Re: Genealogical Revelations of Hungarian Jewish Families - First Volume Editor - Munkatchi #hungary


Me too would be interested in having news about that volume.
Thank you in advance.
Davide Csermely

On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 11:15 PM, <mefarkas@...> wrote:
Has anyone heard of:
Genealogical Revelations of Hungarian Jewish Families - First Volume Editor - Munkatchi 

The Magyar spelling of the Editor's name would actually be: Munkacsi.

Does anyone have a copy to look something up for me?

Thank you!
Aviyah (Mary) Farkas

Genealogy Programs #general

Fred Selss

I am looking to purchase a new Genealogy program compatible with Windows 10. I would like it to be able to make Family Trees for 8 to 10 generations with both ancestors and descendants. Making Family Group Charts is also needed. I also would like a place to record notes. And I would like it to show relationships. And be capable of putting children in order of age. And scan for duplicates and errors. A plus if it allows recording of same sex marriages. I don’t want to post on the Internet. A plus also if it can create a book from the information. Ease of use is a must. Can anyone recommend one they are happy with. Please reply privately. Thanks
Fred Seiss

Re: How to make a payment to a Ukrainian Archive? #records #ukraine #translation

alan moskowitz

I had the same issue with your file  - it is corrupted.   Try detaching it again from the email the archive sent you.  If that does not work, ask them to resend it.   Also, in response to someone's comment about using Transferwise, I had sent the invoice to them and their response is that they cannot transfer to businesses - only to individuals.  They provided no other guidance.  

alan moskowitz

Seeking Rose GORDON # general #ukraine

sharon yampell

With all of the posts about the GORDON last name, I again would like to see if anyone can help me find my great grandmother’s sister.  Her name was Rose POVOLTZKY (or any other reasonable permutation) and she married a man with the last name of GORDON.  I do not know anything else about her; like the year she was born or her husband’s first name, if she had children or even if she came to the United States from Odessa.  A few of the cousins think she may have lived in Coney Island or somewhere else in Brooklyn.  There are so many Rose GORDONS!


She is mentioned in brother Louis Powell’s obituary in Philadelphia in .1949.  As of this writing, I do not know if there were other children.  I have the following  children of Joseph and (possibly) Rachael Povolotzky:  Feige (my great grandmother Fanny born in about 1878). Rose, Jonas (John born in 1883), Louis, (1888) and Dora (about 1886)…


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, New Jersey


Re: DNA Matches - Most CentiMorgans or Largest Segment? #dna #education #poland #ukraine #galicia

Moishe Miller

You ask an excellent question about the size of a single large cM match. I would always recommend that you consult the Shared cM Project to get a sense of the potential range for your match-size. It is at

Putting in 35cM to the "filter", it shows a 51% likelihood of between 4c1r to 8c or even further back. An 8c requires that you can both trace back to all your 10th generation ancestry, all lines. Highly unlikely that even one of you has such a complete tree. A 4c1r relationship is only slightly better; one of you needs to know all lines to the 7th generation and the other to the 6th.

My recommendation is to focus on doing the as much of the paper-trail to have at least all 8 g-gp's with surnames and better, all 16 gg-gp's. For the distant matches, you really need to get to at least gggg-gp's (all 64 of them), if you want to just use surname to identify a 5c match. Or, Once at all 16 gg-gp's, you can try to use shared-matches and triangulation in order to at least narrow down the part of your family pedigree the 35cM match relates to.

You might also review Dana Leed's "Leeds Method". See:

Good luck and stay safe,

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391

Re: Seeking help to locate Prussia ancestor’s family town 1830s #germany #poland

Archange Bousquet

Hi Carrielynn,

We had similar questions about an ancestor's place of origin in Europe. One thing that brought a little clarity was reading the instructions given to the US Census takers for the years in question. It has been a while but I recall that they were told to record the place of origin as the current name of the political state of the place at the date the census was taken not what it may have been when the ancestor was born or emigrated. I viewed these instuctions on Ancestry but they are probably available for free elsewhere.
Best wishes,
Jeanne (Lurie)lurierj@...

Re: Given name GELCHON ? #names


My guess would be it's an error in transcribing or deciphering what was meant to be Gershon.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: Second try: How do I make a payment to a Ukrainian Archive? #ukraine #translation


If there are no Russian/Ukrainian  speakers in your community then why don’t you post it on Jewishgen’s viewmate or the Facebook translation group Genealogical Translations? How to cheaply transfer the money was answered in your first post.

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta, Georgia

A letter from mayor of town in Moldova - Volontirovka #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

Hello everybody,

It looks that JewishGen is not only looked by Jews, but not Jews too.  I received an email from the mayor of a town in Republic of Moldova.
He looked up a Cemetery report for town of Volontiri (Volontirovka) we added to JOWBR in 2019!   This is not the first time I got emails from local officials about the cemeteries.

Here is the full Mayor letter:

Dear Mr. Yefim Kogan,


I am the mayor of Volintiri (Volontirovka, Stefan Voda, Republic of Moldova).

Recently I have found, by chance, your report about the Cemetery of Volintiri written in 2019.

Unfortunately during Soviet Union period it was destroyed and only some stones are left as you have mentioned in your paper. It is a pity, because human beings deserve to be respected even after death despite their nationality and religion. 

If it is possible could you help me find some funds to arrange a commemorative stone and a bench in that place, to honor the people buried in this cemetery. 


Kind regards,


Igor Hincu



Igor Hîncu

Primarul s.Volintiri

r. Ștefan Vodă

Republica Moldova


I am interested to hear your opinions about this letter and of how to proceed.
I personally feel very much connected to every such village, and to their Jewish past.  I especially interested to hear people who live in Moldova.  I know that Rabbi of Kishinev main synagogue is reading these messages.  Please respond to everybody or privately.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Leader and Coordinator

Re: Shetls information and research #general

Steven Turner

Good for you putting your family history in writing for your grandchildren. If you want to research Galician shtetls Gesher Galicia is the place to go.

Re: Original personal name for USA Nettie #general


My grandmother's name was Nettie. She was born Necha. Necha was a fairly common Yiddish name. I am sure that it was derived from the Hebrew name Nechama.
Karen Rothaus Rosenthal
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Re: Volochysk/Podvolochisk #records

Dan Oren

Thank you to Mark Halpern for reminding me about JRI-Poland's having indexed all the available AGAD archives for Podvolochisk!
Dan A. Oren

Re: Kudrynce, Galicia #galicia

Steven Turner

Have you tried Gesher Galicia?

Re: German marriages held in London in 1905???? #general

Dan Ruby

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 07:49 AM, msalzbank wrote:
Does anyone know a reason why someone, living in Berlin circa 1905
would have left Berlin **just** to marry in London? Both husband and wife
were living in Berlin and continued to live in Berlin after the wedding.
I have this same puzzle: two different family members from Berlin who married in London in 1908 and 1911, then returned to Germany. Why? Both marriages involved Galician Jews who had settled in Berlin. Did Germany require citizenship obtain a marriage license? How prevalent was the practice of traveling to London to marry?

Dan Ruby

Re: Searching GORDON family, Libau -> Londonderry, Ireland c1884 #latvia #general #courland

Arlene Beare

Your grandfather was born in Liepaja formerly Libau in Latvia.  I checked the Internal Passsports handed in to the Riga Police 1919-1940 for Liepaja.   Do not be put off by the dates. Your family left long before that time so you may think there is no useful information. Check the links I am sending and if you feel they may be family and would like me to translate what is on the documents you can email me.  Also remember that a propos of all the other responses our ancestors in Latvia often had ancestors in Lithuania. The place of origin of the family may be somewhere other than Liepaja.even somewhere else in Latvia. 

Gordin Basje maiden name Faingold
Gordon Jete  maiden name Preise
Gordon Elja  Father Mordche-David
Gordon Leo

Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvia Research Division

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Re: Volochysk/Podvolochisk #records

Dan Oren

How about Podvolochisk records? I can't find any indexed in the Kremenets District Research Group's excellent site. Does anyone have useful suggestions for finding records for that town (beyond Gesher Galicia or JewishGen main indexes)?
Thank you.
Dan A. Oren
Connecticut USA
Researching: FLEISHFARB from Podvolochisk, Ukraine and KORNBLÜTH from Zbarazh, Ukraine

Re: Seeking help to locate Prussia ancestor’s family town 1830s #germany #poland

Jill Whitehead

Would this be East or West Prussia? Those who came from the Suwalki Lomza Guernias in NE Poland, on the borders with Konigsberg (now Russian Kaliningrad) often said they came from Prussia rather than Poland in UK records. This area had been part of East Prussia in the late 18th and early 19th century until Napoleon established the Duchy of Poland. It then became part of Russian Poland during most of the 19th century, and then the German empire again during WW1 and WW2. You have to look at the timescale and which empire was in charge at the time. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK 

Re: German marriages held in London in 1905???? #general

Dan Ruby

Hello Michael. Did you ever learn more about this? I have the same puzzle. Two of my family members from Berlin married in London in 1908 and 1911. I obtained marriage certificate for one of them. They were listed at an address in Whitechapel and married at the Register Office without a Jewish ceremony. Both marriages were part of a double marriage with another Berlin couple who witnessed for each other. Everyone returned to Berlin afterwards.

You posted many years ago. I hope you are still active.

Dan Ruby
Oakland CA

Re: passenger lists from poland to london 1880s #poland #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

Dr Nick Evans at Hull University is the big expert on trans Baltic seawards migration across the Baltic, going to Hull and later Grimsby . 

Based on where my great grandparents ended up, three arrived via Hull during 1865 to 1875 and one set arrived at Leith (Edinburgh) in waves between 1867 and 1873, mostly in 1870. As these were "early arrivals" likely from Konigsberg or Libau, they probably came by sailing ship, as steamships were not yet being used. Certainly stories abound about being terribly seasick (on my one sea trip across to the Baltic countries I was seasick in a modern boat going across the North Sea). 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK 

Re: Surnames #general

Rodney Eisfelder

Karen said:
    Thank you. I am interested in how to determine the details of the earlier names of my relatives in Germany .
Your query is quite general. Start by looking up the names in Menk's "Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames".
This will hint at the towns where the surname came from. Pages 3&4 of the book give the dates when surnames were mandated in various parts of Germany. Pages 106 and following give references to many of the source documents.

To give one example that you mention, Tiktin may have been used in Breslau as early as 1737, which makes it quite an early Ashkenasi surname. But, as a toponym (from the Polish town of Tykocin), it may have been adopted by several unrelated families at different times in different places.

In a previous posting (from October 2020), I gave a link to a publication listing 3755 Jewish name adoptions from Silesia, dating from 1814. However, page 3 of Menk's book makes clear that the district around Breslau took surnames in the 1790s, so the surname Tiktin does not appear in the 1814 list.

I hope this helps a bit,
Rodney Eisfelder,
Melbourne Australia

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