Re: importing/transferring/sharing historical records between services? #general

Lee Jaffe

The best answer to my question came privately and I wanted to share the gist of it as part of this thread.  The suggestion was to use the citation feature of whatever system you are using to document (and when possible) link to the source of any "external" record you want to append to a member of your tree.  In other words, I find a manifest in FamilySearch and am unable to retrieve the record through the site where I maintain my family tree.  I use FamilySearch's download option to capture a copy of the manifest record to my computer, then upload it as a photo to my tree.  I would then need to create a new "event" (in MyHeritage terms) for each family member on the manifest, including all the details, attach the photo to the new event, and add a citation to the FamilySearch location – including the URL – that would allow me to retrace my steps. 

It's a cumbersome process, especially compared to the relative ease of adding a record discovered through the service where you keep your tree.  As most of your know, when you choose to link a record to someone in your tree, the system automatically (but not infallibly) fills in the information for you and creates a citation to the document/record.   I was hoping for a bit of magic that might relieve me of a few of the extra steps needed when the document/record is discovered elsewhere.  But I appreciate the pointer to the "citation" feature as a critical piece of building a reliable tree and documenting your sources.

As to the copyright issue raised, I admit I hadn't considered that in my question or in my practice.  There is a difference between linking a document to my tree within a site and essentially republishing an image you copied from somewhere else.   I guess I'd assumed that public records such as manifest, draft registration and census images managed by the National Archives or other US agencies were in the public domain regardless of where you find them.  There are other sources – Google Maps and FindAGrave, come readily to mind – where the content is clearly covered by copyright.  I'll leave it to others who have studied these issues to sort out where the scrimmage line is.  But please do it in another thread.

Lee Jaffe

Re: Help with GGfathers name missing on Gfathers Birth certificate #general

Sarah L Meyer

This is the area where some birth records will say child's name surname = mother's maiden name r father's surname.  Did your grandfather have siblings?  If so check their birth records.  Otherwise the only solution is DNA testing.  In this case Y testing from FTDNA may (or may not be) helpful.  Also are there any family stories?  This is really not that different from situations in the US where the father is unknown for whatever reason.
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
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Re: Help translating Yiddish on back of photos #translation

rebekah boerboom

Have you tried contacting the Rabbis in your area?
I had some emails sent to me from Belarus and Russia, in Russian and I contacted a local college here. I found a professor who had spent some years in Russia and was delighted to help for free. He said it was a chance to practice his Russian! 
If you call the universities, ask for the foreign language department or the librarian.

There are some apps that you can download too but it's easier I guess to have someone do it for you. If you don't have a college or Rabbi close to you, the closest one will do.

Re: Mukachevo area births, 1871-1880 #records

Susan H. Sachs

The registrations for Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Mukachevo area, 1871 - 1880 (it was called Munkacs then) though it's in the Ukraine today - are kept in the Archives of Uzhorod (called Ungvar then) now in the Ukraine.    A wonderfully helpful multi-lingual archivist is:
Bela, or Baruch Huber
email: huberbelay@...

I highly recommend him

Best of success!
Susan Sachs
Beit Shemesh, Israel

Re: German labor camps/detention centers in 1933-34 #germany #holocaust

Eleanor Lind

Could you please post how you get reparations files from Germany? My father in law  had a large amount and we would like the details. Lustig in Berlin. Thank you
eleanor Lind

Re: Tips for searching Romanian vital records #romania

Peninah Zilberman

Dear Sarit,

As far as the ship lists you can obtain from Atlit Museum, I believe they have it on line as well

For the Cyprus Camp lists, check with Dorot ha’Hemshehe website

Since your grandparents were born over 100 years ago you can write to the city hall of Bucharest and Hush and get a birth certificate

Husi is in Vaslui County, check on the net their archives address and write to them, in English is ok

Good Luck

Peninah Zilberman


Peninah Zilberman







UK National Archives #unitedkingdom #records

Mark Gilby

I live within a short distance of the National Archives at Kew.  The UK naturalisation records are held there in a series of large volumes.  Names of people recorded in these volumes are indexed through the national archives' Discovery search page - which provides the reference within these records.  For example HO334/108 (volume) and 16434 (page number).

When the Archives are open, I visit at least once per month.  I am allowed 10 volumes per day visit, but rarely order a full series of 10.  Therefore, I am willing to look up records for others whilst I am there.  Send me the record reference (eg HO334/108/16434) and surname (Kauffman) and I will do my best. 

No fees.  That is, whilst the Archive continue to allow research at no cost, I will not charge either.

Mark Gilby

ViewMate translation request - Cyrillic #translation

Nicole Berline

I would like to know the address of the parents on the two birth
records (of siblings) which I posted on ViewMate at the following
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Nicole Berline, France

Re: Looking to hire a genealogist who can help trace ancestors from Germany #germany

Jason Hallgarten

We used Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche. We were very pleased with him and his work.
Jason Hallgarten

Viewmate Tombstone translation request - Hebrew #translation

Margarita Lacko

I would appreciate an English translation of the tombstone I posted on Viewmate.


The image can be found at the following address


Thank you,


Margarita Lackó

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Utah JGS Virtual Meeting - Jan 18 #jgs-iajgs #announcements

Banai Lynn Feldstein

The Utah JGS is having its first virtual meeting of the year on January 18th, 6:30pm Mountain time.

Our speaker will be Janette Silverman, of Ancestry ProGenealogists and former IAJGS board member, presenting Lost in the Shoah: the Rescuing Power of Genealogy.

Register here:

All are welcome, but you are also welcome to become members for only $10 dues. Visit our site to sign up:

Banai Lynn Feldstein
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Banai Lynn Feldstein
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ViewMate translation request: Yiddish, Russian or German? #translation

Ancestry Mail

I've posted a vital record in a language that might be Yiddish, German or Russian.  (I do not know.)  I need a few small translations. It is on ViewMate at the following 4 addresses:

I have several photos taken in Zagare, Lithuania, around 1875-1900, and 1 in Petrograd, Russia in 1915 (I think).  The back/reverse side of these photos contain text or a stamp containing text that  might include useful information that will help me identify the person in the photograph on the reverse side--e.g., the photographer, the photographer's address, city location, year of business, etc.   
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Mark Klass

Re: Photograph needed of headstone in Bloemfontein, South Africa #photographs #southafrica

Denise Fletcher

Just to respond regarding the website  and to clarify its contents.

It's certainly an interesting site, but it does not at all cover all the graves in any cemetery.  Anyone wanting to use it for genealogical purposes should also note that it's an artist's depiction of Jewish cemeteries, and many of the photographs are merely artistic arrangements, not close-ups of the information on the headstones.  

Denise Fletcher, Sydney Australia

Re: Congregation Anshe Motele, Chicago #belarus #rabbinic #usa

Adam Turner

Thanks. Just an FYI for those suggesting the JGSI database - I actually searched it before making my post, but it's only of limited usefulness for my purposes here. The only records in the database that list Hebrew names (which hint at kinship) are for the small minority of members who are not buried in this shul's Waldheim cemetery (gate 40). Of the remainder (those in Waldheim gate 40), none of the rest with the name "Kaplan" appear to be in the immediate family of the Moshe Chaim Kaplan I mentioned. (Those include Rabbi Aryeh-Leib Kaplan, the longtime rabbi of the shul, who not only wasn't a close relative of the ones I'm researching, he most likely wasn't from Motol at all.)

Primarily I am trying to find:

-Any sisters of Shachne and Isaac. These are much trickier to find, since if they lived in Chicago, they would likely not have the Kaplan surname. (I already searched the non-gate 40 list for anyone whose father is Moshe Chaim. No dice - but again, the non-gate 40 names only cover a small minority of synagogue members.)
-Any brothers of Shachne/Isaac, who most likely lived elsewhere. That's why I asked about the early history of the synagogue - maybe there is an account somewhere that might hint at their other relatives.

A family member (whose entire maternal side comes from the Yanova/Drogichin area, very close to Motol) has a strong DNA match to one of Shachne Kaplan's descendants, and I'm trying to see if I can quickly identify others in this family among her top matches.

Adam Turner

Best Websites for Finding Holocaust Records #holocaust #records #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen



The British magazine Who Do You Think You Are has an article on the best websites for finding Holocaust records: Arolsen Archives, Yad Vashem, Every Name Counts, Wiener Holocaust Library, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, JewishGen


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: My paternal great-grandfather Ben PRESS from Vilkija or Seredzius #lithuania


Sorry for the late reply! Yes, my DNA is on Let me know if there is any connection. I also have a public tree on

Still no new information about Ben Press. I am trying to get an idea of what my next step should be, short of traveling to Lithuania! Any ideas welcomed.

Lehman and Sultan families of Roxbury, CT, #usa #general

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the family of Florence (nee Lehman) and
Stanley Sultan who lived in the Roxbury, CT area. Their daughter,
Miriam Mindel, married Dr. Jonas Reuben Kagan, a general practitioner
in Boston, born in Lithuania on October 18, 1888 and died in Boston on
September 11, 1969. Florence was the daughter of Chaika and Morris
(??) Lehman. The son of Miriam Mindel was Counselor Robert Alexander
Kagan, was Mayor of the Village of Great Neck Estates.
Neil Rosenstein

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Re: Help with GGfathers name missing on Gfathers Birth certificate #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"A father's name is much more likely to be missing if the parents weren't married. "

A father's name is much more likely to be missing if the parents weren't married CIVILLY.  Couples were often not allowed to marry civilly or it was highly taxed, so couples married religiously only. This was the common reason that children were 'illegitimate' in records, and often they were required to use their mother's surname, not their father's.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Looking to hire a genealogist who can help trace ancestors from Germany #germany

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Germany is a big place. Where in Germany are you interested in?


"We are looking to hire a genealogist to trace ancestors in Germany"

Re: Where is Voronovitsy? #general

Pieter Hoekstra

In answer to your headline question -

Pieter Hoekstra  <sold@...>
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