Rabbinical controversy in Galanta ( 1894) #rabbinic

Andres Carciente

I would appreciate if someone could explain me in detail what was the rabbinical controversy in Galanta ( 1894) about?

Also I am looking for information about a person who published in 1983 en Bnei Brak a book entitled: "Din Torah de Galanta". He is the grandson of R. Srage Zvi Tennnebaum!


Andres Carciente

Re: Using geneanet #france

Andee Weinberg

On 12/6/2020 9:12 AM, Harlan Weller wrote:
I am trying to trace my wife's French ancestors and have come across a French genealogical site called geneanet. 
Does anyone in this group have experience using it? 
Is it worth the money to get a premium membership?
Harlan Weller
WELLER (Svir and possibly Wilkomer)
HILLER/HILLERT (Krasnashiltz)
COHEN (Lazdijai)
RESNIK (Ivenitz)
KAUFMAN (Oshmana)

The answer to your questions is YES!!!!!  I am renewing my yearly subscription.  My husband's maternal great grandmother is French.....and what a treasure trove.....

Well worth all the info you will receive!!!!!

Happy Hanukah!!!!

Dec. 8: CJH Genealogy Coffee Break #announcements #events #usa

Moriah Amit

Tomorrow (12/8) at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. We'll discuss three genealogy-rich U.S. record types that you may have overlooked, including passport applications and voting registers. There is no registration or log in. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" on the top of the Center's Facebook page and a notification will pop up on your screen when the webinar goes live. Note: If the notification doesn't appear, you can also find the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here
Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Re: Romanian Birth records #romania #records


Try contacting Mr. Baruch Huber, he is a researcher from Ungvar ( Uzhgorod) , Transcarpathia. 
I believe he can help you . 

His email: huberbelay@...

Good luck,

Mark Friedman

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation #poland

Alex Guri

I've posted vital records in Polish for which I'd appreciate a translation.
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much,
Alex Guri

Female name MIZREKHTSCH #names #slovakia #hungary

Hilary Osofsky

Inasmuch as the grave stone photo I attached didn't come through, I'm reattaching it as well as adding the link below to that photo online (Martha Lefkowitz memorial at Find a Grave).

Thanks again.

Hilary Stein Osofsky

Re: KATZ with ROSENBERG? #general

Rebecca Racer

Hello -
I know this is a really old message, but I am researching my Katz family tree and my great-grandfather married a Rosenberg! They settled in New Rochelle, NY. His name was Sam Katz.

Rebecca (Katz) Racer

Romanian Birth records #romania #records

Rebecca Racer

I'm looking for help locating my grandfather's birth record from Romania. He was born in 1923,in Maramures so my guess is that it will be in Romania and not Hungary. Has anyone used for help obtaining records? I'm looking for any feedback for any company that you've used to help obtain records before I send money.
Thank you

Rebecca Racer


Joel Ratner

You can find many resources for SPB in my library at the Internet Archive. The URL is . There you will find issues of Ves Petersburg and Ves Leningrad through 1940. Go to the collection and search for the term SPB.
Joel Ratner
Collection of Polish language Vilna resources. Some in pdf, others in djvu format Also see separate pages for Russian and Hebrew and Yiddish resources Topics: Vilna, Vilnius, вильна,וילנא,וילנע, Vilno, Wilna, Wilno, Vilne, Polish resources,...


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Re: Help Needed Reading Nativity on Census #russia #records


My best reading is either Seoto or Leoto.  I hope that is helpful.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Kogan/Kagan #ukraine

Deb Katz

Both my research and my experience are that while occasionally non-cohanim adopted a cohan surname for reasons as offered above...this was rare.  In Jewish tradition---and I'm secular so not pushing a religious viewpoint---it was a shanda to "pretend" to be cohanim when you were not.  And the genetics bear this tradition out.   It is common that cohanim descendants in a single family with a cohanim tradition took different surnames, many times a non-cohanim surname.   So a Steinberg or a Goldberg might turn out to be cohan, but hardly ever is a Katz or a Caplan etc. not cohane.
aka Debra Katz
Pacific Beach CA USA

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Our Jewish Family History Research

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

Thank you so much Michael for your kind assistance.
The indexed record showed the following errors, in particular the LIBERMAN names:

2)LIBERMAN,surname and LIBERMAN given name are identical in the index.

Many thanks.

Jacqueline GRUSZECKI
WAGOWSKI/WAGOWSKY/WAGOWSKA and extended families from Łodz and other areas.
GRUSZECKI/GRUSZECKA and extended families from Warszawa, possibly Kotłówka & Żelechów
and other areas.

Looking for Urche GERSZONOWICZ-GOLDSTEIN born about 1893 in Lodz and emigrated to USA #lodz #usa #poland #russia

Dominique MERLET

I am looking for information about Urche GERSZONOWICZ, born around 1893 in Lodz. He emigrated to the USA, I don't know in which year.
His parents were Jankiel GERSZONOWICZ and Yenta SZERPANSKA. One of his brothers, David GERSZONOWICZ, born around 1888, emigrated to the USA in 1913 and lived for a long time in Paterson (NJ). David died in New York in 1959. The name GERSZONOWICZ was abandoned in favor of the name GOLDSTEIN upon arrival in the USA.
Urche would also have changed his name to GOLDSTEIN and probably his first name because I find no trace of him in the USA.
Can someone help me?
Dominique Merlet

Re: bubbie born in Sweden of Russian parents #scandinavia

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

There was a wave of Jewish migration from the Gouvernement Suwalki to and through Sweden. It began in 1850 and ended in 1900, and your ancestors that you have listed may well be among them. Among others, Carl Henrik Carlsson has published on this topic, e.g. 
„From Suwalki to Sweden. Jewish Migration and Integration, 1850–1920“, in:
AVOTAYNU, Bd. XXXIV, Nr. 2 (2018), S. 33–37.

Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw

Levitic Status in 19th Century Polish Vital Records #records #poland


Do people with expertise in Jewish vital records in 19th century Poland know if Levite status was typically referenced in those records?  Would the Levite status of a groom or his father typically have been noted in a marriage record in the Lomza province in the 1840s?  Would the Levite status of a father have been documented in a birth record in the Lomza province in the 1860s?

I'm tracing the Levite status of a line of my family and wondering if the absence of any mention of Levitic affiliation on records like these indicates the family were not Levites.

Thank you for any expert guidance.

Bob Levy
Los Angeles

tens of thousands members "family trees" in Ancestry #announcements #general #education


Have you come across "family trees" in Ancestry with tens of thousands of members that are not a tree but what looks a collection of disjointed small family trees? They seem to be related to DNA investigations. Any idea why anybody would do this?

Angel Kosfiszer
Richardson, TX

Re: Kogan/Kagan #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

Well, first of all it was in the middle of XIX century, sometime in 1860s or so.

The main reason for changing surnames is that Jews did not want to go to Tzar army, and by changing names, that may helped.
If it is a large family, like 8 children with 5 boys, it is likely that someone would be going to the Army,  but if there are small families of 2-3 children, and 1 boy in each, that may not occur.  If it is only ONE boy in the family, that boy will not be recruited to the Army.

I also heard a rumor, but did not proof it that in some regions, not everwhere, Jews Kohanim were not recruited to the Army... not sure if this is true though.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

JGSGM: A History of the Jews in Tampa #announcements #events

Paulette Bronstein

Dear Friends,
You are invited to join The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami and Temple Beth Am Sunday Salon by Zoom on Sunday, December 13th at 10:30 a.m. ET. 
The topic is Seders and Cigars: A History of the Jews in Tampa.  Filmmaker Barbara Rosenthal and historian Sylvia Gurinsky are the speakers.
Please register by contacting Yoram Millman, JGSGM VP of Programming at jgsgm.vpprogramming@....
Paulette Bronstein
Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami

Re: Using geneanet #france

Susan Lubow

I used it and found it very helpful in learning about a member of my family who moved to France in the 19th century.  None of the information I found on Geneanet was available on Ancestry or any other site I use (including familysearch). I was also able to find and contact current a family members who was totally new to me.  Most helpful for French records.

Susan Lubow
Morristown, NJ


Mandselshteyn - Starokonstantinov #ukraine #names #records


Kind of hit a dead end. My great-great grandfathers last name, translated more accurately than what they used in the United States, was MANDELSHTEYN. In the United States the spelling was Mandelstein, and after WW2 the men starting with my grandfather and his brothers changed it to Manders. The MANDELSHTEYN's were from Starokonstantinov.

Anyway, MANDELSHTEYN does not seem to be very common, and my cousin unearthed some new records on Jewish Gen from Starokonstantinov, one would assume they are related somehow. However, we really can't figure out how. Some are in the same age range as my Great Great grandfather Philip/Pinkhas (first name in first image), while others are in the same age range as my Great Grandfather Morris. Each record lists the person born, their name, DOB, parents AND grandparents names. In only 1 case are 2 of the records obviously related. I put some of the names on my tree, as the brother of my great great great grandfather; just to see if I got any leaf hints on the names and dates, but nothing yet.

Any suggestions? Anyone have these names on their tree from 1800's-early 1900's?

Srul/Yisrael Mandselshteyn
Shlyoma Mandselshteyn
Etia Leya Mandselshteyn
Pinkhos Khaim Mandselshteyn

Courtney Manders

9481 - 9500 of 662720