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In the Soviet Union all metrical records were handed over to the civil authorities (Registry office - ZAGS in Russia, RAGS in Ukraine, etc) around 1920. All registrations after that time were recorded in that office using their standard forms for births, marriages, divorces, and deaths. After a certain number of years these records are turned over to the city or district archives.  Birth records for 1920 are definitely no longer in the Registry office, which is why I suggested to contact the city archive.  Naturally, there are privacy laws involved with these types of records and, hopefully, you can obtain the information for an event that took place 100 years ago.

Mike Vayser

Re: Post-WWII Records for Ufa #records #russia


hello from Paris
thank you for your answer
1) I do not know when they do in Ufa neither when they arrived
2) henry is born in 1920 in Ufa : does that mean it is available to ask to the civil authorities ?
3) they were in strasbourg in 1924 when my mother is born : I do not know what they do between
4) I wrote to the two adresses you gave me ; thanks again
thanks a lot
jenny Grosslerner

surname Blum #names

Barbara Douglas

I’m trying to trace my grandfathers ancestors.  i believe the name had been changed. 
why is BLUM such a common name?   growing up
in michigan there weren’t that many, but in NYC There are a million.  i’ve not be able to find his naturalization papers, but his records show he was was Satanov/Sataniv.  His grave is also in a section with that city designation.  Any recommendation as to how i might find his original surname?  
thanks for any suggestions.  
Barbara Blum

snyder lipsky bemdersky grossberg

Help suggestions please #dna


I'm currently using Ancestry, My Heritage and also GEDmatch as a comparison site, can anyone suggest any others, please? I love the tools on GEDmatch and comparing the Ancient DNA, but match-wise I don't appear to be finding matches above 55cm and largest segment 19.5, I'm gathering not everybody knows about this one? How does everybody get on with this one?

Mandy Molava
Researching Belarus, Brest, Hungary Galacia

How to obtain original record from Pinkas HaNitzolim II list; Wasserspring #warsaw

Elizabeth Jackson

On JewishGen, I find the following entry:

Pinkas HaNitzolim II, WASSERSZPRING, Irena; Warszawa, pg 280

Is there a way to order a copy of the original card which this survivor completed?  I am attempting to help Irena's son find information on his family.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Jackson

Help with translation of yizkorbooks #poland #translation


I need a English translation from the yizkor boob of zelow poland
Paulette Turner

World War ll Veterans' Memories for New Welsh Archive #announcements #records #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen


The BBC reports about a new archive, the West Wales Veterans Archive, which will be online at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. It is not yet online.


The archive, is the focus of about 80,000 members of the Women's Land Army fed the UK during WW2, becoming a powerful rural workforce.  The article focuses on two of the women with their stories and photographs. See:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Trying to locate Simon Abrahams 1880s New York #usa

Mike Coleman

From the online G.R.O. index this Simon Abrahams was 77 when he died.....

1890  D Quarter in MANCHESTER  Volume 08D  Page 232

Mike Coleman, London U.K.

"Russcheitz": is it Russocice and Russocice-Wladyslawow? Does anyone else have ancestors from here? #unitedkingdom #poland

Judy Bowman

For UK and POLAND researchers: 

I have been researching my Baumgarten ancestors, most of whom changed their surname to Bowman. Jacob was my great-great grandfather.  His son, Israel, was my great grandfather.  He was born in "Wladyslawow, Poland" in 1880 and emigrated to Port Talbot, Wales, UK.  He eventually came to Bridgeport, CT and settled in the US.   He was the youngest of 16 children, by 2 different mothers.    His brother or half-brother Harris Bowman, says he himself was born in "Russcheitz, Russia/Poland" in 1860.  In my research on Israel Bowman, I have determined that he and his brother came from Russocice-Wladyslawow.    Does anyone else have have "Russcheitz" or "Russocice" in their background? 

Judy Bowman

Baumgarten/Bowman(Poland, Wales UK, South Africa), Halpern(Indura, Grodno), Kopelman(Odessa/Starokonstantinov) Rosenbaum(Sieradz, Zychlin, Lodz), Muskat(Halubitz), Fellman/Felman/Berkman(Sakiai)Aschkenas(Chroskoff, Austria)

Judy Bowman

Baumgarten/Bowman(Wladyslawow-Russocice, Poland;  Wales UK, South Africa), Halpern(Indura, Grodno), Kopelman(Odessa/Starokonstantinov) Rosenbaum(Sieradz, Zychlin, Lodz), Muskat(Halubitz), Fellman/Felman/Berkman(Sakiai)Aschkenas(Chroskoff, Austria)



Bryan Sykes Dies, Pioneer in Informing People About Their Ancestry #dna

Jan Meisels Allen

Bryan Sykes was an Oxford geneticist.  A pioneer in realizing the possibility of using mitochondrial DNA to reveal a person’s genetic history died at age 73, in Edinburgh on December 10.  He was a researcher specializing in inherited bone diseases who in the late 1980s was drawn into the field of ancient DNA—that which passes from mother to child which could b traced the deep origins of human populations. Dr. Sykes had a hunch that mitochondrial DNA, which passes largely intact from mother to child, could be used to trace the deep origins of human populations. He studied hamsters to prove his hypothesis. He became one of Britain’s’ best-known scientists, and through his books and TV appearances gave millions of people access to their distant pasts.


His book The Seven Daughters of Eve published in 2001 resulted in readers learning that most modern Europeans can trace their roots to one of seven women who lived from 10,000 to 45,000 years ago and in turn descended from African-born Eve. He turned this book success to a direct-to consumer genetic testing service Oxford Ancestors.


To read the New York Times obituary see:



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Transport to Chelmno to get record of Bajla Fuks #holocaust





      מישפחה  שלי  הושמדה  בחלמנו

Alexander Ashkenazy (1911-97) of Sighet, Maramarus, Transylvania #romania #canada

Seth Jacobson

Looking for the daughters and/or grandchildren of "Sender" Ashkenazy (1911-97), born in Sighet, Maramarus, Romania. Sender (Alexander Avraham) emigrated first to Israel, then to Canada. He settled in Willowdate, Ontario and is buried in the local Pardes Shalom Cemetery.



Given names of his and his wife Margaret’s daughters are Tova, Yuta (murdered in the Holocaust), Sheindel and Helen. At least one of their daughters supposedly moved to the US.


Please contact the undersigned privately, who is married to the daughter of a 1st cousin of Sender Ashkenazy.


Seth Jacobson


Russian Translation needed please #russia #translation

Rachelle Litt

I've posted the back of a picture on Viewmate. I believe the language is Russian and needs translation. I am hoping to identify the person in the photo.  I posted several years ago but responses were not conclusive. Thank you The link is
Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens Florida
Researching KATSMAZOVSKIJ, SNAYDE, ZNAYDE, BURD(EINIC?) in ,Argentina, Brazil, Czernovitz and Soroki

Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Re: Immigration from Poland to England #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

You need to look at the ScotlandsPeople website for Scottish BMD and Census records including the 1939 Register (this is the sister website to Findmypast which deals with England and Wales). 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Help with Translating Birth Record - German/Romanian? #translation

Sarit Klein

Hello. Hoping for some help translating what I believe is a birth record of my grandfather, Wilhelm Schimmel. The record is a bit hard to read.  Can anyone translate the column titles (columns 1-12) and/or any of the responses in the first line (line 151) for those columns? 
Thanks in advance for the help!
Sarit Klein

Re: Chelmno record of Bajla Fuks born 1923, transport june 28, 1944 #holocaust


I also have many family members that were in the Lodz Ghetto that “disappeared”. In general, I’ve found records at the US Holocaust Museum’s website but not necessarily complete records for all of them. Sometimes I’ve seen in address registrations in the “comments” column that someone died or was deported with a date. I’m not sure I’ve seen an actual transport list. From my understanding, Chelmno was strictly an extermination camp and no one was truly “detained” but murdered upon arrival. Someone else in this discussion group may know more.

Sharon Fleitman 
Atlanta, Georgia

Re: Immigration from Poland to England #unitedkingdom

Michael Hoffman

Hello Peter,

The following is the 1939 Register for Scotland

Michael Hoffman


Re: RUBIN Family--Not Much Information #usa

Bill Rubin

Do you know where Fanny and Harry Rubin are buried?

-Bill Rubin
Arlington, MA

Documents from the Lithuanian Embassy in Riga (Latvia) #lithuania #latvia #records

luciana gandelman

Dear Genners,
Does anyone knows what happened to documents of the Lithuanian Embassy in Riga pertaining to the period around WWI (1914-1920)? Where could I find them? I am looking for information on my relatives who were Lithuanian jews living in Riga during this period.
Is anyone else researching Lithuanians jews who migrated to Riga or anywhere in Latvia?
Thank you in Advance!
I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2021!
EPPEL (Riga and Daugavplis, Latvia)
ABRAMOVITCH (Riga and Daugavpils, Latvia)
GANDELMAN (Trinca, Bessarabia)
Luciana Gandelman 
Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro - UFRRJ

Re: Viewmate Translation Request - Hebrew names #translation


Jonathan Rigbi
Herzlia, ISRAEL

16381 - 16400 of 670668