Re: Hebrew and Yiddish names #galicia #usa #names #bessarabia

Harry Auerbach

Yes, this is quite common: Dov Ber, Zvi Hirsch, Arieh Leib, etc.
Harry Auerbach
Portland, Oregon

Re: Help finding locations #russia #poland


Benjamin's place of birth is written as Galess. (At first I thought it was Gabess, but look at the formation of the letter "L" in the word Belgium below it.) JewishGen TownFinder suggests the modern-day community of Geleziai in Russia, previously in Lithuania, which was known as Gelez in Yiddish.  Another possibility is Yelets, Russia, also known as Jelez.  Whether either community was ever part of Poland, however, I don't know.

The birthplaces of Rose and Sarah Lena appear to be Pashika and Assavetz, respectively.  Pashika could be Pyszaca, while Assavetz could be Siewierz (a/k/a Sieviezh).  Both communities are in Poland, about 300 km apart. 


Ellen Morosoff Pemrick 
Saratoga County, NY


FUHRER family from Galicia, Austria (likely Bystra) #galicia


I am searching for more information about the FUHRER family from Galicia, Austria. 
My grandfather was born Adolf Fuhrer in either Rybka or Bystra, Austria in 1894.  There is evidence that he also lived in Gorlice, Austria and in Czechoslovakia.  He emigrated to Newark, NJ in 1920 at the age of 25 under the name Adolf Goldman, later becoming Abe Goldman.  He owned a butcher shop on Prince St in Newark, New Jersey which was originally called Wynmizsner and Goldman Meats and later Goldman's Meat Market.  I believe he had at least 2 sisters who came to the US before him, Taube Fuhrer (later Tessie) who married Harry Hanson and also settled in Newark and Rose Fuhrer who married Harry Pencig settling in New York.  Abe, Tessie, and Rose's documents list their parents as Leib or Louis Fuhrer and Hinda or Hannah Goldman.  I do not have any evidence that Leib and Hinda ever emigrated.  I believe there also may have been a sister who married an Adolf Brucker and lived in Czechoslovakia.  Leib may have had a sister Anna who married Charles Englander and emigrated to Newark around 1892.  
I also have evidence of siblings named Joseph and Yetta Gelb who are cousins to Tessie, Abe and Rose.  Yetta (with her daughter Rose) and Joseph both emigrated to the US, settling in Newark.  Yetta was married to Mendel Fuhrer who died at a young age in Austria.  I believe that Joseph and Yetta's parents were Chana Fuhrer and Eber Gelb from Bystra.
Any information you have about this family would be much appreciated!
Susan Kim
Boise, Idaho

Missing Birth Record #records

Rachelle Litt

I am having difficulty locating a birth record for Mary LINDENBAUM, born October 31, 1899 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Isaac Lindenbaum and Sarah Aserman. The name Linden has also been used. Her married name is KALL.  There are multiple records to support this location and date of birth. I have tried Ancestry and FamilySearch with various spellings but come up empty. Any help would be appreciated. 
Rachelle Litt
PBG Florida
Researching: LINDENBAUM/LINDEN from Moldova

Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Re: Mlynarz, Waisman Family of Warsaw, Poland #poland #records #warsaw

Michael Hoffman

Hello Barry,

Have you obtained your fathers Naturalisation Certificate from the National Archives?
There is also a certificate for a Zygmunt Mlynarz!

Do a search on the website of for your family name and on 

Michael Hoffman


Re: Where are the HIAS archives? #records #general

R Jaffer

A quick search of your family's name in JewishGen's USA database might also turn up something for your family. HIAS was among other agencies who posted Seeking Kin ads in US newspapers in an attempt to unite families after WWI, WWII, and after Russian Jews were allowed to emigrate. While the ads in JewishGen's database came from a Massachusetts newspaper, many people did not know where their family was living, and the same ads were published in multiple states.
Some ads simply stated one person looking for another, but other ads gave great genealogical info such as birth, names of parents and siblings, and "old country" vs US names.

Roberta Jaffer
Waltham, MA

seeking information-Malducioniai Volostj, Lithuania #lithuania

Susan Miller

I would appreciate help in finding information about 19th century Malducioniai volostj in the Panevezys district, Kovno, Lithuania.
My interests are-
-the size of 19th century Malducioniai volostj
-names of villages, estates, manors, etc.
-sources for discovering the complexion of Jewish 19th century life in the volostj.
-contacts who may have information

My great grandfather, Orel, and his brothers Girsh and Itsyk DAVIDOV lived in Malducioniai volostj.  They moved to Pumpenai  at some point in the second half of the 19th century.  Their descendants were told that the brothers were from "a small shtetl close to Pushelat".  Most likely, this is the shtetl in Malducioniai that they lived in before moving to Pumpenai.

Many thanks for any assistance,
Susan Miller

Davidov- Malducioniai volostj/Pumpenai, Lithuania
Dorman- Ziezmariai/Rumsiskes, Lithuania
Bukrensky- Lithuania (or Ukraine?)
Pekar- Rozhev Agricultural Colony, Ukraine

New facebook group: Jews from Pinczow #poland

Heshel Teitelbaum

Hi everyone:

A Facebook group has been created about 3 months ago called Jews from Pinczow.  Everyone with interests in the shtetel of Pinczow is welcome to join. You will have an opportunity to meet other descendants or researchers of families from Pinczow,  exchange information and learn about our shared history. 

Have a good Shabbos

Heshel Teitelbaum

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #poland

Bruce Drake

Many of the Yizkor book excerpts I post here are dramatic accounts of struggles against poverty, terrible suffering, death at the hands of the Nazis, and acts of heroism and devotion. But you also can find a deep satisfaction in evocative accounts of ordinary Jewish life in a shtetl, from loving descriptions and memories of the streets people once walked and the characters who walked them.
Here are three short chapters from the Yizkor book of Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland — "Conjunctions in the Past Tense," "Peretz Street" and "City Stereotypes — written by Ben Giladi who settled in New York, Marya Pigus, in Paris, and Yakov Leber, who emigrated to Qiryat Tiv'on in Israel.
Perhaps Giladi speaks for all of them when he writes, “Youth passed quickly for us. Our minds are charged with vivid memories of the only place on earth where we experienced the greatest thrill of all – our childhood and our youth.” Or, when Marya Pigus thinks of the old, neglected streets in the town which “cradled the poor houses in her arms, as a loving mother, and felt the joy and pain of its inhabitants.” Or, when Leber recalls “Once, every city and town in Poland had its characters, at whom the people poked fun, thereby gladdening the sad moods of the inhabitants.”
So spend a day in Piotrkow Trybunalski.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Translations from Russian into English #lithuania #translation

Sue Gil

Is there anyone in the group who can translate short documents from Russian into English ?
thank you 
Sue Gil 
Bushey, Herts, UK
David Isaac Devons  b 1881 d 1926
Elijah Devinishky 
Gertel or Gertrude Daiches 
Edith Edelstein b 1891 d 1938
Julius Toubkin 
Miriam Toubkin

Name of Cilevitz, Chilewitz, Chevitz finding surname..sound familiar? #names

Julian Chilewitz

I wonder who can help me to find out my proper surname. 
My father name on his Naturalization Paper was Chilewitz. His fathers name was Jankel Zilavitsch & his mothers name was Sara Hovitz. My sister says she was named after her witch was Saralayer.
He mentioned Cousins Dave Cilevitz & Max Skuy. Other names were Manya Lotkin, Janie Baum. Thats all he told us as his Intermediate Family were all killed. 
Had contact with Paul Cheifitz & he help me with my mothers family. 
Also Arlene Beare who found out the name Zilavitsch. 
I have been in contact with Ralph Cilevitz who says we are related.
I met Max Skuy at a Hebrew Order Of David Insteration & he patted me on the back & said hullo Cousin.
Julian Chilewitz 
South Africa. 
+2783 518 8887

Re: Cemetery Photos: Mt. Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, PA #photographs

Eric Ellman


Thank you to those of you who suggested that I go to findagrave for cemetery photos.  Allow me to share my experience to help others.  I had some great success.

First, I contacted the cemetery by a snail mail letter, listing the names of the people for whom I sought plot locations.  I included as much information as  I had available, names, DOBs, and DODs, and I did not always have all of that.  I sent the letter with a self-addressed-stamped-envelope (SASE) (remember those?).  Sending a letter, with a return, stamped envelope allows the office to process the request fully on their time, rather than a phone call which might interrupt their day.  Second, with the plot locations, I went to findagrave to see that the database had about 1/3 of the people I needed and 10% of the photos I needed.  For those people who were not in the database, I put them in online; very easy.  Third, where the photos did not exist (about 90%), I put in a request via the database and, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I received photos in a day!    It was an auspicious first start.  

To quotes come to mind.  First, Blanche DuBois said, "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."  You know who you are; thank you. Second, kol Yisrael arevim zeh b'zeh, all of Israel are responsible for one another.  Help comes in many forms, from many people, and not always from Members of the Tribe.  Thanks, all.

Eric J. Ellman

N. Bethesda, MD



Searching: COHEN (London), COIRA, (Minkovsty, Ukr.), ELLMAN (Minkovsty, Ukraine), FAGIN (Dvinsk, Latvia), GREENBERG (Rzeszów, Galicia), GRUDMAN/GRUBMAN (Kedainiai, Lit./Riga, Lat.), KOTZEN (Riga, Lat./Birzhay, Lit.), KREIGER (Riga, Lat./Kedainiai, Lith.), LUFFER, ((Riga, Lat./Birzhay, Lit.), MAIDMAN (Minkovsty, Ukr),ROSENBERG (Lomza/Nowogrod, Poland), STORCH/STOCK (Rzeszów, Galacia), STERN (Narajow/Narayiv, Galicia), SZRENZIL (Narajow/Narayiv, Galicia), WYSZYNSKI (Mlawa, Poland)

ZOOM on Sunday: The DNA of the Sephardic Diaspora - Early Evidence #announcements #sephardic

David Mendoza

Who are we? By popular demand, Adam Brown returns to discuss the current
state of knowledge on the origins of the Sephardim, how we fit together, and
how we fit within the wider Jewish world. He will provide an overview of the
field and will then focus on the Western Sephardim (the Spanish & Portuguese
Jews), and communities in Morocco and the Americas.

Adam will be joined by two other experts in the field, Michael Waas and
Raquel Levy-Toledano. We shall leave plenty of time for questions.

Adam asks that anyone who has questions about their DNA share their results
with his team at If you have not tested with
FamilyTreeDNA, you will need to first download your results from the other
site. Please help with this important project!

Come and join Sephardic World for our regular Zoom meeting this Sunday, 31
January 2021, 11am in LA, 2pm in New York, 7pm in London, 8pm in Paris and
9pm in Jerusalem. No charge for attending. Join us live on Facebook at:

Best wishes,

David Mendoza and Ton Tielen

Hebrew and Yiddish names #galicia #usa #names #bessarabia

Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD

My late father was born in New York city. He told me that his Hebrew name was WulfZaiv and surname Pinkowitz. His parents were native Yiddish speakers from Bessarabia and Galicia. I think Wulf is Yiddish and Zaiv/Zev is Hebrew, and that they have the same meaning.

Was this combination of Yiddish and Hebrew common practice in Eastern Europe? Does it tell us something about his heritage?

Jeffrey Palmer
Researching Pinkowitz (Moldova)
And Harfenist (Moldova)

Re: Surnam BOKUZHAKIAL ? #romania #names

Leslie Moser

The name seems similar to my family name BOGUCHWAL. They were from Szydlow, Poland. 

Leslie Moser

The Koch family from Gorlice-Tarnow #poland #general

חיים סגל

I'm looking for information on where my grandfather Shlomo Koch was born
He was born on May 1, 1906 in Poland
And married in Tarnow in January 1934,
And in his marriage certificate it is written that he was born in Tarnow,
However, in the municipal archives Tarnow there is no mention of this,
I found in the archives documentation from a school in Gorlice,
Her name is written that his older brothers were born in Gorlice,
And were even educated there at school in the year of his birth,
But I did not find birth records in the town of Gorlice,
Would appreciate help

Seeking after information Egeo / Mar Egeo #general

שניר יחזקאל

Hello everyone! 
I would like to ask you where I could find manifests or travel documents from my family, traveling from Rhodes to Italy on May 30, 1939? The name of the ship was probably - “Egeo” or “Mar Egeo”. It was the last ship probably in the process of the deportation by Italy from Rhodes. 
I need your help, if you know something about this ship, I will appreciate if you can contact me - my mail address: snir.yehezkel@... 
Thank you a lot, 
Snir Ahiad, 

Facebook group for Działoszyce #general #poland

Jean-Pierre Stroweis


For your info, there is a recently-created Facebook group called Descendants of Dzialoszyce, at .  Działoszyce is located half way between Kielce and Kraków, Poland. Its population was more than 80% Jewish before the Shoah. The yizkor book was translated on JewishGen (thanks to Fay and Julian Bussgang) and published as a Yizkor Books in Print. Civil records were thoroughly indexed by Jewish Records Indexing – Poland.



Jean-Pierre Stroweis


Looking for Rose from Slovakia and Germany #germany #slovakia #general


Hi Folks, 
A cousin has asked my help in tracing her father's roots.  Here is what she could tell me:
"My dad's parents were Max Rose and Irene (Linker) Rose.  They were born in northern Hungary in what nowadays is Slovakia.  Irene came from Spisska Stara Ves which means the Old Village of the Spiss.  Max came from a small village named Gibel.  They were married in 1918 and moved to Essen, Germany right after the wedding.  Max opened a furniture store in Essen that was quite successful.  Apparently they had two children before my dad and his sister Mirjam.  One died of Spanish flu. "
If anyone out there recognizes these places and/or people and has information for her, please respond at landrduke@...
Thank you,
Yale Zussman

Re: Cemetery Photos: Mt. Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, PA #photographs #usa

Kenneth Ryesky


Thanks for further clarifying my posting.

Actually, Har Zion's "office" is a caravan-type trailer which, since the last time I was there about 6 years ago, seems to be staffed on only a sporadic basis.

Having determined my Uncle Jack's grave location in Har Zion from his Pennsylvania Department of Military Affairs burial record, I decided to visit him while visiting other relatives in Mt. Lebanon.  The trailer "office" door was open, but nobody was in there, so I walked in and found a map of the various cemetery sections, and thus located his (and his wife's) gravestones.  Had I not known Uncle Jack's section, lot, and grave numbers I could have directly accessed the cardfile in the office.

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@... 

GERTZIG, BRODSKY; Yelizavetgrad, Ukraine
IZRAELSON, ARSHENOV; Yevpatoriya, Ukraine (Crimea)

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