Re: New DNA-Based Study of Jewish Pre-History #dna #israel #announcements #general


Just wondering if this interesting research paper was peer reviewed?
And what type of organization is
            Bev Steinman

Talk on Sir Moses Montefiore #events #announcements

David Mendoza

A pre-announcement! The speaker at Sephardic World next Sunday (27 December,
2pm NYC, 7pm London) is Abigail Green, author of the excellent biography of
Sir Moses Montefiore, perhaps the most significant Jew of the 19th Century.
There is no charge for attending the meeting.

If you are not already on the mailing list, you are welcome to join at:

Best wishes,

David Mendoza and Ton Tielen
Sephardic World

Re: Reading the Translations of the Jewishgen Yizkor Books #yizkorbooks



This is my experience regarding the online Yizkor books; my special interest is in the Steibtz-Schwerznie book. When the individual article titles are in black, those items have yet to be translated and posted online. If the title appears in blue, that is an active link, and clicking on it should take you to the translated article.

As Max mentions in his response, it is possible to donate to the project of your choice, and request that priority be given to specified articles. To do this, contact the project coordinator for the book in which you are interested. The books contain articles in Yiddish and Hebrew, and it is necessary to coordinate with an appropriate translator. A few years back, I sponsored the translation of the Yiddish portion of the Schwerznie book; the translator I worked with at the time was unable to translate the Hebrew articles.

David Passman
Dallas, TX

Re: 1899 Psychiatric Diagnosis #records #usa

Sarah L Meyer

One possibility that I did not see mentioned below would be syphilis.  If it had gone into the brain, it could lead to "terminal dementia".  
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Searching info on Myriam Karesh / Alpern - Emigrated from Triczianne to Palestine circa 1907 #israel

David Askienazy

Myriam (Marie) was my grandfather’s grandmother. 

All the info I got on her comes from family sources (oral and written memoirs).

Myriam emigrated from Triczianne (Poland) to Palestine, circa 1907. I estimate she was in her 50’s ou 60’s. 

In Triczianne, she was the wife of Reb Zalmen (Solomon) Alpern. After he died, she moved to Palestine. 
Myriam was the daughter of William / Charles Karesh (there was a large community of Karesh in Triczianne, and many have emigrated to North Carolina.) 
In Palestine, depending on my sources (memoirs written by members of the family)
- She married Reb KLOSBERG, circa 1913, and his buried in the Mount of Olives
- She married the "chief rabbi of Palestine » (but I’m not sure this status existed), and the two of them are buried "in the territory which is now part of Jordan » (written in 1991)
Myriam emigrated to Palestine with her son Shepsel Alpern. Shepsel then moved and settled in America. I’m in touch with some of his descendants. 
I contacted the Mount of Olives. They found no trace of Myriam. 
If any of this sounds familiar to you, it would be of great help
David Askienazy 

Re: Maps of Galicia and bukovina #galicia


JewishGen has extensive historical maps of Bukovina.

And Gesher Gailicia has maps of Galicia:

Ed Rosenblatt
Plainfield, NY

Re: Reading the Translations of the Jewishgen Yizkor Books #yizkorbooks


When you interested in some articles, write in Russian, I can help you in translation.  Send me a link to it.

Michael Ryabinky

Search for information about the city of Kamiensk #poland

wenglenski virginie <vwenglen@...>

I am looking for information in english or french about the history of the city of Kamiensk, especially Barczkowice.
And I would like to know if there are censuses for these cities for the years 1900 to 1915 available online.
Thank you and have a nice day.
Virginie Wenglenski

Re: Maps of Galicia and bukovina #galicia

Zev Cohen

The following site sells a map of Galicia issued in 1900. I bought a copy at the Klezmerhojs restaurant in Krakow a few years ago.
The website is

Zev Cohen

Re: Treasure Hunters Are Told To Stay Away From Buchenwald Due to Documentary #germany #holocaust

Peter Heilbrunn

I don't think the video link works.  According to MDR, the video is no longer accessible.
Peter Heilbrunn

Re: Please can you help me to make contact with Laurie KACE (brother to the late Martin KACE) and Ruth KACE #general

Joyaa Antares

On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 10:00 PM, Joyaa Antares wrote:
My info from two sources is that Laurie's (and the late Martin KACE's) maternal grandfather was my great uncle, Jankel SCHORR.
ERRATUM:  Laurie's (and the late Martin KACE's) great-grandfather - their father's mother's father (i.e. Leah's father) - was my great uncle, Jankel SCHORR.   I am correcting this "publicly" in case someone has forwarded my message on to Laurie or Ruth.
Laurie is my second cousin once removed, and Ruth my second cousin twice removed.
My apologies for the mistake.
Gold Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Re: Please can you help me to make contact with Laurie KACE (brother to the late Martin KACE) and Ruth KACE #general

Joyaa Antares

On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 08:51 PM, Barbara Zimmer wrote:
How in the world did you just get a DNA hit to someone who died in 2013?  

Hi Barbara - presumably Martin KACE uploaded his data before 2013, so it's on their database.  I only uploaded mine a few weeks ago.
Best, Joyaa ANTARES
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Viewmate: German message #translation

Robert Fraser

Hi guys –


I have placed on ViewMate an image of a small brooch given to my late Mother by her Mother in 1938 on the day that the German army invaded Austria. There is a small hand-written message, in German. I read some German, but I can’t quite make out the message. A transliteration would be very much appreciated.


I know it says; ‘Liebe Erna…………..Mama”


It can be found at:


Please respond privately or via the Viewmate application.




Robert W Fraser

Perth, Western Australia



Robert W Fraser, Perth, Western Australia 
Researcher 6342   

Sonia nee Greenberg Penn Helfand's brother??? #israel #lithuania #names

Sharon Ann Dror

I got Sonia nee Greenberg Penn Helfand's marriage certificate: her father is Mosche Greenberg and mother is Tauva Miriam Mesimik. 

I just learned that Sonia has a brother - no one knows anything. The Greenberg family in Israel just mentioned this info to me as they vaguely recall that Sonia and a brother came from Mosche's first wife. 

Mosche was married to 2nd wife (dont know name) and they had four children: Lena, Mishka, Grishka and Emke. The children were born in Sarota, Russia.

Mosche, 2nd wife and Lena were killed in the Holocaust while 3 children survived and moved to Israel: I am in touch with their respective families. They don't know anything about Mosche and his 2nd wife since they were killed in the Holocaust. The family never talked about it.

Sonia moved to Philadelphia, PA and was married to Harry Penn and they had two sons Arthur and Irving Penn. All deceased. The Penn Family doesnt know anything about Sonia's background. 

Sonia divorced and remarried to Meyer Helfand. Both buried in NJ. Sonia was born in Novo Alexandrovsk, Russia. 

A Chaim Greenberg's granddaughter Dara nee Rosenberg Kurtz and I have a DNA match - Dara knows nothing about Chaim's family as he left the family when Dara's mother was very young. Chaim Greenberg was married to Cecilia Feinberg and they have one daughter. Doris Salameth who married to Sidney (Sol) Rosenberg. 

What is the best source to look for?

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror
Burbank, CA

Ancestral Town #russia


Hi.  Would someone be so kind and interpret the name of the town my husband's grandfather came from.  I thought Pentue was written, I have been told there is no such town in Russia.  I have attached a picture of his Naturalization Papers.
Thank you very much,
Ellen Honig

JewishGen Talk This Week (SPANISH): Introducing the JewishGen Crypto Jewish Collection #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

We invite you to attend another free presentation in our series of JewishGen Talks webinars, with our speaker, Genie Milgrom
Presentando la collection de datos para genealogia Cripto-Judia
Registration is free with a suggested donation.
About the Talk
Hasta ahora ha sido sumamente dificil el rastrear las genealogias de los Cripto-Judios que fueron forzados a convertirse en 1491 ya que tuvieron que cambiarse sus nombres mas identidades para evitar la muerte. Muchos de estos Sefarditas fueron esparcidos a otras tierras incluyendo el Imperio Otomano,Europa y la America Latina. En esta presentacion, Genie Milgrom nos va a explicar los detalles de la data que ella fue recopilando durante un periodo de 15 años y como accesarla via JewishGen.
About the Speaker

  • Directora de la Division de Investigaciones de genealogias Cripto-Judias de JewishGen
  • Genealogista y Conferencista a nivel mundial sobre genealogia Cripto-Judia
  • Desarrollo un sistema de trazar linajes Hispanos hasta los 1400s
  • Presidente Antiguo de la Sociedad de Estudios Cripto Judaicos en Colorado
  • Presidente antiguo de la Sociedad de Genealogia Judia en Miami
  • Autora de los libros Mis 15 Abuelas, Como Encontre a Mis 15 Abuelas, De la Pira al Fuego asi como Las recetas de Mis 15 Abuelas y todos han sido premiados con el Latino Authors Book Award
  • Presidente de Tarbut Sefarad Fermoselle en Barcelona
  • Ponente en el Parlamento en Israel
  • Ponente en el Parlamento de la Union Europea en Bruselas
  • Galardonada el Alto Premio de los 4 Sinagogas Sefarditas de Jerusalem
Questions? Go to:
For information about JewishGen Talks webinars, go to:

Re: Please can you help me to make contact with Laurie KACE (brother to the late Martin KACE) and Ruth KACE #general

Barbara Zimmer

How in the world did you just get a DNA hit to someone who died in 2013?   

Barbara Zimmer 


Second request for translation Polish to English #poland #translation

Steve Daggers

Hello. Hoping to have better luck this time. I've posted a record in Polish for translation. It is on ViewMate at
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Steve Daggers
Shorewood, Illinois USA

Re: how to find death marriage and birth records for Munkacs, Hungary/Czechoslavakia #hungary #records

Ludwig Mauskopf

Hi Moishe

You can search in Sub-Carpatian Genealogy data base:
I made some search and was able to find 2 persons who might be a match. One is Weisz Fani who died in March 1889. The second is Weisz Feige Ruchel who dies in June 1888. Both of them died in Munkacs. You can ask for their Death Certificate. It costs 15$ each.

Good luck with your search

Ludwig Mauskopf 

ViewMate translation request - Polish #galicia #poland #translation

Liliana Weintraub

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Liliana Weintraub (Argentina)

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