Re: Looking for the name of a righteous gentile in Vienna who died approximately 1980-1985 #austria-czech #general #holocaust


Her husband Ferdinand Stepanek, shoemaker, in 1938 was the "Hausbesorger" in Tandelmarktgasse 12; see "Lehmann online" 1938, vol. 2, "Hausparteien" via address; "E" stands for houseowner, "H" for "Hausbesorger". He was born 21-Aug-1883 and was buried at Vienna Zentralfriedhof 15a-11-21 7-Feb-1949. His wife Anna was borb 12-Apr-1883 and was buried there 27-Feb-1978, also a son Ferdinand jun., born 21-Feb-1904, died 24-Aug-1941 in Castellezgasse 12.
Wolf-Erich Eckstein,
Vienna, Austria

Searching for Jakob Distenfeld's father #galicia #records #ukraine


Hello, I am researching my Distenfeld branch of family from the area of Lopatyn, Kamionka-Stumilowa. My great-grandfather was Leizer Distenfeld, b. 1870.
His father was Jakob, b. c. 1835. I am searching for Jakob Distenfeld's father. Jakob was married to Zirel (Tsirel) nee Bedner. Any information would be appreciated. 

Brooklyn, NY

NEGER, SPINRAD (Dynow, Poland)
TOLPEN (Suchostaw, Poland/Sukhostav, Ukraine)
DISTENFELD, ADLER, WILDER (Kamionka Strumilowa, Poland/Kamianka-Buzka, Ukraine)

looking for any information about my father;s mother.'s parents-overwhelmed by the help I've gotten thus far. ( I didn't finish my first question) #usa


.. re.: parents of Mollie Lieberman nee Cohen- born in Russia 1886- passed away in the Bronx in 1937. Her father's name was Veivel/Weivel/William, and her mother's name was Asna Popensky. I was wondering whether the two had children other than Mollie, Isadore and Benjamin. Finally, did Veivel and Asna immigrate to the U.S.?
Thank you for helping me further. I cannot seem to find information.
-Bonnie Lieberman
Beacon, NY

Translation help needed Dutch into English #translation


I have posted on Viewmate, Jewishgen, three short records on index cards in Dutch related to relatives of mine who were transported from Westerbork to Theresienstadt.  The links are below.  I would really appreciate help with translation into English.  Thanks so much! 
Robin August

Re: Immigrant Arrival Question #usa


Aron Armand CIPEFIN #hungary #holocaust


Dear All,
I am looking for information on the fate of Dr. Aron Armand CIPERFIN.  He was born in 1907/08 in the Russian Empire, but grew up in Budapest.  Due to the Numerus Clausus, he studied medicine at the University of Würzburg, then came back to Hungary after the Nazis came to power.   I know that he was at the Zsidokorhaz (Jewih Hospital) in 1938, and he was still alive in 1940.  According to the Yad Vashem central database, "he was murdered in the Shoah."  I'm trying to figure out how/when he died.  I suspect he was killed at Kameniec-Podolski, but it's also possible that he died in munkaszolgalat (forced labor service).    Please let me know if anyone has any leads.
Thank you,
Michael Miller 

Immigrant Arrival Question #usa

Lawrence Weintraub

My grandfather, Samuel Edelstein (Hebrew name Zechariah) lived part of his life in Boston and filed his Declaration of Intention there on February 16,1920. On it, he claimed to have landed in NYC on February 22, 1902 from Stepan, Russia sailing from Hamburg, ship unknown. He later moved to NYC permanently but never completed the citizenship process; still listed as "First Papers" on the 1940 Census.  I have tried to research the actual ship and date, to no avail.
Later arrivals like my great grandmother and a young great aunt and uncle travelled as "Proshkulnik" but magically became Edelstein once touching land (in Boston). I have assumed that to have been her maiden name but that Samuel travelled as Edelstein.  Can anyone provide guidance on fleshing out Samuel's arrival information?
Thank you,
Lawrence Weintraub
Old Bridge, NJ

Kogan/Kagan #ukraine

David Mason

I’m researching Kogan=>Cohen from Zvenigorodka, Cherkassy Region, Ukraine.  Of 1,711 people in the Yad Vashem data for this town, 28 are Kogans and 13 are Kagans. 


I assume both are Cohanim, but how closely are they related?  Are these just arbitrary transliterations into Russian/Ukrainian and potentially close relations, or is there a definite split many generations ago?


-David Mason


Nazi-era Jewish refugees from Hamburg: research opportunity #germany #records #holocaust

Judith Berlowitz

I just received the following copied message on, connected to the profile of Karl Kutschera. I became interested in his genealogy while including his Café Wien in my book of historical fiction (about to be published in Spain). Since I'm not able to follow up on this find, tempted though I am, I'm posting Irene's message here, with her knowledge, in case any of you are interested in contacting Dr. Kleibl in Bremerhaven.
I hope this find reveals some worthy information! Best of luck,

<<Hello Judith, I was looking in geni for Karl Kutschera and found you.
If i see it correctly you are jewish. I've been doing genealogy for a long time and recently found a lady who works for a German museum who found forgot boxes from Jewish refugees in the port of Hamburg during the Nazi era. Maybe you want to get in touch with this lady.

Katrin Kleibl

With best regards Irene Cantez>>

Judith Berlowitz, San Francisco

Re: JewishGen Talks: Roots of Jews from Eastern Europe #JewishGenUpdates #education

Nancy Siegel

If you are unable to attend the live presentation of the JewishGen Talks webinar, it will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience.

Recordings of the JewishGen webinars will immediately be available on the JewishGen Facebook page:

The recordings are also posted to the JewishGen YouTube Channel within several days after the presentation:

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications
(San Francisco, California)

Re: "Researchers" submitting Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony #holocaust #israel

zionsharav <ari@...>

Excellent points, Jay Gordon.  When looking over a POT, it is very relevant to note whether the submitter is a close relative - and in what year the information
was submitted.
-Ari Dale

Re: Help with the name of a town on a marriage certificate #romania #names

Valentin Lupu

Actually, Romanesti parish included 6 villages, among them the three mentioned in the Gazetteer.

Valentin Lupu

Re: JewishGen Talks: Roots of Jews from Eastern Europe #JewishGenUpdates #education

Peninah Zilberman

Dear Nancy,


Sounds like a great presentation.

Presently I am in Israel, different time zone.

Any chances the presentation will be available to get the recording.

Looking forward to your positive response

Stay safe and healthy



Peninah Zilberman


Canada 1-416-781-0330

Israel 972-54-228-8141




From: main@... <main@...> On Behalf Of Nancy Siegel
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Subject: [Special] [] JewishGen Talks: Roots of Jews from Eastern Europe #JewishGenUpdates #education


We invite you to attend another free presentation in our series of JewishGen Talks webinars, with our speaker, Dr. Alexander Beider.


Roots of Jews from Eastern Europe:

Names, Language, and History

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2:00 pm Eastern Time (New York)


About the Talk

According to the traditional point of view, the ancestors of all Ashkenazi Jews (including those from Eastern Europe) lived in the Middle Ages in the Rhineland, western Germany. This consideration is supported by the religious rite practiced by Ashkenazim that originated in the area in question. The provenance from Germany seems also to be confirmed by the daily use of Yiddish, a language whose German basis is on the surface. Further analysis of this language and the given names used by Jews in Eastern Europe reveals a more nuanced picture. Alongside the real migrants from the Rhineland, we find traces of Jewish ancestors who spoke Slavic languages in the Middle Ages and lived in the Czech lands as well as in the territories of modern western Ukraine and western Belarus. 

About the Speaker

Alexander Beider was born in Moscow in 1963. He studied mathematics and theoretical physics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, from which he received a PhD in applied mathematics (1989). Since 1990, he has lived with his family in Paris, France. In 2000, he received his second PhD, this time in the domain of Jewish Studies, from Sorbonne. 

Dr. Beider uses onomastics and linguistics as tools to unravel the history of the Jewish people. He has written a series of reference books dealing with the etymology of Jewish surnames, all published by Avotaynu Inc. They include: A
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire (1993, 2nd revised edition in 2008), Jewish Surnames in Prague (15th-18th centuries) (1994), A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland (1996), A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia (2004), A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Maghreb, Gibraltar, and Malta (2017), and A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Italy, France and “Portuguese” Communities (2019). His Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names (2001) is the reference study in the domain of traditional Yiddish first names. Origins of Yiddish Dialects (Oxford University Press, 2015) synthesizes scholarship on the subject for the half century since the publication of Max Weinreich's “History of the Yiddish Language” (1973) and, according to certain critics, represents a comprehensive and convincing revision of its esteemed predecessor, no less than a new standard work in the domain. Dr. Beider is also the designer of the linguistic part of the Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching method of computer-based searches for equivalent surnames.

Registration is free with a suggested donation.

Please click here to register now!

For more information regarding JewishGen Talks webinars, go to:

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications
(San Francisco, California)

Alien Registration Document #ukraine #galicia #records

Richard Stower

My grandmother, as best as family lore and document search tell me, never became a US citizen. She entered the US around 1900. Were women required to register? In any event, whether female or male where can I search for alien registration records?

Thank you.

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine
Dobrowa Tarnowską: KANNER, SCHMIDT, WERNER

Re: Trouble finding relatives in Ellis Island Passenger Lists #records #names


In my case, my grandfather immigrated from Ukraine in 1919. His name, Solomon Swerlick was noted on the record as Solomon Shlakman. It took a long time to validate the was the same person. Carelessness, language barrier, or simply not caring, is a fairly common theme.
Bob Rosenthal
Palatine, IL USA

"Comments: f, byl propuscen?" #belarus #records

David Gordon

The 1834 Revision List for Dokshitsy lists a likely relative, Movsha GIMPELIOVICH son of Girsh, age 50.  However, in the comments column is the cryptic message I listed above:  "Comments: f, byl propuscen?"  Can anyone explain to me what that (likely) means?  Many thanks.

David Gordon
Chicago, IL

Re: German reparations #germany

David Seldner

They are ususally in the State Archives. But there can be a few locations for Rheinland-Pfalz, it seems they are in Koblenz.

Check here: and search for "Wiedergutmachung"

Good luck.
David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany

Re: German reparations #germany


Try the Claims Conference in New York or Frankfurt

Evelyne Haendel

Re: German reparations #germany

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
I manage the Jewish genealogy workshop for Medem Center.
One of our attendees asked same question a few weeks ago, but she had one of last documents received from BEG by her mother in 2002.
For her, German administration in charge of her mother's payment is in Dusseldorf :
Here is the list of persons in charge of administration and of archives :

I guess , even if your grandparents payments weren't not managed by this office, but by another from another "land' (German county), a person from Dusseldorf will be able to give you the good address.
More directly, you could contact BEG offices, as listed by Claims conference web site :

Bernard Flam
Archives & History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring ( Bund Workmen Circle of France)

Re: German reparations #germany

Peter Heilbrunn



I think records may be kept at the Finance Ministry in Berlin. Alternatively they may be housed in the local State archive – Rhineland Pfalz I think. I found my father’s 500 page records in the NRW archive.






Peter Heilbrunn

Amersham England


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