Re: Towns in the region of Giessen, Germany #germany


Interestingly, he also writes Leihgestern clearly:

"I circumcised the boy Moshe son of Chaim from Leihgestern on Thursday, 15 Shevat, 5612."

Yehuda Altein
Brooklyn, NY

Re: Yiddish ( or German) translation #germany #yiddish #translation

Andreas Schwab

Liebe Freundin,
Vorige Woche sind die der Moden-Zeitung angekommen.
Ich bitte Dich sehr gütigst das Nummer welches 
neusten S[ch]nitt und G[??] umgehend nachzusenden.
Ich ziehe überhaubt den guten Geschmack der Pariser Firme "Le Bon Marschie" vor.
Versuche dieses niemandem zu zeigen sondern ich selbst
schneide zu und verfertige mir ein Kleid aus "Petit Sa"
Für Frühling. Selbiges erwartend danke Dir vorhinein.
Paulina Wigderowitz
Dear [female] friend,
Last week the fashion magazine has arrived. I ask you please to send me the issue that contains the pattern and [??]. I definitely prefer the taste of the Parisian company "Le Bon Marché". Try not to show this to anybody; I will cut out and make me a "petit chat[?]" dress for spring. Awaiting this I thank you in advance.
Paulina Wigderowitz
Written in old German script "Deutsche Schrift" and bad German.
Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Re: Towns in the region of Giessen, Germany #germany


Thank you everyone for all your help! It seems to me that the most reasonable translation is "here" for היער and Leihgestern for לאשדערן.

Here are samples of the place names:

"In 1836 I circumcised his son Yonah, from here."

"I circumcised the boy Kaufman son of Chaim from Leihgestern on Thursday, 13 Shevat, 5611."

Yehuda Altein
Brooklyn, NY

Re: What happened on 7 March 1612 in Poznan? Mass death of Jews #general #poland


When you have a Google search with multiple results, a nice way to share it is to offer the meta-search link.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: 60 Minutes Episode on Home DNA Testing and Genealogy Testing #dna


I have the privacy concerns that this 60 Minutes episode highlighted.  For that reason, I have not had my DNA tested and would not ask any family member to do so. 

Whether one should be paid for one's DNA data when it is sold to other companies or used for any research, anonymized or not, is a separate issue. My view is that if the company makes money on the data, the person who owns that data should be paid. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Why was I told my mother's family were German Jews when they weren't? #austria-czech

michele shari

So I always heard of German Jews being referred to as "Yekkies" but never knew the meaning of that. German Jews were always known for being more "rigid" and formal. My paternal side were Hungarian/Romanian, always proud of it and very warm and loving, and my maternal side were Russian but never discussed it and I never heard them speak it. Culture does indeed play a big part in all of this.
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)
Researching Stauber/Stober, Fischman, Davidovici, Hershtik & Teszler (Romania/Maramoros), and Farkas, Farcas, Izsak, Weiszhauz/Weisshaus, Rosenfeld, Jakab (Tasnad, Margitta, Vamorspercs)

contact needed in Zhitomir re gravestone REYDMAN (see photos attached) #ukraine

Susan stone

Hello All..
From my great uncle's obituary I learned that he and his brother, my grandfather, had a sister (my great aunt)  who never left Ukraine.  The obituary listed her name as Esther REIDMAN (lucky for me..a last name).  I have found her gravestone in Zhitomir!!!
After visiting Yad Vashem's website and finding that someone with her name, the approximate correct birthdate...2 years older than my grandfather...was on a list that said "evacuated" and on a man with the same last name was evacuated to the same town.  I figured it was her husband.  So she lived.  And on Findagrave I found her gravestone in Zhitomir where she lived  (same district at Narodici where they were all from).  See photos.  The gravestone says "children and grandchildren" . someone I knew asked the rabbi of Zhitomir but he said there was no family he could find attached to the gravestone.  WHERE ARE THEY?  Could someone in Zhitomir or nearby somehow find my great aunt's family?  Any advice welcome.  
Thank you ,
Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

Mark Halpern to present on Poland and Galicia #poland #galicia


The Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society is excited to present genealogist, Mark Halpern, on Sunday, February 14th via Zoom.  Mark works with JRI-Poland, JewishGen, the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) and others helping others research their roots.  He serves on the Board and Executive Group of JRI-Poland, is the founder of Bialystok Area Jewish Genealogy Group, and is on the Advisory Board of Gesher Galicia.  Mark was honored in 2018 with the IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award.


On February 14th, Mr. Halpern will present two virtual programs, both free and open to the public.  The first, “The Basics of Jewish Research in Poland,” will begin at 2:00.  At 3:30, he’ll present “A Deeper Dive into Galician Records.”  Galicia, a province of Austria-Hungary that is now split between Poland and western Ukraine, is the place of origin for many American Jewish families. 


Registration is required to attend the February 14th programs.  You can find the link at the NEIJGS website  -  Additional information about the NEIJGS can be found on our website at, or our Facebook Page,   Contact Betsy Gephart at vp@... for more information.



Betsy Thal Gephart, vp, NEIJGS

Fort Wayne, Indiana



Re: Why these two naturalization cards? #general


The short answer:  Since they are just two different cards indexing largely the exact same records, there is no real difference.  


The long answer:  


Both index cards are on US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) forms, each a designated part of two separate processes within the same agency--one of which produced an index card for the court.  Those two projects/processes originally had no overlap.  But by 1941 had come to duplicate each other in many ways, and because the two different cards were being used by different people in different locations, they didn’t really see the duplication the way we can today.

The certificate of naturalization number points to the INS/USCIS Naturalization Certificate File (C-File)
The petition number points to the court naturalization record.

One difference:  the court's copy of this index card includes the Alien Registration Number, alerting the researcher to yet another record in USCIS custody.

Marian Smith

Re: Hebrew name #names

Laurie Sosna

My grandfather was Dov Ber. On his headstone, it is spelled DV BYR
In 1911, on his mother’s Russian passport, he was Berka
On the ship manifest, he was Berl
In America, he was Benjamin David.

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA

International Project "Measuring the Ghettos: Grodno - Czernowitz - Chisinau" #bessarabia #holocaust

Yefim Kogan


I want to let you know about an International Project "Measuring the Ghettos: Grodno - Czernowitz - Chisinau":

A project from Kishinev (Chisinau) is available at

Please check out video Mapping the Ghetto
and other documentation of this project

Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia Group Leader and Coordinator

Re: First name of Zelik #names


Zanvel is exclusively a yiddish version of Samuel and has no relation with Zev which is Wolf in yiddish. Zelik and Zeligman is a very common name in Germanic countries. It can be found very often in Alsace as a "kinuy" for the "shem ha kodesh" Yitzhak (which has a same kind of meaning, happy). It is also found with Salomon (because of the similarity of pronounciation), or with other hebrew names less common like Azriel. The translated form Felix respond to the meaning of the name in latin.
Ref. A. Beider, A Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names, Avotaynu, 2001, p. 461-463.

Max Polonovski
Cercle de généalogie juive, Paris  

Re: How to pay the Ukrainian Archives for research #ukraine


Hi Alan,
A number of years ago I requested a document from the Khirovograd archives.  They replied with a note that was difficult to decipher but seemed to indicate that in order to obtain the document, I needed to wire them a fee.  They provided wiring instructions that included various codes including their account number.  When I showed the instructions to my bank manager, he was equally perplexed.  I later learned that these instructions are for domestic (i.e. within Ukraine) wires only.  I asked about international wires but the answer I got was way too complex for me to pursue.
I ended up contacting a local researcher in Ukraine and he got the document that I wanted.

Steven Zuckerman
Rockville, MD

Re: Towns in the region of Giessen, Germany #germany

Andreas Schwab

Leihgestern had 46 Jews in 1830:
Note also the transitin [ei] > [a:] in Central Hessian dialect:

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Yiddish ( or German) translation #germany #yiddish #translation

Aline Petzold

  Hello All:
 There is a passage in my grandmother's school workbook that I have been told by various people is either German written in Fraktur handwriting- a type of gothic font or "Germanified" Yiddish.  I wpuld love to knw what it says. Thabnks,
Aline Petzold
St. Paul MN
p.s. there are many more such passages - they appear to be rough drafts of letters to friends and family...

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #ukraine #translation


In Russian:


...удивляет, что на все наши письма вы нам не ответили.  Как вы видите, мы уже в "Сирче" и близки к намеченной цели.  Как уже хочется иметь свой угол, построить свой очаг, раз и на всегда покончить с путешествиями.  Эти семь лет матырств мы ни разу не имели одно место, а все время кочуем.  Сколько сил и здоровья у нас это отняло, но хочется верить, что все пойдет по иному и к лучшему.  Живя в Бухаресте перед отъездом, мы уже отчаивались в возможности выехать оттуда.  Дело в том, что для поездки туда, куда ты нам все время указывал, дорогой Шмулик, нужны были большие деньги, а их у нас не было.  Когда ты последний раз выслал 150 долларов, было уже поздно, что нибудь претпринять даже за утроенную сумму, да и этому мешали некоторые события, которые почти каждый раз менялись и мешали следовать твоему совету.  Нашему отчаинью небыло предела и границ и мы ходили как тени, не зная что предпринять.  Случайно муж как-то узнал, что его родственник из "Эреца" находится сдесь.  Он сейчас же к нему подошел и рассказал о нашем положении и попросил нам помочь.  Он с большой теплотой и любовью относился к нам, устроил нам всю поездку с детьми даром.  Это было неслыханное счастье.  Многие нам завидовали, видя сколько любви и внимания он нам дает.  Его услуга неоценима и многие за это дали бы ему большие деньги.  Дорогой Шмулик, я не стану останавливаться на мелочах ибо я не в состоянии тебе описать все наши переживания, пока мы выехали.  Последние твои деньги помогли нам прожить в Быхаресте несколько месяцев.  Выехали мы в троём, Фруня (возможно) отдельно, иначе вырваться отсюда мы бы не смогли.  Мы с собой ничего не взяли, так как нам это не разрешили.  Все наше состояние состояло в том, что на нас было одето.  Теперь мы снова должны начать сначала, но на душе гораздо легче, хочу верить, что все пойдет к лучшему.  Ты дорогой, теперь в курсе нынешних событий больше, чем мы и, вероятно, слыхал, что квартирный вопрос в Эреце очень острый.  Чтобы обзавестись квартирой в одну комнату с кухней, нужны большие деньги.  Правда у мужа есть брат, очень хороший человек, но он служащий и в этом он нам помочь не может, но, вероятно, приютит нас на первое время.  Квартирный вопрос вас очень волнует, ибо первое нужно иметь куда голову положить, а потом подумаем и о "парносе".  Я хочу думать, что муж и дети смогут наладить жизнь.  Если можно, то помоги нам.  Теперь мы уже у пристани и твой толчек поможет нас привести к берегу.  Что слышно у вас, мои дорогие?  Получаешь ты от папы и Клары что-нибудь и что они пишут?  Что дети и дорогие их семьи делают?  Как поживают тетя Дина, тетя Хайна и дядя Шмулик и как их здоровье?  Теперь, когда я буду в "Эрец" может кто-нибудь подумает и приедет сюда?  Это было бы колосольное счастье для меня.  Может вам было-бы выгодно завязать здесь какое-нибудь дело?  Одним словом время все покажет.  Будьте все здоровы, мои дорогие.  Крепко вас обнимаю и целую.  Муж и сын вас отдельно приветствуют и целуют.  Муж вам отдельно напишет.


Translated into English:


... it is surprising that you did not answer all our letters. As you can see, we are already at “Sirch” and are close to our intended goal. As you already want to have your own corner, build your hearth, once and for all, do away with travel. These seven years of swearing we have never had one place, but all the time we wander. How much strength and health it took away from us, but I want to believe that everything will go differently and for the better. Living in Bucharest before leaving, we were already desperate to be able to leave. The fact is that for a trip to the place where you pointed to us all the time, dear Shmulik, we needed a lot of money, but we did not have it. When you last sent $ 150, it was already too late to accept anything even for the tripled amount, and even this was hampered by some events that changed almost every time and prevented you from following your advice. Our despair had no limit and boundaries and we walked like shadows, not knowing what to do. By chance, the husband somehow found out that his relative from "Erets" was here. He immediately approached him and told about our situation and asked for help. He treated us with great warmth and love, arranged for us the whole trip with children for nothing. It was incredible happiness. Many people envied us, seeing how much love and attention he gives us. His service is invaluable and many would give him big money for it. Dear Shmulik, I will not dwell on trifles because I am not able to describe to you all our experiences while we left. Your last money helped us live in Bucharest for several months. We left in three, Frunya (possibly) separately, otherwise we would not have been able to get out of here. We did not take anything with us, as we were not allowed to. Our whole state consisted of what we were wearing. Now we have to start over again, but my heart is much easier, I want to believe that everything will go for the better. You dear, now you are more aware of current events than we are and, probably, have heard that the housing problem in Erez is very acute. To acquire an apartment in one room with a kitchen, you need a lot of money. True, my husband has a brother, a very good person, but he is an employee and he cannot help us in this, but he will probably shelter us for the first time. The housing issue worries you very much, because the first thing you need to have where to put your head, and then think about the "parnose". I want to think that my husband and children will be able to improve their lives. If possible, then help us. Now we are at the pier and your push will help bring us to the shore. What do you hear, my dears? Do you get anything from dad and Clara and what do they write? What are children and their dear families doing? How are Aunt Dina, Aunt Hayna and Uncle Shmulik doing and how are their health? Now that I am at Eretz, can someone think about it and come here? It would be colossal happiness for me. Maybe it would be profitable for you to start some business here?  In a word, time will tell everything. Be healthy, my dears. I hug and kiss you tightly. Husband and son greet and kiss you separately. The husband will write to you separately.


Comments: the letter was written by a well-educated woman in literate Russian and without mistakes. All sentences are very well written and in good style.


Translated by Michael Ryabinky

Columbus, OH

Re: 1905, 30 page Handwritten Document on Russian Japanese War, Jewish Conscripted #subcarpathia

Susana Rubin

I would appreciate it very much if also I could to get the translated pages, since my great-grandparents and grandparents lived in Kherson, Ukraine at the time.
Susana Rubin
Ottawa, Canada

Re: What happened on 7 March 1612 in Poznan? Mass death of Jews #general #poland


I googled 'pogrom 1612' and came up with lots of answers.  Rather than copy each try that google search.
Good luck
Sue Diamond

Re: Why was I told my mother's family were German Jews when they weren't? #austria-czech

jonathan goldstine

My Dad always told me his father’s family were all German Jews and that part of the family was furious when the area they lived in was given to Poland after WW1. My Dad learned German as his foreign language at school and his older relatives knew German as a second language,

After he passed away, I found that part of the family were Posen Jews. In reading about the Posen Jews, I found out they had quickly identified themselves as Germans after Poznań became Posen and assimilated as Germans. I understand a substantial number of the Posen Jews moved to Berlin to remain in Germany after WW1.

btw, my German Jewish family intermarried with Eastern European Jews. I never grew up hearing German Jews were better than Eastern European Jews, but that they were proud to be Germans and were assimilated into German culture. My Dad encouraged me to learn German as a second language and to visit Germany and Austria.
in terms of emigration timeframe and location. My Posen ancestors emigrated to NYC in the 1850s and lived on the Lower East side before moving to Chicago in the 1860s.
There is a synagogue (now a performance art space) across the street from where they lived on the Lower East side that dates from the 1850s. My daughter and I visited the former synagogue and the was moving to see.

In terms of Austrian Jews, many of the Jews of Austria-Hungary were assimilated. My Dad’s best friend was a Hungarian Jewish noble..he was very proud of being Hungarian and spoke Hungarian as his native language, I have heard the same thing about the Austrian Jews from Austrian friends with the Austrian Jews speaking German, etc.
Jonathan Goldstine

Re: tracing possible WW2 resistance fighters #general #romania


You might try...

Organization of Partisans Underground and Ghetto Fighters.

This organization is in Tel Aviv on Arlozorov Street.  I checked their fighter list.  Two Sternberg's were there from Hungary, but not Dr. Joseph Sternberg.  I did not check for phonetic variants.

Shalom.  Ken Domeshek  (Damesek, Kartorzynski, Braverman, Sinienski)

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