Pictures in Secovce Jewish Cemetery #hungary #slovakia

Ozzy Bernstein

Hi all,
I was hoping somebody knew contact information for someone living in the Secovce area in Kosice. I'd like to get pictures of graves surrounding my great grandmother's in the old Jewish cemetery of which I have a picture of but not an exact location of row and tombstone - I don't know where to access an index for this. I would be willing to pay for travel expenses and the time spent finding the graves and taking pictures of them.

If you know anyone living in that area that would be willing to do something like that, please shoot me an email. Thank you.

All the best,
Ozzy Bernstein

Looking for Konslawa, Galicia #galicia #poland

Arthur Sissman

Hi JewishGenners,

I am looking for Konslawa, Galicia.  I cannot find the place.


I have done the following:

Used the Town finder in Jewish Gen - using every combo I could find - Countries - Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia; Criteria from Phonetic to Fuzziest - no logical hits.

Used the Gazetteer in Jewish Gen - using same as above - not hits.

Went to Google 

  Konslawa, Galicia - 0 results

  Konslawa, Poland - offered - Did you mean:

Kosowa, Poland

Kozowa, Poland

Kozlow, Poland


Konslawa, Ukraine - 0 results

Konslawa Slovakia - 0 geographical info


I hope some in the community can help me find Konslawa, Galicia and what it is called today. 


Arthur Sissman
Jewish Genealogy SIG of Naples/Collier Co FL

Re: Virgin buys 23andMe #announcements

Nicole Heymans

I would recommend uploading your raw data to GedMatch, which can handle data from all platforms (23andme, Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage and at least 15 others), allowing matches to be found between relatives who tested on different platforms. They also have a tool to combine several kits from the same individual into a single superkit, and many tools that are not found or outperform those on the testing platforms.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

41 Orchard Street, Manhattan, New York, New York Rubinstein #usa

Mark Stone

Would anyone have access to the name on the registry in 1909 of the family Rubinstein, who lived at 41, Orchard Street, New York.


I have visited the address, the original house has been replaced, but next door is still a house.


Most appreciated for any information on the family.


With very kind regards


Mark Paul Stone (London)

Re: Help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum #dna

sharon yampell

Use the word Humanoid; I based my response on the following article…




Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, New Jersey


From: David Levine
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Subject: [] Help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum #dna


Can anyone help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum at   
I am trying to register and create an account.
However, there is a Verification question that for the life of me I cannot come up with the answer.
The question is: "Reply with one word: you are not human or humanoid?"
Does anyone have any thoughts on what the correct answer could be? I am stumped
David Levine
San Francisco, CA


Secovce Jewish Cemetery #slovakia

Ozzy Bernstein

I'm looking for someone who lives in the Secovce area who would be able to take a few pictures of the graves surrounding a specific gravestone I have a picture of through the Jewish Gen burial database. The picture I have is of my great grandmothers' grave. Her husband and parents' graves are nearby but do not have pictures online. I'd be willing to pay for travel expenses and time spent.
All the best,
Ozzy Bernstein

JGS Toronto Virtual Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting 11 Feb 2021 19h30 EST #latvia #announcements #lithuania #belarus

Marla Waltman


Lithuania-Latvia-Belarus – Thursday 11 February 2021 at 7:30 p.m. EST

JGS Toronto member Patrick Munits will be presenting on the following:

  • Immigration and Naturalization records in Latvia from the interwar period
  • Recent developments with regards to accessibility of documents stored in Latvian archives for the years between WWI and WWII.
  • Overview of period passports, and other types of documents from Latvia and nearby countries that can be found in the archive and are now accessible on the web.

Patrick Munits is a first-generation immigrant, born in Riga, Latvia during the Soviet period and for a few decades was the only kid in town with such a name. Patrick researches his Ashkenazi and Latvian ancestors. Much of his family information was lost and obscured during the Holocaust and Stalin’s purges. Over the recent years Patrick was able to uncover many facts previously unknown to his family, all thanks to newly-accessible archives on the Internet. Patrick finds joy whenever he is able to use his native Russian speaking ability together with his professional IT skills to link records from Eastern Europe to immigrant families in North America and elsewhere.

Donations from non-members are welcome to support our work. 


Register for the Zoom Meeting at: 

If you have questions, please contact Mel Fishman at mel@... .

Chrzan Family from Winnipeg #canada


Searching for Chrzan family descendants from Gombin, Gostynin or in that vicinity in western Poland who settled in Winnipeg. They  owned and operated a motel, with a daughter in Toronto. They are family, and we would like to reconnect with them.

Arthur Stupay (Gombiner)

Re: Need help to translate a Hungarian birth certificate #hungary #translation


   Please note that often when someone is registering a birth at a much later date it is because they are soon getting married and need a birth document. So you might want to look for a marriage of Betti after this birth registration. I am not sure though how much in advance of the marriage that the birth had to be recorded.
   Does anyone have more knowledge of this than I have put here?
Larry Bassist

Re: searching for family #dna

Alicia Weiss

DNA Detectives.

 There are also adoption "search angels" who will assist with searches for bio-parents, for example:
The good news is that because only one of your biological parents was Ashkenazi Jewish, your DNA analysis will be less plagued by the effects of endogamy and  shared matches with your maternal and paternal lines should be easy to distinguish.  And as Sarah says, do some  the traditional/documentary  research on the names on your birth certificate, but remain flexible in your thinking if the DNA does not support those being the correct names.   Ideally, you want to find the most recent common ancestor among your matches on each side, then work forward to more recent generations to identify individuals who were in the right place at the right time to be your biological parent. The best of luck to you.

Alicia Weiss
Researching: WEISS/WEISZ Szecseny, Hungary; KUNDLER, Kaposmero/Kisvarda/Gyongyos/Budapest, Hungary; POLLAK, Kaposmero/Csurgo, Hungary;PRESSMAN/PRESEISEN, Kiev, Ukraine; GOLDFELD, Russia; Dufine/Dufan/Dufayn, Orgeev Moldova/ Tuchin Ukraine; MAUTHNER/MAUTNER, Szecseny, Hungary, HEMPEL/HAMPEL, Poland.

Re: Help Identifying a Location from an Ellis Island Passenger Manifest #translation #ukraine #russia #records


Hi David, 

Most probably you are looking for this place,

Giannis Daropoulos 


three missing brothers from Providence #belarus


In February, 1903 Leiser and Nachman Feinstein left Timkowitz (Slutsk), Belarus and sailed via Hamburg for New York where their mother Minka Cohen Feinstein collected them and brought them to join her and their father Isaac Feinstein (and 3-year old US-born brother Hyman) in Providence, RI.  The boys were 9 and 8 years old.

In May, 1910, Isaac -- who had changed the family  name to Fine -- unexpectedly died of a cerebral hemorrhage.  Seven months later, in January, 1911 Minka was brutally murdered in the little store she had maintained after her husband's death so her boys could continue their education.  Leiser, now Louis Fine, was a freshman at Brown College in the class of 1914.  He was also a well-known marathon-runner in New England.

After their mother's death, the boys went to live with her sister Esther Cohen Blistein and my great-uncle David Blistein.  (It was Esther who discovered her sister's body after the  murder) As they came of age, however, all three of the boys disappeared from any records I can find and I assume they must have changed their name again. Per the 1916 Providence City Directory, Louis had removed to Boston though Nathan and presumably Hyman were still living with the Blisteins.  In 1918 Hyman registered for the WW1 draft and while no longer living with his Uncle David, listed him as closest relative.  That is the last mention of any of the boys in Providence.

The Cohens and Blisteins were deeply intermarried since Esther Leah and Minka's brother Morris had been married to David Blistein's sister Lena (She had died of tuberculosis 5 years earlier, also in Providence) In fact, several years after the boys left the Blistein houshold, Morris moved in for a while.  Then he too disappeared from all records.

I know this is a very long shot, but I and my cousins are wondering if the contours of this story sound in any way familiar to anyone.  We would very much like to learn what happened to the boys. 

Ronni Kern
Blistein (Vizna) , Melnik (Czemmeziwe), Kern (Czertkov), Derow (Slonim)

Help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum #dna

David Levine

Can anyone help with logging on to Double~Helix DNA Forum at   
I am trying to register and create an account.
However, there is a Verification question that for the life of me I cannot come up with the answer.
The question is: "Reply with one word: you are not human or humanoid?"
Does anyone have any thoughts on what the correct answer could be? I am stumped
David Levine
San Francisco, CA

Help Identifying a Location from an Ellis Island Passenger Manifest #translation #ukraine #russia #records

David Levine

My ancestors came from Kyiv as well as from a number of towns south and southeast: Obukhiv, Trypillya, and Kaniv
This family listed their place of birth as Kaniv however the clerk wrote on the Ellis Island Passenger Manifest wrote the below town for where they said they last lived (1908 manifest version). They had sailed from Rotterdam:
I do not yet know what this says
Could it be Zbermanow? However, I cannot find such a place online.
Does anyone have any thoughts? 
Link on Ancestry
Ellis Island Link

Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski #belarus #rabbinic


I am looking for Reb Chaim Ozer's family tree.  A cousin told me we are related and I would be interested to confirm this.  If anyone has any information about this, I would love to hear from them

Researching about Rogovins immigrated to the USA from Minsk region, beginning of the 20th century. #usa #poland #names #photographs #russia


Good afternoon,
I am looking for information about Rogovins from Minsk area. I am posting a link to the photos and their description. 
This is Rogovin's family. Three of the siblings in the group photo are children of Meer/Meyer Rogovin from Minsk area. They immigrated before the Soviet Revolution to the US. My great grandmother (in the center of the second photo) did not leave with them, she stayed in Moscow, Russia. Her mother (in the first photo), who was the second wife of Meer, immigrated with Rogovins to the US. I am looking for any information about the Rogovins and the lady, who was my great great grandmother. Thank you. Elena: elenabol2017@...

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately


Ushitsa Voters List 1906 #ukraine

David Bickman

I have just recently read the 1906 Jewish Voters List for Ushitsa Raion, Podolia Gubernia, Russian Ukraine.  I found several potential relatives on the list, but the list only lists names and occupations.  There is no other information provided for any of the names on the list.  Is there any other source that can be accessed to gain additional information about the persons whose names appear on this list, such as the actual town or village in which they reside, their age, names of other members of their families, etc. 

Help Gravestone, but similar surname in brackets? #general #yiddish #names



Would anyone know why brackets with another version the surname would be put on a gravestone before the surname, please?

England - (Melover) Molava,  

Thanks in Advance

Mandy Molava
Researching Brest Belarus Russia Galacia

Family Search Riga & Uruguay #latvia




Researching the fate of my maternal grandparents surname Heyman from Riga.  They had a son and three daughters.  I do not have their first names or dates of birth.  One of their daughters Dora Heyman Felsman was my grandmother.  She lived in Ungar, Hungary and was murdered in Auschwitz in the summer of 1944.  The other two daughters emigrated to Montevideo, Uruguay just before or during World War II.  One daughter was named Ruth Heyman and she died in 1963 and is buried in Cementerio Israelita de La Paz in Montevideo.  The other daughter married in Uruguay and I do not know her married name.  She had three daughters.  I also am seeking to connect with her daughters. 

Hannah Berkowitz

Email briar33@...

New York, USA


Re: Unusual name #poland #unitedkingdom #names

Michael Sharp

מתת means gift or reward, from which the name Mattiyahu/Matthew is derived (= gift of the Lord)

Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

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