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In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Пултуск 4-го (16) июня 1892 года в 4 часа дня.  Явились лично торговец Борух Розенблюм, 61 года и учитель Мошек Директор, 56 лет, жители города Пултуск и объявили, что вчера, в 11 часов ночи, умер житель деревни Голысток, кузнец Мошек Домб, вдовец, 76 лет, сын Зельмана и Либы.  По настоящему удостоверяю о кончине Мошка Домба.  Акт сей объявляющим прочитан и ими и нами подписан.

Мошек Директор

Борух Розенблюм

Чиновник гражданского состояния, президент города Пултуска        Подпись

Translated into Engish:


# 31




It took place in the city of Pultusk on June 4 (16), 1892 at 4 pm. The merchant Boruch Rosenblum, 61 years old, and the teacher Moshek Director, 56 years old, residents of the city of Pultusk, personally appeared and announced that yesterday, at 11 o'clock in the morning, a resident of the village of Golystok, a blacksmith Moshek Domb, a widower, 76 years old, the son of Zelman and Liba, had died. I truly certify the death of Moshek Domb. This act was read by the announcers and signed by them and by us.


Moshek Director


Boruch Rosenblum


Civil Status Official, President of the City of Pultusk Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Military Records #france

Bernard Flam

Hi Daniella
from Paris,
Military records of foreign Jews who enrolled Legion Etrangere durin WWII, but also all administrative after-war files of Jewish Deportees from France are archived by SHD (Service Historique de la Defense, Archives of French Defense Minister) in Caen, Normandy, not far from D-Day beaches.
Inquiries to get copies must be done there...
But due to lockdown in France, most of our searches are stopped or delayed.
I will contact them to check their status and I come back.
Bernard Flam
Archives & History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (French Bund, Workmen Circle)

Re: Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania


Hello Mr. Stein                                                                                                           24th November 2020

I noted the word' Kaschan' --being born in Hungary and Hungarian is my mother's tongue --
I wonder if I may interpret it--via a spoken Hungarian lens--like ; was born--in Kachan--szuletett Kassan? Kosice? Kassoa? --near Satoraljaujhely 

if the   authentic 'handwriting'  could be in front of me: I wonder Kaschan--I may perceive:  Koszony?--a shorten version of Mezokoszony?

or could be countless other 'perceptions' interpretations.
wishing you success

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger--London-Uk

Family research Chernogubovskiy Russia Odessa #russia #names

Liliana Weintraub

My grandfather Nukhim Chernoguboskiy was born in Odessa in 1888. I have been unable to trace any records from him except for that. I only know he moved to England at some point, where he met my grandmother and finally moved to Argentina together. Can anybody give me any tips regarding how to find some data about him? His surname (or similar) doesn't show up in any database anywhere. I'm lost and have no clue about how to advance in my search. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
Liliana Weintraub

Re: Newbie looking for a Jewish ancestor in a non Jewish family #unitedkingdom

Jeffrey Herrmann

If you have a Jewish 2nd great grandmother and if you have (or have had) your autosomal DNA tested, you would likely find many DNA matches with other people of full or partial Jewish ancestry.  This could provide clues to the identity of your 2nd great grandmother.
Jeffrey Herrmann

Re: Newbie looking for a Jewish ancestor in a non Jewish family #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

Hi Tanya

What was your ancestor's first and last name before marriage and what was her father's name? Were they born in the UK? Have you tried looking at the UK censuses and BMD records for them?

Jill Whitehead

Re: Dora and Archie RABINOWITZ #southafrica


Hi Sherri,

So far I haven't been able to find either of their death records.  Do you have any idea how I might find them online?

Susan Rand-Lakritz

Re: Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania


Hi Steve, 

I believe that the place you looking for is Koson in present-day Ukraine. In Yiddish is Kasan. Kaschan is the German spelling.

Giannis Daropoulos 


Translation from Polish to English #translation

Fig, Lorraine

Dear Readers,
I've posted a marriage record in Polish of Josiel Sladowsky and Chana Lanowitz (at least I think that's what it is) and would appreciate a full translation of the record, if possible. If it is too long, please feel free to omit the official parts that would not add genealogical information.
The address is
Please respond via the form provided or to me directly at lfig@...

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Lorraine Fig
Ann Arbor, MI 

Ancestry Library Edition Extended Through March 31, 2021 For Remote Access #announcements #general #records #usa

Jan Meisels Allen


I have been advised that Ancestry Library Edition, during the pandemic has been temporarily expanded to library cardholders working remotely, courtesy of ProQuest and its partner Ancestry. 

Remote access will be available until the end of March 2021 and will be re-evaluated monthly as needed.

This is for the United States.  

Check with your library to determine if they have an Ancestry Library Edition and you will need a library card from that library to access remotely.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania

Steve Stein

On a US World War I document for a not-so-close relative, it says that he was born in "Kaschan, Hungary." The rest of the family came from various towns in what is today northwestern Romania. I would consider the target region to be bounded by a triangle of large places Oradea, Cluj, and Tasnad. I believe this relative also came from this region. I've searched the JG Town Finder and Gazetteer with various search strategies with nothing even remotely close.

The only reference to the town that I can find by googling, other than someone else also claiming to come from Kaschan, is a reference to the "Kaschan-Oberbergar Bahn" supposedly part of a rail network in Austria-Hungary.

Any suggestions? TIA.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ USA

JGS of Toronto. Free Virtual Meeting. SEARCHING EASTERN EUROPEAN ROOTS (ROMANIA/MOLDOVA). Wed 25 Nov 2020 at 7:30 pm ET. Harry Bolner. #announcements #events

Jerry Scherer





Speaker: Harry Bolner, Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal



Wednesday, 25 November 2020 at 7:30 p.m. ET

There are two ways to attend.

Click below to register in advance for this Zoom meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


View this livestream meeting on our YouTube channel:


Please make a voluntary donation at this link in the box titled  $ | Other |

JGS of Toronto is a registered charity so Canadian donors will receive a tax receipt.


Harry Bolner travelled from Odessa, Ukraine, west to the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria (formerly Bessarabia), and to Romanian Moldova in the northeast. He will share what happened to the Jewish communities of the area, its cemeteries, and the locations of concentration/forced labour camps. After looking at Romania’s role in the Eastern European “Holocaust by Bullets” and the War, Harry will speak to the current state of local Jewish communities, cemeteries, and memorials. He will specify how to search documents in Romanian National Archives, and detail sources consulted prior to and while travelling. Sadly, there will be no Romanian strudel.


Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto. 2901 Bayview Avenue, PO Box 91006. Toronto, Ontario. M2K 2Y6.   info@...  647-247-6414


Looking for grave of Lea Lustgarten probably in Haifa, Israel #israel


Hello, I'm trying to find the grave of Lea Lustgarten who was born in Mecina Poland in 1902 and was buried in Israel, probably Haifa in 1987.  I wanted to find out the names of her parents.   If I find her grave I know I can find the name of her father.  Would the death certificate state the name of her mother?  

George Frankel  

Researching:  Turner, Lustgarten, Wasserlauf:  Nowy Sacz, Nowy Targ, Oswiecim, Wadowice, Kalwaria, Mszana Dolna, Mecina Poland

Looking for grave of Itzak Lustgarten buried in Berlin #germany


Hello, my relative Itzhak Lustgarten lived in Berlin after living in Israel and married a German woman.  He was born in Poland or Czechoslovakia in the 1930's and probably died in Berlin in the 1980s.  I would like to see if I could find out more information about him.  Who were his parents?  Where is he buried?   Does anyone have information about how to research this information?  Maybe I can find this information out from the Jewish cemetery in Berlin?   

George Frankel
Researching:  Turner, Lustgartenm, Wasserlauf, :  Nowy Sacz, Nowy Targ, Oswiecim, Wadowice, Kalwaria, Mszana Dolna Poland

information on Wilhelm and Shelly Sternberg from Romanian and Canada #romania #canada

Aline Petzold

Hello All:
I am looking for information on my Uncle Wilhelm ( aka Villy/Willy) Sternberg and his wife Rasela ( aka Shelly/Rachel) Blauer Sternberg. I know tand that they immigrated to Montreal Canada from Romania, probably Bucharest, sometime in the 1960s. I also know that Willy was born in 1908  in Bucharesti and died in Montreal in 1991 and that Shelly died in 2000, also in Montreal. I have a wedding picture of the couple, but the people in it are unidentified. I would love to find out more about them i.e.- where Shelly was from, the date and place they were married, Shelly's birth date, the date of their arrival in Canada and where they lived before coming to Canada. Any help would be appreciated.
Aline Sternberg Petzold
St. Paul MN

Re: Dora and Archie RABINOWITZ #southafrica

Sherri Bobish


The death certificate may name the person that supplied the information (possibly a son or daughter.)  If one or both of the couple left a will (probate record) that should contain the names of their children, and possibly grandchildren.


Sherri Bobish

Jewish Genealogy Blogs #general

Michelle Sandler

I am looking for a comprehensive list of Jewish Genealogy Blogs to
write my OCJGS Library column for the newsletter Keeping up with the
Genes. I have found 8 so far. Your Jewish Gem, Russian Jewish
Genealogy Blog, Blood and Frogs, Geneabloggers, Extrayad.blogspot,
Moritzresearch.blogspot, Genealogy Indexer, Jewneaogy. I am assuming
there are others.

Michelle Sandler
Westminster California
Librarian OCJGS

Birth and Marriage Certificates Wurzburg Germany #records #germany


Does anyone know of a website to contact to find birth and marriage certificates from Lower Franconia, Wurzburg, Germany?
Thank you very much.
Rose J.  email - rsjosh@...

Re: Connecting The Dots-My Jewish Ancestry #israel #records #names #france


On a prominent  wall inside the Town Hall of Taormina, Sicily, is a large map depicting towns where Jews lived on the island before 1492. My husband and I saw it when we visited his ancestral towns in Sicily in 2012. You can read my story, "One Italian's Secret Jewish History," published in the Forward in 2013. I also recommend The Forgetting River, by Doreen Carvajal (a Catholic writer who discovered her Jewish roots and history in southern Italy going 'way back).

I believe that you have Jewish ancestry. Good luck!
Susan J. Gordon
New York

Weil to Weinbach? #germany

sharon yampell


I am helping one of my cousins with an unrelated to me branch of her family and she had the following questions… hoping someone or more than one person can help her with this quandry…


If you can help her, please email her at pamdiego@...; her name is Pam Monroe.


She found these records on jewishgen for my Harburg, Bavaria, Germany family members. Think last name originally Weil then changed to Weinbach?


My 4xGGF was David (Weinbach) Weil. (b. 1751- d. 1813) Haven’t found birth record.

My 3x GGF Moses Weinbach (b. 1781- d. 1844) (from David’s first wife who probably died in child birth) marriage record as well as marriage records of all children with his second wife, lists father as David Weinbach. Weil was omitted.

David’s childrens' birth records with his second wife lists children as Isak David (Weinbach) Weil, Treinle Weinbach, Susskind (Weinbach) Weil, Gabriel Hirsch Weinbach. Father listed on all their birth records as David (Weinbach) Weil.

On each of all 5 childrens’ death records, father listed as David Weinbach. Weil was omitted from every death record. 

David’s death record lists him as David Löw (Weinbach) Weil.

All of these people eventually used adopted the surname Weinbach. Weil was omitted.


DNA surname search on Ancestry came up with 56 (between 20-34 cMs and highest across 8 segments) 4th-6th cousin matches with the surname Weil.




Sharon F. Yampell


Voorhees, NJ

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