Re: 1910 Manhattan census - Seward Park Strollers #usa

Laurie Sosna

That part of the 1910 census covers Manhattan Ward 10, District 184, deep in the Lower East Side.
I looked up a few of the other addresses in that section and noticed that it includes the area around Seward Park.
There is a Seward Park Conservancy web site with some history and a contact form.
Maybe they can help?
If you find out who they are, maybe you could post it?

Laurie Sosna

View Mate Translation Request – Russian - RZEPNIK #translation

Alice Klein

I've posted 4 records on ViewMate for three consecutive pages from the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database for David RZEPNIK. A complete translation would be appreciated.

They are on ViewMate in order at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much,

Alice Klein

La Vista, NE








Document Translation Project adds lists from Surazh 1888 #ukraine

Beth Galleto

Dear fellow researchers,

A few people have asked me about the tax censuses (family lists) from the Surazh uezd (district) in 1888. I am happy to announce that these have now been translated and transcribed as part of the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project. The Surazh lists include 343 different surnames in 633 separate family groupings made up of 4034 individuals. I am attaching a list of the surnames to this email. 


The original pages can be seen online on the FamilySearch website in FHL film 1222347, Item 10. 

Previously as part of this project we have translated tax censuses from the Glukhov, Starodub, Konotop, Mglin, Oster, and Borzna uezds in 1882, from film 1222346. We have also completed a second set of censuses from the Mglin uezd in 1882 and censuses from Krolevets uezd in 1888 from film 1222347.

These translations are possible because of generous donations from so many who are interested in records from the former Chernigov gubernia.

Those who donate $100 or more to the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project on the JewishGen website are eligible to view the completed spreadsheets before they are uploaded to the website. Please contact me with proof of your donation if you want to see any of the spreadsheets as listed above. All donations of any size are appreciated and will continue to advance the project. You can donate through the following link:

The information from the Surazh file will be uploaded to the JewishGen website at some point in the future. The censuses that were previously translated, except for Konotop and Krolevets, have now been uploaded to the JewishGen website and may be searched by surname. They are classified on the JewishGen website as Ukraine Revision Lists, although a family list is actually slightly different from a revision list (another type of Russian census).

Best wishes,

Beth Galleto
Project Leader

Re: Resources for Jewish Refugees who went to Uruguay #lodz

Karen Lukeman

We took a wonderful Jewish tour in Montevideo Uruguay with Fanny Margolis We were able to visit an active synagogue, and Fanny is very knowledgeable about the Jewish history in Montevideo. Perhaps she can help.
Karen Calmon Lukeman
KALMANOWITZ (Lyubcha and towns near Grodno, Vilna and Minsk)
GOLDSMITH (Bakshty and Ivje)
NASSER (Damascus)
BENBAJI (Damascus)
BALLAS (Damascus)

Re: Information Wanted regarding the Legion Etrangere Civile #france

Paul Gottlieb

My grandfather, Naftuli Miller, aka Antonin Muller, was forced to
"volunteer" to the French Foreign Legion during WWII as pre-condition to
his entry into the country with his Czechoslovakian passport.
As the story continues, they were refused entry in
several countries, until they came to France. As the French had a treaty
with Czechoslovakia, they allowed my grandparents entry.

Dear Moishe,
Thank you for your informative response. When my father fled Vienna in mid-August 1938, he first went to Czech, and then to France. Notwithstanding his Austrian (not Third Reich) passport, he may have taken that route for the same reason you mentioned for your grandfather - ease of entry into France. As far as records are concerned, I have obtained nothing from the French authorities, but I have been very greatly aided by the many documents my father managed to save, including his original Austrian passport and my mother's French identity card. I have also received much from the Austrian authorities and educational institutions. By the way, my father also left Paris, but for Bordeaux, since after the war began in Sept. 1939, that was where the US had moved its visa office. Best of luck.
Paul Gottlieb

Fw: Survivor testimony #holocaust



From: Lande
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 2:13 PM
To: main@...
Subject: Survivor testimony
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has added a new collection of testimonies to the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database (HSV). The title of the collection is “RELACJE OCALALYCH Z HOLOCAUSTU (SYGN. 301) “. The English title is “Holocaust Survivor Testimonies : Catalogue : Jewish Historical Institute Archives, Poland, Record Group 301”. The collection contains approximately 7,000 Polish Holocaust survivor testimonies documented from 1944 to 1947.

You can request and immediately receive digital copies of the testimonies in your email.  Search
Peter Lande
Washington, DC

Re: Wanted: WWII Era European Railway Maps #general

Sarah L Meyer

Have you checked
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Nathan Lester, Bat-Yam, 1974 #israel #canada #ukraine


Thank you, Jacob Shayzaf! is a great web site, especially for someone who does not know Hebrew as it allows Englsih search. That's how I found N. Lester's grave. The last address at Rothschild Street was learned from Chevra Kadisha, actually.

To those who may want to use the site: it helps to know how a Hebrew name may be transliterated in English. When I tried to search for a grave of one Aron Altman, there were no results. Entering 'Aaron' in a  search box, produced four results.



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Re: Minsk gubernia town - Chuty, Huta or Choota #belarus

Risa Heywood

Thank you, Krzysztof! That's a resource I haven't used.

Some of the entries have been translated on the Polish Genealogical Society of America website. There is also an article by Daniel M. Schlyter on how to read an entry in that dictionary.

The book can also be found on the Internet Archive in many formats including full text which is easiest to use with a translation program.
Risa Daitzman Heywood
Arizona and Portugal

Re: Surname Alhadeff from Greece #names


Following the lead of the esteemed Leon Taranto I can further direct you to and the many data entries and family trees associated with the name Alhadeff. Geni also adapted a Project approach with existing Collections of profiles for Rhodes, Izmir, Uruguay, and other dispora locations.  

Dan Berwin Brockman
Chicago area USA

Re: 1910 Manhattan census - Seward Park Strollers #usa

Judy Floam

And generally, you use a carriage for a newborn or very young baby.  Once they learn to sit up, they “graduate” to a stroller, where they can see what’s going on (and which is much easier to collapse and store).


Judy Floam


Re: Records for Ellis Island deportations #records


I don't have any information about searching for those records but my family is RAND/ROND from Lithuania.  I had 2 great-aunts with those names but one emigrated in 1890 and the other was born in Philadelphia in 1902.  Where are these RANDs from originally?

Susan Rand-Lakritz
Kfar Vradim, Israel (originally from Philadelphia, PA)

JewishGen Education offers Research Your Roots Using JewishGen November 30 - December 19, 2020 #announcements #education #general

Nancy Holden

Subject: New Class - Research Your Roots Using  JewishGen --  November 30 to December 19,  2020


Do you need  an organized path to research your roots using the updated JewishGen website and resources?


Individualized Mentored Instruction,
The JewishGen Education private forum is open 24/7.  


Tuition for this Course is $150. Registration is open now.
Details and enrollment at


Review the detailed description, requirements and tuition at

and then contact the instructor for questions 


or enroll in the course.


Nancy Holden

Director of Education, JewishGen Inc

Re: Margolioth/Margulies rabbinic family from Galicia #rabbinic #galicia

David Shapiro

In R. Wonder's book "Elef Margolios", chapter 3 p. 34 he lists Rav Yosef Yoska Margolios av beis din Zbarazh, and writes that he signed beis din documents in Czortkov between 5566-5572 (1806-1812).

David Shapiro

ROND family from Lithuania; RONDE family in South Africa #lithuania #southafrica #unitedkingdom


I am researching the ROND family from Radviliskis, Kelme, and Seda, Lithuania.  Members of this family emigrated to the United States 1890-1913 and settled n Philadelphia (RAND family) and Baltimore (ROUND family).

Another branch of the family emigrated to South Africa (Capetown and/or Johannesburg) where I believe the name was RONDE.  While I found a few RONDEs in South Africa, I have not established a definite connection to my ancestors, nor have I been able to find any of their descendants.

I am interested in corresponding with anyone who has information about these families and their descendants. 

Thank you.
Susan Rand-Lakritz
Kfar Vradim, Israel (originally from Philadelphia, PA)

Translation request Russian #translation


I've posted a vital record in Russian (previously incorrectly posted as Polish) for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you,
Kathy Spiro 
Smithers   BC Canada 

Jewish organisation uniform #photographs

David Askienazy

On this picture is my cousin Fima Blindes. I identified this group as scout group. But could it be a political organisation? As the Hashomer Hatzaïr, or the Betar. It don't think so, but just to be sure.

It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
David Askienazy

Picture on the Bialystok Yizkor Book #yizkorbooks

David Askienazy

I discovered in the 1951 Bialystok Yizkor Book a picture of my great-uncle Lowa Blindes. It's a Poale Zion meeting. I have the original of this picture. Is there, by any chance, a possibility to know who brought this picture to the Yizkor Book? Does anyone have a copy of this picture?
Thank you
It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
David Askienazy

Re: 1910 Manhattan census - Seward Park Strollers #usa

Stephen Weinstein

On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 01:54 PM, Deanna Levinsky wrote:
A “stroller “ is also another name for a small baby carriage
Not really.  In a stroller, the baby sits upright and usually facing forward.  In a carriage, the baby lies down.  The difference isn't just size.  It's more like the difference between a chair and a bed.
Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California, USA

Viewmate Translation request - Polish #translation


I've posted a vital record that I think is in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.  
Kathy Spiro
Smithers, BC Canada

SPIRO/SPIRA/SZPIRA/SZPIRO/ SZAPIRO Kielce, Lodz, Slomniki, Konskie, Checiny - Poland
HECHT MOSCOVICZ, BELFER, DASCALU, MANOLSON, PARFANES Darabani & surrounding towns - Rumania

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