Re: public tree assistance #general

Adam Turner

Just an FYI, if you are using Ancestry Library Edition rather than a paid account, I don't think it's possible to contact a tree owner; you won't have access to Ancestry's messaging system at all, and there is no link available for contacting tree owners (in fact, I don't think you can even see who the owner of a public tree is through Ancestry Library Edition these days).

I seem to remember managing this somehow from Ancestry Library Edition in the days before they switched to ProQuest - although there was no inbox where you could receive a reply, I think you could at least send a tree owner a message with your direct contact information. That workaround doesn't exist any more, though.

Adam Turner

Searching: Elsbeth SCHUCK /SLOTKOWSKI #usa

Kathy Miller

Is anyone out there able to help me connect with descendants of Elsbeth SCHUCK born 1889 married Paul Slotowski and had a daughter Dorothea born 1911. She married Leopold BENESI born 1905.
I believe there are descendants of this Leopold who live in California ( maybe Daly City )…so I am looking for Bill, Mark, Steven, Kevin and/or Bill Junior Benesi
Many thanks in advance
Kathy Miller
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Re: Descendants of Dutch Jews. Any interest? #unitedkingdom #general

משה פלבר

An ancestor of mine came to England from Holland to England as a soldier in the Army of William of Orange (who became King of England at the end of the 17th cent.)

Should any one in the group have knowledge have knowledge that could help me there, I’d be much obliged


Moshe Felber



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January 1, 2021 is Public Domain Day #announcements #usa

Jan Meisels Allen

(US) Public Domain Day is the start of the year when a year’s worth of creative work joins the public domain. On January 1 2021 copyrighted works from 1925 will enter the US Public domain where they will be free for all of us to use.

The Center for the Study of the Public Domain lists some of these works, such as:

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time, and Franz Kafka’s The Trial (in the original German), silent films featuring Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton, and music ranging from the jazz standard Sweet Georgia Brown to songs by Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, W.C. Handy, and Fats Waller.”


The Internet Archive will add books, movies, music and more to its online library. Other repositories will also add text books and more from that year. Local community theaters can screen films.

To read more see:

Thank you to Dick Eastman and the Eastman Online Genealogy Blog for informing us about Public Domain Day.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Treasure Hunters Are Told To Stay Away From Buchenwald Due to Documentary #germany #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen

Some of the thousands of wedding rings the Nazis removed from their victims to salvage the gold



© US NATIONAL ARCHIVES An aerial image of Buchenwald concentration camp seen in 1945. US NATIONAL ARCHIVES


The Buchenwald Concentration Camp memorial director has told treasure hunters to stay away after a documentary claimed Nazi loot may be hidden at the site. The director said excavations last year disproved rumors that a limestone quarry next to the camp contained valuables taken from Jews murdered at concentration camps during World War ll.


The documentary claims that a handwritten map pinpointed unopened underground chambers in a quarry. Their entrances had been covered up and unless they were searched legends of Nazi gold may persist. The map with the alleged treasure details was located in the United States National Archives.


The 30-minute documentary in German, The Secret Depots of Buchenwald, may be viewed at:


In 1945, US soldiers liberated the camp found 21 tons of gold filings, wedding rings and more from those murdered in Nazi death camps. On September 23, 1940 Heinrich Himmler ordered the SS to recover gold teeth from dead inmates of concentration camps. He later extended the order to include 'the golden teeth that cannot be repaired' from those who are alive.   The area ultimately fell under Soviet control and formed part of the German Democratic Republic.


At the outbreak of the war, people from across Europe were sent to Buchenwald and its 139 sub camps - which were then pressed into service to support the Nazi arms industry.


In total, 280,000 people are sent to Buchenwald and its sub camps - of whom, some 56,000 perished - many from disease, starvation and medical experiments.


The Nazis also executed 8,000 Soviet prisoners of war at the camp.   


To read more see:




Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: New DNA-Based Study of Jewish Pre-History #dna #israel #announcements #general


Very interesting article! Those of you less scientifically oriented might want to skip ahead after the first page or so to page 9, where the biblical parts mostly start that are in English understandable to those of us not familiar with haplotypes and the like..
Marijke Bekken

Translation needed #poland #records #translation


I am hoping someone would be kind enough to translate the attached 1860 marriage record of Abram Chaim ROZENFELD to Chaja GOLDAR in Wisznice. I'm particularly interested in learning their places of birth and/or the place of birth of the parents.

Thank you,
Tammy Weingarten
Searching: WEINGARTEN, LERNER, ROSENFELD, WEINSTEIN, Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Wisznice

Help Needed Translating Headstones #translation #names


Hi All,

Would anyone be able to translate the following headstones?  Pix are attached. 

Thanks in advance
Amy Mitchell
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Please can you help me to make contact with Laurie KACE (brother to the late Martin KACE) and Ruth KACE #general

Joyaa Antares

Hi Folks,
I am trying to make contact with Laurie KACE (Mercy College / Pratt Institute; formerly Gymnasia Herzeliya, Tel Aviv) and her close relative Ruth KACE (Los Angeles?).
My info from two sources is that Laurie's (and the late Martin KACE's) maternal grandfather was my great uncle, Jankel SCHORR.  I believe that Martin's middle name was after Jankel.
Locating Laurie and Martin has been a brickwall for over 10 years so I'm as keen as anything to break through.
A month ago I copied my DNA results from ancestry to familytreeDNA and immediately saw Martin KACE as a close hit and 2nd cousin.  ("Ahah! No wonder my searches for Martin CASE, Lori CASE (sic) and father Munye CASE had failed -- wrong blinking spellings!").
No description available.
I googled Martin, as he's clearly got some interest in his ancestry, but very sadly he passed in 2013 (his obituary and names of close family members are on  I am very sorry not to have "met" him.
Can you help?  My email address is available to you as JG list readers, and besides, anyone googling "Joyaa Antares" will find me quicker than a Usain Bolt 100m dash.
Best regards to all,
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Researching  SCHORR, SCHERZER, JURIS and DAWID in Buckaczowce, Ottynia, Nadworna, and Kolomyya
ZUNDER in Buckaczowce and Ivano-Frankivsk

Re: public tree assistance #general

sharon yampell

Click the name of the tree owner


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, New Jersey


From: Trudy Barch
Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2020 8:20 PM
To: Jewishgen Digest Q & A
Subject: [] public tree assistance #general


When looking on, I find a public tree that has my grandparents listed.    How do I contact the person(s) that listed the names?

SKE & CHE families.   Thank you,    Trudy Barch,  FL   previously Chicago, IL


Re: First time researcher looking for help with Dutch Jewish ancestry #records


There is a main Dutch website
but Amsterdam has also his own website for genealogy archive : htpps://
On this website I've found probably his father also Abraham Benjamin, son of Grietje Benjamin (maybe his father has already died) from Amsterdam, he first married  on 11 April 1793 (29 yrs old) Rebecka Gersam (22 yrs) from Munnickendam. They both lived at Marken. Rebecka has died soon, because Abraham Benjamin remarried 30 May 1806 Sara Joseph (32 yrs) from Amsterdam. Abraham lived then Batavierenstraat 22, Amsterdam, Sara livedin the Kerkestraat with her mother Beletje Isaac.
Another website with information It is in Dutch, but with the possibility of Google Translate

Lyn Bos

public tree assistance #general

Trudy Barch

When looking on, I find a public tree that has my grandparents listed.    How do I contact the person(s) that listed the names?

SKE & CHE families.   Thank you,    Trudy Barch,  FL   previously Chicago, IL

Info needed on my grandfathers Gr.mother Chaje Frimet WIEDER daughter of R. Naftuli Herz RUB (KRAU or KARO) passed away in Mara 19 or 20 June 1909 #hungary

R. David Zvi Wieder


Can anybody please help me with following info

My grandfathers grandfather R. David Hersh (Tzvi) WIEDER was married to
Chaje Frimet WIEDER

She was daughter of R. Naftuli Herz RUB (peviously KRAU or KARO) from Mara
(Kracsfalu or Kracsfalva - Cracesti - Krezest) Maramures Romania

In Mara is a tomb of Chaje Frimed Bas R. Naftuli A"H from 1 Tamuz 5669 -
19 or 20 June 1909

At the cityhall in Desesti where the records are is no deathrecord for this
date neither in Sighet

She must have been passing away some where else and brought there to be
buried in her home town where her father etc. is buried

Can anybody help me with this deathrecord somewhere in MARAMURES from the
19 or 20 June 1909

A happy Chanukkah

All the best
David Zvi Wieder

Announcing the Publication of the Memorial Book of Kremenets, Ukraine #yizkorbooks #ukraine

Joel Alpert

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project of JewishGen is proud to announce
the publication of its105th title, Memorial Book of Kremenets,
Translation of Pinkas Kremenits; Sefer Zikaron

Original Yizkor Book Edited by: Abraham Samuel Stein
Originally published in Hebrew and Yiddish
Tel-Aviv 1954

Details: Hard Cover, 8.5” by 11”, 564 pages with original photographs.
Translation Project Coordinator: Dr. Ronald D. Doctor
English Translation Editors: Dr. Ronald D. Doctor and Ellen F. Garshick
Layout: Jonathan Wind
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff-Hopper
Name Indexing: Bena Shklyanoy

Kremenets, in western Ukraine is 213 miles W of Kiev. It is located
at 50 deg 6’ North Latitude and 25 deg 43’ E Longitude.

Jews are known to have been in the Kremenets area as early as 1438
when the Grand Duke of Lithuania gave them a charter. The Jewish
community gradually expanded and prospered through the 16th century.

According to the 1931 Polish census, the town of Kremenets, Ukraine
had a population of 19,877, consisting of 8,428 Ukrainians, 7,256
Jews, 3,108 Poles and 883 Russians.

The Nazis and their helpers destroyed and exterminated a magnificent
community, capable and devoted, that wove its thread of existence for
500 years in an area that was a land of contention among Tatars,
Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Poles, and Russians. Amid all the political
perversities, the Jewish community persevered, shaped and strengthened
its way of life, lived through times of highs and lows, wrote
brilliant pages in the history of Jewish Volhynia, and produced
leaders and Torah greats, writers and intellectuals.

But maybe its main greatness and value is in its spirited, folksy
life—in the character of the laboring Jew who is content in spirit and
soul, and full of the joy of life; who has deep emotional ties to
Judaism and all its vivid creative forces, the campaigners and
builders among them: Hasidim and Mitnagdim, Orthodox and
intellectuals, pioneers of Love of Zion and Zionism, advocates of
Hebrew and Yiddish culture, of socialism and the movement of those who
work the Land of Israel, of pioneering and immigration—in all of
those, the Jews of Kremenets took an active part, in body and soul and

This Yizkor Book serves as a memorial to all the victims of the Shoah
from Kremenets and nearby towns.

List price: $61.95 available from JewishGen for $35

To order, Go to;
go to the bottom to order.

Alternate names for the town: Kremenets [Rus, Ukr], Krzemieniec [Pol],
Kremenitz [Yid], Kremenez [Ger], Kremenits, Kremenec', Kshemyenyets

Nearby Jewish Communities:
Velikiye Berezhtsy 4 miles W
Lanivtsi 23 miles SE
Podlesnoye 5 miles SE
Brody 25 miles W
Katerynivka 10 miles SE
Yampil 25 miles ESE
Pochayev 12 miles WSW
Vyshhorodok 26 miles SSE
Zaliztsi 27 miles SW
Vishnevets 14 miles S
Varkovychi 28 miles NNE
Kozin 16 miles NW
Demydivka 28 miles NW
Rakhmanov 17 miles E
Mlyniv 28 miles N
Shumsk 18 miles E
Mizoch 28 miles NE
Novyy Oleksinets 21 miles SSW
Ozeryany 29 miles NNE
Muravytsi 29 miles NNW
Pidkamin 21 miles WSW
Leshniv 30 miles WNW
Dubno 22 miles N
Zbarazh 30 miles S

Packed with history; this book opens a unique window to life in this
shtetl. A must-read! Certainly a welcome gift to the relative who
would appreciate this unique history of their shtetl.

Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project

Re: How they traveled - rafters #poland

Irene Newhouse

My paternal grandfather was in the business of contracting to log forests, float the logs downstream & sell them at the river mouth. According to my father, who worked for him at times as foreman of floating crews, the river involved was usually the Memel/Nieman & the destination Tilsit/Sovetsk. The river section my father worked was in Poland, he never forgot the Polish crews who stood chest-deep in water all day, pushing logs back into the current with long pikes, going home in the evening, soaked, pikes on their shoulders, with the temperature dropping below freezing - singing.
Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI USA

(Russia) Database of 6 Million Russian Documents and Photos #announcements #russia

Jan Meisels Allen

Find Lost and Russian & Ukrainian Family posted about the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation  database of 6 million Russian documents and photos about life in the USSR. Access is free.  There are photos of collective farms, school students, old churches, WWI and WWII military documents and even 1905.


A large focus of the database is the arts of Russia- writers, composers, artists and performers. Anyone who had ancestors or relatives who worked in the arts from the USSR is highly encouraged to take advantage of this database. revolutionary activists.


The database is located at: It is in Russian, but if you use Chrome as your browser it will automatically inquire if you want to translate it. Or you can use a translation service such as google translate or both are free.


A video guide on how to use the site is located at:

Original url:


Suggestions on how to use the database without knowing Russian is in the article.

To read the article see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: How and where can I find Birth, Marriage, Death and Census records for Bukovina, Austrian-Hungarian Empire era? #austria-czech #hungary #records


I searched for bukovina under "Keywords" in and found a lot of entries.
You will need to try it yourself to see which village you are looking for.
Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
Lviv Oblast Ukraine

Re: Help - Birth record and church found on the border of two countries? #hungary #poland #slovakia

Christine Hills

I found the place it says Rabčice is a village and municipality in Námestovo District in the Žilina Region of northern Slovakia.
This is the link
There is a picture of the church.
I hope this helps.
Christine Hills  Dublin, Ireland. tinasusanamy@...

Re: Help - Birth record and church found on the border of two countries? #hungary #poland #slovakia


On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 06:29 AM, <mandy.molava@...> wrote:
Rabca Namestovo
I found this on in the catalog:
  1. Rímsko-katolícka farnosť Rabča
    Author: Brišák, Anton; Maťugová, Soňa; Briš, Vladimír
  2. Cirkevná matrika, 1766-1910
    Author: Rímsko-katolícka cirkev. Farský úrad Rabča (Námestovo); Štátny oblastný archív v Bytče

Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
Lviv Oblast Ukraine

Pentue(location) #russia


I am looking for : Pentue, Russia.   My husband's great-grandfather and grandfather came from there. 
Thank you
Ellen Honig

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