Re: Request for Information - Black family, Manchester 1940s - 1970s Inbox #unitedkingdom #general

Neil Fraser <neil8fff@...>

Thankyou Rodney. That is a very useful starting point.

Neil Fraser

Where did Aphraim Land in Durham, NC came from? #russia #lithuania #poland #galicia


I am trying to find the roots in Europe of Aphraim Land that lived in Durham. He passed in 1927 and his wife Sarah Gordon passed in 1929. The 1900, 1910 and 1920 census shows they came from Russia. The oldest daughter came also from Russia and never married. I have not been able to find out any immigration or naturalization papers for the 3 of them.

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Re: Request for Information - Black family, Manchester 1940s - 1970s Inbox #unitedkingdom #general

Neil Fraser <neil8fff@...>

Thankyou Michael. I could not find how to post a message on the Roots page.
Neil Fraser

Re: Deciphering Gravestone #translation

Stephen Weinstein

On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 11:04 AM, Lee Jaffe wrote:
) If Ari Leib's father is a kohein, wouldn't that make Ari Leib a kohein?   If so, wouldn't that be included in Ari Leib's "title"?  Or was it considered implied?

2) Does the designation shochet vbodeck refer to Shalom or Ari Leib?  I assume it belongs to Shalom but I'm unclear about the syntax of the inscription.
Both HaCohen and the occupation refer to the son (although that does mean that the father is also a Kohen).  "Son of" and the father's name are considered part of the son's name.  It's not Ari Leib, the son of
Shalom-the-Cohen-Slaughterer-and-Inspector.  It's Ari-Leib-son-of-Shalom, the Cohen, slaughter, and inspector.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California, USA

Re: Deciphering Gravestone #translation


As long as Aryeh Leib's mother was Jewish, then he would automatically be a Cohen.  It is standard practice to put "haCohen" only after the father's name.

BELIEVE, but am not 100% sure, that the "Shochet u'Vodek" refers to his father.

As to the title "Rev", meaning "Reverend".  This is a title that my own father -- who was also a Shochet -- had, as did the other Shochtim [that's the plural] in the town.  It means that the person is a religious functionary in the community, but not a rabbi.  It was a title that was also used, for example, by cantors.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Deciphering Gravestone #translation

Shlomo Katz

A couple of other things:

מו"ה was that one time written on virtually every male's gravestone. It does not actually indicate a rabbi.

The title Reverend was commonly given to a Shochet in the first half of the 20th century and even later.

Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, MD

Re: Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general

Sarah L Meyer

My husband considered taking my name when we married, but decided against it, because it would have dishonored his parents.  It might have really helped our children however who had to cope with a situation that they had no control over:  namely being Jewish and a surname of Christiansen.   Our daughter solved the problem by marrying ( and being very frum), while our son has almost nothing to do with Judaism - and would not marry a Jewish woman. We both understood and accepted the conflict.  They had no choice.
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

JewishGen Talk This Week: Mengele-Unmasking the Angel of Death #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

We invite you to attend another free presentation in our series of JewishGen Talks webinars, with our speaker, Dr. David G. Marwell
Mengele: Unmasking the Angel of Death
Wednesday, December 30, 2020 @ 2:00 PM EST
Registration is free with a suggested donation.
About the Talk
As chief of investigative research at the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations in the 1980s, David G. Marwell worked on the Mengele case, interviewing his victims, visiting the scenes of his crimes, and ultimately holding his bones in his hands. Drawing on his own experience as well as new scholarship and sources, Dr. Marwell will describe Mengele’s life and career, with specific focus on his wartime service both in frontline combat and at Auschwitz, where his “selections” sent innumerable innocents to their deaths, and his “scientific” pursuits—including his studies of twins and eye color — traumatized or killed countless more.
About the Speaker
David G. Marwell, Ph.D. has had a distinguished career in public history. He spent nine years at the US Department of Justice, where, as Chief of Investigative Research, he conducted research in support of the investigation and prosecution of Nazi war criminals in the United States. As a part of this eort, he played major roles in the Klaus Barbie and Josef Mengele investigations and helped to author the two major reports that resulted. In 1988, he went to Berlin to become the (last) Director of the Berlin Document Center, a repository for captured personnel-related files of the Nazi Party and its component organizations. After overseeing the complete microfilming of the collection, Marwell returned to the US, in 1994, to become the Executive Director of the JFK Assassination Records Review Board, an independent federal agency established to identify, locate, and make available to the public (through declassification) all records relating to the assassination of President Kennedy. Following this service, he became the Associate Museum Director at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, overseeing key museum departments (exhibitions, collections, archives, education, international programs, library). In 2000, Marwell was appointed Director and CEO of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City and led this important institution for fifteen years, before stepping down at the end of 2015.

Questions? Go to:
For information about JewishGen Talks webinars, go to:

Re: Help - would children on ships records be named? Or just the adults/adults travelling with them #records #hungary #russia #slovakia


Thank you very much, sorry for delay in replying. I have a mr and mrs name spelt wrong, but sounds the same, but not their two children who were under 5, so maybe this isn't them.

Thank you again, I will keep looking and appreciate your help.

Mandy Molava
Researching MOLAVA Russia and USA
WEXLER HALASA Slovakia Hungary Bulgaria

Need translation help old German, Hungarian birth certificate #translation


I need translation help with old German and Hungarian birth certificates of my Grandfather and his brother.
I attached the documents below and would be very thankful for it!
Kind regards
Mira Habelman

Chait family from Ratno #poland


I am looking for any information for the Chait family from Ratno
Thank you
Myron Hyman

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia



Do you know of any records for Nova Ushytsya, Ukraine, or surrounding towns? My maternal father's family is from there. Names are Swerlick (Sverdlik): Solomon (1905-1990), Herman (1910 to 1995), Irene (1907 To 1911), and Evelyn (1919 to ?). all born between 1905 and 1920. I have no maternal maiden names but Solomon, et. al.'s parents were Simon Swerlick (1881-1963) and Gertrude (1883 - 1938). Simon's parents were David Swerlick (?-?) and Ruchel (1815-?). And that's as far back as I can go.

Thank you. I hope you can help.
Bob Rosenthal
Palatine, IL USA

Re: Ukraine Research Division Year-End 2020 Update #ukraine #records

Stefani Elkort Twyford

Thanks for the year-end update Phyllis. I'm looking forward to seeing all these new records uploaded to the JG database soon! 

Hopefully 2021 will also see the addition of some new Kehila leaders to take on the towns that continue to be orphans. 
Happy New Year and best wishes, 

Stefani Elkort Twyford
Researching: Siegal/Segal, Spiel, Tarle, Ilkovics, Feiermann, Kronenberg, Szerman, Kletzel, Ricker/Ricken

Slutsk Records #belarus #records

Richard Gilbert

I’ve used The Together Plan too and was very happy with the service Artur Livshyts and his team provided. We were supposed to have travelled to Belarus with them on a customised tour in July but for obvious reasons it was postponed.

Richard Gilbert
Hertfordshire, England

Conscription practices in 18 century Galicia #galicia #poland

Moses Jefferson


I wonder if anyone has some historical knowledge how the early conscription of Jews to the Austrian (Habsburg) army might have been executed.

First some background: In 1788 a war broke out between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire (also known as the Astro-Turkish War), the ruling Emperor at the time was Joseph II son of the vicious Empress Maria Theresa. On February the 18th, Joseph II ordered (against the advice of his war cabinet) that his Jewish subjects in Galicia be conscripted to the military to assist in the new waging war. Only in June the same year did the decree apply for all of Joseph’s provinces (Lower Austria, Vienna, Bohemia, and part of Moravia). The Jews at the time were deeply saddened by the evil decree and petitioned against it, but failed in all attempts. However it is my understanding that many Jewish communities (and individuals) found some loophole in the system to avoid the draft either by paying for a substitute (mercenaries) or through bribes or taxes, but nevertheless many poor and unlucky boys were drafted, and fought bravely among the gentiles in the following wars including the Napoleonic wars, and those that followed.

However in my research I cannot find much literature written on this topic, which applies directly to the Jewish community. I seems that the early Josephine period isn’t documented as well as the later period (Franz Joseph’s reign and the First World War).

My key takeaway questions are as follows;

- from what age did the conscription apply?
- was service in the Austrian army a lifetime job?
- where would the newly recruited soldiers have been take to? (either a regional base or to the capital of Galicia - Lviv/Lemberg at that time).
- how where the exemption-permits negotiated? (were they privately ordained, or each community had to provide a percentage of their population, etc.)

I’m aware there are many stories (some even legendary!) out there in regard to this topic, but I’m looking for more reliable sources or perhaps evidential documentation.

Kind regards,
Moses Jefferson
Genealogist & Researcher of Jewish History
London, UK

Re: Miriam continues to amaze! #announcements #records

Jackye Sullins

Miriam also gave me a backdoor tour when Steve Morse was putting it together.  I love the fact that there are pics of shtetls.  This brings our ancestral homes to life for us. I'm also pleased that it's a work in progress and look forward to new updates! Miriam has worked tirelessly over the years to bring us information from our shtetls and I am happy to see that this new platform will reach so many people.  A great tool in our resources box.

Jackye Sullins

Re: Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

A supposed distant relative of mine was a well known Rabbi in
Novarodok in the 19th cent. His family name is unknown to me (if he
actually had one) and reportedly the son adopted his father-in-law's
family name HOROWITZ which considered a prominent Rabbinical lineage.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general

Paul Silverstone

My grandfather changed his name to his wife's maiden name after he
arrived in America. His name was Chrzan difficult to pronounce and
when someone asked him to spell it he gave his wife's name instead,
Silberstein. So they kept her name, and when his brothers arrived they
took that name too. My father's uncles on both sides had the same last
name, including two Benjamins.
Paul Silverstone
West Vancouver, BC


Re: Deciphering Gravestone #translation

Lee Jaffe

Thanks for all the responses, here and privately, to my question.  With this help, this is now my reading of the inscription:
Here Lies
Our Beloved Father
Our Teacher Rav Ari Leib son of
Shalom HaCohen Shochet vBodeck (Slaughterer and Inspector)
Died 11 MarHeshvon 5683
May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

I now have follow up questions about interpretation:

1) If Ari Leib's father is a kohein, wouldn't that make Ari Leib a kohein?   If so, wouldn't that be included in Ari Leib's "title"?  Or was it considered implied?

2) Does the designation shochet vbodeck refer to Shalom or Ari Leib?  I assume it belongs to Shalom but I'm unclear about the syntax of the inscription.  And I've been trying to understand what was indicated in 1914-16 New Haven city directories where Louis Koshkin has "Rev" appended to his name.  His son Harry, who was a partner in a local delicatessen, lived with him.  Perhaps he had hung up a shingle as a rabbi or perhaps he was working as a shochet and/or inspector?    He and my great-great-grandmother Chila arrived in 1906 after their adult children.  Chila passed away in 1916 and is buried in East Haven.  He shows up in the 1920 US Census living in the Bronx with my great-grandparents, retired.  Louis passed away in 1922 and is buried next to Chila in East Haven.

Thanks again,

Lee Jaffe

great uncle Lev Azarin #ukraine

beth lozano

My ggm was born in 1865 to Veniamin (Ben born 1839) and Pesia-Liba AZARIN (born 1840) in Ukraine. She had five siblings and married Morris Cohon from  Ekaterinoslav, now Dnipro. She moved to Chicago by way of New York in 1906. I found a relocation record for her brother, Lev AZAPUN or AZARIN, in 1942/43 in which it states he was relocated from Kharkiv, Ukraine to Namangan, now Uzekistan.  He died in Lviv in 1948

I haven't found a ship manifest for her. I'm trying to verify that she is from Ekaternoslav too.  Once I can really verify where she is from I would like to find more records from that place.

Any ideas for more research or is anyone working on this family?


Beth Lozano

8181 - 8200 of 662097