Chelmno - Fate of Buchbinder Family (6 Members) #lodz #poland


My name is: Lisa N. Weinstock Smith
How can I find information on those transported by train from Lodz to Chelmno on March 24, 1942?

Re: Old lineages #general

michele shari

Adam Cherson has used extensive DNA testing through Y DNA from FTDNA and traced my Farkas family, of which the men are cohanim back to several rabbinical lines and Babylonian gaonim. Although I have to catch up on the latest findings it is quite extensive research and it is ongoing through a group on FTDNA. I had my uncle's Y DNA tested and also signed up for any groups on FTDNA for contact. Adam contacted me to join his research and sends regular updates. His knowledge is amazing and he has helped me sort out many things on my tree. The only thing I had to do was upgrade my uncle's Y DNA testing which I decided to upgrade to the Y 700 (which I found on a great sale) but there were less expensive options. It is amazing what they can find on DNA from medicine to genealogy!
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)
Researching Farkas, Taiszig, Izsak from Romania and Hungary; Stauber, Davidovici, Herstik, Teszler from Romania

Re: Genealogy Programs #general

Reuven Mohr

I gave up on FTM, which I had purchased, since I could not get used to it.

I have been using 'my heritage family tree builder' from the free download instead. At times I had a subscription to the site, but I stopped it. Now I just use the program with my files which are only saved on my PC. When I open the program after it was closed, I get asked if I want to 'sync with family site'. I just dismiss the sugestion, and as far as I understand, there is no leaking of information. I hope I'm right.
Currently I don't see any reason to sync with the on-line site, but the icon is there and I could click it any time. I would not feel sure that a tree would be all private, once you sync with myheritage.

Reuven Mohr

Re: Yiddish/ Hebrew Name equivalent of Hungarian/ Romanian names #names #hungary #romania

michele shari

Hi Rachel,
Ferencz in my family was Ze'ev in Hebrew (which means wolf) and Wolf in Yiddish and Hungarian. One cousin/uncle that I remember from childhood I called "feribachi", Uncle Feri so Feri was either a nickname for Ferencz or some version of it. Another Ferencz is Tzvi Hersh. These names were primarily from my Farkas side who were from Transylvania and Hungary.
As for Sari it could also be Sure or Szure. 
For Betti perhaps Bracha in Hebrew.
BTW, I have several Maliks in my tree mostly connected to Stauber, Stober, Shtauber, Stojber, etc. And a lot of my cousins did DNA. 
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Original personal name for USA Nettie #general

Jill Whitehead

I have family members who were called Asnah (Nessie) and Henrietta (Hetty) who were also known as Nettie and other things at various times. I have also come across Jeannette too shortening to Nettie. Longer names tend to be shortened and shorter names tend to be lengthened in nick- names.

One of my great grandmothers, Hadassah, was also known as Basha, Bertha, Betsy, etc. Another of my great grandmothers, also called Hadassah, was known as Ada. Her granddaughter had the middle name Esther as I understand Hadassah and Esther are interchangeable.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Genealogical Revelations of Hungarian Jewish Families - First Volume Editor - Munkatchi #hungary

Susanna Vendel

Can it be the book: "How it happened: Documenting the Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry" by Ernö Munkacsi ?
ISBN 978-0773555129
Susanna Vendel
Stockholm, Sweden
Researching: Weisz (Salonta, Oradea), Wagner (Sighetu Marmatiei)
Rössler (Nagybecskerek, Budapest)

Re: Old lineages #general

Richard Cooper

I believe Moshe Shaltiel-Gracian has traced the SHALTIEL family back 2,000 years to contemporaries of Jesus,
Ric Cooper
Midhurst, UK

Re: Marriages in London #germany #unitedkingdom

Eleanor Lind

Name looks like Edwards to me. Registrar might well not be a Jew.
Eleanor Platt Lind
London UK

Re: Marriages in London #germany #unitedkingdom


Dan could you please confirm the name of the Registrar who signed the form at the bottom. It looks like J Schawacks. An unusual name in UK.
My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Rosa Schuwachs but she arrived in London in 1906 from Vitebsk and immediately married my gfather Barnett Cohen.

Alan Cohen

Were there contacts between JOINT DISTRIBUTION COMMITEE and UNRRAH following WW2 #germany #general


An uncle of mine worked for the UNRRAH in Germany from 1945 to 1948. I would like to find out if he ever could have come in contact with Claire SCHUR.
Ron Peeters

Re: How to find record that states "Lewin 'Birth Records'" see enclosed pdf #general #unitedkingdom


Hi Julia,

The link to the file you sent which offers a wealth of information of what are the first 148 pages of what looks like an enourmously comprehensive overview. Too bad, I didnot find the data I am looking for.  My interest goes out to the descendants of 
Meyer LEVIN who arrived in London early 1800's and was married to Esther Nathan.
Thanks for your help,
Ron Peeters

Old lineages #general

john weiss

Someone claimed that Jews can't trace their lineage further back than their grandfather. I know that's ridiculous, but i was wondering if there are any reliable genealogies going back much further. I heard about the Lurie book, but that's only to the 13th century. Any well-supported older lineages?

John Weiss

Re: Genealogy Programs #general

Avi Markovitz

You should try Gramps, it is free ...
Avi Markovits

Re: ViewMate translation request - Polish - New York #translation

Note to editors:   this is the only link that is working to respond to a posting.  Please advise.

You should not assume that just because someone added a name to a Rowno memorial in a New York cemetery, that they lived in NY.  Landsmen
kept in touch.  Have you checked for a Yizkor book for Rowno to find other family names?  If you go to (a free web site)  you will find that an Ide Saginur from Rowno, sailing from Latvia, arrived in NYC in 1913. His naturlaization card in 1922 is in Michigan and lists alternate names of Ide Liev, Jude and Louis, which was apparently the name he was using in the US - and posibly the full name of Louis Saginaw.   There are also many listings for Saginur on Ancestry - in the US, many in Canada, across the US, and refugee listing, including Brazil.  It would require some research, but you could probably track down present day family members.   
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: German marriages held in London in 1905? #unitedkingdom #germany

This is mostinteresting, because we also have an unexplained marriage involving Berlin. My husband's grandparents were students at the University in Berlin in 1897. They had moved from Warsaw. We have a marriage announcement card that says that they were married in Belin in June 1897.  We have an official wedding license from Geneva Switzerland with a date of September 8, 1897.  We have been unable to figure this out.  Any ideas?  
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: Genealogical Revelations of Hungarian Jewish Families - First Volume Editor - Munkatchi #hungary

Larry Briggs

I would be very interested to learn more about this work. Is it specific to periods, regions, etc. 

Thank you.

Larry Briggs

Early Jewish Cemeteries in New Haven? #usa

Peter Cohen

If someone died in New Haven in the 1890s or early 1900s, what Jewish cemeteries were available for their burial?
Peter Cohen

Re: Seeking help to locate Prussia ancestor’s family town 1830s #germany #poland

David Levine

This might help:
  • "Germany" as in the country (Deutsches Reich) was not created until the unification in 1871, after the Franco-Prussian war
  • Before 1871, and after 1814, "Germany" referred to the area of independent countries in that geographical space
  • Before 1814, "Germany" referred to the lands of the Holy Roman Empire including what was the territories that later were the "Austrian" part of the Austro-Hungarian empire (as opposed to the Hungarian part)
  • In the 19th century, Prussia was the largest German state by far. Almost all of northern "Germany" from France in the West to Russia in the east was part of the Kingdom of Prussia
  • Between the 1770s and 1793, Prussia also took a part of Poland in the partition
  • See: for a map
1860 PreuBen   -> He came from Prussia the country
1863-65 Germany  --> here they used the geographical term
1870 Prussia -->  Still state of Prussia
1880 Poland  -> This is either a mistake (because he was Jewish and the enumerator assumed; or, this is valuable information in that your ancestor is saying he came from the part of Prussia taken from Poland in the partition
1900-1915 Germany  ---> The correct post-1871 unification term for Germany is used here

David Levine
San Francisco, CA, USA

Re: How to find record that states "Lewin 'Birth Records'" see enclosed pdf #general #unitedkingdom

Julia Trainor

This might help?
Židovská náboženská obec Mikulov, Rejstřík (z roku 1913) k matrikám, NOZ 1762 - 1912, I. část: narození, N 1762 - 1912, písmena A - I | Jewish Museum Collections

Julia Trainor
Canberra, Australia
Researching in Austrian Czech lands:   Auspitzer, Deutsch, Fessler, Glesinger, Gottlieb, Schmidl, Weingarten

English translation of Robert Ehrman's book about Strakonice, CZ (Bohemia) #translation


Hello group,
I am looking for an English translation of Robert Ehrman's book about Strakonice, CZ (Bohemia) that was recommended. Does anyone know where I can find an English copy?
Thanks in advance,
Sheldon J. Reber
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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