Seeking LANSKEY of Prussia (1834-1915) #germany


Hi everyone. I’m new to this process so please bear with me. I am looking to track my family history of paternal great grandfather’s family. US name is MARCUS LANSKEY, born in Prussia in 1834. He immigrated to the US in 1854 and moved to New Jersey where he met and married my great grandmother. Since Prussia no longer exists, I having trouble figuring out where to start. I have not been able to find his immigration and naturalization records which would be a great start. Would love to know where his family came from.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Carrielynn Apgar

Re: Brooklyn Street name #usa


Could possibly be Floyd Street in Brooklyn where I know my great-grandmother's brother lived in the early 1900s.

Mel Solman

ViewMate Translation Request for 1875 Volodarka Residents List - Russian #translation



I have posted a record in Russian from the 1875 Volodarka Residents List. I would like to know the complete translation for all of the families on the page. I believe the families include: Novofastovsky, Olin, Tsarevsky and Shapiro.

The record is on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Ben Zitomer

Re: The name "Alter" #names #poland

Jeffrey Knisbacher

One Arthur TISSENBAUM, who arrived in Minneapolis around 1900 from Zhvanetz in SW Ukraine, got that English given name from an original Netanel Alter, as discovered from his tombstone in Oklahoma. His exact relationship to my great great grandfather Aaron Shmul Tissenbaum, who mentioned him on his own arrival manifest in Baltimore in 1900, is still unknown.  Jeff Knisbacher, Lakewood Ranch, Florida 

JewishGen's Latvia Database Grows #belarus #courland #latvia #JewishGenUpdates

Arlene Beare

We are delighted to announce that thousands of new Internal Passport files (1919-1941) have been added to the Jewishgen Latvia Database. The new records cover the city of Riga and towns of Daugavpils, Jekabpils and Rezekne. These files represent extracts from Internal Passport Issuance Books and Internal Passports handed in to the Riga Police. Apart from all the valuable information gleaned from these documents, most of them include photographs of the applicants and these are often the only photographs we have of this group, many of whom were murdered in the Shoah. We are very grateful to our volunteers Arlene Beare, Paul Cheifitz, Shoshana Grinbaum, Russ Maurer, Mark Maymind, Gary Sussman, Charlotte Wiener and Gal Richard Yair who have given so generously of their time and expertise to make this project happen. The database is searchable here:    


Please let us know if you find your relatives in this collection. We will be adding to this database regularly and we welcome volunteers to join in our efforts.

Note that you have to be logged in to see the complete links and email addresses.

Jewishgen Latvia Research Division

Re: Use of Patronyms for Last Names: MICHALOWITZ instead of LURYA #warsaw #records

Judith Singer

Hi - I think it's more likely that the questioner understood the question but your maternal grandmother did not - or rather, because the Lurya surname was used only in formal and government documents, and generally not by fellow Jews, who used the patronymic in everyday conversation, she used the "surname" she was most familiar with. However, I would be more confident of this suggestion if your grandmother was from a small town rather than from Warsaw. I have gotten the impression that in larger cities at that time, the formal surname was used more consistently than in small shtetls. 

regards, Judith Singer

CHARNEY (also CHERNOFF and other variations) from Kavarskas, Vilkomir, and Kurkliai

Re: A Fire Broke in the Krakow City Archive-No Details About the Scope of Damage #poland #galicia

Steven Turner

Additional information from our man in Krakow:

Just to confirm: the fire broke out at the Kraków Municipal Archive and not the Kraków State Archive. As a matter of fact, the Municipal Archive holds metrical records but they have not been affected by the fire. The destruction and damage covered other types of documents, such as building permits, architectural documentation, etc. The metrical records are intact.

Re: First name of Tsalko ?? #names


Just to add to the possibilities:  my gggfather Zelman Ber Milner was listed as Zelman Tsalko or Tsalel on the birth records of six grandchildren.  My own theory is that this is an error by the scribe for Zalko, listed by JewishGen as a nickname for Zalman/Zelman.
Fred Millner, Trenton, NJ

Re: Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski #belarus #rabbinic

Menachem Schreiber

Have you seen the world family tree?
If you need help on the site write to one of the curators.
I could help if you need.

Menachem Schreiber



Re: Brooklyn Street name #usa

Tina Isaacs

Dear Adrien
There was definitely a Boyd Street, which you can find from the 1940s census of New York City Streets. Whether it was the same one as the one you are looking for is uncertain.  Go to:

for both a map and photographs of buildings on the street.  I've found the apartment buildings of many of my family members through this site.

Tina Isaacs
London, England

Use of Patronyms for Last Names: MICHALOWITZ instead of LURYA #warsaw #records

Marilyn Robinson

Today I found my maternal grandmother & her family on a Hamburg to New York passenger manifest (1891). Surprisingly, the family was listed as MICHALOWITZ instead of LURYA (or another spelling variation of this name).  In other instances, I found family members used Michalowitz, as well (birth & marriage records). The family was from Warsaw, then part of Russian Empire. Why would they use the patronym, or were they simply following Russian style when asked for their name and responded with 1st name + patronym; the questioner not understanding that the patronym was not the last name.

Marilyn Robinson

Judy Baston lecture on Lithuanian research #lithuania #records #announcements

Victoria Barkoff

Monday, February 15 at 7:30 pm
Live-streamed to:

Posted by Victoria Barkoff
for JGS Montreal

Re: ViewMate translation request - Polish #russia #poland #translation


Thanks to Michael Ryabinky and David Price for Their help in the translation. I think I have the current names of the towns that the wedding document of 1879 makes reference to. The wedding was published in the synagogues of Tarczyn and Warka (the "k" seems to be missing on the document), the town where the groom lived was Drwalew, the bride lived in Pniewy and the wedding was in Tarczyn. I am surprised that bride and groom are illiterate (may be they do not write in Russian, but they write in Polish or Yiddish/Hebrew)

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Approx. Date of Photo by Fritz Eilender from Cologne (Koeln/Coeln), Germany #photographs

J Fradkin

Can anyone help me date this photo by the Cologne (Koeln/Coeln), Germany photographer, Fritz Eilender? Note that Koeln is spelled starting with a “C” at the bottom of the photo.
Thank you for helping.
Joan Fradkin
Cliffside Park, NJ

Pictures in Secovce Jewish Cemetery #hungary #slovakia

Ozzy Bernstein

Hi all,
I was hoping somebody knew contact information for someone living in the Secovce area in Kosice. I'd like to get pictures of graves surrounding my great grandmother's in the old Jewish cemetery of which I have a picture of but not an exact location of row and tombstone - I don't know where to access an index for this. I would be willing to pay for travel expenses and the time spent finding the graves and taking pictures of them.

If you know anyone living in that area that would be willing to do something like that, please shoot me an email. Thank you.

All the best,
Ozzy Bernstein

Looking for Konslawa, Galicia #galicia #poland

Arthur Sissman

Hi JewishGenners,

I am looking for Konslawa, Galicia.  I cannot find the place.


I have done the following:

Used the Town finder in Jewish Gen - using every combo I could find - Countries - Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia; Criteria from Phonetic to Fuzziest - no logical hits.

Used the Gazetteer in Jewish Gen - using same as above - not hits.

Went to Google 

  Konslawa, Galicia - 0 results

  Konslawa, Poland - offered - Did you mean:

Kosowa, Poland

Kozowa, Poland

Kozlow, Poland


Konslawa, Ukraine - 0 results

Konslawa Slovakia - 0 geographical info


I hope some in the community can help me find Konslawa, Galicia and what it is called today. 


Arthur Sissman
Jewish Genealogy SIG of Naples/Collier Co FL

Re: Virgin buys 23andMe #announcements

Nicole Heymans

I would recommend uploading your raw data to GedMatch, which can handle data from all platforms (23andme, Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage and at least 15 others), allowing matches to be found between relatives who tested on different platforms. They also have a tool to combine several kits from the same individual into a single superkit, and many tools that are not found or outperform those on the testing platforms.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

41 Orchard Street, Manhattan, New York, New York Rubinstein #usa

Mark Stone

Would anyone have access to the name on the registry in 1909 of the family Rubinstein, who lived at 41, Orchard Street, New York.


I have visited the address, the original house has been replaced, but next door is still a house.


Most appreciated for any information on the family.


With very kind regards


Mark Paul Stone (London)

Re: Help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum #dna

sharon yampell

Use the word Humanoid; I based my response on the following article…




Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, New Jersey


From: David Levine
Sent: Monday, February 8, 2021 12:58 PM
To: main@...
Subject: [] Help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum #dna


Can anyone help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum at   
I am trying to register and create an account.
However, there is a Verification question that for the life of me I cannot come up with the answer.
The question is: "Reply with one word: you are not human or humanoid?"
Does anyone have any thoughts on what the correct answer could be? I am stumped
David Levine
San Francisco, CA


Secovce Jewish Cemetery #slovakia

Ozzy Bernstein

I'm looking for someone who lives in the Secovce area who would be able to take a few pictures of the graves surrounding a specific gravestone I have a picture of through the Jewish Gen burial database. The picture I have is of my great grandmothers' grave. Her husband and parents' graves are nearby but do not have pictures online. I'd be willing to pay for travel expenses and time spent.
All the best,
Ozzy Bernstein

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