Re: Desperately searching for information about the Bromberg family #poland

Sherri Bobish


You don't specify what databases you have searched.  Here are some recommendations:
Info on Stanisławów.
Listing of the JewishGen databases.  You can search for records from the town and for the surname.  You can search the FamilyFinder Database to see if anyone else is searching your surname and/or town.  And, many other databases.
Search old digitized city directories for Eastern Europe and other locations.
Listings of digitized historical newspapers from around the world (by geographic location.)
Search worldwide records databases.  I suggest searching passenger manifests and naturalization records.  You may find relatives that emigrated well before WW11, during the 1930's or after WW11.

Keep in mind that in many records the town name may be spelled in variant ways.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Surnam BOKUZHAKIAL ? #romania #names

Sherri Bobish


Try a search for surname BOKUZHAKIAL at:
When I used a "fuzziest match" search I found:
Buzhaka* Lazar* (listed in the testimony of Schapira Liviu

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Help Need Translating Headstone: Hebrew #translation


Hi All!

Would anyone be able to translate the attached headstone?  Thank you in advance

Amy Mitchell

Re: Mlynarz, Waisman Family of Warsaw, Poland #poland #records #warsaw

Sherri Bobish


Try searching for surname Mlynarz, and put Warsaw in the keyword field.  There are many interesting hits.  Some are passenger arrivals to The U.S., both decades before WW11 and also in the 1930's.  Some are U.S. naturalization records (some appear to have changed their name to Miller.)

If your parent's immediate family is not found than perhaps you will find siblings of your grandparents that emigrated earlier in time or right before WW11.

Public libraries that offer free access to Ancestry have been offering that access from home computers since Covid.  Check you library's website to see if they offer this.
Another great resource for a multitude of databases.

Old digitized city directories for Eastern Europe and other locations can be searched at:

JewishGen has many excellent databases to search:

You can search old digitized newspapers from around the world.  A listing of newspapers available to search on-line (by geographic region):

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Re: New Jewish Szydlowiec Poland Facebook Group #poland

Richard Werbin

On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 08:03 PM, Michelle Sandler
I just joined since my grandfather was born there in 1876.
Richard Werbin    New York, New York     JGSNY Membership Vice President

Re: Brezov, Czechoslovakia #austria-czech #slovakia #hungary

Sherri Bobish


You can use
to search for towns within a certain radius of any other town.

To do this search you will use the coordinates for the initial town (found at:
You can limit the search to towns beginning with any letter.

Information about, and coordinates for, Sighetu, can be found here:
Sighetu Marmaţiei, Romania

Alternate names: Sighetu Marmaţiei [Rom], Máramarossziget [Hun], Siget [Yid], Maramureschsigeth [Ger], Sygiet Marmaroski [Pol], Maramaros Sighet, Marmaroš Sihot, Sighet, Sigut, Sihat, Sziget, Syhot Marmaroski, Sighetul-Marmaţiei

András suggested that Brezov = Nyirjes.  The JewishGen Gazeteer finds four locations with that name:

Location NYIRJES (phonetic) in Eastern Europe
Run on Fri, 29 Jan 2021 12:19:51 -0700
For an online Map click on Google Maps

(Native names in BOLD)
Feature Type Coordinates
(Click for JewishGen Resource Map)
Map Country Distance/Direction
from reference point
10 mile radius
Nyírjes hill 48°12' N 21°10' E G Hungary 108.0 miles ENE of Budapest 47°30' N 19°05' E
Nyírjes section of populated place 47°54' N 19°58' E G Hungary 49.5 miles NE of Budapest 47°30' N 19°05' E
Nyírjes, Nyírjes Tanya section of populated place 47°55' N 21°46' E G Hungary 128.0 miles ENE of Budapest 47°30' N 19°05' E
Nyírjes section of populated place 48°03' N 19°17' E G Hungary 39.4 miles NNE of Budapest 47°30' N 19°05' E

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

JGSPBCI MEETING #announcements

Walter Rosenthal

JGSPBCI: Researching USCIS Records 1PM EST, Wednesday February 10
Join The Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County for a virtual presentation “Researching US Citizenship and Immigration Services Records”  by Ms. Marian Smith.  Using a timeline tool, she will demonstrate how plotting an immigrant’s life events can identify what records may exist for that particular immigrant and where these records can be found.  For more information and a link to the presentation email our Outreach Chair Walter Rosenthal at waltrose864@...
Walter Rosenthal

Re: Ethical Responsibilities of Genealogical Organizations during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic #education #guidelines

Jeffrey Mark Paull

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations pertaining to events and gatherings, from the document: “Frequently Asked Questions for the Governor's and Secretary of Health's Mitigation, Enforcement and Immunity Orders and Limited Time Targeted Mitigation Orders,” indoor gatherings of more than 10 persons are prohibited. See: these regulations could change over the next several months, depending on the severity of the pandemic, that is the way that things stand right now.

On a side note, 
Philadelphia just made the national news for having problems in administering its COVID-19 vaccination program.  See: “Why did Philly entrust a vaccine program to a young student group with no health care experience?”

Jeffrey Mark Paull

Re: Surnam BOKUZHAKIAL ? #romania #names


Hi Roni,

I found a few references to a Romanian historian named Emanoil Bucuja and a teacher named Margherita Bucuja. 

Hence the family name is possibly Bucuja. 

Kiel as a given name remains a mystery. 
Even though the ending -el is very much Jewish...

Good luck !
Daniel Ewenczyk

Glusk Birth and Marriage Records #poland

Ozzy Bernstein

Hi all,

I found document microfilm links on JRI for my great-great grandfather and his brothers birth records. The records are stored digitally on When i save them as images and try to print, they come out extremely blurry. I can only make out the fact that there is Polish handwriting and Hebrew signatures.

Is anyone aware of a way for me to get the original digital microfilm photocopy so that I can make out what is written in the document?

This is an example of one of the specific records I'm trying to decipher:

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

Ozzy Bernstein

Re: Help finding locations #russia #poland

Michele Lock

I notice the naturalization petition is dated 1922, and the previous country of origin is listed as Republic of Poland. The arrival records for the wife say she is coming from Wilna (Vilna) gubernia, most of which is now in Lithuania.

And the town Lubowo is in the Suwalki region, right at the border between Poland and Lithuania.

By 1922, Poland was independent and known as the Republic of Poland, but battling with newly independent Lithuania over the Suwalki/southern Lithuania region. At the time, Poland was even claiming Vilnius as part of Poland.

I believe the family is from this contested region, most of which was in interwar Poland, but is now in Lithuania.

It is possible that the family is giving so many different places that they are from, because they were living in a small village (or villages) near Lubowo, or possibly moving from the village(s) to Lubowo at some point, or the town/village had different names, depending on which country was claiming ownership.

Expanding Google maps around Lubowo might reveal villages with names similar to those on the petition.

I've also had luck finding little villages on historical maps of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, since some of these villages have disappeared.

Another way I've been able to figure out a town of origin is to check documents for relatives that also came to the US, especially siblings and first cousins. Since the couple in question were married in the old country, checking out both her family and his family might be fruitful.

In my family, I've had twin brothers give different towns as their birthplaces, so go figure.

Michele Lock

Lock/Lak/Lok and Kalon in Zagare/Joniskis/Gruzdziai, Lithuania
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lewin/Levin in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus

Pogroms: Which One Killed My Family? #poland #warsaw

Marilyn Robinson

According to my family history, my maternal gr. grandmother, Rebecca's ½ brothers (REICHMANs) lost their parents during a pogrom when they were very young.
Harry was born in 1868,
Louis was born 1874,
Max was born Aug. 1876 (possibly in Tomaszow/Tomashov), --his daughter was born in Petrokov, years later

My maternal grandmother (their ½ niece) said that she came from Warsaw; and her parents (Rebecca -mentioned above- & Solomon/Zalman were buried in the Washington Cemetery (Brooklyn, NY) "Congregation Ahava Achim Anshei Tamashauer Petrokow", Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland burial society plots.

I know that there was a major pogrom in Warsaw in 1881. Is it possible that the parents would have been killed in the Warsaw pogrom, though they lived outside of Warsaw, or were there other pogroms in the area that had taken place around this timeframe, as well?? 
Marilyn Robinson

Hebrew translator need for one page of ביסאראביה היהודית במערכותיה #bessarabia #translation

R Jaffer

We are in need of a translator for a Table of Documents on page 373 of this book:

If you are able to help complete translation of this Yizkor Book, please contact me privately at robertajaffer@... 

Thank you,
Roberta Jaffer
Waltham, MA

Re: Name of Cilevitz, Chilewitz, Chevitz finding surname..sound familiar? #names

Molly Staub

I believe Saralayer would be Sura Leah. Shabbat Sholam,
Molly Staub

Re: Surnam BOKUZHAKIAL ? #romania #names

Sarah L Meyer

I found Boguchwal in Beider's Jewish Surnames from Galicia.  It means bogu chwala which is Polish for  praise to G-d.  And it is also associated with a village of Boguchwala. 

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Hebrew and Yiddish names #galicia #usa #names #bessarabia

Harry Auerbach

Yes, this is quite common: Dov Ber, Zvi Hirsch, Arieh Leib, etc.
Harry Auerbach
Portland, Oregon

Re: Help finding locations #russia #poland


Benjamin's place of birth is written as Galess. (At first I thought it was Gabess, but look at the formation of the letter "L" in the word Belgium below it.) JewishGen TownFinder suggests the modern-day community of Geleziai in Russia, previously in Lithuania, which was known as Gelez in Yiddish.  Another possibility is Yelets, Russia, also known as Jelez.  Whether either community was ever part of Poland, however, I don't know.

The birthplaces of Rose and Sarah Lena appear to be Pashika and Assavetz, respectively.  Pashika could be Pyszaca, while Assavetz could be Siewierz (a/k/a Sieviezh).  Both communities are in Poland, about 300 km apart. 


Ellen Morosoff Pemrick 
Saratoga County, NY


FUHRER family from Galicia, Austria (likely Bystra) #galicia


I am searching for more information about the FUHRER family from Galicia, Austria. 
My grandfather was born Adolf Fuhrer in either Rybka or Bystra, Austria in 1894.  There is evidence that he also lived in Gorlice, Austria and in Czechoslovakia.  He emigrated to Newark, NJ in 1920 at the age of 25 under the name Adolf Goldman, later becoming Abe Goldman.  He owned a butcher shop on Prince St in Newark, New Jersey which was originally called Wynmizsner and Goldman Meats and later Goldman's Meat Market.  I believe he had at least 2 sisters who came to the US before him, Taube Fuhrer (later Tessie) who married Harry Hanson and also settled in Newark and Rose Fuhrer who married Harry Pencig settling in New York.  Abe, Tessie, and Rose's documents list their parents as Leib or Louis Fuhrer and Hinda or Hannah Goldman.  I do not have any evidence that Leib and Hinda ever emigrated.  I believe there also may have been a sister who married an Adolf Brucker and lived in Czechoslovakia.  Leib may have had a sister Anna who married Charles Englander and emigrated to Newark around 1892.  
I also have evidence of siblings named Joseph and Yetta Gelb who are cousins to Tessie, Abe and Rose.  Yetta (with her daughter Rose) and Joseph both emigrated to the US, settling in Newark.  Yetta was married to Mendel Fuhrer who died at a young age in Austria.  I believe that Joseph and Yetta's parents were Chana Fuhrer and Eber Gelb from Bystra.
Any information you have about this family would be much appreciated!
Susan Kim
Boise, Idaho

Missing Birth Record #records

Rachelle Litt

I am having difficulty locating a birth record for Mary LINDENBAUM, born October 31, 1899 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Isaac Lindenbaum and Sarah Aserman. The name Linden has also been used. Her married name is KALL.  There are multiple records to support this location and date of birth. I have tried Ancestry and FamilySearch with various spellings but come up empty. Any help would be appreciated. 
Rachelle Litt
PBG Florida
Researching: LINDENBAUM/LINDEN from Moldova

Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Re: Mlynarz, Waisman Family of Warsaw, Poland #poland #records #warsaw

Michael Hoffman

Hello Barry,

Have you obtained your fathers Naturalisation Certificate from the National Archives?
There is also a certificate for a Zygmunt Mlynarz!

Do a search on the website of for your family name and on 

Michael Hoffman


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