Re: looking for my father roots Kats, #belarus #holocaust


Are you able to supply additional information, such as your father's uncle's name, how his name is listed on your birth certificate, or anything else to help people help you?
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Finding My Cousin Israel Fiselsons #names


I have a letter postmarked 1973 from Israel Fiselsons to my uncle, Reubin Weitzman. The letter contains his then mailing address. Israel was living in his mother's apartment with his wife and ten year old daughter. I have the full mailing address but am looking the for name of the owner/tenant of the apartment. I believe she is a sister to my maternal grandmother, Slova Weitzman (born Schiren).

Any suggestions? I have tried everything without success.

Thanks in advance,

Allen Weitzman

Yiddish translation of letters #translation

Marla Cohen

My cousin sent me these two letters from her great grandmother. While I can make out a few words I do not have enough knowledge if Yiddish to translate.(Hebrew , yes- Yiddish - no).
Can anyone help?

Marla Cohen , Hartford,Ct.
Researching: KOZAK,ZAURBACH, Kutno,Poland

Re: New DNA-Based Study of Jewish Pre-History #dna #israel #announcements #general

Adam Cherson

Thanks for the peer-review discussion.


The article is a pre-print, which usually means not yet submitted to the peer-reviewing process, and made available for various purposes (see below). By presenting the entire project, from raw data to conclusion, I wish to allow any other researcher to examine, judge, replicate, and otherwise interpret the data, whether their findings and conclusions support or negate my own.


I have included with this paper: 63 pages of Extended and Supplemental Data, an Interactive Project Map, the Project Haplotree, 23 spreadsheets containing Primary Component Analysis statistics, and footnoted citations to prior literature of recent vintage, some of which is not peer-reviewed. As with any scientific work, this paper also relies on certain presumptions which are described in Footnote 14.


The purposes of publishing this pre-print are: 1) to share immediately and fully some novel findings with interested researchers, and 2) to invite substantive commentaries and criticisms from researchers in all associated fields on any aspect of the paper. This continuous process will help to improve reasoning and presentation, and perhaps one day lead to a more formal peer-review submission -- if there is a journal interested in a paper reporting results from an FTDNA genetic genealogy project being used as a basis for biblical historicization. If there do happen to be any journal editors reading this discussion who would like to publish such a paper, please contact me privately.

Adam Cherson

Need help in researching in Portuguese and Spanish #latinamerica #ukraine

Rachelle Litt

I am researching the Znayde (Snayde,Znaide) family from Chernvitsi Ukraine. The records I am looking for are in Potuguese and Spanish and Ancestry is requiring I enter the info in those languages as well, so any help with this research would be fantastic.  Patriarch is Zelik (Seilik) SNAYDE(ZNAYDE, ZNAIDE) wife is Rosa. Possibly second wife maiden name ASERMAN, former married name KATSMAZOVSKIJ. Children at least 2 sons. Son Mayer SNAYDE (ZNAYDE) b in Chernivtsi, emigrated to Rio De Janiero in 1942 (I have this record) after living in Argentina followed by wife Tzivia BORD (BURD-possibly BURDEINIC) and 3 children: Sara(h), Samuel and Jose who also lived in Argentina first.  Then they all moved to Sao Paulo Brazil where Mayer and Tzivia are buried. Other son (name unknown emigrated to Sao Paolo prior to Mayer. Mayer’s daughter Sara(h) married Solon IANCHEL and had 3 children, Silvia (married Moses Wurcelman),Jose and Suzi. Mayer owned the Matzo Factory in Sao Paulo.  Any documentation that can be found including immigration, marriage, death etc. would be helpful. Also looking for them in Chernivtsi records on JewishGen. 

Rachelle Litt

Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Re: Nograd Jewish Community and Shoah Victims #hungary #holocaust #slovakia

Peter Cherna

This reminded me of a different volume with lots of information on the Jewish community of Balassagyarmat, also including many victims' names. It seems to be published by the Nógrád County Archives and a related historical society. It is searchable, and if you copy and paste text into Google Translate, non-Hungarian readers can get a good sense of any section.

The same historical group has published at least three other works, covering different time periods and information in the area.

Peter Cherna, Exton PA (peter@...)
Researching CSERNA (Budapest, Székesfehérvár), GRUNFELD (Székesfehérvár), BRAUN, REINER (Budapest, Nyíregyháza, Máriapócs), EHRENFELD (Pozsony, Balassagyarmat) BRACK (Ipolykeszi)

Re: Link - Rootstech conference online if interested? Examples of talks below #announcements #general

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Many programs will also be in languages other than English. My Sephardic Resources program in English will also be presented in Spanish and Portuguese by Rabbi Jordi Gendra Molina (Centro Sefarad NM), who is presenting additional programs of his own, each in several languages.

RootsTech this year is completely FREE and completely VIRTUAL. More than 160,000 worldwide individuals have  already registered.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico, USA

Re: Help = Ancestry DNA .. is it worth looking below 2nd Cousin if no proof in trees or known relatives? #dna

Bob Silverstein

Chuck, you got me curious.  How do you do it?  Hardly anyone replies to my emails, even my known cousins!
Bob Silverstein
Elk Grove Village, IL

Researching Kaplan (Krynki, Poland) Tzipershteyn (Logishin, Pinsk, Belarus), Friedson/Fridzon (Motol, Cuba, Massachusetts), Israel and Goodman (Mishnitz, Warsaw, Manchester).

Descendants of Twins #general

Joe Bratspis


Descendants of Twins

My great grandfather had two sisters who were twins. Should I expect
to find twins among the descendants of the twins? Among the
descendants of my great grandfather?

Ivyland, Pa. USA

TANENBAUM; Grodzisko
KRYM; Telz
BLAT; Shavil

Gesher Galicia Membership 2021 #announcements #galicia

Steven Turner

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Re: Help - Birth record and church found on the border of two countries? #hungary #poland #slovakia



Re: Help - Birth record and church found on the border of two countries? #hungary #poland #slovakia



Help Reading Ships Manifest #russia #poland

Jim Peskin

Does anyone recognize the name of this town where one of my relatives came from. Karschan is what I think it it, but in putting it into the jewishgen database of towns, I got no answers. Can anyone help decipher the name of this town? 

This excerpt is from a voyage of the Zeeland, leaving Antwerp bound for New York in 1913.

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Help Dusseldorf event in 1985 aprox #germany #events


i trying to find some info about a event in 1985  , the city of dusseldorf invited my grandmother and other citizens who emigrated because of the Nazi persecution, it was in august 1985 approximately i trying to find info about this event

Re: Changing occupations on a ship passenger list #general


I agree with David, these changes were likely made aboard the ship by the purser or other officer.  The occupation information in particular was made more specific.  Instead of simply "laborer" or "domestic" they became cap maker or tailoress.  Rather than unskilled labor, for which there was often an oversupply in the US, these skilled trades made them less likely to appear as likely public charges.

Why these corrections are only on one page may result from, as David said, the ticket selling process.  People from the same locality were to be listed together.  People from the same locality likely purchased their tickets from the same agent.  If the agent did not provide complete information that would show up in a block on the page or pages listing those people.

Marian Smith

Re: Help = Ancestry DNA .. is it worth looking below 2nd Cousin if no proof in trees or known relatives? #dna

I think it depends on the longest segment size in GEDMatch. There are 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th cousins who have a long (50 cMs) strand and we were able to figure things out. If the longest segment is less than 20 or 30 cMs, I don't think you will find the connection.
Rhonda Rubin Post
Silver Spring, Maryland

Re: New DNA-Based Study of Jewish Pre-History #dna #israel #announcements #general


My guess is that it's a way to AVOID peer review. 

Their first screen says "Academia is the easiest way to share papers with millions of people across the world for free. A study published in PLOS ONE found that papers uploaded to Academia receive a 69% boost in citations over 5 years."

So kind of the academic equivalent of self-publishing?

Robert Roth

Re: 1899 Psychiatric Diagnosis #records #usa


Syphilis was a known cause of dementia in those days, so if that were the diagnosis they might have said so, but if the institution just "acquired" the victim in a late stage there might not have been a known history so they might use the catch-all "terminal dementia". 

But many, many other conditions are also possible.  Someone on my tree had a record of off-and-on mental illness and died in an asylum; I suspect what he had was mercury poisoning from his career as a Dagerrotypist. They had the same exposure as the "mad hatters".  Then there were Van Gogh and others who worked with lead pigments. The list goes on.

Robert Roth M.D.

Re: How they traveled #romania #russia #usa

Jorge Sexer

Having or not having a Russian passport made all the difference. With a passport you could board a train or a boat to leave the Empire. Without, your only choice was to get smuggled across the German or Austrian frontier.


A passport was expensive and impossible to obtain if someone in the family was due his military service (in that case you had to pay a huge fine). Crossing the frontier illegally was not free either : you had to hire a "tour guide", who in his turn bribed the frontier guards. Some witnesses say that it was dangerous, other describe it as a routine affair.


Entering Germany the legal way was not necessarily easy either : you had to show a passenger ticket (preferrably by a German shipping company) and a sum of money to make sure that you wouldn’t be denied entry to the U.S. The Germans wanted migrants to pass swiftly through their country and leave as soon as possible. The transport of migrants was a profitable business for the German companies and state.

Jorge Sexer   jas2608@...

Re: New DNA-Based Study of Jewish Pre-History #dna #israel #announcements #general

krausj2@... is not itself an "organization." It's a forum in which academics can share publications that have been, usually, peer-reviewed elsewhere. 

It's a good question about whether and how this paper was peer-reviewed.
Joe Kraus

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