ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

David Jacobowitz

I request a translation of the 4-page letter sent by Rena Kreinik to Stanislaw Zamorski, who rescued her. 
The story of her hiding and rescue is at:
The pages are on ViewMate at the following addresses:


Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

David Jacobowitz


Re: Translation from Hebrew needed for gravestone in Kopaigorod #translation

Dubin, David M. MD

Here lies (abbreviated)
Next line is hard to read, maybe it ends "it rose"
The youngster Chaim
Son of Aaron, d(ied) 29
Sivan (5)699
May his soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life

as usual the last line is  a boilerplate abbreviation

David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

Re: Are children named for living or dead relatives if one parent is Ashkenazi and one is Sephardic? #names

Mark Stone

Dear All and Joyaa,


The naming refers to parents and grandparents no doubt. I presume that this is more tradition than law. If anyone could clarify, if it is law, that it would be most appreciated.


On my father’s side, I do not see family named with anyone alive, in fact a great help when trying to put together a family tree and it definitely works.


At Okopowa cemetery in Warsaw you see great grandmother buried with stone readable and her name Charna. A short while later my uncle is born named Charles. There is no other record of Charna’s death, but the naming is certainly


a further confirmation, which we all strive to achieve.


On the Dutch side and they certainly came from the Iberian Peninsular and were Sephardic. I see going back father to son one is Coenraad Raphael and the son is  Raphael Coenraad. (Both are first names).


My mother and her sister (Only Two Children) are named after both grandma’s, who were still alive.


I only see very occasionally father to son with same name and it certainly makes for great confusion!


The Sephardic family names are Morpurgo, Raphael,(Ziekenoppasser), Stodel, Hollander,etc.


With kind regards to you all


Mark Paul Stone (Lichtenstein)




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On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 03:05 AM, Stephen Weinstein wrote:

If both parents are Ashkenazi, children are named after deceased relatives, or not named for anyone, but never named for the living

I am from an Ashkenazi family.  There are numerous amongst us (including me) named after relatives who were living, so it's important in these discussions to distinguish between what is laid out in Jewish Law and the broader possibilities that can occur in practice.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Re: Divorce records #usa

David Harrison <djh_119@...>

This was also common in Great Britain until about 1980.  Additionally, people getting a divorce had to be very careful that any friends were not quoted as accomplices by The Queen's Proctor (a crown office specifically for this purpose) to nullify the petition.

David Harrison, Birmingham GB
Searching HERZKOWICZ Poland

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My parents were divorced in Brooklyn in the late 1940s.  At that time, and earlier, the only legitimate reason for divorce was  adultery.  As a result, many couples arranged a scenario in a hotel, so as to be caught in flagrante delicto with a willing accomplice.

Lacey, WA

Database "Breslau Deportations" - additional info #germany #holocaust

Joachim Mugdan

The database "Breslau Deportations", which was compiled by Peter W. Landé and USHMM volunteers (many thanks!), is based on information in the book by Alfred Konieczny, Tormersdorf, Grüssau, Riebnig: Obozy przejściowe dla Żydów Dolnego Śląska z lat 1941-1943 [Transit camps for Jews from Lower Silesia in the years 1941-1943], namely the alphabetical tables of deportations from these three camps (p. 89-165). The last column (Uwagi ‘remarks’) contains Roman numerals that are not explained. In the database, they are interpreted as months, but it is more likely that they refer to table XIX on p. 83, which shows the dates of the deportations and the number of people deported. The accompanying text mentions the destinations of some of the transports; from the figures in the German summary, one can infer the rest:






13 April 1942

(“the East”)


3 May 1942

“the East”


26 July 1942



30 August 1942



23 February 1943



5 March 1943



31 March 1943



9 June 1943


This means that this collection does include information as to where each deportee was ultimately sent.


Joachim Mugdan

Basel, Switzerland

JGFF Researcher 5749


Re: Jewish Heritage Annual Report

Jill Whitehead

I get sent this information each month in a newsletter format.  In the latest edition, the link to the website on Jewish Cemeteries in Poland is very useful, and very comprehensive in terms of its geographical coverage. There is also genealogical info from tombstone inscriptions included in some cases e.g Suwalki, and other places in this area.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Probate in Toronto #records


Frank & Wallerstein families #germany #general


Looking for anyone who knew or knew about my grandparents & their families.
Hans Adalbert Frank- Furrier
- Nurnberg, Berlin
Charlotte Wallerstein
- Leipzig, Berlin
I am hoping that my grandfather’s involvement in setting up a furrier’s association might create a new line of enquiry.
With thanks.
Karen Saunders
Researching following families:
Frank - Nuremberg, Goslar; Wallerstein- Dresden; Stern- Mannheim; Horowitz- Brody; Davidow- Radzewillow; Tiktin- Breslau

ViewMate translation request - Russian #poland #translation

Laufer, Shmuel

A need Polish translation for 5 certificates from Przasnysz. I don't need word-for-word but details such as names, dates, ages, locations, occupations, and so on are very helpful.


A birth certificate of Szymik Mlawerfor which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


A birth certificate of Sheina Krukover or Krakover for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


A death certificate Pesaj Krukover or Krakover for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


A marriage certificate of Josek Mlaver y Baila Wiatrak for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


A birth certificate of Szmaja Kruk for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.


 Thanks in advance


Shmuel Laufer

Rehovot -Israel


 Research: Laufer (Przasnysz, Poland); Domb (Pultusk, Poland); Bruckman (Sarnaki, Poland); Zelazo (Sarnaki, Poland); Preschel (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine), Leder (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Schnap (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Mitelman (Chelm, Poland); Tenerman (Dubienka, Poland)



Polish Passport issued in France #records #translation

Subj: ViewMate translation request - Polish
I would really appreciate a complete translation for a page of a 2019 Polish Pasport.
It is on ViewMate at the following address ... Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Thank you very much.
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: Alex Krakovsky’s wiki files #ukraine


the renames are being done by this Wikisource user:Користувач:Leh_Palych

Mike Vayser

Looking for members of the Magentza/Magientze family of Suwalki, Poland #general #lithuania #poland

angel kosfiszer

I am looking for a member of the Magentza/Magientze family that may have married a Haskel or a Melnick/Mielnick in Suwalki, Poland. They may have lived in Marijampole or Warsaw in the 1920's or 1930's.
Some members of the Magentza/Magientze were Rabbis in Suwalki, St Louis, Missouri, and Argentina and Chile.

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Headstone Translation Needed: Hebrew #translation


Hi All!

Could anyone translate this headstone?  Picture is attached.  Thanks in advance!

Amy Mitchell
Researching: Kram, Kaltwasser, Mitchell/Mitzel, Spindel, Starobenitz/Starovenitz/Starr

Re: Hungarian Jewish Materials at Yale University #hungary

michele shari

the lot below from the Yale auction was removed, does anyone know why? On one of the sample pages it listed  (in Hebrew) the death of Yisrael Yakov ben (son of) Sara Farkas and brother of Aharon Yoda. While I can't confirm it is a relative it is possible and I was hoping to bid. Does anyone know about this?
here is the link and info:
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL 

researching Farkas in Transylvania/Hungary (Carei, Tasnad, Cluj, Kisvarda, Margitta, Satumare), Weiszhauz/Weisshaus (Vamospercs), Rosenfeld (Vamospercs), Isak/Izsak, Taussig/Tauszik, Schein, Pollak (married Farkas), Jakab (married Farkas)

LOT 36:

<<(Oradea, Grosswardein, Rumania).>> Pinkas Keren Kayemeth deChevrath Lomdei Shas

Viewmate translation request - Polish #translation

Nurit Har-zvi

I would appreciate translations of the captions to 3 photos which are on viewmate at:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much,
Nurit Har-zvi

Request for Translation from Russian to English #translation


I have added to Viewmate a request for translation from Russian one birth certificate and a 2 page marriage certficate. The birth certificate has a partial translation in English and I am not sure of accuracy. 
Thank you, 

Louise Hajdenberg
New York

Alex Krakovsky’s wiki files #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa

In the last few days, somebody methodically went through most (but NOT all) of the pages posted by Alex Krakovsky on Wikipedia and changed their URLs - everything is the same, the files are still there, but the directory "archives" became "archive" and the initial slash changed to a colon.

This renders all the links we have posted on our spreadsheets and referenced to researchers inoperative……..

I have emailed Alex K asking him:  somebody is moving all the pages on all the archives (from say “...Архіви/ДАЧкО” to “...Архів:ДАЧкО“). Do you know what is happening and why? - His answer - one word:  “No.”

I am told there was no discussion of this in JRoots nor on FB.

We have no idea why this is being done and what purpose it might accomplish but it is a fact we need to deal with, and I am now starting to get inquiries from researchers telling me they can’t find the wiki pages…..

Note that the main page referencing Jewish records can still be found atАрхіви/єврейське_містечко

We are starting the massive work to incorporate these changes in our internal spreadsheets.  If anyone has issues finding a file in the near future please contact me and I will try to help find it.--
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Re: New Find Raises Questions about Family Name: #poland #names

Joel Weintraub

"What paperwork did US Immigration issue to arriving passengers?"

I can think of a few documents that immigrants could have possessed after they came through Ellis Island. The first two were not issued by US Immigration authorities.  The first was the "Inspection Card" issued by the shipping company which showed the immigrant had been vaccinated (stamped on the back), and the ship surgeon had seen the immigrant during the voyage.  It shows on the back "Keep this Card to avoid detention at Quarantine and on Railroads in the United States".  It is stamped on the front by a U.S. Public Health Service official at the port of disembarkment, and again by a US Public Service official at Ellis Island (or perhaps aboard the ship in NY Harbor when they were preliminary/first inspected).  The Inspection Card shows the name of the immigrant, ship/shipping company, manifest page and line number, and port the ship left from and the date of the voyage.  The second document was the landing tag or "ticket" as it was initially called that showed the immigrant's name, ship, arrival date, and manifest sheet and line number of the immigrant which they were required to pin to their clothing  Those were rarely saved and I've seen only a few examples of the tags... I have some in my collection.  Inspection cards are more common and often are sold on online auction sites.   Once US Consulates abroad starting in the 1920s took over some of the functions of the US Immigration stations, an immigrant may have gone to the consulate and filled out a "Declaration" in order to get a visa.  They might also have had to provide the consulate with a "Affidavit in Support of Application for Visa" by someone in the U.S. who promised to support the individual.  I have in my collection a Declaration and an Affidavit in Support so these may have been retained by immigrants and were notarized/stamped/show postage-like stamps that indicated fees were paid.  Other than these, the ship manifest provided some proof of arrival although of course the immigrant didn't get a copy of it for future documentation of their entry into the U.S.but they could have gotten a "Certificate of Arrival" during their naturalization process in the U.S.  An Ellis Island list created at Ellis Island was the detention lists and special inquiry lists that again, were not given to the immigrants to keep.  I once saw some sort of tag on an auction site from Ellis Island that facillitated movement of immigrants between stations and identified their status within the island, but I was outbid on that early material which went for a high price.  If others have other documents (aside from passports and visas, I would like to know about them.
Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

Turkish or Sabbatean Jews and Jews from Salonika #general

Robin Schwartz

Does anyone have leads for researching families from Turkey/Bulgaria, Salonika, and/or Sabbatean Jews.

ViewMate Polish translation request #translation


I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Marsha Kazman

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