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"s.o." - shorthand for "son of", as in Ios son of David.

I listed the people with the last name you asked about in the Novaya Ushitsa documents.  Notes for one of the families states that they live in Staraya Ushitsa now, so I check records for that town and found Leybish there, along with some additional family members.

Mike Vayser

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I've seen him mentioned in a Russian language article under the name Чурапин (standard transliteration Churapin). "Ch" in his name is read as  "chess", "cheer"; "ou" transliteration to French to express the Russian letter/sound "у" (book).

There are a lot of results in Google for this last name, including WW2-era Soviet military on

Didn't he have ties with MI5 and provided information to them about the German counterfeit currency plan?  He had to be well placed to be in the know about this information.  Having a hard time reconciling his role in the counterfeiting intelligence with his stateless status and being an enlisted man or a junior office (not sure about his rank).  But then again, I don't know much about him.

Mike Vayser

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The Hebrew name of the groom is Mordechai son of Yosef – Martin; Surname is Bassit

The Hebrew name of the bride is Zipa daughter of Ya’akov -  Sylvia; Surname is Berkowitz

Shabbat shalom,
Malka Chosnek

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Sorry for my delay in replying. I couldn't find the original post then saw your comment. The town name was spelled incorrectly: Nova Ushytsia (Khmelnytska).
Bob Rosenthal
Palatine, IL USA

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A little delayed in my reply. sorry. Yes, the name was Duvid. As said earlier, his spouse was Ruchel and I do not know her maiden name.

The children I am certain of are Simon (Shimon) b. July 19 1881, d. Mar 1963 in Philadelphia. Shimon was my great-grandfather. He also had a daughter, Clara (original name or DOB 1887 d unknown), Samuel (Shmuel) born in Commetoes in 1887 and died Apr 1963 (not certain where but most likely Philadelphia. Lastly, Morris (b 1/10/1892 in Commetoes and died 6/23/1959 in Philadelphia. My guess is I was also wrong on Duvid - I suppose Commetoes is the most likely place of birth.

I have run across the name Mortko but haven't been able to place him. Are you suggesting he was also Duvid's son. Lastly, I am unclear about the original comment made Ios s.o. Duvid. Was Duvid's father also Duvid?

Bob Rosenthal
Palatine, IL USA

Is there a SIG that covers Zakroczym? #poland


I could not find a FB SIG for Zakroczym and wonder if there is a group for descendants of the town.
Relly Coleman

Re: Please help me read this letter in Hebrew #israel #romania #translation

Dubin, David M. MD

Name 5 is Jakob Menachem Steinmetz, probably the person you’re looking for.

Praise God    Here (ie, Safed).  important notice

Among the tribes of Israel we send this Faithful notice

And its sound should pass among every corner and encampment

And within the borders of our Merciful brethren the people of our place Mermoresch
And the outlying places of Munkacz, Khust And all the places of the people of our state...

Much much more. The rabbis in Safed are asking for charity from that area in Hungary from which they came.

david Dubin 
teaneck nj 

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Dubin, David M. MD

Signatures all begin Neum or Uneum, meaning “the words of”
Third name Dov Wieder of Rosa—-
Fifth name is Steinmetz, not stein, probably “from marmoresch” (see the stamped seal)
Sixth name. Son of rabbi zindel 
8 the insignificant Chaim Yitzchak —-
9- Moshe son of the rabbi zindel whose memory will live into the next world (zindel must have been a renowned holy man)
10- agree that 7 says “from Welchowitz” and the same place in this signature. 

13 either Heschel —- Tessler or the insignificant Shlomo? Tesler

david dubin
teaneck nj 

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I likely got a bit ahead in his story since, in 1939-40, he was a member of the French 22nd Regiment comprised, what I understood, of East European Jews and Spaniards. No, not that simple. While he was in the 22nd, the regiment was more nuanced - 25% Spanish (the unit was formed from a French immigrant camp), 30% Polish and Romanian Jews, and 45% Belgians, Swiss, Poles, Luxembourgeois, Romanians, Norwegians, Portuguese, Hungarians, Russians, Yugoslavs and Austrians. It is likely Chourapine was in the latter group, likely non-Jewish.
I agree the name is likely a Westernized version of his Russian/Ukrainian name. Any suggestions what that name could have been? I came up with Chourapine/Хурапін/Khurapin/Pola Shorapyna for example but I have absolutely zero knowledge in Russian- and Ukranian-langauage name origins.

Since writing that and getting bounced for omitting my name I concluded that Chourapine was unlikely to have been anything close to his real name. He was a stateless person without passport working ships around the Mediterranean, probably specializing in the black market. He was bounced back and forth between Greece and France, Greece finally reaching an arrangement with Polish authorities to permit Chourapine to board the S/S Lewant at Piraeus ferrying Polish refugees to France in late-October, early-November 1939.

Anyone know anything about that 1939 voyage of the S/S Lewant?
Thank you! 

Dennis Whitehead

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Moriah Amit

Next Tuesday (2/23) at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. Are you nervous about handling your family documents and archival collections? Have no fear! Our Special Collections Librarian will demonstrate appropriate handling techniques for documents, photographs, and books, and answer your questions on this subject live. There is no registration or log in. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" on the top of the Center's Facebook page and a notification will pop up on your screen when the webinar goes live. Note: If the notification doesn't appear or if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here.
Moriah Amit
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Dubin, David M. MD

its the standard traditional Ketuba text. You can find a translation online. 

monday 21 Elul 5700

hebrew names 
mordecai son of Josef, known as Basist 

the virgin
Tzippa daughter of Jakob, known as Berkowitz

baruch Aryeh son of shalom Teller
mr Moshe son of Josef (funny he calls himself mister in his signature)

david dubin
teaneck NJ

Descendants of Chaim Lebovits #romania

Moishe Miller

I am looking for decedents of Chaim Lebovits, married to Zseni Einhorn. He was born 1870 in a small town in Romania called Birsanov in Yiddish. His father may have also used the surname of Jurowics.
Would anyone know any more about this family?
In JewishGen I have found these clues:
a son of Ahron & Dina, named Chaim: 
Chajem  19-May-1870 
-, Dine
STERN, Josef
  Romanian National Archive - Baia Mare Branch - Book 1098 
Who, I think married Zseni Einhorn and had at least these two children:
Aron  14-Dec-1895 

Father is 25 ; mother is 23. Child died in Budapest in 1898 under record 1256.  Romanian National Archives - Baia Mare branch - Register Book 101 / 1371 
Hani  25-Dec-1897 

Father was men's tailor, age 27. Mother was 25.  Romanian National Archives - Baia Mare Branch. Inventory 1371, Book 103 
and he birth of Chaim's Ahron is repeated in another records book:
Ahron  14-Dec-1895 
Birsana, Romania 
EINHORNLomdil / Somdil
Bila Tserkva, Ukraine 
Sighetu Marmatiei 
Father is tailor  Romanian National Archives - Baia Mare branch - Register Book #282-A 
Thank you and stay safe,
Moishe Miller


Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391

GUREVITCH brothers #belarus

Dennis Flavell

Seeking any information on GUREVITCH brothers Sandor and Hilliard born NE of Minsk c 1870 / 80's , disapeared / missing. Parents were Isaya and Brayna.
Siblings of brothers moved to the UK, Canada, USA circa early 1900's.

I now have a new email address dennisjobflavell@... please send future emails to this address

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Jan Meisels Allen

Beit Hatfutsot will hold a global inauguration of the Museum of the Jewish People on Sunday February 21, 2021 lives streamed  at: 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST | 21:00 Israel (GMT+2)

For more information see:


Thank you to Saul Issroff for sharing the information with us.


Jan Meisels Allen

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If you searched the 1848 records on Jewishgen you should be aware that it’s incomplete, you need to look at the original documents on FamilySearch.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Divorce records #usa

Ellen Slotoroff Zyroff

There is a phone number at this site:

Ellen Zyroff

On Friday, February 19, 2021, 09:59:43 AM PST, Barbara G. <bwgarrard@...> wrote:

Does anyone know whether you can get any information about divorce records from NY City without going to NYC? My grandparents divorced over 100 years ago.  If so is there a phone number since I can't find anything online.

Barbara Garrard

ZOLOTOROV (Chernigov, Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine);
SLOTOROFF (Kiev, Ukraine)
LEVINE (Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus);
GLUSKIN (Ukraine)
LIMON (Berestechko, Volynia, Ukraine)
TESLER (Horochiv, Volynia, Ukraine)
ZYRO (Zabolativ, Ukraine) 
TAU (Zalolativ, Ukraine)
ROTH / ROT (Ataki, Bessarabia, Moldova)
BLAUSTEIN (Chernigov, Ukraine or Minsk, Belarus)

Boarders or Lodgers on Census Documents #general


On the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census my great great grandparents had a lodger staying with them. The family name was Fieldman and they lived in Londonderry at the time. On the 1901 Census a Harry Kaufman, age 28, born in Austria was living with the family. The census stated he was an Upholsterer by trade and was married. He was recorded as a "Boarder". On the 1911 Census a David Seligson, a single man, age 27, born in Russia (Vilnius), an unemployed Metal Turner who was a "Visitor" was staying with the family. The Fieldman family was recorded as being from Russia also but I now know this is from what is now Ukraine. The Fieldman family originally lived in Dublin before moving to Londonderry and then on to Belfast.
There are no other Irish records for either of the two visitors but I did find David Seligson having arrived by boat from the United States on the day of the census. He had been living with a brother Joseph Seligson in Minnesota. 
How would these visitors known who to contact? There wasn't a huge Jewish population in the area. Could they have been relations? How would I go about proving this? I don't know any relations at that level of the family other than the immediate family recorded on those census records. A Jewish register for Londonderry in 1901 had a total of 60 names including children. In 1911 it was only 32 including our visitors. They must have known who they were going to be staying with particularly David Seligson as there were only 6 families in the city at the time.
I seem to be scraping around looking for any hints I can about family relations.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
John Edwards

Max & Leba(Bresky) Wolk ancestors #lithuania

David Wolk

Seeking pre-1900 information on Max & Leba Wolk ancestors thought to have been living in or near Petkuny, Lithuania.
Thanks -   David Wolk

Re: Divorce records #usa

Barbara G.

Does anyone know whether you can get any information about divorce records from NY City without going to NYC? My grandparents divorced over 100 years ago.  If so is there a phone number since I can't find anything online.

Barbara Garrard

Please read Hebrew names on my parents' marriage certificate #names #translation #usa


   I just found the original marriage certificate for my parents and it includes their handwritten Hebrew names in several places.
However, I am having trouble deciphering some of them into understandable names.
   Can someone please look at the attached certificate and tell me their Hebrew names?
   Also, does it say in the Hebrew full text anything different or extra than what is given in English at the bottom? If so, please tell what else it says.
Larry Bassist

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