Re: How Weird Are We? #general

Marjorie Geiser

Something Diane Jacobs said sparked a memory similar to something she said. When I started this journey of discovery, I had two conversations with my aunt before she passed away. The first, I asked her how many siblings my grandfather had. She didn't know. But she thought it was two brothers. And MAYBE one was named Max.

The second, and last conversation, I was able to tell her that her father had FOUR siblings! She was amazed. I remember she just kept saying, "four siblings!"

Margie Geiser


Re: Suggestion for a Jewish name for Sevek #poland #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

In hebrew zevik is a common nickname for z'ev (Wolf).
Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Translation help, please! Yiddish? #translation

Janice Brockman

Thank you very much for this translation.  

Knowing that Mechel's Jahrzeit is on this list - indicates that YES - you are correct - it must have been written by his widow!!

Thanks again -
Janice Brockman
Easton, MA

Re: Additional Kiev Jewish metrical books posted to Ukrainian Archives website #ukraine #russia


Dear Ted,

This is phenomenal! Thank you so  much for posting the books. Any chance of locating Kiev marriage registries from 1896 and 1897? Or at least point me toward them. The marriage index book finally pinpointed my great-grandparents' year of marriage.

One more question: is it possible that more than one Jewish registry existed in Kiev? I know for a fact that both sides of my grandparents' families were born in Kiev, but found only a couple of the children, even knowing exact birthdays.

Really appreciate your work.

Mikhailina Karina

Re: Genealogical Revelations of Hungarian Jewish Families - First Volume Editor - Munkatchi #hungary

Theo Rafael

To all interested, the pdf is freely available online, it is marked as public domain and can be downloaded here (156 MB):
I don't understand Hungarian but I glanced at the TOC and couldn't find relevant names or towns for my own genealogy purposes, it seems to focus on several specific personalities or families.

Theo Rafael

Re: Identifying where an ancestor is from #russia #ukraine #romania


  • Alan, you mention the Romanian quota. This is a whole aspect of the geography game that I am aware of but really have paid no attention to. Probably I am not the only one. When we read today about  towns sitting in one place while the national borders shift around them it is sort of amusing, but for the immigrants it could make all the difference if one quota was open and another one was not, yes?

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

Re: Help! Hitting brick walls due to NYC record restrictions #records #usa


You basically need to be inside a Family History Library on one of their computers to see the images from those records for which FamilySearch has scans. FamilySearch has done a good job of transcriptions on many of those, but it is still nothing like seeing the image.The FHL centers have been closed for nearly a year — I suspect many of us are awaiting their doors to reopen! I have posted over 1,200 NYC marriage documents attached to people on my Ancestry tree, and many hundreds of births and deaths. More will be added once those doors allow the public in. I do hope that Reclaim the Records helps free the NYC vital records.
Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2021 09:49:28 EST 

Hitting brick walls with my NY family ancestors. Does anyone know if there is any way to get NYC vital records of ancestors without paying for them? I hate to pay for records if I'm not even sure I have the right person. Transcriptions are sometimes inaccurate and it helps to view the actual record. It used to be that you could view the images at a Family History Center but I noticed that now that  is saying "no image available" for the same record that used to say "to view these images do one of the following: Access the site at a family history center." Some of the death record indexes are only giving name, death date and place which is not too helpful. Any other suggestions for resources?  I've been able to obtain some photos of headstones which have helped with some ancestors but lately have not had any responses from findagrave requests.


Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

Re: How Weird Are We? #general


Amen to everything you wrote, Diane Jacobs! I found my grandfather's birth registry and told my mom his real name. Likewise, corrected and corroborated some stories with documents. Learned a lot of history about the time period, including fascinating information gleaned from death registries and wedding announcements. Scrolling through thousands of beautifully scripted names and places has been meditative, while acknowledging and respecting these dead souls of our ancestors.

Mikhailina Karina
Alexandria, Virginia

Great Synagogue London marriage record Solomon Levy to Anne Levy 1860 #unitedkingdom #records


I'm looking for the Great Synagogue, London, marriage record for my GG grandparents.
Solomon Levy married Ann Levy on 27th June 1860 in the Great Synagogue.
Yes, her maiden name was Levy and her husband's surname was Levy - at that time.
His had been Zajac and later became Abrahams.

I'm trying to find out who their parents were, in particular Ann's mother, as the likely candidates
don't fit with the information that I know.
Full details would be helpful - including witnesses.

Many thanks!
Shoshanah Glickman
Gateshead, UK

question about requesting records from the Polish archives and Polish privacy laws #poland

Lina Goldberg

I was searching and found a listing of a new record for my very unique family name, MIEDZIANOGORA. I ordered it from the archive, and just got an email from the archive asking what my purpose in ordering it was, and if it was genealogical, what my relationship was to the people involved. Now these records are no longer listed on and the pages they were on returned an error message. 
The archive index for this record said: Dawid FASZCZAK for confirmation of the death of Józef Miedzianagore Call number 12/927/0/2/1/417 Dates 1948 - 1948 State Archives State Archives in Katowice Team Court of the Town in Dąbrowa Górnicza
Józef Miedzianagora was a toddler, and both he and his parents died in the Holocaust. He was their only child. He was my second cousin twice removed (and David Faszczak was his grandfather). 
I'm not 100% certain of Polish privacy laws, but I have read that there's a 100-year-ban releasing many records except to direct family (parents, siblings, and children). However, I have requested Holocaust-era records from the Radom archive and got them without an issue. So is this a correct interpretation of Polish privacy laws by the archive? Are Holocaust-era records really closed for 100 years if the subject didn't have children to request the record?

Lina Goldberg

Re: Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk - an enquiry regarding the 1900 census conducted in the city by the Austro-Hungarians #galicia #ukraine

alan moskowitz

Do you have a link to those census documents?  They appear to be interesting and I had not heard of them.
Alan Moskowitz

Re: Who was Cousin Jossel A in Philadelphia? #usa

marlene finkelstein

Try looking at the 1910 census for the people living at the address in Philadelphia that is given for Jossel. I can't make out anything but 207 C ??? but hopefully someone more familiar with the streets of Philadelphia can help you. The address that is, not the Bruce Springsteen song!

Marlene Finkelstein

Re: Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk - an enquiry regarding the 1900 census conducted in the city by the Austro-Hungarians #galicia #ukraine

Paul Gottlieb

Dear Avi,
Apologies for not answering your question, but I was not aware of that 1939 census. My aunt (my father's sister) and her family lived in Stanislawow at that time. She and her husband were killed in 1942, but her young son miraculously survived and ultimately escaped to Israel. Is the 1939 census searchable, and if so, what is the best site or way to view it. Many thanks for your assistance.
Paul Gottlieb
New York City

Re: Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk - an enquiry regarding the 1900 census conducted in the city by the Austro-Hungarians #galicia #ukraine

Yariv Timna <ytimna@...>

Hello Avi
I can't help you with your question, but I wonder where can I find this census online, as I am also searching this city.
Yariv Timna - Israel

Re: How Weird Are We? #general

Diane Jacobs

I prefer to think of us all as just addicts to this wonderful hobby which has helped me
find many relatives and unrelated friends.
I was even able to tell my parents things they
never knew about their extended families, to
correct or corroborate stories, and for me to to continue my research during this pandemic 
and to be happy while confined at home. This has led to major brick walls brought down during this past year with the help of one person who showed me a different way of thinking about my great grandfather’s original
surname and the wonderful All Lithuanian
Database that for 20 years hadn’t revealed
its secrets to me until now.

I too was told very little of my family here and in Russia but with the little I knew I have been 
able to amass a huge family tree for myself,
my husband and my 2 daughter in laws.

I am the only one in my family doing this work
and I am happy every day for it.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset NJ  and Delray Beach Fl

On Mar 7, 2021, at 2:29 AM, micheleshari@... wrote:

We are just fine in our "weirdness". I am blessed to have made wonderful friends via trees and DNA, friends that I have become close to and we talk and even visit.
When I was young my grandmother and grandfather (Hungarian/Romanian) showed me pictures, told me names of my extended family, and told me stores about them. Just enough to keep me interested but didn't tell me about then Holocaust and its impact on our family until I was older. 
My great uncle lost his young wife and 2 children, came here with his youngest brother, after surviving and they were "married off" by my grandmother (his older sister) and their brother in law (my grandfather) who were like parents to them. I knew about him losing his young children but his biological sons from his second marriage didn't and I had to tell them. I have spent many hours trying to find what happened to these 2 children.
My grandparents always asked me to find their family. As the oldest grandchild (and the only weird one interested in genealogy) I have done this to honor them and to add the names of those that died and were killed to my yizkor list. 
I have also met many people along the way to have helped me in my records search and piecing together my family tree (Thanks Beth Long, Adam Cherson and Iva) who gave me insight into things that were beyond what I could find and could know.
Aren't we an amazing group! 
Thank you to all my fellow weird ones out there. Without you all we wouldn't be so normal!
I made my close friend down the block so crazy with my genealogy quest and nudging her to get tested bc her father was from the same area as my family...yup, 3rd cousins but we just don't know how!
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY like so many others!)
Researching Stauber, Shtauber, Stober, Stojber, Stouber, Davidovici, Fischman (all Viseu and surrounding towns in Romania) Teszler, Hershtik, Farkas (Marghita, Carei, Tasnad, Cluj in Transylvania), Ptashnik, Potashnik, Kaufman, Reznick, Rosen (Belarus and Russia).

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Prison records in Soviet union #russia


My both grandfathers were in prison in ussr  for several years from trump up charges one in 1937 and one in 1941.
They both released and equited but nobody spoke about the reasons or where they were.
Does Anyone has a knowledge of any prison records for this period?

Thank you

Val Ginzburg 

Help! Hitting brick walls due to NYC record restrictions #records #usa


Hitting brick walls with my NY family ancestors. Does anyone know if there is any way to get NYC vital records of ancestors without paying for them? I hate to pay for records if I'm not even sure I have the right person. Transcriptions are sometimes inaccurate and it helps to view the actual record. It used to be that you could view the images at a Family History Center but I noticed that now that  is saying "no image available" for the same record that used to say "to view these images do one of the following: Access the site at a family history center." Some of the death record indexes are only giving name, death date and place which is not too helpful. Any other suggestions for resources?  I've been able to obtain some photos of headstones which have helped with some ancestors but lately have not had any responses from findagrave requests.

Sue Kahn

Re: Who was Cousin Jossel A in Philadelphia? #usa

Barbara Zimmer

What was your grandmother's name?  I'd like to look at the original manifest.  

Have you tried to figure out the address in Philadelphia?  207 ?? Street. 

Barbara Zimmer

Norfolk VA 

Re: Russian military records #records #russia


Hi Eduardo,

Not a long ago I'm translated for a women from England a military order of surrender of the Russian Kwantung Fortified Region army to Japanese army from
December 21, 1904. May by you will be interested to see this document?

 It is in Russian and an English:

See my translation:

In Russian:



21 декабря 1904 года.

Приказ по Квантунскому укрепленному району за номером 194.

Геройские защитники Порт-Артура.

20 января сего года Порт-Артур впервые был потрясён выстрелами неприятеля: это миноносцы атаковали нашу екскадру стоявшую на рейде.  С тех пор прошло 11 месяцев.  Сначала бомбардировки были с моря, а потом уже, с начала мая, на суше.  Геройская оборона Кинжовской позиции получила справедливую заслуженную оценку.  После отступления с Кинжовской позиции, начались знаменитые бои на передовой и мы не знали чему удивляться, или упорству или настойчивости противника, сосредоточившего против нас большое превосходство в силах, особенно в артилерии, или нашей необыкновенной отваге и храбрости, а также умения стрелять нашей полевой артилерии.  Позиции у Суайсангу, Талинго, Юпилаза, Инчензы, высот 173-63-86 зеленых гор навсегда останутся в памяти нас, участников обороны и как погибали на Юпилазе и других позициях.  Начиная с середины мая и до конца июля противник мог обстреливать ветки крепости.  В приказе невозможно показать всех героойских подвигов совершенных с 26 января до сего времени, когда противник подошел к крепости, к нашим передовым позициям Догушан, Сингушан, Угловая.  Кумиринский, водопроводные #1 и #2 редуты долго сдерживали противника перед крепостью.  А высокая гора?  Сколько там было геройства!  Иностранцы уже в сентябре диву давались как мы там держимся не получая ничего извне.  Да действительно, это было беспримерное дело.  Громадное число убитых и умерших указывает на то упорство, которое проявили войска и на тот необычный, нечеловеческий труд, которое вы несли, славные войны и могли вынести.  11 бомб, этот небывалый актер войны, внес страшные разрушения, или лучше сказать, уничтожение всего.  Ещё недавно, 2-го декабря, наш генерал-майор Кондратенко с восьми славными офицерами, были убиты наповал разрывами подобных бомб, разорвавшихся в соседних казематах 2-го сорта.  Ни какие укрытия и преграды не спасают от 15-18 пудовых бомб.  Все наши госпиталя и больницы были растрелены.  Суда эскадры, после занятия Высокой горы, тоже были растреляны.  Бетон на фортах и орудия тоже были разбиты.  Снаряды были уничтожены.  Кроме всего цинга, неумолимый и беспощадный враг.  При всем том, если ваша храбрость, мужество и терпение не имеет предел, то всему есть предел и к сопротивлению тоже.  По мере сближения неприятель подводил батареи и, наконец, Порт Артур был окружен кольцом и начались штурмы в сентябре, октябре, ноябре и декабре.  Штурмы эти не имеет ничего похожего во всей военной истории.  В этих штурмах, защитники стояли грудью и стояли скалой, была разбита многочисленная армия врага.  Пользуясь превосходством врага на самых близких растояниях, артилерия наносила нам всегда огромный вред.  На 27 августа, в обороне, из 40-ка тысяч солдат остолось только 9 тысяч, да и то полубольных и раненых.  При таких обстоятельствах и взятием противником главного форта #3 укрепления #3, китайской стены Куропаткинского люнета батарей "Б" почти всего восточного фронта и на западном до Ляоташана, продолжать оборону значило бы подвергать войска ежедневному убийству.  Войска наши, сохранение коих есть длог всякого начальника, который с полным прискорбием в душе, но и с полным убеждением, что исполняет священный долг, решился прекратить борьбу и установить наилучшие условия для оставления крепости, которая теперь уже в связи с потоплением судов эскадры, не имеет важного значения и не является убежищем, так как флота уже нет.  Второе важное значение, оттянуть силы неприятеля от главной армии, мы выполнили это, уничтожив более100 тысяч войск неприятеля.  я, с сокрушением в сердце, но и с полнейшим убеждением, что исполняю долг перед царем и отечеством решил очистить крепость.  Славные герои также не хотели оставлять крепость, но я решил это сделать, убедившись, что дальнейшее сопротивление приведет к бесполезным потерям войнов, дравшихся со славой.  С 26-го января великий государь наш и дорогая родина не будут судить нас.  Дела наши известны всему миру и все восхищались ими.  Беру на себя смелость, как генерал-адъютант его величества, благодорить вас от имени государя императора за вашу беспримерную храбрость и беспримерные труды за все время тяжелой осады, вырвавшей из строя более 3/4 защитников.  С чувством благоговения, осенив себя крестным знамением, помянем славные имена доблестных защитников на полях брани, за веру, царя и отечество, живот свой положивших, начиная от генералов до рядовых бойцов.  Великое спасибо вам дорогие храбрые товарищи за все содеянное.  Долгом почитаю принести доблесным начальникам вашим, моим сотрудникам в боевых делах.  Благодарю беззаветных труженников: врачей, ветеринаров, красный крест и сестер.  Благодарю всех тех, кто оказывал обороне услуги: велосипедистов, извощиков и других.  Объявляю заслуженную благодарность оставшимся в живых и достойным начальникам вашим, почтем память боевых товарищей со славой и честью во всех боях и битвах всей кровопролитной  компании.  Да ниспошлет господь мир параху их, а память о них вечно будет жить в сердцах благодарного потомства.  Условия передачи будут объявлены в приказе ныне и впредь, до возвращения на родину, вы поведете себя, как достойным войнам подлежит и в годину нашего тяжелого испытания будете молиться господу и не омрачите славного своего имени ни каким недостойным поступком, помня, что на вас смотрит царь, Россия и держава.  Все чтобы знали и видели, что русские войны тверды и в счастье и в тяжелом богом посылаемом испытании.

За #985

Так как условия капитуляции заключены, то для передачи фортов японцам предписываю исполнить следующее:

1. Завтра, к 9-и часам утра должны быть выведены из гарнизонных фортов, батарей и укреплений Лунхе и укреплений #5 и #7, пехота, скоростная артилерия в запряжках, прислуга крепостных и прочих орудий.

2. Остаётся для передачи, комендант с двумя нижними чинами.

3. После освобождения указанных фортов, морские команды отделить от сухопутных войск и тот час передать их в ведение морского начальства по принадлежности.

4. Начальники участков и фортов обязаны наблюдать за полнейшим порядком всего изложенного.

5. Казачья сотня и затем охотническая конная команда под общим началством генерального штаба капитана Романовского, тот час занимают заставы в новом и старом городах заставы и следят за соблюдением всех установлений и за полным порядком в городе и недопущений безобразия, помня, что каждый безобразный поступок какого-то негдяя на улицах может вызвать истребление больных и раненных.

6. Приведение в исполнение всего этого возлагаю на коменданта крепости.  В помощь ему назначается начальник 7-ой В.С.С дивизии Генерал-Майор Надеин.

7. Прошу генералов и адмиралов и командира экипажа усилить наблюдение за морскими командами, назначая для этого офицеров c патрулями.  Необходимо не допускать беспорядков.

8. Комендатом города и полицейским осуществлять строжайший надзор за порядком.

9. Горнизон из освобожденных фортов, отвести в казармы и никуда не расходиться.

Первый из этих приказов прочитать перед сбором нижних чинов.  Прошу ротных командиров побеседовать с людьми о содержании приказов, объяснив нижним чинам, что крепость своё назначение выполнила и, следовательно, каждый из нас выполнил свой долг Присяге.  Нам остаётся только благодарить нашего главного Генерал-Адъютанта Стеселя за то, что он признал дальнейшую борьбу бесполезную, решился на оставление крепости, чтобы спасти нашу жизнь, в виду того она не спасла бы крепость от падения.  Слишком сильно у нас стала развиваться цинга, вырывая массу людей из строя, не имевшую ни от куда пополнения, когда как противник своевременно пополняя свои потери и постоянно получал подкрепления.  Бесконечно жаль тех, кто пал или был искалечен защищая крепость, но война без жерв невозможна, что приносит нам утешение и что жертвы войны намечаются божеским предопределением. По последнему приглашению нашего глубокоуважаемого высшего начальника, помолимся об упокоении душ соратников наших павших на полях сражений или умерших от ран, чтобы бог послал раненым и больным утешение от исполненного долга.  Затем я обращаюсь к вам, дорогие мои солдаты и любезные офицеры, осавшиеся в живых.  В своё время я объявлял в приказах о беззаветной вашей борьбе за крепость.  Мне только остаётся поблагодарить вас за службу на пользу родине, честь полку и на радость царю.  По приказанию начальника района ротными командирами выдать наличными нижним чинам своих рот не включая командированных, по два рубля на человека наличными и считать только людей, находящихся в полку, не щитая госпитальных больных, командированных и арестованных.  Деньги израсходовать из авансов ротных командиров с тем, чтобы расходы ыли бы возвращены по представлении раздаточных списков.  Списки же представить не позже 23-го числа. Теперь, после одиннадцатимесячной борьбы за крепость, нам приходится начинать мирную жизнь да еще среди тех, с которыми вели бирьбу.  Покажем же себя, а через это и свою родину, достойными такого уважения, как и в бою.  Прошу ротных командиров внушить нижним чинам, что малейшее нарушение порядка, в особенности высывающее поведение в отношении японцев, может повлечь ужастные последствия.  Солдаты должны понимать это.  Подписал это: начальник Квантунского укрепленного района Генерал-Адъютант Стесель


Приказ по войскам Квантунского укрепленного района, Генерал-Адъютанта Стеселя.

Приказ по войскам Квантунского укрепленного района от 24-го августа за #572.  Сего дня, 23-го августа я имел счастье получить следующую телеграмму: Ляоянь, 5-го августа, Порт-Артур, Генерал-Адъютанту Стеселю.  Мною получено от государя следующего содержания: Командующему Квантунской армией Генерал-Адъютанту Стеселю.  В воздоянии доблести и мужества Порт-Артуровского гарнизона я повел считать службу чинов военного и морского ведомства защищающих Порт-Артур, месяц за год, начиная с 1-го мая до конца осады.  Вас награждаю кавалером Георгиевского ордена 3-ей степени и ожидаю представления всех отличившихся в бою.        НИКОЛАЙ


Translated into English:


December 21, 1904.

Order for the Kwantung Fortified Region No. 194.

Hero Defenders of Port Arthur.

On January 20 of this year, Port Arthur was first shocked by enemy shots: it was destroyers who attacked our squadron standing in the roadstead. 11 months have passed since then. First, the bombings were from the sea, and then, from the beginning of May, on land. The heroic defense of the Kinzhov position received a fair deserved assessment. After the retreat from the Kinzhov position, the famous battles began on the front line and we did not know what to be surprised at, or the stubbornness or persistence of the enemy, who concentrated against us a great superiority in forces, especially in artillery, or our extraordinary courage and bravery, as well as the ability to shoot our field artillery ... The positions at Suaisangu, Talingo, Yupilaz, Inchenza, heights of 173-63-86 green mountains will forever remain in the memory of us, the participants in the defense, and how they perished on Jupilaz and other positions. From mid-May until the end of July, the enemy could fire at the branches of the fortress. It is impossible to show in the order all the heroic deeds committed from January 26 to this time, when the enemy approached the fortress, to our forward positions Dogushan, Singushan, Uglovaya. Kumirinsky, plumbing # 1 and # 2 redoubts held back the enemy in front of the fortress for a long time. A high mountain? How much heroism there was! Already in September, foreigners marveled at how we hold on there without receiving anything from outside. Indeed, it was an unparalleled affair. The enormous number of killed and dead indicates the stubbornness shown by the troops and the extraordinary, inhuman labor that you carried, the glorious wars and could endure. 11 bombs, this unprecedented war actor, brought terrible destruction, or rather, the destruction of everything. More recently, on December 2, our Major General Kondratenko with eight glorious officers were killed on the spot by the explosions of similar bombs that exploded in neighboring casemates of the 2nd grade.  No shelters and barriers can save you from 15-18 pound bombs. All our hospitals and hospitals were shot. The ships of the squadron, after the occupation of the High Mountain, were also shot. The concrete on the forts and the guns were also broken. The shells were destroyed. Besides all scurvy, an unforgiving and merciless enemy. For all that, if your courage, courage and patience has no limit, then everything has a limit and to resistance too. As they approached, the enemy let down the batteries and, finally, Port Arthur was surrounded by a ring and assaults began in September, October, November and December. These assaults have nothing similar in the entire military history. In these assaults, the defenders stood with their chests and stood like a rock, the numerous army of the enemy was defeated. Taking advantage of the enemy's superiority at the closest distances, the artillery has always done us great harm. On August 27, in defense, out of 40 thousand soldiers, only 9 thousand remained, and even then they were half-sick and wounded. Under such circumstances and the capture by the enemy of the main fort # 3 of fortification # 3, the Chinese wall of the Kuropatkinsky lunette of batteries "B" of almost the entire eastern front and on the western to Liaotashan, continuing the defense would mean subjecting the troops to daily killing. Our troops, the preservation of which is a pledge of every commander, who, with complete sorrow in his soul, but also with full conviction that he was performing a sacred duty, decided to stop the struggle and establish the best conditions for leaving the fortress, which now, due to the sinking of the ships of the squadron, is is important and is not a refuge, since the fleet is no longer there. The second important thing is to draw off the enemy forces from the main army, we did this, destroying more than 100 thousand enemy troops. I, with contrition in my heart, but also with the complete conviction that I fulfill my duty to the king and fatherland, decided to cleanse the fortress. The glorious heroes also did not want to leave the fortress, but I decided to do this, making sure that further resistance would lead to useless losses of warriors, fought with glory. Since January 26, our great sovereign and dear motherland will not judge us. Our deeds are known to the whole world and everyone admired them. I take the liberty, as His Majesty's Adjutant-General, to thank you on behalf of the Emperor for your unparalleled courage and unparalleled labors during the entire period of the difficult siege, which knocked out more than 3/4 of the defenders. With a sense of reverence, overshadowing ourselves with the sign of the cross, let us remember the glorious names of the valiant defenders on the battlefields, for the faith, the king and the fatherland, who laid down their belly, from generals to ordinary soldiers. Thank you very much, dear brave comrades, for everything you have done. I consider it my duty to bring to your valiant commanders, my employees in military affairs. I thank the selfless workers: doctors, veterinarians, the red cross and sisters. I thank all those who rendered services to the defense: cyclists, riders and others. I declare well-deserved gratitude to your surviving and worthy commanders, let us honor the memory of comrades in arms with glory and honor in all battles and battles of the entire bloody company. May God send down their paraha, and the memory of them will live forever in the hearts of grateful posterity. The terms of the transfer will be announced in the order now and in the future, until you return to your homeland, you will behave like you are subject to war worthy and in the time of our difficult trial you will pray to the Lord and do not darken your glorious name with any unworthy act, remembering that the king is looking at you , Russia and Power. All so that they know and see that Russian wars are firm both in happiness and in a difficult test sent by God.

For # 985

Since the terms of surrender have been concluded, for the transfer of the forts to the Japanese I prescribe the following:

1. Tomorrow, by 9 o'clock in the morning, the infantry, high-speed artillery in harnesses, servants of serfs and other guns should be withdrawn from the garrison forts, batteries and fortifications of Lunhe and fortifications # 5 and # 7.

2. Remains for transfer, commandant with two lower ranks.

3. After the liberation of the indicated forts, the naval teams should be separated from the ground forces and immediately transferred to the jurisdiction of the naval authorities according to their affiliation.

4. The chiefs of the sections and forts are obliged to observe the complete order of everything stated.

5. The Cossack hundred and then the hunting equestrian team under the general leadership of the general staff of Captain Romanovsky, immediately occupy the outposts in the new and old towns of the outposts and monitor the observance of all regulations and complete order in the city and the prevention of disgrace, remembering that every ugly act which -there is nowhere on the streets can cause extermination of the sick and wounded.

6. I entrust the execution of all this to the commandant of the fortress. To help him, the chief of the 7th V.S. S division, Major General Nadein, is appointed.

7. I ask the generals and admirals and the crew commander to increase the supervision of the naval teams by appointing officers with patrols for this. There must be no disorder.

8. The commandant of the city and the police to carry out the strictest supervision of order.

9. Gornison from the liberated forts, take to the barracks and not go anywhere.

The first of these orders to read before the collection of the lower ranks. I ask the company commanders to talk with people about the content of the orders, explaining to the lower ranks that the fortress fulfilled its purpose and, therefore, each of us fulfilled our duty to the Oath. We can only thank our Chief Adjutant General Stessel for the fact that he recognized the further further useless struggle, decided to leave the fortress in order to save our life, in view of that it would not have saved the fortress from falling. Too much scurvy began to develop in our country, tearing out a mass of people out of order, which had no replenishment from anywhere, when, as an enemy, he timely replenished his losses and constantly received reinforcements. We are infinitely sorry for those who fell or were crippled defending the fortress, but war without sacrifices is impossible, which brings us comfort and that the victims of war are outlined by divine predestination. At the last invitation of our highly respected superior commander, let us pray for the repose of the souls of our comrades-in-arms who fell on the battlefields or died from wounds, so that God would send the wounded and sick consolation from their fulfilled duty. Then I turn to you, my dear soldiers and kind officers who have survived. At one time, I announced in orders about your selfless struggle for the fortress. I just have to thank you for your service for the benefit of the homeland, for the honor of the regiment and for the joy of the king. By order of the head of the region, company commanders give cash to the lower ranks of their companies, not including those on business trips, two rubles per person in cash and count only people in the regiment, not protecting hospital patients, sent and arrested. The money should be spent from advances from company commanders so that the costs would be refunded upon submission of the distribution lists. The lists should be submitted no later than the 23rd. Now, after an eleven-month struggle for the fortress, we have to begin a peaceful life, and even among those with whom we were fighting. Let us show ourselves, and through this, and our homeland, worthy of such respect as in battle. I ask the company commanders to convince the lower ranks that the slightest violation of order, in particular the exorcising behavior towards the Japanese, can lead to dire consequences. The soldiers must understand this. Signed this: Chief of the Kwantung Fortified Region, Adjutant General         STESSEL

Order for the troops of the Kwantung Fortified Region, Adjutant General Stessel.


Order for the troops of the Kwantung fortified region dated August 24, # 572. Today, August 23rd, I had the good fortune to receive the following telegram: Liaoyan, August 5th, Port Arthur, to Adjutant General Stesel. I received the following from the sovereign: To the Commander of the Kwantung Army, Adjutant General Stesel. In the exaltation of the valor and courage of the Port Arthur garrison, I began to count the service of the military and naval departments defending Port Arthur, month after year, starting from May 1 until the end of the siege. I am awarding you with the Knight of the Order of St. George, 3rd Class, and I look forward to presenting all those who distinguished themselves in battle.               NIKOLAI

Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

Re: UK-Northern Ireland 2021 Census Ignoring Minority Religions; Scotland 2022 Census and How to List Ethnicity as Jewish #unitedkingdom #general #records

Michael Sharp

Due to a recent BBC programme there has been much debate in the media over whether Jews are a minority ethnic community in the UK.

The lists of ethnicity on government forms are not intended to be comprehensive due to the sheer number of ethnic communities, and there is an 'other' category if respondents wish to use it.

Jews are recognised as a protected ethnicity in UK equality legislation and the reason stated for not listing Jewish as an ethnicity on census forms is recognising a sensitivity related to the Holocaust on the number of Jews being explicitly counted by the state and the religious affiliation of individuals being recorded by name.

In addition, it must be accepted that some Jews in Britain consider themselves as British first and Jewish second, not the other way around,

There is a risk of wokeness in the discussion taking place about the census forms. To list and provide checkboxes for every single ethnicity in the UK would take several pages. A line should be drawn under the discussion.
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

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