Re: Lithuanian Revision Lists online - Fond 515/15 - Vilna #Lithuania

Joel Ratner

I neglected to mention the method used to find these records on the Familysearch website. Go to the catalog and perform a dual search as follows:

1. Enter Vilnius as the place name
2. select Keyword and enter census

It is interesting to note these records are filed under census rather than separating the records by religion and categorizing the ones for the Jewish community under "Jewish records". Let this be  word to the wise sleuth  - when searching through Familysearch for records, absolutely do not limit your search to the "Jewish records" section.

Joel Ratner

Re: Polish citizenship #Poland

Stanley Diamond

Denise commented that she handled the entire application on her own without
the assistance of an agency or lawyer.  Based on the many people who have 
contacted JRI-Poland over the years in search of help in locating the documents
they need to complete the application, I would comment that Denise is the one of
the exceptions rather than the rule. 

We have have been witness to or learned of many cases that stretched on for an
interminable length of time - for a variety of reasons - often caused by the intricacies
of applicable laws, additional documents required, such as proof of residence in
Poland within the prescribed period, and on and on. 

We have built a list of reputable companies providing guidance and carrying out
such applications (not lawyers who have fee schedules that can be excessive. 
A few companies with which we are familiar will examine the documents you
already have and what you know about your ancestor(s) circumstances and then
comment on your eligibility without charge .  

Questions welcomed.  Write to PolishPassports@...

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, JRI-Poland

Re: Converso children #CryptoJewry


regarding question #2, if the woman converts prior to having children, the children willl automatically be Jewish.  If the woman converts after the children are born, the children also have to undergo a conversion... the type of process will depend on their ages.

in either event, a reliable rabbinic authority should be consulted

#Israel #passengerists #Israel #passengerists

Linda Kelley

Looking or Yakov/Jacob RASHAL b. about 1896 in Zalatopol, Ukraine, and wife Hinde, b. about 1897, on the SS RUSLAN, from Odessa to Jaffa, Palestine. This was a famous passage that arrived in Jaffa on 19 December 1919, and helped begin the Third Aliyah. Does anyone have a passenger list?
Yakov was the son of Benzion RASHAL. Benzion was probably born before 1875, and may have also come to live in Tel Aviv. Yakov and Hinde lived in Petach Tikvah, Palestine. Their daughter, Rivka, was born there about 1928.
Jacob, Hinde [later called Ida], and Rivka, came to the USA in March 1929.
Thank you very much!
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

Thank you To Nu? What's Nu? A search tip and A Uruguay research request re GOLDSHMIDT #ISO

Susan Goldsmith

Dear Jewish Gen members and Gary,

Thank you to Nu? What's Nu?, edited by Gary Mokotoff for helping to weaken a brick wall. Gary mentioned that Family Search now has Uruguay Passenger Records online. I knew that Goldsmith family from Lithuania emigrated to Montevideo, Uruguay but not when. I found their records, thanks to Gary.

I want to share a research tip: Initially I searched Goldshmidt and did not find them. I then did a Gold* search which required perusing over 700 records, but I found them with the name spelled as Goldemidas.

Has anyone used a Uruguay researcher successfully? Has anyone had successful dealings with the Montevideo Jewish Community?

Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area

Re: ViewMate Translation Request Yizkor Book Article #Translations

Jack Berger


If the Yizkor Book hasn't been bowdlerized by unskilled hands yet, I would consider a full translation as a project.

If this interests you, contact me via e-mail directly at jsberger@...

Searching for Rauch, Todt and Ropschitz #Austria-Czech #Galicia #Holocaust #Help #Poland



My late father's name was ROPSCHITZ although there are variants spelt ROPSCHUTZ and ROBSHUTZ.  Both his elderly parents and 3 married sisters and one brother died in Auschwitz. Until today I did not know the married surnames of two of the sisters so now I am hoping there may be some family left somewhere. The sisters names I now have are as follows: Amalia Merkel (married to Ludwig), Klara TODT and Roza RAUCH. They were born in Lwow in 1891, 1892 and 1897. 
Thanks for any help. Yolanda, Somerset, England.

Re: South African Naturalisation Certificate #advice #Lithuania

Shana Mink

Dear Louis
So if you think they have not indexed the naturalisations, where do you think the repositories of naturalisations are? Where could I search the unindexed documents? 
Alternately - naturalisations were always advertised in the government gazette. 
How can I search an archive of government gazettes? Would you know? 
If you don’t who should I ask? 
Back to that jewishgen group? 

On Tue, 22 Oct 2019 at 18:35, Louis Zetler <louis.zetler@...> wrote:
Hi Shana,

I did a search on Barney in the Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository. Not one single naturalization application! In my opinion, they have not indexed the naturalization applications. That is why they can't find it!

Louis Zetler
Shana Mink
P.O. Box 4 Modderfontein 1645 Johannesburg Gauteng Soth Africa
31 Tregoning Street Linksfield 2192 Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa
Tel: +2711 6409480
Fax: +27114854114
email: katzfamily@... or shana.mink@...

Re: South African Naturalisation Certificate #advice #Lithuania

Louis Zetler

Hi Shana,

I did a search on Barney in the Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository. Not one single naturalization application! In my opinion, they have not indexed the naturalization applications. That is why they can't find it!

Louis Zetler

Stern sisters in Israel #ISO #Germany #Israel

Karen Catania

Three Stern sisters from Wieseck, Germany immigrated to Palestine in
the late 1920's. All daughters of Julius Stern, Mother Betty Hobach -
All born 1907 or before.
I would like to find their birth and death and any other pertinent
information on the following
Hedwig "Hede" Stern married to Walter Turnowsky, son Dan Toren
I believe she died in Ramat Gan
Betty Stern married Hugo Ranon, they 2 daughters Naomi and Edna.
We believe she died 7 January 1979 in Israel.
Selma Stern we believe never married, but we are not sure.
Any clues will help solve a family mystery.
Thank you
Karen Sobel

Best Regards,
Karen Catania

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's Megan Lewis to speak in Fort Wayne #JGSNews


The Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society is pleased to present the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Megan Lewis at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 17th at the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center.  The event is free and open to the public.  As one of Fort Wayne’s “Violins of Hope” events, Megan’s presentation will discuss the research involved in tracing and documenting victims of the Holocaust.  Megan will give two presentations that afternoon.  The first, “The Basics of Holocaust-Related Genealogical Research,” will discuss how to get started with Holocaust-related genealogical research including the information needed to start and online resources that are good places to begin.  The second presentation, “Putting the Pieces Together,” will begin at about 3:30 p.m.  Megan will provide case studies of how multiple collections in different formats come together to document one individual’s history.  The case studies will come from different parts of Europe.


For more information about the event, visit the NEIJGS Facebook page at  For those from outside Fort Wayne, the Genealogy Center has open hours throughout the weekend.  There are also a number of other Violins of Hope events that weekend, including the Klezmatics on Saturday evening, November 16th.  For more information about the various Violins of Hope events in Fort Wayne, see



Betsy Thal Gephart

VP, Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society

Re: Translation help with Hebrew inscription on grave #Austria-Czech #Help


Hi Michael,

At first glance, I am able to translate part of the gravestone:

A straight and nice man, the glory of his home and his children,

Aharon the son of Avraham Parish of blessed memory

dear wife, crown of her husband, glory of her children, Hildel the wife of Aharon Parish

on Wednesday, the 27th of (month of) Tevet and buried with a great eulogy on Friday the 29th of it (of month of Tevet) 5655

(the 27th of Tevet 5655 corresponds to the English date January 23, 1895)


Hope you are able to get a translation for the rest of it

- David

Re: Polish citizenship #Poland


Hello Susan,
I am from Ottawa, Canada.  I recently received Polish citizenship and did not use or need an agency from Poland.
If there is a Polish embassy nearby, then your cousin can go there and get all the information he/she needs.  Some
documents will need to be translated into Polish but it's not necessary for someone in Poland to do that.  Also, getting
citizenship takes the same amount of time whether you hire an agency or do it yourself.  
Good luck!
Denise Lascelle

Re: Lithuanian Revision Lists online - Fond 515/15 - Vilna #Lithuania


The original post stated:

As of yesterday (when I discovered them), images from many Revision Lists from LVIA / 515/15 / 1-500 (approximately) are online at These primarily represent the 1795, 1811, and 1816 revisions for Vilna gubernia. 


From the Catalog Search page, how does one navigate to these revision lists?  Do we know which towns in the Vilna gubernia are included in these lists?



David  J  Ellis

Natick, MA 01760



Re: Plain text

Odeda Zlotnick

in this group - but definitely in other groups that haven't been switched yet

Oct 21  
Are we still having to submit questions in plain text under this new system? I thought everything had been updated,  but have just had three emails returned by JewishGen groups.

Thank you,

Geraldine Courtney, UK

Seeking Marjorie Wiener Wein New York author of 'My Family History' #ISO


Dear Group


I’m trying to locate Marjorie Wiener WEIN in New York, author of ‘My Family History’ published in 1990 but is now out of print.


If anyone happens to know Marjorie or has her current address in New York I would appreciate them contacting me.


Best wishes


Rose Raymen

Perth, Western Australia




Ancestry Expands its DNA Reference Panel Updating its AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimates #DNA

Jan Meisels Allen



Ancestry has announced that they are updating their DNA  ethnicity estimates. This means over the next few months you may receive an updated ethnicity estimate.


In the new update they divided Native-American-Andean and Native American- North, Central, South into 11 smaller regions. So if you were in one of these larger regions your new estimate may have more precise regions. There are other areas that may be similarly affected.

You may also find some ethnicity areas are reduced because with the larger number of ethnic areas, some of yours may have moved to a neighboring area.  For example, some people with ancestors from southern Italy will lose their small amount of Turkey/Armenia and possibly gain a bit of Near East instead. 


An example of the greater breakout:

Eastern Europe & Russia

  • Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland & Lithuania
    • Czech Republic
    • Lesser Poland
    • Lithuania
    • Malopolska & Swietokrzyskie
    • Małopolska & the Tatras
    • Mazovia & Lodz
    • Pomerania

To see a list of AncestryDNA regions see:


To read the blog post see:


I have no affiliation with Ancestry and I am sharing this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Translation help with Hebrew inscription on grave #Austria-Czech #Help

Michael Gordy

Thanks to all who responded privately.  Case closed!  On the next occasion, I will take Fredel's advice to post to ViewMate instead.

Michael Gordy

Re: Idea for a new presentation .... reactions?

Laurie Sosna

Definitely. Making it available online would let us go over the details and repeat sections. Making handouts or links available would also be appreciated.


Lithuanian Revision Lists online - Fond 515/15 - Vilna #Lithuania

Joel Ratner

As of yesterday (when I discovered them), images from many Revision Lists from LVIA / 515/15 / 1-500 (approximately) are online at These primarily represent the 1795, 1811, and 1816 revisions for Vilna gubernia. The translated records in the LitvakSIG ALD do give page numbers. You will have to try looking for an image to see if the ALD page numbers correspond to actual page numbers listed in the scanned images.

Note: these online record sets are not limited to Jewish records. Please refer to the RTR Foundation (Miriam Weiner) archive database for your town of interest under census records. Alternatively, refer to the Russian language LVIA guide to fond LVIA / 515/15 available at ... F3001.jspx

Joel Ratner
Former coordinator, Vilna District Research Group
Former coordinator, LitvakSIG Vital Records Translation Project