Re: former Odessa cemetery #ukraine

Ariel Parkansky

Hi Mike,

I've checked the All Odessa Database from the Odessa Kehilalinks ( but I haven't found your Yasnes.
There is already a book indexed about the Odessa Jewish Cemetery Tombstones but it dates from 1899.

There's a project ongoing for indexing the Odessa Vital Records Indexes from 1875 to 1920 (births, marriages and deaths). We have currently only one volunteer working on the translations so it will take some time.
Part of the births has already been published.
We are currently working on the marriages.

Ariel Parkansky
Odessa Town Leader from Ukraine SIG 

Re: South Africa immigration #southafrica

Denise Fletcher

Hi Sylvia


SA Jewish Rootsbank

The South African Jewish Database

Jewish Migration and Genealogy

Amongst a wealth of other information, the site has some shipping manifests and passenger arrival information. 

Denise Fletcher Sydney, Australia 

Re: NEINKEN-other surnames? Other countries? #latvia #names

Arlene Beare

Thank you Elizabeth for your response. 

I suggest you search JOWBR which is the Jewishgen Online World Burial Registry. There are many Nankins in USA, 36 in South Africa, 7 in Australia.and  24 in Canada.

Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

Weitz Bakery on West Adams, Los Angeles #usa

Debby Gincig Painter

My Great-Grandfather and his brother started Weitz Bakery when they came to Los Angeles in the 1920s. 3 generations worked there until it was sold and became Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in 1953. With all so much of the family (in-laws branches included) working there, not a single person in our family has a picture of the bakery-inside or out.

I don't know if this is ok to ask here or not, but considering the popularity of the bakery and then their delicatessen, I am hoping someone in the L.A. area might have an old photo they'd be willing to share. I've contacted Brooklyn Bagel Bakery with no luck and am waiting on a call back from Jewish Historical Society of SoCal.
Thank you in advance from me and 3-5th generations of descendants.
Debby Painter

ViewMate interpretation request - Town name #ukraine #names

GP Books

I have posted an image of a handwritten town name which I am looking for assistance interpreting. It is on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much,

Gayle Pelman

JGSCT Virtual Program, January 17, 2021, Free (and Almost Free) Genealogy #jgs-iajgs #events #announcements


Join the Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut on Sunday, January 17, 2021, at 1:30 pm (Eastern) via webinar as we welcome Marian Burk Wood, JGSCT member and experienced genealogy speaker, blogger, and author of the best-selling genealogy book, “Planning a Future for Your Family’s Past.”

Marian's topic is Free (and Almost Free) Genealogy. Learn how to locate family history information online and through non-digital sources without spending a fortune. In addition to the big-name websites, see how to search for clues about ancestors by checking Linkpendium, Ancestor Hunt, state and county genealogy societies, local historians and libraries, and free newspaper sites

Learn tips for deciding when it pays to pay for a document, based on what's missing from your family tree, what your family has in hand, and how unique that document really is.

Active in genealogy research for more than two decades, Marian has presented programs at major genealogy conferences and all around New England. Marian blogs about family-history methodology and more at

Register at

Gail K Reynolds, Publicity Chair, Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut

South Africa immigration #southafrica

Sylvia Tulkoff

My grandmother, Bertha Hoff, had brothers who immigrated to South Africa from Latvia (late 1890’s - early 1900’s?). I know she married Philip Cohen (also from Latvia) in Baltimore in 1908 but I have never been able to find any paperwork pertaining to her arrival in either the United States or South Africa.
Does anyone know if there are ship manifests or any other records of arrival in South Africa available on line? I would be happy to hire someone to research for me in South Africa if the records exist but are not digitized.

Sylvia Tulkoff
Baltimore MD

Need Volunteer to Transcribe Knyszyn 1929 Jewish Census #poland #records

Mark Halpern

JRI-Poland has come into possession of a 1929 Census of the Jews of Knyszyn, a town near Bialystok and Tykocin. The Census is written in Polish. A sample page is attached.

The project is to transcribe all the data to an Excel spreadsheet. JRI-Poland will have the headings translated to English. The entries on the columns Zawod (profession) and Uwaga (remarks) will need translations. Google Translate will be first level of support with JRI-Poland experts being the second level. 

If you are interested in helping JRI-Poland with this project, whether or not you have a family connection to Knyszyn, please email me at mark@....

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator

Upcoming US & Jewish Genealogy Virtual Workshops (Beginner to Intermediate) #education #announcements

Michael Moritz

Back by popular demand, later this month I will be leading virtual workshops on Beginner to Intermediate genealogy research. Upcoming workshops are shown below, both of which are being offered at two times, either from 11:00-3:00 EST, or 4:30-8:30 EST.
• January 24, 2021: US Research Intro Series
• January 31, 2021: Jewish Research Intro Series
The two workshops are separate from each other, and you can register for either one, or both. Further information on these workshops (including subject matter covered, fees to attend, and registration) can be found here:

These workshops are being provided in conjunction with the Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society.

Note that while I am the Director of the Romania Research Division, these workshops are not affiliated with JewishGen.

Michael Moritz

Krakow Telephone Directories 1934-1935-1936 #poland

Abuwasta Abuwasta

The  Krakow telephone for the years 1934, 1935,1935 are scanned and can be viewed on this link
They are in poor quality but readable. The 1934 directory is on scans 9-61 (pages 3-55). Further scrolling will lead to the next directories. 
There are also smaller localities there like Bedzin and Czenstochowa.
Jacob Rosen

Re: French archives #france #records


Hi Marijke Bekken

The m
arriage record and maybe also the birth record of the daughter should be online here:

The census records of Paris of the years 1926, 1931 and 1936 are also online here:

Corinne Iten

Translation of Yizkor Books for Akkerman, Khotin, and Beltsy #bessarabia #yizkorbooks

R Jaffer

I wish to announce that the complete translation of the book, Akkerman and the Towns
of its District; Memorial Book
has been uploaded to JewishGen incase you missed Lance Ackerfeld’s announcement. You can find it by going to the “B” section of translations for the town’s contemporary name Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyy, Ukraine. Watch for a future announcement when this book is available for purchase.

I would also like to remind people that the book The Book of the Community of Khotin is currently in need of donations for the translation of the Yiddish section of the book. Please contact the translation coordinator Judith Renee Wagner to arrange for a donation toward a specific chapter or make a donation at: JewishGen-erosity — Yizkor Book Translations. The sections already translated are Culture and Education, Jewish Livelihoods, and Khotyn Jews in America.

Beltsy Memorial Book is also looking for donations. Alexandre Crazover is the coordinator for this book. You can find the book under the name Balti. Please contact him directly to donate money for a specific chapter or make a donation throughJewishGen-erosity — Yizkor Book Translations.

Roberta Jaffer
Bessarabia Yizkor Book Coordinator




Re: French archives #france #records



I was several times on the website of the "Fonds de Moscou". But I couldn't find out if they have some records about Ludwig Jacob Straus(s) also known as Louis Straus(s) or not. He was born in Mannheim on the 27.02.1917 and emigrated to Paris in 1933. He was interned in camp Tombebouc and camp de Savaud in Casseneuil (both situated in the Departement Lot-et-Garonne). On the 09.09.1942 he was deported on the 20th convoy from Drancy to Auschwitz. I found the documents about this convoy on the website of the Mémorial de la Shoah. But I don't know where he lived and what he did before he was in the camps in Lot-et-Garonne. To find him in the 1936 census of Paris is impossible if I don't know the address where he lived at that time.

Thanks and best regards

Corinne Iten
Lucerne, Switzerland

Jan. 12: CJH Genealogy Coffee Break #sephardic #events

Moriah Amit

Tomorrow (1/12) at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. We will chat live with our guest, writer and Center for Jewish History researcher Ben Piven, while repeating the broadcast of Ben's story of applying for a Spanish passport based on his Sephardic ancestry. There is no registration or log in. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" on the top of the Center's Facebook page and a notification will pop up on your screen when the webinar goes live. Note: If the notification doesn't appear or if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series with auto captions here.
Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Re: French archives #france #records


We had a greatuncle, Efraim Rosenbaum, who left the village of Pruzana in Poland as a teenager. This would have been around 1900, give or take a decade (one relative says he was born in 1890, but the other relative says 1879). He moved to Paris. The entire family story that I have is "There, he married and had a daughter. She changed her name and married a non-Jew." I am trying to find out what happened to him, so any information would be nice. I do not see him on camp records, but he could easily have died before WW2. If you happen to encounter him, I'd love the information! I do not know the name of the wife or daughter, but the marriage would presumably have been between 1900 or so and 1920. The presumption is that he stayed in Paris. His father was a miller, and his brother was a farmer, so he'd be likely to have a hands-on type of profession.

Marijke Bekken

Re: French archives #france #records

Linda Habenstreit

Hi David. I very much appreciate your offer to help anyone seeking information on family in France from the Fonds de Moscou in the French National Archives. I would very much appreciate your help in examining the files/dossiers/records to find information about my paternal grandmother's brother Leon STECKMAN. He was likely born in 1903 in either Liczkowce, Galicia, Austria, or Husiatyn, Galicia, Austria, which is now part of Ternopil, Ukraine. According to my grandmother, Leon STECKMAN married a woman, who was born in 1913, from Warsaw, Poland. Either Leon STECKMAN'S or his wife's cousins were Malche LINKER and Anna MELTZER. According to my grandmother, Leon STECKMAN was in a tuberculosis home. According to one of my grandmother's children, Leon STECKMAN wrote a letter to my grandmother in 1944 saying he was living in Paris, France. If you can help me access the Fonds de Moscou to search for my great-uncle, I would be grateful. Thank you so much!
Linda Habenstreit


Re: help finding a Russian poem #russia #translation


I found the original poem in Russian. The one on the card has some deviations from the original below. However, I tried and failed to find an author. I did a search on Google and Yandex, the Russian search engine, but nothing came up.
Любовь – мираж судьбы, дающий нам мученье,
Она от лучших чувств немое отраженье –
Любовь – минутный друг и долголетний враг.
Молю, не мучь меня своим страданьем скрытым,
Забудь и научись не плакать, не любить.
О, верь, отрадней быть обманутым, забытым,
Чем не любя, любимым быть!

Efraim Gavrilovich

Viewmate translation request - #translation


I'm working on the 1874 birth registrations for the town Warka, now Poland but previously Russian Empire.  Hence these registrations are Russian.  

There are five birth registrations for 1874 which do not follow the usual format eg rather than the birth father registering the birth, a widow is the informant.   Please refer to each viewmate as each has different circumstances/events/requirements for translation.

The birth registrations are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Malka Flekier
London, UK

Re: Online meeting CompGen "Jewish genealogy to support memorial sites and descendants in search of family roots" (in German) #germany #events #records



Here are some of the most important digital sources for Jewish genealogy researches in Baden-Württemberg.
(But first of all you should know in which places your ancestors lived, without knowing this you can't start your researches.)

Standesbücher Baden-Württemberg (Birth, Marriages, Deaths, Cemeteries, family registers)

Photos and Inscriptions of Headstones of all Jewish Cemeteries in Baden-Württemberg

Military Records of soldiers of the Württemberg Army in WWI (Militärische Bestände)
(You need to know which regiment and company your ancestor was a part of.)

Military Records of soldiers of the Baden Army in WWI and some
other digital documents of the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe

Jewish Comunities, Synagogues, Cemeteries (History, newspaper Clippings, Photos)

Many German Cities commemorate the Holocaust victims (not only the Jewish ones) with Stolpersteinen.
For most of the people mentionned on the Stolpersteine extensive researches about their life and family were done.

And I remember that DigiBaeck has some of the Deportation Lists from Baden to Gurs and reports of witnesses.

Corinne Iten

Chaja Hena Kon, nee Gurman, from Pultusk #poland

Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

As per the attached Lodz Registration Card from 1916-1921, Chaja Hena
KON (nee Gurman), was living in Lodz as a widow, originally from
Pultusk, born about 1855. There is a well known Gurman family from
Pultusk in that time period, but due to a fire in 1875, most early
records were lost.

In the family, there was already a child born in Lodz on 10 Mar 1922
named Chaja Hena ZAND (a great-granddaughter). So, I know that the
"original" Chaja Hena passed sometime between the census taking, dated
25 Jul 1919, and the birth in 1922.

Would anyone know of Chaja Hena KON? Given the common last name KON, I
have not been able to locate a death record or grave in Lodz for her.

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391

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