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EdrieAnne Broughton

The Louis/Lewis name fluidity is not just confined to Jewish populations.  My GGgrandfather was born 1828 in the middle of Pennsylvania, 2 generations from Alsace ancestry.  This is an area where German language hung on long after Louis was born.  His profession was a farmer who made custom cabinetry.  When he dealt with English speakers he was Lewis and when his customer was a German speaker he was Louis.  He was fluent in both languages.  The wives in this line weren't fluent in English until 1900 when the sons married out of the community.  I have documents where he uses Louis and Lewis interchangably.
EdrieAnne Broughton
Vacaville, California

Looking for unusual success stories from JewishGen Discussion Group members #JewishGenUpdates #education

Phil Goldfarb

To: All JewishGen Discussion Group Members

I am in the process of completing a presentation titled "How to Effectively Utilize the JewishGen Discussion Group" and am looking for individual Discussion Group success stories from anyone that can be added to my program. If you had an unusual situation or story that by posting the problem, question or issue on the JewishGen Discussion Group, it helped you break down a brick wall, was a "eureka moment" for you or you found a new relative, because of the help from another member, I would like to hear it and possibly add it to the lecture. The more unusual the better!
As all of you know, the JewishGen Discussion Group unites Jewish genealogical researchers worldwide as they share information, ideas, methods, tips, techniques and resources.

This presentation will be offered to JGS Societies either via Zoom or better yet live when the Covid issue is behind us (I get my 2nd vaccine shot next week so I am on my way!) as a potential program.  It will also be a program for JewishGen Talks and potentially for a future IAJGS Meeting. 

If you have a short success story (please keep it to a few sentences or a paragraph at most) please send it directly to me at: phil.goldfarb@.... DO NOT just hit reply and send the message to everyone! (The moderators will reject it!)

Thank you in advance for any anecdote or tale that you would like to contribute and share. I don't know how many I can use, but will certainly give you credit for your story! Again, please send them directly to me as opposed to the entire Discussion Group.

Regards and stay safe!


Phil Goldfarb
Lead Moderator, JewishGen Discussion group
President, JGS of Tulsa

Re: Viewmate Photos: Are these of the same person? #latvia #translation

Robert Hanna

Appears to be the same person.  Hairline seems the same.  The giveaway is the ears.  Ears seem to be the same.

Robert Hanna

Looking for descendants of Murray and Martha Catin #usa #names


Trying to make contact with descendants or anyone with knowledge of Murray Catin (1910-1985, son of Harry Catin/Rose Kotkin) and Martha Catin, née Wagner (1913-1985, daughter of Jacob Wagner and Emma Feuerman who was my great grandmother's sister).  Murray and Martha lived in NY, died in Broward, Florida, and are buried at New Montefiore.  Jacob Wagner and Emma Feuerman are buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery.  I believe Murray and Martha Catin have living children/grandchildren, but I don't know their names or where they live.

Lynda Mandlawitz

Researching: Mendelovits, Frojmovits, Eizikovits, Pollak, Feig, Kramer (Solotvyno/Sighet); Feuerman, Waldman (Zabrid/Dubky, Ukraine); Krapivinsky, Pausner, Lezner (Mglin, Russia); Blachman (Berdychiv); Agranovich, Chazenov (Novozybkov, Russia)

Re: Cemetery Photos: Mt. Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, PA #photographs #usa

Renee Steinig

Unfortunately, the "% photographed" shown on FindaGrave is not the
percentage of a cemetery's total graves. It's the percentage of FAG
memorials for graves at that cemetery that include photos.

Suggestion for better results on FindaGrave: Whenever possible, call
the cemetery yourself to get exact grave location and add that to the
FAG record. FAG volunteers are more likely to photograph graves when
this information is provided.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Fred Kolbrener <fkolbrener@...> wrote:

<<Mount Sharon Cemetery is 68% photographed already per its entry in (
Chances are that some of your relatives' burials have already been

Re: Viewmate Photos: Are these of the same person? #latvia #translation


It looks like the same person to me. He is younger in the photo with only the mustache.

Deborah Shindell
Trumbull, CT
researching: Beserglik, Lederhendler, Goldberg (all in Poland) and Szmukler (Ukraine)

Desperately searching for information about the Bromberg family #poland


Hello, everyone, my name is Yehuda Bromberg.
I've searched every online database (limited to English because that's the only language I know) and have found almost zero information regarding my family, which almost entirely killed in Treblinka. My Bromberg family had a small factory making leather for shoes, they lived in Stanislawow Poland, Warsaw, Kaluzyn. Any tips, leads and information would be so greatly appreciated. I've been trying to find information for over a year. (I have a potentially valuable treasure trove of information from a diary from my grandfather, Jankiel Bromberg, who's listed below as one of the survivors of the children of Avroham Bromberg, but he wrote in yiddish and I can't afford translation services at the moment...).

1. Avroham Bromberg. Approximate birth is 1886. Married to Chaya/Chaja Pinkus. Occupation: leather factory, tops for shoes. Death: approximate: 1936.
2. Chaja/Chaya Pinkus, married to Avroham Bromberg.
3. Bertha Bromberg, approximate birth date 1902. Father possibly avroham/hirsh leib or aaron shlomo. Brother is Avroham Bromberg, listed above.
4. Shmuel/ Samuel Bromberg, approximate birth date is 1889, 10th of October, siblings are Bertha Bromberg and Avroham Bromberg. (Father is either avroham/hirsch leib or aaron shlomo).
It is most likely the name of the father of Avroham, Bertha and Shmuel is Aaaron Shlomo.
Children of Avroham and Chaja/Chaya Bromberg:
1. Yitzchak Moshe/Itche Moshe, approximate birth: 1912.
2. Genya/Janet Bromberg: approximate birth: 1909.
3. Baila Mindel: approximate birth 1912.
4. Noach/Noa/Noah Bromberg: approximate birth 1925-1926.
5. Chaim Meir-unknown.
6. Aleksander Bromberg-1917/1914 (SURVIVOR).
7. Yankel/Jacob/Yaakov Bromberg: 1917. (SURVIVOR).
8. hirsh leib bromberg: 1919. (SURVIVOR).
Possibly, the names of the other siblings are: Sruli/Srulka, Asher, Schmilka, Menachim.
-My name is Yehuda Brombeg. Baltimore, Maryland, 21209.
Personal email: yehudabromberg1@...

Re: Trying to get spellings of Hebrew names for gravestone #hungary

Yitschok Margareten

I believe the recording is Shea Falik. Falik is mostly associated with the Hebrew name Yehoshia, which is pronounced in general as Shea. 
So I would say certainly that the Hebrew name is Yehoshia Falik. 
Spelled in Hebrew: יהושע פאליק 

Yitschok Margareten

Jewish Genealogy Research Deep-Dive Virtual Workshop -- this Sunday #education #announcements

Michael Moritz

Looking for your Jewish ancestors?  Not sure where to turn?  Seeking some new tips?
This Sunday, in conjunction with the Greater Houston JGS, I will be leading a four-hour virtual workshop on Jewish genealogy research (don't worry, there are intermissions!).  An outline of the workshop is below; the workshop includes all three segments.
Jewish Genealogy Research Intro Series
Sunday, January 31, 2021, at either 11:00-3:00 EST or 4:30-8:30 EST
Segment 1: Where to Look.  Introduction to the most important databases for Jewish genealogical research and how to make the most out of your searches. Discussion of general commercial databases, specific Jewish databases, burial databases, Holocaust databases, Jewish newspaper collections and more.
Segment 2: What's in a Name?  Introduction to Jewish naming practices and how names changed when coming to English-speaking lands. We will touch on the "Ellis Island myth" and explore how to find an ancestor's "original" name through records research, including naturalization records, gravestones and ship records.
Segment 3: The Old Country.  Introduction to locating where your ancestors came from in Europe. Background discussion on European historical borders and how they have shifted through time. Exploration of the best sources to use in order to locate what town in Europe your family came from, and where to turn next once you have located that information.
Registration and fee information is available here:
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Michael Moritz (New York)
Note that while I am the Director of the Romania RD, this is not a JewishGen event, but is being offered in conjunction with the Greater Houston Jewish Genealogy Society.

Re: The Jewish Genealogy SIG (Special Interest Group) is meeting in Feb on Zoom #events #general #announcements #education

Arthur Sissman

The JGSIG Feb meeting is on Tues 2/9/21 at 10-11:30 am ET on Zoom.  Please answer questions above when you RSVP.   

Thanks to Adelle for making me aware that I did not put in the Day, Date, Time!   
Arthur Sissman
Jewish Genealogy SIG of SW FL

Re: Help finding locations #russia #poland


The image was compressed to the point of illegibility, so here's the url


Vivs Laliberte

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Vivs Laliberte


Orange County, Calfiornia

Re: Naming Conventions #names

Sherri Bobish


Not odd at all.  Lewis was a common Americanization of spelling of the name Louis.  I've seen many Louis' morphing into Lewis' as they grew up in America in the early decades of the 1900's. 


Sherri Bobish

Re: Cemetery Photos: Mt. Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, PA #photographs #usa


Just to clarify what Kenneth said for people interested in Har Zion (I know, I am verging off of the original topic of this post, but since this lives in online history...), Mt. Lebanon does not have any information on the people buried at Har Zion.  When I saw Kenneth's response to this post, I got excited and thought they might be able to help me find someone at Har Zion, but alas, they are completely separate from Mt. Lebanon.  Har Zion is one of those cemeteries where the owner has practically deserted the property and getting grave locations is futile.

Marlise Gross
Cherry Hill, NJ

Help finding locations #russia #poland


Hi,  this family , father, mother, daughter, were born in 3 different cities in Poland/Russia.  I have been unable to determine where any of the 3 might be.  Hoping, perhaps, someone might have more of a clue than myself with either the handwriting, or the settlements in this region. Please and thank you

Vivs Laliberte

Orange County, Calfiornia

Re: Where are the HIAS archives? #records #general

Moishe Miller

You might also want to see detail on the HIAS archives in Boston:

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391

Re: Trying to get spellings of Hebrew names for gravestone #hungary

Mike Coleman

A photo of your grandparents' stones could also be on Findagrave :

Good luck.

Mike Coleman  London U.K.

Re: I am looking for my stepsister #general

michele shari

I have Dikkers in my family tree, they were from Teresca, and I just emailed you. If you have not done DNA please seriously consider it as it is an invaluable tool.
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)

Re: Brezov, Czechoslovakia #austria-czech #slovakia #hungary

András Alvincz

Alvincz Andras
Hello Ozzy Bernstein!
Brezov = Nyirjes: In Sáros County, the edge of the County over Romania is about 10 km. It used to be Czechoslovakia, now Sovakia.
Regards Andra Alvincz

Re: Trying to get spellings of Hebrew names for gravestone #hungary


The name could also be Yeshayahu (Isaiah). I have seen the name also shortened as Shaya.
In Hebrew: ישעיהו

Ann Belinsky
Modiin, Israel

Re: Help translate the last few letters of my Grandfather's collection #translation #lodz #poland


VM89779 (VM89754 written in Polish language).

In Russian:

и счастья и поцелуй за меня твоих детей.  Целую тебя крепко-крепко твоя сестра Естер Евентох (возможно).

Не забудь описать твою девочку и сейчас-же сообщи о здоровье твоей жены.

Translated into English:

and happiness and kiss your children for me. I kiss you tightly, your sister Ester Eventokh (possibly).



Do not forget to describe your girl and immediately report the health of your wife.

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

7041 - 7060 of 662043