863 Szenicz d 1938 Vienna #austria-czech


Have you tried Genteam, Jonathan? Registration is free. If Markus ENGEL died in Vienna, you should expect to find a record of it in the Jewish Community indices on Genteam.
Naomi Leon
Brighton, UK

LEWKOWICZ, RYWAN, LASKY, BERGER, WRON, FAJBISIEWICZ (Rawa Mazowiecka, Aleksandrow Lodzki, Lodz)

Re: Meaning of surname “Moshchennik” #translation #names #lithuania #russia


I mentioned late 1700s as that is the time by which most Jews of the Russian empire had already received their last names.  We were not discussing location of said family in the 19th century, but the origin of their family name.

Here is the answer from Alexander Beider about this family name:
Mostchenik (Lida) or profession from "paving", or Moshenka village (Brest district).
Mike Vayser

Jewish Museum Galicia New App- Focuses on Polish Jewry Outside of Holocaust #announcements #galicia #poland #photographs

Jan Meisels Allen



The Jewish Galicia Museum has a new app which focuses on Poland’s rich Jewish history outside of the Holocaust. Due to the pandemic the museum was not open therefore, online access to the Museum became the only way of keeping the museum functioning. The app is free to download on the museum’s website-currently only available in English: From here the app can be downloaded from Google Play for android and Apple Store for Apple products.


For the museum website go to:


The museum is photography-oriented and the photographs showcases images from Jewish and non-Jewish sources from the 19th century until today. The photographs are categorized by era: pre-1918; inter-war Poland, Communist-era Poland and Poland following tis democratization in 1989.  More photos will be added.

Eventually the museum would like to publish newspaper front pages, Yiddish theater posters and documents.

The app was built with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To read more and see some of the photographs go to:

For original URL:



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Vilnius household registers - not just for Litvaks! #records #lithuania

Russ Maurer

If you don't normally read Lithuania messages on this list, this message is especially for you. It is about the Vilnius household registers, a project of LitvakSIG, and yes, of course Vilnius is in Lithuania. But the reach of the household registers extends far beyond Vilnius, because Vilnius, prior to WWII, was a center for commerce, medicine, the arts, scholarship, religion, and more. It attracted Jews from all over who came to Vilnius, perhaps to pursue a career, to go to school, to seek medical treatment, for religious studies, to conduct business, or for other reasons. The household registers are full of people who were born somewhere else, lived somewhere else, or were headed somewhere else then they left Vilnius.
Thus, even if you believe your relatives were never in Vilnius, it is worth your while to check in on this project from time to time - for example, right now, since we just announced our 13th batch of data, bringing the completed total to over 65,000 lines. The preview file attached to this message (which can also be downloaded with this link: will allow you to evaluate whether there is something of interest to you in our data. The preview file shows the full name and age/year of birth of each person in our data.
Just a couple of quick hits about the registers:
1. They were created during the period 1919-1940, but include people born prior to the interwar period.
2. They include persons of all ages, not just adults.
3. Fields include the full name and maiden name; names of the parents including maiden name of the mother; age or year of birth; place of birth; place of previous residence; dates of registration and departure; next destination.
You can read the project description here. I am happy to answer questions sent to me at vhrproject@....
Russ Maurer, LitvakSIG
Project Coordinator
LitvakSIG is an independent organization that raises its own funds and determines its own activities.  We are grateful to our donors and translators, without whom we could not carry out projects such as the household registers. To learn how to support LitvakSIG's work, visit our website,  

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