Re: Help please with Jewish Family research in Turkey #names


Have you tried the site of the Israel National Library?  They have lots of material about communities around the world, including books in the library and documents in the archives.  

best success,
Vivian Silbermann

Re: Romanian Birth records #romania #records

Steve Stein

What was Maramaros before WW I, today is split between Romania and Ukraine. Be open to the possibility of either, depending on the town.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

Re: Levitic Status in 19th Century Polish Vital Records #records #poland

Jill Whitehead

Your best bet to understand Levitic status is to take a DNA test to find out if you have the classic levite DNA markers. 

I am not aware of any Suwalki Lomza records showing this sort of information, as records were civil records and not religious records. 

The DNA of my great grandfather's line shows the classic Levite markers but his name was Abraham's/Abrams formerly Ceglarski from Suwalki. 

Not all those called Levy have the Levite markers - they may have Cohenim markers, or neither Cohenim nor Levy markers, but other ones altogether.

I have the records of one of my other great grandfathers Aaron Guttenberg from Rajgrod in Lomza Gubernia, and these are civil records which just record his birth and later marriage, and place and time of these events.

As  some of his records are recorded later in time to escape the Tsar's draft in the 1860's, I doubt he would have volunteered any other information which would have put him in danger of the draft (if he had any other information of note) . In the event, he escaped to Hull, UK in 1865 with his wife and baby daughter.

In this area of NE Poland, as it was often in the front line of conflicts (e.g. WW1 and WW2), data is less easy to find anyway.  I am not aware of anything like Ketubas/marriage contracts being found, and they are probably long lost for many places in this area. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK 

Re: Romanian Birth records #romania #records


Records older than 100 years would be at the Baia Mare office on National Archives. Later  ones at the civill office of the  Town Hall (Primarie) of place of birth.  The law about getting them (officially only death records can be obtained by a direct descendant) can sometimes be softened by a visit to that office. 

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Looking for civil records from Siret and from Banila pe Siret #records


My paternal ancestors are from these locations.
Jack Peretz

Re: Looking for Urche GERSZONOWICZ-GOLDSTEIN born about 1893 in Lodz and emigrated to USA #lodz #usa #poland #russia

Sharon E Siegel

If you locate any connection between Lodz birthplace and your search name, our parents Anna Iglicka Rzezak Siegel and Israel Rzezak Siegel were from Lodz and immigrated to USA aboard the Marine Perch in 1946.  Israel was born in 1905 in Lodz, and his family that he descended from lived there long before that.  Anna was born in Lodz and also had many generations there.  They lost most of their family to invasion in Lodz by Nazis.  I will be on the look out for Gerszonowic and Szerpansk as I continue my search, too. Best to you, 
Sharon E. Siegel 
Port Jervis, NY USA

Re: Romanian Birth records #romania #records

Susanna Vendel

Maramures is a region/province in Romania. oi you know the locality of birth? Here is a list of the localities in Maramures.

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

INDIANER from Jaroslaw plus BAUMAGARTEN #poland

Mark A. Roseman <rosemanlawoffice@...>

My g grandmother Sime Reisel Indianer was born in Jaroslaw, Poland.. Her mother was Fanny Baumgarten


Mark Roseman

RIVIN of Gomel plus NAKHYMAN from Bieltiza, near Gomel #belarus

Mark A. Roseman <rosemanlawoffice@...>

I seek Girsh Rivin from Gomel, my g g grandfather, Abram 
Rivin is son from Gomel and or Bielitza, near Gomel, Nakhman, mt g grandfather. My grandfather Ysnkel Najkhman married Marisah Rivin in Gomel.\\

Mark Roseman

ROSENMAN and ZURAWNO (NEAR LVOV) #austria-czech

Mark A. Roseman <rosemanlawoffice@...>

Please send info on Jozef Rosenman from Zurawno and his children Csaim Rosenman my g grandfather plus Gittel Rosenamn , Chaim's sister.

if anyone requests to rosemanlawoffice@... I will send my Rosenman family tree info.
Mark Roseman

Re: Using geneanet #france


Hi Harlan,

I found geneanet very good especially for French relatives. The origins of our family is both German and French. I found detailed info on my father's uncle, who emigrated from Frankfurt to Paris in 1900 and later fought for the French against the Germans in WWI. His brother was fighing on the German side. Via Geneanet I found his military records and another Family tree that included him.

So to answer your question GENEANET is very useful as an addition to both MyHeritage and It is also a lot cheaper and has some nice functionality which you don't find in MyHeritage and Ancestory..

Kind regards

Richard Hainebach
Brussels, Belgium

Re: tens of thousands members "family trees" in Ancestry #announcements #general #education


You wrote : They seem to be related to DNA investigations. Any idea why anybody would do this?

I have been approached by one of those sites.

There is a hope to eventually link those family trees.
Links of course can be Blood links or they can be In-law links. with its WORLD TREE PROJECT is useful to find both Blood links and In-law links

Kind regards
Richard Hainebach
Brussels, Belgium

Descendants of Kutno - Facebook Group #general #poland

Belinda Kaye

Dear Genners
As many of you will be aware most Jewish towns today have dedicated facebook group for researchers. Sadly nothing has been available for Kutno in the Gubernia of Warszawa, Province Lodz Poland and surrounding areas, so I have endeavoured to rectify this by launching a facebook group to provide a nice friendly atmosphere to connect people, help with DNA and paper research and learn about the town of our ancestors. The group settings are private to ensure members will be in a safe environment.
Belinda Kaye

Kielce district towns Books of Residents extraction #poland


JRI-Poland is pleased to announce the full extraction of Books of Residence from more than 24 villages and towns in the Kielce district (the book from the town of Kielce itself did not survive) with over 1800 entries. None of these towns had their own metric registers – vital events (births, marriages and deaths) were registered in Kielce.


Most books span 1890-1931. The extractions include households of individuals residing in each location, their parentage, place of birth, date of birth, marital status, and other comments including marriage notes, town relocations and date of death. To receive a list of towns and 138 surname counts, please contact Kielce Town Leader Ofer Manela: oferman@...


Judy Golan

Kfar Vradim, Israel


JRI-Poland Kielce Area Coordinator

Re: Mandselshteyn - Starokonstantinov #ukraine #names #records


Hi Courtney,
Here are some additional records.
  • Same family as in the 1901 record - additional child: Zhitomir 67-6-571 (births 1903), Basya, #249, May 1, born on Ivankovskaya st.
  • One of the members of the family was registered in Odessa after his military service (or something related to that).  His name is found in Odessa Region State Archives (DAOO) file 315-1-1923.  Initials of the person - first name starts with L, father's name starts with N.  Looking at births in Odessa, it's possible that this is registration into the recruit list of Leyb s.o. Nakhman (see below).
  • 2 families in the Starokonstantinov 1811 census:
1811 DAKO 280-201-263
ID * Name * Relationship * Previous age * Current Age
273 * Mandelshteyn Moshko Gersh s.o. Froim  (Gersh could be name or father's name) * head * 27 * 32
273 * Mandelshteyn Samshon * son * 1 * 6
480 * Pashkovetsiy Ben s.o. Khaim * head * 44 * 49
480 * Pashkovetsiy Shneyer * son * 24 * 29
480 * Pashkovetsiy Nys * son * 18 * 23
480 * Pashkovetsiy Aba * son * 17 * gone as of 1807
480 * Mandelshteyn Khaim * son in law * 30 * 35
480 * Keselman Berko s.o. Yankel * not listed * 52 * 57
480 * Barinfeld Berko Yankel s.o. Gershko (Yankel could be name or father's name) * not listed * 36 * died in 1810

The same last name is also found in the 1834, 1850, 1858 censuses.

In Odessa:
1888 Aug - Khaim-Leyb Oykhman + Khasya d.o. Abram Mandelshteyn (marriage record # 513)
1891 (you can find in JewishGen database) birth of Mikhel son of Nakhman (s.o. Srul-Avrum).  Mikhel died at age 4.
In the next few years Nakhman also had children Ber, Sarra, Leyb and Brayna (twins), David, and Hana (died before 1st bday)

Abram = Avrum.  Very likely Khasya is Nakhman's sister.

/Mike Vayser

Re: KATZ with ROSENBERG? #general

Hilary Henkin

Yah, that's a really old message - but still relevant!  I actually did a double-take when I saw your message.

I think we may be backwards, though - My family story is that the sister married a Rosenberg.  But let's compare notes anyway, stories can get twisted.

Where was Sam from?  My ggf Josef was born in Lublin, Poland in 1861.  His parents were Jacob/Yankiel Katz and Esther nee Jarmucz. He did have a younger brother Shmuel (Samuel?), born in 1852, also in Lublin.  Josef and his wife lived in Ekaterinoslav (Ukr.) for some period of time, then immigrated to NYC around 1905-1906 with their children.

Hilary Henkin

PS - if you can Reply to Sender, we won't bore everyone else with the minutiae of comparing ancestors....  It didn't work for me.  My email is hilary@....

On 12/7/2020 11:09 AM, mare21499 via wrote:
Hello -
I know this is a really old message, but I am researching my Katz family tree and my great-grandfather married a Rosenberg! They settled in New Rochelle, NY. His name was Sam Katz.

Rebecca (Katz) Racer


Lost person: Canadian Woman born 1972 #canada

Zalman schwartz

* looking for: woman named Joanna (we lost the Surnames)
* Was Borne in Canada 1972 and grew up in Canada (can be end of 1971 or begin of 1973)
* Ashkenazi
* Blond hair straight hair.
* high 1.63m approx.
* English speaker.
* Has at least one brother
* Non religion family
* Lived in japan from Aug 1992 till Aug 1993 as an English teacher even though it was not her profession as a title. (That time in Japan many companies invited native English speakers to give classes for their executives so even without proper titles they could get the job with all expenses included).
* stayed in the south of japan in a city named kita-kyushu.
*  Before her arrival to Japan in 1992 she visited India for social help in hospital as a volunteer.
* we have no photo but can be recognized by the provided photo.
Zalman Schwartz
Los Angeles CA.

Rabbinical controversy in Galanta ( 1894) #rabbinic

Andres Carciente

I would appreciate if someone could explain me in detail what was the rabbinical controversy in Galanta ( 1894) about?

Also I am looking for information about a person who published in 1983 en Bnei Brak a book entitled: "Din Torah de Galanta". He is the grandson of R. Srage Zvi Tennnebaum!


Andres Carciente

Re: Using geneanet #france

Andee Weinberg

On 12/6/2020 9:12 AM, Harlan Weller wrote:
I am trying to trace my wife's French ancestors and have come across a French genealogical site called geneanet. 
Does anyone in this group have experience using it? 
Is it worth the money to get a premium membership?
Harlan Weller
WELLER (Svir and possibly Wilkomer)
HILLER/HILLERT (Krasnashiltz)
COHEN (Lazdijai)
RESNIK (Ivenitz)
KAUFMAN (Oshmana)

The answer to your questions is YES!!!!!  I am renewing my yearly subscription.  My husband's maternal great grandmother is French.....and what a treasure trove.....

Well worth all the info you will receive!!!!!

Happy Hanukah!!!!

Dec. 8: CJH Genealogy Coffee Break #announcements #events #usa

Moriah Amit

Tomorrow (12/8) at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. We'll discuss three genealogy-rich U.S. record types that you may have overlooked, including passport applications and voting registers. There is no registration or log in. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" on the top of the Center's Facebook page and a notification will pop up on your screen when the webinar goes live. Note: If the notification doesn't appear, you can also find the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here
Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

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