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The record are in German - they are records of the Jewish community in Vienna.
If you found them on Family search add the links, otherwise give details (names, dates, record number) so they can be found online.

Jacob Shayzaf,


Re: Hungarian to English #translation

Alex Magocsi

Thank you for the response.
The accent does not appear on the first example, the one in reference to the family member.  
There is an accent on the second example found on the next page.

This is probably why nothing made sense to me.

Alex Magocsi
York Maine / Hamburg Germany

reading info in birth certificate #names #poland

Liliana Weintraub

My father was  born in 1905 in Borszczow, and his brother and sister in Mielnica. On checking their birth certificate I can read their father´s name as Jakiw Nachman Hepilbaum F. Weintraub (in my father´s certificate) and Jacob Nachman Epfellbaum R. Weintraub (in my aunt and uncle´s certificate). I understand the change in the spelling of the surname, but what do the letters F  and R -  between both surnames - stand for?  Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance

Liliana Weintraub - Argentina

Re: Looking for ZELTZER in Podolia or Kishinev #ukraine #bessarabia

Barry Shay

Hi Sam,

My mother's side of the family came from Podolia Gaburnia (actually small towns called Gorodok and Smotrych) in Ukraine and some Zeltzer family members from there immigrated to England. I don't know the exact family connection but I did meet with Arnold Zeltzer in England in 1962. I was too young then to ask the right questions and I have lost touch with the Zeltzer family. I know there are still Zeltzers in England now, though. Arnold may have been just a friend of the family that came from the same shtetl or a relative. I know that my mother and Arnold were pretty close and kept in touch with each other over the years.

Barry SHAY

Re: Minsk yizkor book #yizkorbooks #belarus


Has the Minsk yizkor book been translated into English?

Larry Nordell

Re: Deciphering Gravestone #translation


When the poster asked about "Rev", he was not referring to the Hebrew (such as a Resh before a person's name).  He was asking about the English "Rev" in city directories of New Haven (see his second "follow up" question).
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Where did Aphraim Land in Durham, NC came from? #russia #lithuania #poland #galicia

The Becker's Email

To confirm the  Kiev location, you could order daughter Jennie's social security application as she would have been required to list her place of birth.   Her SSN is available on her death cert.  or the SSDI.

Given that Aphraim was naturalized by 1900,  it is unlikely there would be much detail in his declaration/petition.  According to the USGenWeb Archives website for NC, there are 2 boxes that contain naturalization records: Alien, Naturalization and Citizenship Records, 1882-1904; 2 Fibredex boxes. I checked and these have been microfilmed but not digitized.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Re: Need translation help old German, Hungarian birth certificate #translation

Nicole Heymans

Could you kindly provide names, act numbers and higher definition scans please? You might do better to post to ViewMate to make enlarging easier.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

Re: Hungarian to English #translation


Are you sure there is an accent on the letter a? That changes everything - agy means brain but  ágy means bed....

Robert Hammer
Petah Tikva, Israel

Re: Minsk yizkor book #yizkorbooks #belarus


Hi Moe,

You will find the English translation of the book « Minsk Ir Va-Em » on the internet :
Only part of the book is translated. 
I wish you to find the pages which are of interest to you. 

Best of luck !
Daniel Ewenczyk 


Translation of 9 minute YouTube video from Danish to English #translation #general

Jerry Krassner

There is a 9 minute video posted on YouTube that describes the crash landing of my father's B-17 in Denmark in World War 2, including eye witness accounts. The video is in Danish and I am looking to get a translation into English.  If you can translate this for me, or have any suggestions how to do so, please respond privately and I will provide the YouTube link. Thanks in advance- Jerry Krassner (Maryland, USA)
Jerry Krassner

Hungarian to English (NEW) #translation

Alex Magocsi

Another request for a translation, and, if you can, please spell out the Hungarian words.

Thank you
Alex Magocsi
Researching GREIF, Töltsek / Tulčik Slovakia

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Coblentz Northwestern Administrative Services



On Dec 27, 2020, at 8:07 AM, Howard Coblentz <mpajd11@...> wrote:

I would really appreciate if someone would decipher and translate the headstone of my great great grandparents Joseph and Rosette Coblentz .

Thank you very much,

Howard Coblentz



Re: Hungarian to English #translation

Alex Magocsi

Replying to my own request for translation:

Thank you to each of you.
Google translate didn't help me much but did at least give me the word: brain.
One the next page of the same death register, it is written more clearly as: ágylob

Alex Magocsi

Hungarian to English #translation


“Agylob” means; “agy” is brain, “lob” or “gyulladás” is infection.

Attila Róna

Re: Minsk yizkor book #yizkorbooks #belarus


NYPL (New York Public Library) has Yizkor books on line

Try this  -  click on letter of town you want - then click on    NYPL Collections

Hadassah Wilen

Re: Chait family from Ratno #poland

Michael Sharp

dont know if it's the same family but there is a Rabbi Alby Chait in Leeds UK. His father was a Rabbi in Liverpool
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

Re: Minsk yizkor book #yizkorbooks #belarus


New York Public library has scans of most Yizkor Books online. Minsk is there. You can access these at:

Jerrold Landau
Toronto, Canada

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Max Heffler

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Does anyone have the actual yizkor book or perhaps on a pdf ? My great grandfather Uri Perlman is mentioned there, and I don't have much information about his family. Thank you!


Moe Dinkel 


Max Heffler
Houston, TX

Re: Where did Aphraim Land in Durham, NC came from? #russia #lithuania #poland #galicia


Hi Angel,
Look at the Beth El Synagogue, Durham website. Both of them are buried in the cemetery and their headstones are pictured as well as short bios of each of them and her brother and his family.
They came from Kiev.
Hope this helps.
Kevin Ossey 
Greensboro, NC


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