Re: We believe we are related, but DNA doesn't show connection... ??? KLEPFISZ #poland #warsaw #dna

Peter Lowe

There are 169 Klepfisz entries on

If you haven't done so already , I suggest  that you and your possible cousin  add what certain information you both have to the collaborative Geni tree.   Maybe this will link up to one or more of the entries already there.  

It is free to join Geni as a basic member  and to add the information that you know about your family trees.    
Peter Lowe
Hertford England

Re: Restoration of German Citizenship #germany

Josh Freeling

I contacted my local honorary consulate a few years ago to see if they could assist me in this, as the local consulate is in Atlanta.
They had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and were of no help whatsoever.
I kind of gave up.
I want to do this however, as does my mother.
Both her parents fled Germany.
Her mother and her parents all were able to get to Italy and came to America in 1940.
Her father was a Kindertransport. Went to England in 1939. Both of his parents were sent to the Warsaw Ghetto and perished.
99.9% sure we qualify.
I'll have to try again!


Josh Freeling
North Carolina

Re: Seeking information about the parents/siblings of Shraga Feivel (Feivesh) Niefeld of Stolbtsy (Stoibtz) #belarus

Janis and Joe Datz

My Sagalowich relatives are from Stoibtz.  I am a coordinstor for the yizkor book that is online at JewishGen.  There are many translations available and a great deal of Neifeld entries.  Janis Friedenberg Datz .

Gritzman and Zakusaya families of Bialystok #names #poland

Deborah Lane

My great great grandparents were Binyomin and Shaina Michla (Zakusaya) Gritzman who lived in Bialystok. I believe they originally were from Tykocin. From my research, I think by now they have hundreds of descendants in North America, Israel. Argentina and elsewhere. I have two questions that I am wondering if anyone can comment on:
1. Does anyone know what the origin of the name "Zakusaya" could be? Could it be related to Zak/ Sacks/ Zakheim families?
2. I remember hearing a story when I was young concerning this family about an Egyptian Jewish man who was a grain merchant who travelled through Poland and eventually married into the Gritzman family (they were apparently grain dealers). A second cousin of mine, whom I recently contacted, said when she was young she also heard a similar story about a "Black Abe". Could this be probable? If so, does anyone have recommendations about how to research this?
Thank you, and wishing everyone a wonderful Pesach
Deborah Lane
Spring Valley, NY

Researching: Gritzman, Zakusaya and Kaplan from Bialystok
                       Oppenheim and Margolis from Telsiai, Lithuania
                       Bendetsky from Bela Tserkov
                        Siegal and Cohen from Balbirishok, Suwalk
                       Abelman and Shapiro from Kaunas
                       Levin and Altshuller from Mogilev, Belarus
                       Lieberman from Gaisin, Ukraine
                       Mintz, and Trembe from Latvia
                        Simon from Kiev

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #russia #translation


In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Лодзь, в 1897-м году, 23-го августа, (4 сентября) , в 5 часов вечера.  Оявляем, что в присутствии свидетелей Короля Вжросек и Вацлава Бродзинского, купцов, совершеннолетних, из Лодзи заключен сего числа брачный союз между Александром Дзюбань, купцом из Лодзи, 52 лет, вдовцом, после умершей в Лодзи Джозефины, родившейся в Хылицах от покойных Джозефа и жены его Катаржины Опатовского уезда, урожденной Свыстовской Вандой Францишковой Ратайской, девицей, содержащей модный салон в Лодзи, 31-го года, родившейся в городе Варшава, дочь  покойного Теодора и живой Марцианы, урожденной Рамацкой.  Браку сему предшествовали 3 оглашения в здешнем и Святого Креста приходских костелах 30-го июня (11 июля) и в два следующих воскресенья.  Брачный договор они заключили у нотариуса из Лодзи Юлиана Грущицкого сего числа за номером 8890.  Религиозный обряд был совершен ксензом Людовиком Моцарским, местным Викарием.  Акт сей прочитан и нами подписан.



Translated into English:




It took place in the city of Lodz, in 1897, on August 23, (September 4), at 5 pm. We declare that in the presence of witnesses Korol Vzrosek and Wetslav Brodzinski, merchants, adults, from Lodz, a marriage alliance was concluded this date between Alexander Dziuban, a merchant from Lodz, 52 years old, a widower, after Josephine, who died in Lodz, was born in Chylice of Opatowski County from the deceased Joseph and his wife his Katarzyns, née Svystowska Wanda Franciszkowa Ratayska, a girl running a fashion salon in Lódz, 31 years old, born in the city of Warsaw, daughter of the late Theodor and living Marciana, née Ramatska. This marriage was preceded by 3 readings in the local and Holy Cross parish churches on June 30 (July 11) and on the next two Sundays. They entered into a marriage contract with a notary from Lodz, Julian Gruszczycki, this date under the number 8890. The religious ceremony was performed by xyonz Louis Mozarski, the local Vicar. This act has been read and signed by us.



Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

Viewmate transcription requests: German #germany #translation

Adam Oppenheim

I've posted the following vital records in German for which I need a transcription of the handwritten script. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...
Please respond via the form(s) provided on the respective ViewMate image pages.
These records pertain to the family of Meier Kahn of Dudenhofen, Offenbach, Hesse, Germany.  Two of his daughters married Juda Stern and Jakob Daub, respectively, of Nidda.  
Thank you very much.
Adam H. Oppenheim
Takoma Park, Md

JGASGP presents David Brill Getting the Most from Revision Lists - A Regional Approach #russia #records #jgs-iajgs #ukraine

Marilyn Golden

Date:  Sunday, March 21, 2021

Time:  1:00 - 1:30 PM EST check in, chat, and schmooze.
Official program starts promptly at 1:30

Guest Speaker:  David Brill
has been researching his family history in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and the United States for over 25 years. A longtime member of JGASGP, he coordinates the Russian Interest Group, and is an avid (and self-taught) translator of prerevolutionary Russian records. In addition to managing the Tuchin, Ukraine, KehilaLinks page, David leads the Rovno Uezd Jewish Records Project for the JewishGen Ukraine Research Division, which is currently translating more than 52,000 records of Jewish families from Tuchin, Rovno and nearby towns.

Getting the Most from Revision Lists - A Regional Approach

Revision lists are among the most important genealogical resources from the Russian Empire, and they are often the only available confirmation that an ancestor lived in a particular shtetl. They may contain important information pertinent to neighboring towns too. Fortunately, we now have access to greatly expanded online databases, plus new sources of online revision lists and other original documents (such as Alex Krakovsky's wiki page, topic of last April's meeting by Joel Spector). This means that it is now easier than ever to expand one's research beyond the borders of a single shtetl and discover previously unknown genealogical connections to nearby communities. David's presentation shares examples from the ongoing Rovno Uezd Jewish Records Project (present-day Rivne, Ukraine) that illustrate the power of a region-wide search. In addition, David will discuss the current status of the Rovno regional translation project, and what a deep reading of the revision lists can tell us about our ancestors' lives in the Russian Pale of the 19

Our meetings are for members only.
Please check us out.  We have a fabulous new website with a lot of research information available. We have a comprehensive beginner's guide that is available for everyone to see.

Marilyn Golden

Wolk family of Lithuania #lithuania

David Wolk

My great grandparents were Leba and Max Wolk (the latter may have also been known as Shmuel).  Leba's maiden name was Broskey and she was born approx. 1846, possibly in eastern Germany.  Max/Shmuel's details are largely unknown other than he and Leba lived, at one stage, in or near Petkunai, Lithuania.  He may also have lived in Krakinovo.  They had six children, all of whom - save possibly one daughter - had immigrated to the U.S. and South Africa by about 1905.  Leba also left Lithuania around 1905 and sailed to the U.S. where she lived variously in Mass., New Hampshire and lastly New York where she died.  She is buried in a Hudson, N.Y. cemetery next to other Broskey family members.  I can only assume Max died in Lithuania prior to Leba's immigration.  Is it possible anyone on JewishGen has any information on Max or his branch of the Wolk family in Lithuania?  It would be greatly welcomed.

David Wolk

Re: Relationship titles #general


True about the "honorary" aunts and uncles, but writing "nephew" on a form is a little more formal, isn't it?

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

Tracing Stefanie BECK from Vienna to London #austria-czech #unitedkingdom


I am trying to trace any records for a Stefanie BECK who came to London in the early 1900's.  Stefanie was born on 21 Apr 1913 in Vienna, Austria.  She came to the UK with her parents (unknown) sometime before 1939.
In 1939 we have the following records from the 
WW2 Internees (Aliens) Index Cards 1939-1947.
Living at 77 St Mark's Rd, London, W10 and working as a maid for a Mrs Goldstein at 106 Oxford Gdns, London
This information is confirmed on the 1939 England and Wales Register.
It is believed she returned to Austria in 1956, possibly using the name Garriock and died on 13 Sep 1977
Any information on Stefanie's family history would be appreciated.
Kind regards
Richard Wormsley
Derby, UK

MODERATOR NOTE:  Please reply privately

Re: We believe we are related, but DNA doesn't show connection... ??? KLEPFISZ #poland #warsaw #dna

Angie Elfassi


Of course, there is the old story that one of your ancestors. or the 'cousin' took/borrowed/stole this surname and therefore there might be no DNA connection.

Angie Elfassi

Re: We believe we are related, but DNA doesn't show connection... ??? KLEPFISZ #poland #warsaw #dna

Jill Whitehead

You also need to consider false paternity, adoptions, children of 1st and 2nd marriages,  and relationships by marriage but not by blood. I think the general figure is that false paternity could account for 10%, meaning that a child may not be the child of both expected parents.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

POLISH CERTIFICATE OF NATIONALITY #poland #general #austria-czech

Ian Charles

My paternal grandfather was born in Krakow in 1884 and came to the UK in 1900. I know it was part of Austria at that time, but in his naturalisation folder in 1923 there's a note from someone in the Home Office that he (quote) "was issued a Polish Certificate of Nationality no 1760, issued by the Polish Consul in London, on 18 August 1919" Does anyone know whether it's possible to acquire a copy of this certificate, or at least to establish it existed? His (unusual) surname was Padorca - just in case I have a relative reading this message :)

Ian Charles
London, UK

Re: Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk - an enquiry regarding the 1900 census conducted in the city by the Austro-Hungarians #galicia #ukraine


Is the 1900 census available for other locations, too? I am particularly interested in the tiny village (too small to call it a shtetl) of Zukowice Nowe, in the Tarnow district. All I've seen to date is a summary, and was under the impression that the original was destroyed after the summarization.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, kosher Passover.

Billie Stein
Givatayim, Israel

Re: Name of MARKUS to Max #lithuania #names

Barbara Ellman

In my research, I have several instances where Markus was shortened to MAKS.
Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

French Government to Return Klimt Painting Stolen By Nazis to Descendants of Jewish Owners #france #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen






The French government said that it will return a Gustav Klimt landscape painting that the Nazis stole in 1938 from to the family of Nora Stiasny, a Holocaust victim from a prominent Austrian family who was forced to sell the painting in August 1938. The rightful owners.


Stiasny and her famiy were deported to occupdied poland and murdered n 1942.


The painting has for many years been at the Musée d’Orsay museum in Paris, which said it had investigated the painting’s provenance when it acquired “Rosebushes” in 1980. “The decision to return a major work from the public collections illustrates our commitment to the duty of justice and reparation vis-à-vis plundered families,” French Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot said.


Bachelot said that French authorities hadn’t initially identified the painting as being stolen by the Nazis, and its provenance only recently came to light after they made investigations into the issue.


Thousands of artworks looted by the Nazis across Europe wound up in French museums after the allies defeated Nazi Germany in 1945. Though many have been returned, French authorities have stepped up efforts in recent years to find homes for the scores that remain unclaimed.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


ViewMate translation request - Russian #russia #translation


I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It
is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Alice Riley, Ipswich, Suffolk UK

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

Avi Bitron

I would appreciate a translation of the Polish text . It is on ViewMate at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Avi Chari

ViewMate translation request - Russian #russia #translation

Dennis Triglia

Good afternoon,
I have posted 2 vital records in Russian (from Poland) for which I need a partial translation.  They may be seen on ViewMate at the following address...
 -This is a birth document from Dzialyn around 1880 for a possible ancestor of mine, transcribed in Russian. Could anyone please help me to ascertain:

1) date and year of birth
2) parents' names and ages (if stated)
3) first name of child

Thank you very much for your time.
AND on ViewMate at the following address...
 -This is a birth document (Act 15) from Dzialyn around 1880 for a possible ancestor of mine, transcribed in Russian. Could anyone please help me to ascertain:

1) date and year of birth
2) parents' names and ages (if stated)
3) first name of child (Jan Gurtowski???)
Thank you very much for any help that you may be able to provide.  I truly appreciate your effort.

Please respond using the online ViewMate forms.

Thank you so much,
Dennis Triglia

ViewMate translation request-Polish #translation


I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Marleen Grabowsky

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