Family of siblings Anna WOLFOWITZ COMMIKE and Hyman WOLFOWITZ #usa #lithuania

Susan Goldsmith

Dear JewishGen,
Please contact me privately if you know the descendants of siblings Anna WOLFOWITZ COMMIKE (1891-1993) and Hyman WOLFOWITZ (1893-1966), both born in Lithuania, emigrated to US (Perth Amboy NJ, Bronx, NY).  Descendants include Herman (Hyman) COMMIKE (1913-2004)(Bronx, Lawrence, NY), Ellen COMMIKE SCHIEREN, Carolyn COMMIKE, Lillian COMMIKE PYES (1919 Bronx-2000 San Diego), Judith, Roger and Beth PYES,  Sylvia WOLFOWITZ ALTSCHULER (b~1920), Edith WOLFOWITZ LEVINE (b~1922).
They are related to my GITTES family (Lithuania and Perth Amboy, NJ)
Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area
Researching: GOLDSHMIDT,GITTES(GADIE,GADYE,GIDUT,GDUD, GOIDA),F(P)ILVINSKY,SHOLOMOVICH(SHLIOMOVICH, SHLOMOVICH) Lithuania: Seta, Kaunas, Jonava, Ukmerge,Vandziogala, Kedainiai, Merkine,
Vilijampole, Adutiskis, Zemaiciu Naumiestes
TOBIAS,ROZHANSKY,MIRANSKY,BILINSKY, PROTAS Belarus: NovyySverzhen, Stowbtsy,Yasevichi, Mir
GUREWICZ,DROZNAN, HALPRIN Belarus: Dauhinava, Vileika  
KOENIGSBERG,WAKS(X)MAN Poland: Sandomierz, Ostrowiec 
SONNENBLIK Galicia Poland: Lancut, Kanczuga
DAVIS(D), HAFNER Romania: Botosani,,Roman


Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Researching GOLDSHMIDT, F(P)ILVINSKY, SHLIOMOVICH, GITTES (GADIE,GADYE, GIDUSH, GITES) Seta, Jonava, Kaunas, Adustiskes, Zemaiciu Naumiestes, Keidainiai, Ukmerge, Vandziogala, Lithuania
HOROWITZ, DRASNIN (DRASNE) Dauhinava, Belarus; TOBIAS (TOUBES, TOBES, TAUBES) Novyy Swerzhen and Stowbtsy, Belarus; ROZANSKY, BILINSKY, MIRANSKY Iasevichi, Belarus
DAVIS, HAFFNER Botosani, Romania
WAXMAN (WAKSMAN), KOENIGSBERG Sandomierz, Ostrowiec Poland

Town or village of Piotrkow #poland

Carin Miller

My great grandfather immigrated from Piotrkow but his naturalization papers indicate that he was born in a town called Naza. I googled the town but I was not able to get any information. I will try JG or JRI. I imagine the town was so small it may not exist at this time but if anyone has heard of it please let me know.
Carin Miller

Re: Meaning of nickname Cuttie #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Cutti is also used as a nickname for Yekutiel a biblical figure.

Shavua Tov

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: surname Blum #names

Dan Nussbaum

Are you looking for BeMdersky or BeNdersky. My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Bendersky and I have never heard of the name Bemdersky.

Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D., FAAP
Retired Developmental Pediatrician
Rochester, New York
Tone can be misinterpreted in email. Please read my words with warmth, kindness, and good intentions.

Searching for;
Nussbaum, Katzenstein, Mannheimer and Goldschmidt; Rhina, Raboldshausen and Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Teplitzky, Bendersky and Kaszkiet; Uman, Ukraine
Rosenthal and S(c)henk(el)man; Zinkov, Ukraine
Bild and Kashlevsky; anywhere

Re: surname Blum #names

Dave and Melanie Bloom

My Bloom changed from Blum (likely closer to the Cyrillic transliteration) in Cleveland in the early 20th C.  Best I can tell, the family is from Bauska, Latvia, although there are mentions of Kuldiga, Goldengen, Riga, and Broush (can't find this one anywhere).  The only pre-immigration ancestor I can find anything about is Avraham Dov Blum (b. approx 1820, d. 1897).  

David Bloom
Mt Vernon, WA

myDNA Merges with FamilyTree DNA #announcements #dna

Jan Meisels Allen



Australian genomics company, myDNA, announced a merger with the US based FamilyTree DNA, and its parent company Gene by Gene.  The CEO of myDNA, Dr. Lior Rauchberer will be the CEO of the merged companies.  Cofounders of Gene-by Gene Bennett Greenspan and Max Blankfield will join the board of directors.


The myDNA test is a functional pathology test that reports on how genetic factors may influence the ways in which medications affect individuals. Different people metabolize and eliminate medications differently, and at various speeds.

FamilyTree DNA is the first company in the United States to offer direct-to consumer DNA testing for genealogical research. It was founded in 2000.  My DNA was founded in 2007 with a mission to improve countless lives by revolutionizing the field of pharmacogenomics, making truly personalized medicine a reality, before expanding into nutrigenomics to deliver actionable, personalized nutrition, fitness and skincare recommendations.


According to the companies, At myDNA, consumer privacy is paramount. myDNA believes the importance of the consumer's ability to trust in the privacy of their genetic information, and retain control over it, cannot be overstated. Along the same line, Gene by Gene and FamilyTree DNA will continue acting in the field of Genetic Genealogy, their original business, keeping intact their privacy rules and all terms of service.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Help suggestions please #dna

R Jaffer

You might find male matches on FTDNA because they chose to take a Y test with this company and while doing so went ahead and added an autosomal test. The other companies mentioned do not do specific Y testing although 23&me will report a haplogroup. When I look at results at FTDNA, I first sort by longest block, and then look at total cM, and only bother contacting those who have added surnames. I figure that if they haven't bothered to add names/places, they either don't know enough to make a connection or likely won't respond. The results below are for a second cousin I tested because I wanted to see if I could determine which sons of my great grandfather shared the same mother. Family lore said that he had many wives who died in childbirth. In any case, the results below are for those who shared a long block of 32 cM or more and listed names/places.  There are two things to take from this. The match who has Weinberg in bold is my first cousin. I don't appear in the list. Test first cousins if older relatives are not available. You widen your chances of finding matches. Second, the next best match is the one who shares total cM of 179. What you can't see below is that he also shares the same surname and place as my family. However, he spelled the surname Wainberg instead of Weinberg. Don't just sort based on surname because there are too many different versions of the same name. Their search algorithms are literal.

Roberta Jaffer 

Re: RUBIN Family--Not Much Information #usa

Barbara Zimmer

Have you tried to figure out when the photos were taken?  That would help a lot in narrowing the possibly families.  

Barbara Zimmer

Re: Help suggestions please #dna

Max Heffler

No sites search other sites for matches. Uploading raw data to as many sites as possible increase the chances of finding matches with folks who have not transferred their data out of the one site they tested with. The exceptions are 23andMe and Ancestry, which do not take uploads. That is why you get the best “bang got the buck” by testing at one of those two and then downloading the raw DNA from them and then uploading to all of the sites that take uploads.


Max Heffler

Houston, TX


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Subject: Re: [] Help suggestions please #dna


You wrote: The other main sites you need to be on are FTDNA and 23andMe, otherwise you have to sit back and wait for relatives to do a test.


Do these sites find people in other ways? Do they scan all other

sites for matches?


I am on FTDNA and get very few suggested matches. I am on

MyHeritage and Ancestry. Most of my relatives seem to have

registered on one of these, the other has given a few matches



I have had some luck finding relatives that are matched as 3rd and 4th

cousins and have a recognized family name.


Dahn Cukier



When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas


Max Heffler
Houston, TX

Re: help finding a Russian poem #russia #translation


In Russian:


Паулина 9 декабря 1915 года (возможно)


Любовь минуты друг,

Дающей нам мученья;

Они от лучших чувств

(не ясно) отреченья.

Любовь минуты друг,

И долговечный друг враг

Забудь и научись

Не плакать и не любить

О верь отрадной быть

Обманутым, забытым,

Чем не любя, любимым быть.


Володя Буркан (возможно)


Пусть росчерком почерка послужит память, хотя об этом (не ясно) сохранить память (не ясно) своей подписью Подпись

Я. Гейфлер 


Поэма, которую я нашел на интернете:



О, если б знала ты, как мне глубоко жаль,
Что, будучи любим, я пресыщен любовью;
С тобой в полночный час, прильнувши к изголовью,
Я был душой один, со мной была печаль.

Поймешь ли ты меня, я ждал, искал обмана;
Я жаждал всей душой забыться сладким сном.
Но нет любви, я убедился в том,
Глаза бессонные прозрели слишком рано.

Пойми мои слова! Пойми, что это так!
Любовь – мираж судьбы, дающий нам мученье,
Она от лучших чувств немое отраженье –
Любовь – минутный друг и долголетний враг.

Молю, не мучь меня своим страданьем скрытым,
Забудь и научись не плакать, не любить.
О, верь, отрадней быть обманутым, забытым,
Чем не любя, любимым быть!

                12/XI – 22 г.                Дорогой Кларе от
                В.Ж.Т                горячо люб. одноклассницы
                Уч. VII кл.                Сони


Translated into English:


Paulina December 9, 1915 (possibly)


Love is a minute friend

Giving us torment;

They are from the best feelings

(not clear) renunciation.

Love is a minute friend

And long-lasting friend enemy

Forget and learn

Don't cry and don't love

Believe it to be pleasant

Deceived, forgotten

Than not loving, to be loved.


Volodya Burkan (possibly)


Let the memory serve as a stroke of handwriting, although this (not clear) preserve the memory (not clear) with your signature Signature

J. Geifler


Poem I found on the internet:




Oh, if you knew how deeply sorry I am

That, being loved, I am satiated with love;

With you at midnight, leaning against the head,

I was one soul, there was sadness with me.


Will you understand me, I was waiting, looking for deception;

I longed with all my soul to be forgotten by a sweet dream.

But there is no love, I am convinced

Sleepless eyes saw their sight too early.


Understand my words! Understand that this is so!

Love is a mirage of fate that gives us torment

She is a mute reflection of the best feelings -

Love is a momentary friend and long-term enemy.


I pray, do not torment me with your hidden suffering,

Forget it and learn not to cry, not to love.

Oh, believe, it is more pleasant to be deceived, forgotten,

Than not loving, to be loved!


                12 / XI - 22 y. Dear Clara from

                V.Zh.T dearly am. classmates

                Uch. VII class Sony


A source:


Девичий альбом. Начало XX в. часть 3 (Мидлав Веребах ... › 2011/09/12

 Sep 12, 2011 — Любовь – минутный друг и долголетний враг. Молюне мучь меня своим страданьем скрытымЗабудь и научись не плакатьне любить. О, верьотрадней быть обманутымзабытым, Чем не любялюбимым быть!

Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

Re: help finding a Russian poem #russia #translation


Try contacting Yad Vashem.  They have just finished an online poetry of the Holocaust program and so they likely have some experts who could give you ideas where to search if they can't help you.  I assume you have checked with Romanian University Literature Departments?

Good luck,
Sue Diamond

BCG Releases New BCG Application Guide and Revised New-Application Rubrics #announcements #guidelines

Jan Meisels Allen


The Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) released a 2021 edition of the BCG Application Guide. The new guide reduces BCG’s renewal requirements and clarifies several issues for new applicants. It also incorporates changes involving the ethical use of DNA that were implemented in October.


BCG also released a revised set of new-application rubrics. The respect for privacy rubrics RR12, CS8, and KD10 have been reworked to reflect the recent revision of Standard 57 and the code of ethics.


Individuals who have already submitted a preliminary application or whose renewal applications are due before 1 January 2022 are not subject to the new 2021 guide. They are subject to the 2019 guide unless they elect otherwise or apply for an extension.


The new guide and rubrics can be downloaded from BCG’s website. The guide is available at

The rubrics are available at


Changes to Renewal Requirements

The change to renewal requirements reduces the number of allowable work samples from three to two and the page allowance from 150 to 100. Additional guidance is provided to help certificants select at least one renewal work sample that meets the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS). To address a common misunderstanding, the guide also notes that GPS work samples need not be complex.

Changes to New Applications

One of several clarifications for new applicants addresses the scope of analysis needed for Requirement 3-D in the BCG-supplied document work. Applicants often overlook important aspects of the document they are given. The guide provides more details about the type of discussion needed to meet the standards associated with rubrics DW6‒DW9.

The new guide also addresses a problem commonly seen in case studies. Many applicants submit the wrong kind of study because they misunderstand what is meant by an identity problem. The guide now specifies that “a study about a single identifying characteristic of a person such as their date or place of birth” does not meet the requirement.

Changes to DNA Standards and Code of Ethics

The DNA-related changes, announced in October and applied retroactively to applicants subject to the 2019 guide, are also included. The changes, involving Standard 57 (respect for privacy) and related parts of the Genealogist’s Code of Ethics, make it easier to share DNA match details in a private setting such as BCG’s certification process. The new guide refers applicants to “DNA Resources” on BCG’s website for more guidance on meeting Standards 51–56.

To conform with the October changes, the new guide also eliminates the requirement to include permission from any living individuals mentioned in the kinship-determination project. This change should not be taken as encouragement to submit a KDP that includes multiple living individuals. Strong KDPs rarely include living individuals due to limited record availability and privacy restrictions.

BCG’s newly revised Genealogist’s Code of Ethics can be viewed here:

BCG’s newly provided guidance on DNA can be found here:


Thank you to both Dick Eastman and his Eastman Online Genealogy Letter and Dear Myrtle’s Genealogy Blog for advising us of these BCG changes.

Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee





Scotland's People Adds 250,000 Birth, Death and Marriage Entries #records #united kingdom #records

Jan Meisels Allen



Scotland’s People has added 250,000 birth, death and marriage entries (~147,000 online images) which include 48,728 marriages in 1945 and 64,943 deaths in 1970. For 1920 births of 136,546 living children during that year were reported.  There was a marked decline in birth-rate during World War l.


To learn how to search birth records see their guide on register of births at:

To search the records see:


While searching their indexes is  you need to use a pay per view to view and download digital records of the historic records you find.  To learn more bout the pay-per view costs see:


Copies of statutory registers of births less than 100 years old; marriages, divorces and dissolutions less than 75 years old; and deaths less than 50 years old can only be purchased as official certificates. Read more about official certificates and how to pay for them.



There are some items that you can search for free.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Meaning of nickname Cuttie #names



One possibility is that it originated from the name Yekutiel.


Re: Help suggestions please #dna

Dahn Cukier

You wrote: The other main sites you need to be on are FTDNA and 23andMe, otherwise you have to sit back and wait for relatives to do a test.

Do these sites find people in other ways? Do they scan all other
sites for matches?

I am on FTDNA and get very few suggested matches. I am on
MyHeritage and Ancestry. Most of my relatives seem to have
registered on one of these, the other has given a few matches

I have had some luck finding relatives that are matched as 3rd and 4th
cousins and have a recognized family name.

Dahn Cukier

When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Friday, January 8, 2021, 7:19:57 PM GMT+2, stephen@... <stephen@...> wrote:

The other main sites you need to be on are FTDNA and 23andMe, otherwise you have to sit back and wait for relatives to do a test.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

World War I-Jewish Refugees (returning from Simbirsk to Minsk Province #belarus

Marilyn Robinson

Newly available on my blog: World War I: Jewish Refugees (a partial list)---(Simbirsk to Minsk Province).

Marilyn Robinson (aka "JewishGem")

Re: Post-WWII Records for Ufa #records #russia

Alexander Sharon

Mike Vayser,

Your reply to Rita Nash posting is unacceptable.
Rita posting was related to Jewish Polish refugees that have escaped to USSR following Hitler invasion against Poland in 1939.
Polish refugees have been subjected to harsh conditions in Stalin camps, and only after invasion of Germany against Soviets in 1941, they have been released under Stalin's "amnesty".
As foreigners Polish refugees were not forced to serve in Red Army, but many were working as artisans in Soviet working battalions known as TRUDARMIA.  Two Polish armies have been formed on the Soviet soil: Anders Army, and communist Kosciuszko Division.

I believe that your apologies to Rita are due.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF director

Re: "Russcheitz": is it Russocice and Russocice-Wladyslawow? Does anyone else have ancestors from here? #unitedkingdom #poland

Alexander Sharon


There are two entries, beside yours, in JGFF database for Russocice
Mysz  Russocice Poland 14 Jul 2012 Click HERE to contact Elsina Bayrach (#15317)

Last logged in: September 2020
Adesman  Russocice Poland 10 Jan 2016 Click HERE to contact Gail Harris (#119831)

Last logged in: December 2020
Baumgarten  Russocice Poland 26 Dec 2020 Click HERE to contact Judith Melissa Bowman (#744312)

Last logged in: November 2020

Władysławów - Suchocice are also listed in Lodz region Yzkor Book 

Encyclopaedia of Jewish communities, Poland (Volume 1). (


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

Re: Meaning of nickname Cuttie #names

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Was he a Cuttie-Pie?

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

" known within the family as "Cuttie".
Does anyone have any idea what this nickname might refer to?"

Death and cemetery records, Kiev, pre World War II #records


Hi- I believe my GGF, Khuni Shikhman, died in Kiev prior to WW 2. Does anyone have suggestions regarding sources of records for either death records or cemetery records?


Howard Brown
Stowe, VT

11261 - 11280 of 665615