Requesting gravestone photos Trumpeldor Cemetery, Tel Aviv-Yafo #israel

Beverley Davis

I have location information on two burials from 1903 and 1904 at Trumpeldor Cemetery, Tel Aviv-Yafo for which I would appreciate photos of gravestones. Please reply privately if you are able to help. Thank you.

Beverley Davis in Melbourne, Australia

Requesting gravestone photos Tel Aviv #israel

Beverley Davis

I have location information on two burials from 2005 and 2011 at Yarkon Cemetery, Tel-Aviv-Yafo for which I would appreciate photos of gravestones. Please reply privately if you are able to help. This couple had a daughter who died in 2015, when she was living in Hod Hasharon, but I do not know in which cemetery she was buried. Any advice gratefully received.

Beverley Davis in Melbourne, Australia

"Researchers" submitting Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony #holocaust #israel

Adam Turner

A probable relative of mine is listed on a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony submitted in 2007 by a "researcher" named Xavier Messalati. On further checking, it appears that Mr. Messalati has submitted almost 14,000 pages over the years - most of them with virtually no sourcing on the Pages that would aid in verifying the accuracy of the information. Frustrating, and not just for me - there is at least one other post from someone on this very list who had questions for the same person about his "research."

Does anyone know precisely what Yad Vashem means for Testimony to have come from a "researcher"? Do they have any procedures in place for vetting such testimony?

There is a specific scenario I am wondering about in this case: some Googling for the name "Xavier Messalati" suggests that a person by that name is (or recently was) a tour guide, especially for Francophone tour groups, in Jerusalem. So I am curious about the possibility that Mr. Messalati is not a "researcher" in the sense that folks on this list generally think of it - someone whose job, or serious hobby, is to pore through various sources in an attempt to answer specific research questions, and habitually submits Pages to Yad Vashem on people who he has incidentally found were Holocaust victims in the course of his research.

Instead, I wonder if the reason this "researcher" has submitted such a huge number of Pages of Testimony is actually just that he has contact with an enormous number of victims' friends and relatives in the course of his job as a tour guide, and when he takes his tour groups to Yad Vashem, he asks if anyone knows of any victims and submits Pages with zero corroborating info (possibly on computer terminals Yad Vashem has set up onsite to facilitate easier submission) on their behalf at that time.

My only experience with the layout of Yad Vashem was a brief visit as a tourist in 2015. Is the scenario I've guessed at plausible - that a tour group leader could potentially submit tons of Pages on behalf of his clients, and yet still be categorized by Yad Vashem as a "researcher"?

Adam Turner

Looing for information about my grandfather Nedobeyko Yakov Semenovich #ukraine


Hey.  I am looking for information about my grandfather Yakov Semenovich Nedobeyko.  According to him, he was born in Yekaterinoslav in 1906.  His mother's name is Berta Ruvilovna Becker.  He studied at a commercial school, worked at a factory.  Later he left for Stalingrad.  I will be grateful for help in information about my grandfather.
Best regards, Maxim Nedobeyko from Russia 

Re: Info on JACOBS from Wreschen, TRENCHER from Sawin #usa

Sherri Bobish


Wreschen is known today as Września, Poland.
Września, Poland
Alternate names: Września [Pol], Wreschen [Ger], Vreshne [Yid], Vřesno [Cz], Vzhes'nya

Sawin, Poland.
Alternate names: Sawin [Pol], Savin [Yid, Rus]

Try searching
for records of your family from those towns.  You can search by surname, or search by town alone to see what records are available.

Also, consider doing a soundex search on the surnames.  Names are often spelled in various ways.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Brooklyn Roumanian-American Congregation First Beth Tphilah (224-228 Hopkins St. Brooklyn) #usa

Sherri Bobish


Try searching for info on Brooklyn Roumanian-American Congregation First Beth Tphilah synagogue, and also Rabbi Morris Schachter in old digitized NY (& other states) newspapers at this free site:
Try different spellings of the words, i.e. Roumanian / Romanian, etc.

Keep in mind that in earlier times the title of "Rabbi" may have been substituted with "Reverend" or "Rev"

Hope this is helpful,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Translation Request - possibly Lithuanian? # translation


the text is all in Russian.
Issued by Kovno governor 1905 May 17, #943 Russian meshchanin [urban dweller] of Kovno governorate Sima s.o. Isaak Vaynshtok with children: Abram 10 yo, Shifra 12 yo, and Mera 8 yo.  Marked with the stamp to leave the country. [the area for return to the country on the right is not stamped] 
The stamp has a date of June 4 1905.  The upper portion of the stamp says that it was stamped in Libava, which refers to the old name of Liepaya/Liepaja in Latvia, a major Russian Empire port at that time.

Mike Vayser

Re: Jewish man as Mayor of shtetl Teofipol Imperial Russia #russia #general

Sherri Bobish


My ggf's shtetl of Ustrzyki Dolne did have a Jewish mayor, and he was mayor of the entire town.  This was in Galicia, in today's Poland, not in Russia though.

According to:
In the town of Dukla "the associate mayor used to be selected from among the Jewish population."


Sherri Bobish

Re: Seeking descendants of Genowefa Korc #poland #warsaw

Sherri Bobish


Both Genowefa Korc and Alexander Lorski are listed on page 157 of this USHMM document:

And, both names also appear on this site:
You can use Google translate to read it in English.

Hope this info is helpful,

Sherri Bobish

Translation request for German script. #translation

Ellen Lukas Kahn

I have posted several old handwritten German postcards written by my grandparents about 100 years ago, and would appreciate having these transcribed within the next few days since they will only be online for a limited time period.  

Please advise me if you can also help me with other German documents, some of which are originals and others from archives.

My current documents are shown on ViewMate as VM88414, VM88415, VM88416, VM88417

Thank you,

Ellen Lukas Kahn

Re: headings in Alex Krakovsky files #translation

Chuck Weinstein

If you access the page using Google Chrome, it will translate the headers into passable English. Note, for example, "Revision List" translates out to fairy tales or auditory tales. 

Chuck Weinstein
JewishGen Ukraine Research Division Towns Director

Naturalization Records #usa #records


I am trying to find the naturalization petition and records for my grandfather Max Glasser.  From Ancestry, I have found an index card (#4982428)  indicating that it is petition number 291649 from the US District Court at Brooklyn (Eastern District of NY).  It was issued January 23, 1941.  I did find find the record at Family Search.

Thanks very much.

Mark Weinberg
Wilmington, DE

Searching Wielodroz, Glasser, Levine, Weinberg, Gartner

Re: Requesting Help Reading Passenger List #names #poland #ukraine

Linda Cantor

Line 318 looks like Schaje - sometimes spelled Szaje or Szaja.

Linda Cantor

Re: Jewish man as Mayor of shtetl Teofipol Imperial Russia #russia #general


The family of Jewish Senator Jacob Javits from New York (1904 -1984) came from Zbarazh in Ukraine, and I recall reading that his grandfather had been a mayor of the town. In Zbarazah, the name was "Jawetz."

Susan J. Gordon
New York

Re: What dies P.i. mean in Poland Records? #records #poland

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

I think, p.i.  means "pod imieniem" = "under the name" 
If you think this answer does not fit, please send me an example under my PM and I will try to clarify this.

Ruth Leiserowitz
Warsaw / Berlin

Translation Request - possibly Lithuanian? # translation


The following is a page from the Passport of Sima Weinstock and her three children who left Lithuania in 1905, sailing from Liverpool to New York.  
Upon arrival, Sima was hospitalized and subsequently died.
The handwritten portion appears to be written in a language other than Russian. 
I am able to recognize the names and ages of the children: Abraham 10, Schifra 12, and Mera 8.

A translation of the rest of the information, both printed and handwritten, would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
Maureen Kaye

Re: Trouble finding relatives in Ellis Island Passenger Lists #records #names

Diane Jacobs

I would not put in a first name or letter when doing searches, ie. Jankhel can start with a Y or I. And for Shaker I would get very creative with Sh, Scz , Sch. The more varied the better.  And for years , I would do a +/-5
for all.

Good luck to all in this endeavor. 

Diane Jacobs

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The main reason I've had difficulty finding a person in a manifest was due to their significantly changing their surname soon after coming to the US, and my not knowing the original surname.

I agree that doing broad searches increases the chance of finding someone, even if it means you need to scroll through a lot of hits. 

I rarely fill in the 'comes from' or 'nationality' fields because I've seen instances where the wrong country was in the manifest.

I don't fill in gender either, because I've seen numerous times where this was wrong.

For dates of arrival, I only add the year +/- 3, due to immigrants getting mixed up about their year of arrival.

For dates of birth, I only add the year +/- 3, due to immigrants not knowing exactly when they were born.

I try German spellings mainly, such as 'Schaler' for 'Shaler', and 'Lewin' for 'Levin'. Occasionally I've tried Polish spellings, like 'Szaler' for 'Shaler'.

Oftentimes, for the first name field, I only enter the first letter of the name and then a wildcard. That is, for Jacob or Jankel, I use J*
Michele Lock

Lock/Lak/Lok and Kalon in Zagare/Joniskis, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Minsk gub., Belarus
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Chiah Haja Brucha SCHINDER #names


For a women this is possible: Stephania

Michael Ryabinky

Re: Chiah Haja Brucha SCHINDER #names


Most likely this is Stephen

Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, Ohio

Re: ViewMate translation request - Polish #poland #translation #russia



In Russian:


Состоялось в городе Лублин 25-го мая (6 июня) 1889 года в 10 часов утра.  Явился еврей:  Шлема-Герш Фельдшнейдер, сапожник, 26-и лет, житель города Люблина и в присутствии свидетелей Мошки Фридмана, торговца, 49-и лет и Шулима Апельблата, рабочего, 43-х лет, жителей города Люблина и предъявили нам  мальчика, объявляя, что он родился в городе Люблин, в доме под номером 451, 18-го (30) марта сего года в 5 часов утра, от него и законной жены Яхеты, урожденной Розенталь, 25-и лет.  Младенцу этому при обрезании дано имя Яков.  Позднее заявление ничем не обосновано.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан, ими и нами, кроме объявляющего, подписан.

Шулим Апельблат

Мошка Фридман

Чиновник гражданского состояния, штабс капитан     Подпись

Translated into English:


Held in the city of Lublin on May 25 (June 6) 1889 at 10 am. A Jew appeared: Shlema-Gersh Feldschneider, a shoemaker, 26 years old, a resident of the city of Lublin and in the presence of witnesses Moshka Fridman, a merchant, 49 years old, and Shulim Apelblat, a worker, 43 years old, residents of the city of Lublin, and showed us a boy, announcing that he was born in the city of Lublin, at house number 451, on March 18 (30) this year at 5 o'clock in the morning, from him and his legal wife Yakheta, nee Rosenthal, 25 years old. This baby was given the name Yakov during circumcision. The later statement was unfounded. This act was read to those present, they and we, except for the announcer, signed.

Shulim Apelblat

Moshka Friedman

Civil Status Officer, Staff Captain Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

9681 - 9700 of 662717