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Dear Friends,
Even if we don’t post a message to announce all our publications, GENAMI continues to be written and published on our website.
We have an English version for all the titles.


Hereafter, please find the tables of contents for the 2020 issues:

N° 94 = DECEMBER 2020

                 The Dreyfus History of Sierentz (Haut-Rhin)

                 The Lineage of one of the Dreyfuss Family of Sierentz

                 The Jews of Riga

                 The Genealogical Researches in Latvia

                 The Discoverers of the Polio Vaccines

                 Books Review :

    • « L’aveuglement » by José Saramago
    • « Retour à Birkenau » by Ginette Kolinka

N°93 = SEPTEMBER 2020

                 Virus, when you strike so harsh (1918-1919)

                 Lucien Lévy, A Radio Pionneer

                 Lucien Lévy Ancestry

                 Strasbourg Houses

                 From Delme to the Wall of Names : Vorms or Worms?

                 Books Review :

    • Maps of the Deportation of Jews of France by Jean-Luc Pinol
    • “Le Système périodique » by Primo Levi
    • « Le Médecin d’Ispahan » by Noah Gordon

N°92 = JUNE 2020

                 The Schiffrin Family

                 Lalo Schrifrin, the Man-Orchestra

                 Mikaela Shiffrin, Exceptional Alpine Skier

                 Thank you for your advice!

                 Walter Spitzer, an Artist Saved by Drawing

                 When Families Meet Again Three Generations Later

                 Book Review and Research:

    • « Retour à Lemberg » by Philippe Sands
    • « Le Problème Spinoza » by Irvin Yalom
    • « Des bouts d’existence » by Aldo Naouri
    • « Le Ghetto intérieur » by Santiago H. Amigorena

N°91 = MARCH 2020

                 Once Upon a Time in Odessa…

                 Charles Joachim Ephrussi’s Descendants

                 Women in the Spotlight, part II

                 Should we do a Genealogical DNA Test ?

                 Books Review and Research:

    • “Imprimé chez Beresniak”, stories collected by Natalia Krynicka
    • Dittigheim » by Elmar WeiB


And of course, we are ready to answer all your questions.

Best regards to all of you.
Jean-Luc Strauss, GenAmi Member of the Board, Paris, France

Re: Ashkenazim with Oriental eyes #general


As Jews dispersed throughout the world, there was surely intermingling. We even see it in the Bible.  I know Indian Jews who have the same complexion as Hindus from the same part of India, for example. Yemeni Jews tend to have the same complexion as their historical neighbors too. Whether by choice or by force, this would account for features of various groups.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Post 1895 Civil Records from Hungary #hungary #records

András Alvincz

Hello Daniel!
At the mentioned Macse you will find the registers of the parts of Miskolc / Borsod / and Zemplén that remained in Hungary from 1895. It can be searched by name and settlement.
Regards Andras Alvincz

Re: Ashkenazim with Oriental eyes #general


I seem to remember proving this from your own DNA and I think it was GEDmatch ...also top of nose width apparently is a good indication, correct me if I'm wrong.

Mandy Molava
Researching Belarus Russia Brest Galacia

Re: trying to contact Teichman and Bergman family of Toronto, #canada

Moe D

I personally know a Teichman family in Toronto Mrs. Teichman is from the Pam family which lives in Toronto as well. Regarding the Bergman family there are a couple of them in Toronto Sending you this listing from Smartlist.
Eisig & Ethel Bergman
111 Palm Dr 
Downsview ON M3H2C2
Home: (416) 630-3540
For more details and listings, download the Smartlist app for your phone!
Download the Smartlist at

Transport to Chelmno to get record of Bajla Fuks #holocaust

Sharon E Siegel

Does anyone know how to obtain this actual record, hopefully showing parents' names?  We believe this could be a sibling.

Lodz Transports to the Chelmno (Kulmhof) Extermination Camp
Searching for Surname (phonetically like) : FUKS AND
Givenname (DM soundex) : BAJLA
1 matching record found.
Run on Tue, 05 Jan 2021 07:57:47 -0700
Name Year Born / Age Address Transport Date
Record #
Transport# Comments
FUKS, Bajla 1923 Holz 16 28 Jun 1944 
Sharon E. Siegel 
Port Jervis, NY USA

Re: Ashkenazim with Oriental eyes #general


My great-grandfather Shimon Kruk, born in Warsaw, Poland in 1847, most definitely had 'Oriental' eyes as did one of his granddaughters who passed away in Toronto at 101 a few years ago in Toronto. I always noticed her eyes whenever we met.  I had such eyes which were pronounced when I was baby, still noticeable to me now!
Re my great-grandfather, this is long before the 1918-1920 Russian Civil War.  Given the prominence of the last name Kruk in Plock, I assume his family was originally from there, just west of Warsaw.   My guess is the family fled the Rhineland valley during the Crusades and reached Plock then.  Perhaps something happened along the way that genetically introduced the 'Oriental' eyes then.  OR Genghis Khan's Mongol warriors, I believe, reached all the way across Asia to Poland at one point in the 13th century.  That could be an explanation.

Mel Solman

Trying to locate Simon Abrahams 1880s New York #usa

Peter Bush

My GG Grandfather Simon Abrahams born 1829 Poland, lived in London with his family as per the 1881 census. His family are then located in Liverpool in the 1891 census and his wife is head of the family and a widow.
I have never been able to locate the death record of Simon, but have noticed on Ancestry that a Simon Abraham travelled to New York in 1886 on The Aurania. He is a Tailor, born in Poland and the correct age, but it gives no other details.
Would there be any further records in New York or the US to establish if this is the same person?
Many thanks
Peter Bush, London plbush1@... 

Re: Post 1895 Civil Records from Hungary #hungary #records

Judy Petersen

     The best place to find indexed post 1895 Hungarian (within current borders only, not what is currently Slovakia, so Zemplen may be problematical) is MACSE, the Hungarian Society for Family History Research.
     Their volunteers index the civil records available on FamilySearch.  The results are only available through the MACSE database and not through the FamilySearch database. However, for each result there is a direct link to the FamilySearch image.
     MACSE is fee for service.  it's only$30/yr.  The site is in Hungarian, but there is an English interface as well as a instructional video in English on how to use the site (available once you register).
     As with all databases, it is incomplete, so you may find records for one town for one year, but not another, or one type of record but not another.  The database is updated monthly, so it pays to check back periodically for new additions.
     The Dvorczak gazetteer
will tell you what records (whether available on FamilySearch or not) are available for your town, but only covers up to 1895, not civil registration records.  It is organized by megye.  Just click on the megye you want, then use your computer's search feature to find the town you want.  Find the column for Jewish records and you'll see whether a) there are records for your town, b) if they're enumerated with a different town and c) whether they have been microfilmed by FamilySearch ([FHL] means they have; otherwise, they haven't and you would have to contact the local archives to research them).
     I have found MACSE to be indispensable for my Hungarian research.  Good luck! 

                 Judy Petersen
                 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Searching Jack (Jacob) Abrahams in Toronto #canada

Peter Bush

I am searching relatives in Toronto. Their names are Jack and Carole Abrahams. They possibly have a daughter Nikki. Does anyone know this family?

Many thanks, 
Peter Bush, London.

Volochisk - New Group #ukraine

Helen Nash May

Hello all,
Now that the e-group for Volochisk was closed, I have found us a new home on Facebook. Please search and join us at “Volochisk Descendants”. This group is meant as a place where we can make connections and discuss research.

Helen Nash May
New York
Researching: Persily/Pertzelai, Trugman, Baron, Shilman/Shulmann - Volochisk
Noschkes, Landes, Eisner, Fetter/Vetter - Lviv and Buccaneers
Mai, Sichel, Warner, Weiner, Alexander, Levor - Germany

Re: Ashkenazim with Oriental eyes #general

Kenneth Ryesky

Mel, the Ashkenazi Jews with "Oriental eyes" phenomenon was around before the 1918 Red/White Russian civil war.


On my father's side, a 2nd cousin of mine once made inquiry regarding the Ryesky/Raisky family, and was asked whether they had "Khazak eyes." 


My grandfather and some of his first cousins did have relatively high cheekbones and vertically elongated eyes (including his first cousin, the noted spectrographic scientist Solomon Mendelevich Raisky).

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@... 

GERTZIG, BRODSKY; Yelizavetgrad, Ukraine
IZRAELSON, ARSHENOV; Yevpatoriya, Ukraine (Crimea)

Re: Red Cross listing showing time in Auschwitz and in Buchenwald #lodz #poland #holocaust

Mike Coleman

Could you perhaps give the source of this document?

I'm sure this type of information would be of interest to many others, myself incuded.

Mike Coleman, London U.K.

Re: How many "first names" did people have? #names

Paweł Tomaszewski


I think that all problems are due to the reading of handwriting names. It is possible to read “a” instead of “e” and vice versa,  “n” instead of “u”, “k” instead of “h” or even “lc”, “c” instead of “e”, etc. All “version” of “Baruch” can be explained by such misinterpretation.

Best regards,

Pawel Tomaszewski



Re: January Meeting of the Jewish Genealogy SIG on Zoom on Tues 1/12/2021 10-11:30 am ET on ZoomRSVP #announcements #events #education #germany

Arthur Sissman

The January Meeting of the Jewish Genealogy SIG will take place on Zoom on Tues 1/12/2021 10-11:30 am ET.Please RSVP to Arthur Sissman, genresearch13@... to receive a Zoom link for the meeting.

Do you know how to:
Use to find ancestors you've been looking for, for years?
Do you know how to use Chrome Extensions to speed up you Web searches?
Do you know how to attach your tree to your relative's separate DNA on his/her webpage?
Do you know how to create a Floating Tree on Ancestry, if you need one?
Do you understand any of the questions above?

Come to the JGSIG Jan meeting and and answers, may be revealed?

Arthur Sissman
Jewish Genealogy SIG of SW FL

Re: Autosomal Analysis Question #dna

Jeffrey Herrmann

A recent paper on the question of genetic determination of facial features found

We still don’t have a complete answer to this question, but recent work published in Nature Genetics by our collaborative research team has identified more than 130 chromosomal regions associated with specific aspects of facial shape....

While more than 130 chromosomal regions may seem like a large number, we are likely only scratching the surface. We expect that thousands of such regions – and therefore thousands of genes – contribute to facial appearance. Many of the genes at these chromosomal regions will have such small effects, we may never have enough statistical power to detect them.

trying to contact #Teichman and #Bergman family of Toronto, #canada

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to contact the #Teichman and #Bergman families who descend from
Esther, died in Cracow in 1939, married Issachar Shual Teichman of
Turka. Her grandson, Selig Bergman died and buried in #Toronto in
1988, his brother Allen married Beverley and his sister Helen married
David Spiegelman.
Neil Rosenstein

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

JGS of Greater Boston- Virtual Program on January 31, 2021 1:30PM EST #events #education

Jessie Klein

The JGS of Greater Boston presents Amy Wachs-History and Geography-Tools for Eastern European Research Jan. 31, 2021 1:30PM EST-Zoom Meeting.
Free for JGSGB Members, $5.00 for Non-members. For information go to

Jessie Klein

Re: Origin of Latvian Jews #latvia

Kevin Brook


Alexander Beider hasn't listed Dondes as a surname of Sephardic origin.

A Scottish origin for any Ashkenazic surname would be impossible but that's an interesting coincidence you've found.

A Spanish or Portuguese surname similar to Dondes doesn't come to my mind.  There's an Italian surname Dondero but no connection of the Ashkenazic surname to that one would be expected.

Kevin Alan Brook

Re: Question On Becoming A Citizen in 1920s Canada #canada

Paul Silverstone

Some of my relatives obtained their Canadian citizenship years after
arriving. Many of their records were destroyed, especially those that
became citizens before 1900.
On the reverse side, a Canadian woman marrying a citizen of another
country lost her Canadian citizenship. My mother married in 1930 to a
US citizen for instance. Since they were not living in the US, but in
Britain, she eventually received a British passport (Canada being
British), until she was naturalized in the US in 1942, three years after
arriving in NY. When they wanted to travel together in 1930 she
received a paper from the US consulate in London identifying her as
married to an American citizen.
Paul Silverstone
West Vancouver, BC


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