Czechowitz, Berezovo, Kryva and Trebisov #galicia #poland #ukraine #slovakia

Ozzy Bernstein

Hi all,

I was speaking to an older relative lately and he gave me names, or pronunciations of names, at best, of towns my ancestors lived in. My great great great grandfather - his grandfather - was apparently born in Stryy in then Lviv. He died in Kryva. His wife died in Berezovo. His daughter in law's father was buried in Czechovitz (?) and his son lived in Trebisov, Slovakia. His son was born in Rzeszow.

When I put these places into Google Maps nothing seems to make sense. Can someone help me figure out the correct towns that make sense geographically because I think I may have towns with the same names but not the same place.

His birthplace Stryy is 209km from his death place, Kryva. His wife's death in Berezovo is 63km from Kryva - that is conceivable. But it is also 149km from Stryy - a bit less conceivable. His son's living place in Trebisov is yet another 193km from Berezovo. His daughter in law's father's death in Czechowice is 610km from Berezovo so I think I can definitely rule out Czechowice as being Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland. His son's birth in Rzeszow is 326km from his wife's death in Berezovo and 380 from Kryva.

Hoping to map out these towns properly and find their proper geographical stations. Rzeszow is defintely a town less than 50 or so km from Sighetu. Kryva and Berezov make sense as well. Everything can be sorted out slightly if I figured
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Translation request - Polish or German #translation

Helen Nash May


I’ve posted a birth record from Lvov in 1912 for my grandmother’s nephew, Jerry Wilhelm Wasser.  He is the son of Betti Landes Wasser originally from Buchach.  Betti and her children perished during the Holocaust.  I would greatly appreciate your help... the record is posted on ViewMate at: view.asp?key=VM89990

Thank you,
Helen May
New York

ViewMate translation request - Yiddish #translation

Helen Nash May

I’ve posted a postcard my grandmother Helen Landes received from her father, Chaim Landes of Buchach.  The postcard was sent on the occasion of her marriage in 1912 to my grandfather, Isador Noschkes and begins with the worlds, “Gluck Auf”. (Good luck!)

I never met my grandmother and so would love to be able to know what he wrote her. 

The postcard is on ViewMate at the following address.... view.asp?key=VM89990

Thank you so much,
Helen May
New York

Re: First name of Tsalko ?? #names


It's a diminutive for Betsalel, just like Tsal, which is more common.

Mike Vayser

ViewMate Translation-Russian #translation

Miriam Lappen

I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
If possible, I would appreciate a full translation but any pertinent information would be appreciated.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Miriam Lappen

Re: Virgin buys 23andMe #announcements

JoAnne Goldberg

It's a little more complicated than Virgin buying 23andMe or 23andMe
going public.

Virgin has what's called a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation
(SPAC), VG Acquisition Corp, which is already listed on the NYSE. (The
stock took a dive after the announcement.) VGAC's merger with 23andMe
will allow 23andMe to raise capital without going through a traditional
IPO process.

After the deal is complete in a few months, anyone will be able to buy
the stock; VGAC will be changing its ticker symbol to ME.
JoAnne Goldberg - Menlo Park, California; GEDmatch M131535


First name of Tsalko ?? #names


I have come across a person who was born about 1842 in Lithuania. His father's name is listed as "Tsalko". I have never come across this name before. Is it Yiddish? What would the translation of that name be?
Thanks for any help.
George Mason

help identifying postcard picture #romania #general

Aline Petzold

Hello All:
 I am wondering if someone can help me discover what place this postcard depicts, who painted it and who published it. I have tried to locate the artist ( I think F.A. Kemert?), but no luck.  It was written to my grandmother.There is a note on the back that states (in Romanian)" Greetings from the Eminescu Theatre, 11/3/1915" and the card is postmarked from Botosani. 
Thanks for your help.
Aline Petzold
St. Paul MN

Question about cemetery #hungary #general


I would like to ask if anyone knows it it's there a Jewish cemetery in the village of Nyirgyulaj (Its in szabolc county)? 

If yes in which condition is it?

Thanks in advance                                                                     Joseph Krausz.   

Looking for information about my family-given away at birth in Bakersfield, CA #usa


Hi to all,
I just joined this site after finding through dna that I am 49.9% Ashkenski jewish! I am so happy to find this information. I was given away at birth and know nothing of my genetics. I am desperate to find any information. I was born July 19,1947 in Bakersfield , California in Kern County. Listed on my birth certificate is George White and Irene Arrow from San Franciso, California. I am not sure if this is correct information. I was given to Floyd and Estelle Le May and never formally adopted. If anyone has any information, I would be enterally grateful!
Deanna LeMay Cole

My Family Mystery about Peter, Elise, & Roland from West Long Branch, NJ Solved!! #usa #names

Marilyn Robinson

A family mystery that I posted about in December, 2020, in which I had the letter writer's first name (Peter), the name of his wife (Elise), & one of his 3 children (Roland), but no last name, has been solved this week. The letter was a partial one written to my maternal grandmother in 1963, addressing her as "Aunt". The only postal information that I had was "West Long Branch, NJ". Who & how was this person related to me??

Thanks to the interest & input of several readers of this forum, it was discovered that the family name was/is "GOLDBERG". Through further search, I discovered that Peter's maternal grandparents, were listed on their marriage record as Rebeca RICHMAN & Simon LEVINE. (I  know that the REICHMAN name is often heard as "RICHMAN".) One of their daughters, Mildred/Millie LEVINE GOLDBERG, was Peter's mother. My maternal great grandparents were Solomon LEVINE & Rebecca REICHMAN. Several years ago I found a death notice for Rebecca, placed in a 1915 entertainment publication by Rebecca & Solomon's son, Joseph LEVINE (aka stage name, "Joe EVANS"). The notice mentioned that Rebecca was survived by five daughters!! I knew of four, including my grandmother, but who was this other person??? Evidently, this fifth child was Mildred/Millie LEVINE GOLDBERG!!--and she was the "extra" sister to my maternal grandmother!! Additionally, Simon LEVINE was Solomon, & Rebeca RICHMAN was Rebecca REICHMAN!. All of this made Peter GOLDBERG my 1st cousin 1X removed & Mildred/Millie my grand aunt!!! Now, if only I could get Peter's family to respond to my messages left on Ancestry & Facebook!!

Thank you again, readers/responders for your assistance!!


Marilyn Robinson

Re: Netherlands-- Transport Lists of Camp Westerbork Can be Searched on War Lives #holocaust #records


Thank you for this terrific link to the Dutch site War Lives. I was able to find and print the cards for my grandparents, uncle and aunt.
So much appreciation!
Denise Meschmar Suttle
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Seeking information on Slomsky from Suvalk #lithuania

Guy <guy.f.levin@...>

My grandfather Harry Sloan (1905-1998, Philadelphia) was originally Slomsky.
His father's family was from Suvalk, Lithuania.  I don't know about his mother (nee Saidel).
Pesach (Philip) and Chaya Soroh (Anna) Slomsky. 

Pesach's father was Aaron.  I don't know the mother's name.

Chaya Soroh's parents were Yehoshua (Joshua) and Bella Seidel.  Bella's maiden name apparently was Trubek.

I want to see how many generations back I can find on either the Slomsky or Saidel sides.

Thank you.

Guy F. Levin
SLOAN/SLOMSKY (Suvalk, Lithuania)
LEIBSON (Izyaslav Ukraine)

Re: Sam Winakor/Sam Winer/Sam Cooper, One and the same #names


Hello Cindy-
Maybe a third brother?  My mother's oldest sister, Mary Sklar, married Sam Wilson in the 1930s.  Sam's family arrived in Ct. about 1900 with the name Vinocour.  There were Abraham Vinocour born c/1874 & his wife Rose(1877)--all children were born in Hartford, Ct.  This info is in the 1910 Census for Ct..  The 1920 census states that Abe was naturalized in 1905.  That info would be in the National Archives in Waltham/Boston, Mass.
Barney Miller
Newington, Ct.

Re: Kraushaar’s family in Wojnilow #poland

Sherri Bobish


If you search surname Kraushaar at and put town name
Wojnilow in the keyword search field (using "exact search" for both) there are six hits:
One person on a survivor's list,
One U.S. WW11 draft card,
One 1939 passenger manifest,
One 1910 passenger manifest,
One 1906 passenger manifest.

A searching with Kraushaar and town
Moszkowce got no hits.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Virgin buys 23andMe #announcements

Jeremy Lichtman

Virgin is not precisely buying 23andme. 23andme is going public (i.e. you'll be able to buy shares), and Virgin is investing in that process.


Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

JGSLI Virtual meeting on Sunday February 21 at 2:00 PM Eastern #education #events

Bonnie Birns

Hello all! The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island is delighted to invite you to our February monthly meeting featuring our guest speaker, Daniel Walkowitz, Emeritus Professor of History at NYU.


JGSLI is extending the invitation to the broader genealogy community. We ask that you register in advance (see below). Please share with your friends!

Sunday, February 21st, 2:00 PM, via Zoom

Speaker: Daniel Walkowitz
Topic: Searching for Paterson Roots Remembered and Forgotten in Heritage Tourism Abroad

The extended Walkowitz family arrived in Paterson from Lodz, Poland, as early as 1910.  They worked in the textile mills, department stores and shops of the city while taking an active role in Yiddish theater, the Paterson Folk Chorus, and labor politics.  It was a Jewish World of Yiddishkeit in which the author was raised and participated. As a radical student activist in the late 1950s and 1960s, he subsequently imagined himself walking in the footsteps of his Paterson grandparents who fought to improve the living and working conditions in the Lodz and Paterson mills.  The author recounts the genealogical and archival research that allowed him to uncover the stories of this past (which he will share) in the US and in Eastern and Central Europe where he seeks to see and hear what of these roots appear in walking tours, Jewish museums and memorial sites. Illustrated with slides, the lecture will illustrate the disappointments and surprises that frame the robust and changing terrain of Jewish Heritage today.

Daniel Walkowitz, Emeritus Professor of Social & Cultural Analysis and Emeritus Professor of History at New York University, is a social and cultural historian who in nearly a dozen books, two dozen articles and four films for public television pioneered efforts to bring America's past to broad general audiences in books, film and video.

There are two ways to join our meeting:
Register for our Zoom meeting: this will allow you to join in so you can chat with others before and after the meeting (this will be limited to the first 100 people to join)


When: Feb 21, 2021 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Our meeting will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel. Please visit at the meeting start time and the meeting's video should be listed. No YouTube or other login is required, but if you are signed in you can ask questions in writing via the comment section under the video.


This webinar is free and open to the public.


I look forward to "seeing" you all then!


Bonnie Birns

President, Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island
Jericho, Long Island, NY researcher #59766

searching for family #dna


Hi to all,
I just joined this site after finding through dna that I am 49.9% Ashkenski jewish! I am so happy to find this information. I was given away at birth and know nothing of my genetics. I am desperate to find any information. I was born July 19,1947 in Bakersfield , California in Kern County. Listed on my birth certificate is George White and Irene Arrow from San Fransico, California. I am not sure if this is correct information. I was given to Floyd and Estelle Le May and never formally adopted. If anyone has any information, I would be enterally grateful!
Deanna LeMay Cole
Deanna Cole

Jeffrey Cohen

On this headstone Dora's father seems to have an unusual name מתת
I do not see anything like Matet in Jewishgen. Can anyone throw any light on it ?
(Cemetery in UK and families from Poland).

Jeff Cohen

translation needed #romania #germany #translation

Aline Petzold

Hello All:
 I have another German script to translate from my grandmother's workbook.  It is a rough draft of a letter written to her brother, who was in Canada working in the clothing manufacturing trade  at the time, in the early 1900s.
Thanks much.
Aline Petzold
St. Paul MN

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