Re: Resources for Jewish Refugees who went to Uruguay #lodz

David Jacobowitz

I also found the manifest in a different color on FamilySearch. Rela Wilczynski was indexed as Rola, which I corrected.
Then this image from JOINT showed up, with Rela accompanied by Josef and Jacob Wilczynski. Thank you for the encouragement and help.  David Jacobowitz (Cousin by marriage  of Rosita Bar-Yaakov.)

Re: Resources for Jewish Refugees who went to Uruguay #lodz


      לדוד  שלום  
   יד  ושם  בארכיון   יש  13  דפה  עד   על  משפחת  ווילצ'נסקי  עים  שם  משפחה ו כתובת  
       גר  בישראל    מסר  בדפה   עד    שמות  של  אחים  שלו ו אחיות  שניספו  בשואה 
            מוכן  להמשיך  לעזור
           DRORI  YOEL  . YOEL437@...

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Walter Rosenthal

Finding Our Eastern European Jewish Family on JRI Poland”. JewishGen of Palm Beach County presents a virtual lecture by Robinn Magid on December 9 at 1:00 PM ET US and Canada. December meeting free to all. Contact for links: waltrose864@...

Walter Rosenthal

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #poland

Bruce Drake

Many Yizkor books have portraits of humble people who are unlettered, poor, mocked and who eke out their living in the lowliest professions. But over their lives, they prove their worth, and even mark those lives with acts of nobility. Such is the case with Noyke, the title character of this excerpt from the Yizkor book of Wyszkow, Poland.
Noyke was a “simpleton,” could not read a single letter of Hebrew and often the target of derision (not to mention a beating) from young people. But when the town came under attack by German planes, it was Noyke who “ran through the streets and shouted: ‘Jews, save yourselves! Jews! Jews! Save yourselves!’”
And he ended his life as a hero.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Re: Fw: Survivor testimony #holocaust


Dear Mr. Lande                                                                                                                          20th November 2020

I wonder, I am thankful,  if either you or if anybody else could assist.

I have read a 'Testimony  -- I think it was, may have been  written in 2018?  [  Online--(unfortunately I cannot locate it)

The  'testimony''  is about the painful escape of a Lady--young girl--giving her name as  Chani? or Chavi?  Blau from ABAUJSZANTO --Hungary

I understood from her 'movingly recorded lived experiences .---that she was from Abaujszanto---and presently married to a Mr. KEMENY---
if my recollection is accurate  living in the USA.

As my own late mother    Gabriella--Esther--Biederman  was from Abaujszanto--it triggered in me a lot of memories.

I contacted a Mr Lazer/Gusztav Blau  --  who is also from Abaujszanto  in case  He knows her---unfortunately I do not have enough details.

I would be extremely thankful, if anybody knows Mr and Mrs Kemeny to inform them, I would love to connect with them

Wishing Everybody at Jewish Gen a lovely Guth Shabboth ---countless Shabbothim--in excellent health

Veronika Pachtinger
London UK--daughter of Gabriella Biederman--from Abaujszanto

please, if possible e-mail me direct to :paveanyu@...
Thank you

Re: Margolioth/Margulies rabbinic family from Galicia #rabbinic #galicia

David Shapiro

R. Wunder does not give any other information on R. Yosef Yoska, neither in Elef Margolios nor in Meorei Galicia (where he gives the same information). In M.G in the entry on R. Alexander Sender he mentions that his son R. Yosef was rov of Zmygrod (after his brother . Yehudah Aryeh Leibish), but makes no connection to Zbaraz. Apparently he had not further information to identify R. Yosef Yoska. It would be interesting to know his source for the Czortkov documents.

David Shapiro

Re: Translation request - Polish to English #translation #poland

Kris Murawski

These two handwritten pages are identical with typewritten page 6, a testimony about Dr. Andrzej Trojanowski. By the way, after the war Dr. Trojanowski was a director of the Institute of Hematology in Warsaw (1953-1964). He was recognized by Yad Vashem as a Righteous  Among the Nations.
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Re: GARTSTEIN from Novofastov, Ukraine #general


Hello Elena,
To clarify geography of Novofastov.
Prior to 1922 Novofastov was part of Skvira uezd in Kiev gubernia.  It didn't become part of Vinnitsa oblast until 1938.

The last name you are looking for is Garshteyn, not Garstein.
There is a possibility that Novofastov 1897 census records will be available soon, but only a small portion of the Skvira uezd records have been uploaded by Alex Krakovksy at the moment.  The only one I see listed for Novofastov is DAKO 384-10-69, so, hopefully, your relatives are listed in this document.

1875 recruit census does include your relatives, but only includes males.  The following information was found in DAKO archive's 12-3-591 document.  No one with Lurie last name is listed in Novofastov, but again, this is only a recruit census and not a complete census of this town.

In town of Novofastov
#21 Garshteyn Moshko s.o. Gershko - 58 y.o
#22 Garshteyn Meer-Khaim s.o. Moshko - 59, his 2nd son Mortko - 18
#23 Gorshteyn Ben s.o. Gershko - 51, his son Gershko - 30, Mortko (son of Gershko) - 7, Ios (son of Ben) - 22, Moshko (son of Ben) - 14, Khaim-Ovsiy (son of Ben) - 9
#45 Garsheyn Ios-Gersh s.o Meer-Khaim - 27, his sons Leyba - 4, Aril - 2, Shaya - 1
Outside of Novofastov - village Babin
#52 Garshteyn Gershko s.o. Moshko - 31, his son Shapsha - 7
In addition to this, there are metrical records available from 1857 to 1864, as well as 1795, 1850, and 1858 census records.  It all depends what information you are looking for.

Mike Vayser

Re: Hebrew translation request #translation

Yitschok Margareten

The groom is Dan Kalbo son of Avraham Yaakov 
The date on the back is Wednesday, week of Reah 5664 (August 3 1904)
Yitschok Margareten

Re: Hebrew translation request #translation

David Shapiro

That is correct, and the name of the groom is Dan Eliyahu (the second name is not clear) son of Avraham Yaakov.

David Shapiro

Re: Gesher Galicia SIG Yizkor Book Project, October 2013 #yizkorbooks #galicia

Steven Turner

It lookls like JewishGen is working on it.  I see the Table of Contents and the Martyr page are done but the rest is not clickable. The NYPL does not have a translated copy. Maybe write JewishGen and find out the status.


Re: Minsk Jewish names, #names #belarus


That is not correct.  You are thinking of modern Russian patronymics.  However, if you examine 18-19th century records, you will see both types being used.  Source: I've transcribed and examined tens of thousands of 18th through early 20th century records.

Mike Vayser

Re: meaning of the word "molitor" #names

Friedrich L.

Molitor in Latin means organizer, builder, originator.
Best regards
Friedrich Lehmkühler

Re: Margolioth/Margulies rabbinic family from Galicia #rabbinic #galicia


Re surname MARGULIS / MARGALIOT, I wonder if any of the researchers encountered change of name to PERLMUTTER?
My grandmother maiden name was Perlmutter, from Bukowina / Galicia,  and her cousin once told me that it originated from MARGULIS.
We have no family legend about being connected to a Rabbinic dynasty though.

Yohanan Loeffler
Melbourne Australia

ViewMate translation request - Russian #latvia #translation


I request a translation of the Russian text of a Marriage record. It is on ViewMate at the following address


Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.


Thank you very much.


Howard Presser

Potok Zloty cemetery project-link correction #ukraine

Milton Koch

The previous email had an incorrect link to the photographs. The correct link is posted below.
I am undertaking an attempt to save and restore parts of this small 
cemetery in Potok Zloty-now Zolityi Potik (Ukraine).
There is a website from the Center for Jewish Art, in Jerusalem, with many pictures (pages) of matzevot from the old cemetery. The pictures are thumbnails, so asking for help with interpreting postings via Viewmate is not likely to be helpful due to poor quality of uploads.

I am attaching the link to the site with the entire collection of 
matzevot and some of them also have Hebrew translations.

Please reply privately to me if you can help, advise, make any 
suggestions, etc.
Thank you very much.
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA

JewishGen Talks: New Recordings Available #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear Friends,
Recordings of our most recent two JewishGen Talks are now available via the JewishGen YouTube channel.

We hope you will join us for our next JewishGen Talk on Wednesday, December 2nd @ 2:00 PM EST, when Adam Brown discusses The Genetic Origins of the Jewish People - Hanukkah 2020 Edition.
Register now at
Wishing you all good health, and success with your research.
Avraham Groll
Executive Director
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Re: Records for Ellis Island deportations #records

Mary Henderson

Hi, Susan!

This Rand family is from Dabrowa Tarnowska, Austria, now part of
Poland. The earliest I've traced the line to is a Szulim Rand born
about 1860 who married Basche Roth.

Mary Henderson

Looking for record leads for ZYLBERMAN from 1850s-1860s in Wyszkow in Poland/Russia #poland #russia

Debbie Terman

Hello all,

I am trying to connect 3 branches of ZILBERMAN/ZYLBERMAN ancestors who were all from Wyszkow & surrounding area in Russia/Poland in mid to late 1800s.
My theory is that these 3 people were siblings:
Abram Josek (Yosev) ZILBERMAN
Chawa Zylberman DYBNER
Leiba Rejza Zilberman RUBIN
but I haven't been able to prove or disprove it.
Here is what I know:
Leiba was born early in 1860, calculated from her age as listed in her children's birth records. Her parents were Ajzyk ZILBERMAN & Chaja Sura SOKOL. Leiba had a twin brother Lejzor Litman and an older brother Zelek, born c. 1858 as calculated from his marriage record. (There are also 2 younger siblings who I found, with a 6 year gap between the twins & the next one.) By using parent ages in the marriage records, I estimate that Ajzyk was born in 1816 & Chaja Sura in 1824. This would mean that their oldest child I've found (Zelek) was born when Ajzyk was 41 and Chaja Sura was 33. That would have been very old to start having children during that time (and very old for my family).
Chawa was born between 1850 & 1854, calculated from her age as listed in her children's birth records. There are discrepancies in her age listings, which is why a range. She was my gg-grandmother. Because she was born and married before the earliest Wyszkow records posted on JRI-Poland (which start 1874), I cannot locate her records and do not know her parents' names. She would fit in as an older sibling to Zelek and Leiba based on the timing.
Abram Josek was born between 1861 & 1864, again calculated from children's birth records with age discrepancies. I don't know his parents' names, though he would fit in the 6-year gap mentioned above.
As far as I know, none of these people came to the US, but they all had at least one child who did, and I am able to find information on the US side about those who immigrated.
My uncle z"l, who passed away last summer, had a vague recollection that Leiba's children & Abram Josek's children were first cousins to Chawa's daughter (my great-grandmother & his grandmother), which would fit with the 3 ancestors above being siblings. However, a vague recollection is not a proof.
Can anyone guide me to where I can look for information from the 1850-1865 period in Wyszkow to help me figure this out?
Thanks in advance.

Debbie Cohn Terman
Newton MA, USA

Orange County Jewish Genealogy Society Meeting on Sunday #announcements #events

Michelle Sandler

The Orange County California Jewish Genealogy Society is having their monthly meeting on Sunday at 10:00 am Pacific time.  The speaker is Judy Baston speaking on doing Jewish Genealogy in Lithuania using Litvak SIG.  Register at  Free to members and $5.00 to non members.
Michelle Sandler 
Vice President of Programming OCJGS 
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Librarian OCJGS 
Publicity OCJGS 

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