please translate from Hebrew (marriage record in Russia) #translation


Please help me translate.
If possible, a literal translation please
The record of marriage in Smolensk, Russia.
Thank you.
 Mikhail Nyashin (Russia)

Re: Help wanted to locate my grandfather's family from Poland Lubin/Lubosky #poland #general

The Becker's Email

Try to fill in as much as you can on family members.  Sometimes one has to research indirectly..  I saw your tree on Ancestry and will send some things there..

Per the 1911 census, Lewis and Mary had 3 children:  Philip, Fanny and Rueben.  Both Philip and Fanny were born in Russia.  They were born c. 1900 and 1902 (ages 12 and 9 on the census) respectively.  Ruben was born in England c. 1907.  Therefore they immigrated sometime in the 1902-1907 timeframe.  Again, per the census, Lewis and Mary had been married 12 years (c. 1899).  Mary had borne 5 living children w/ 3 alive in 1911.  Given that Philip was b.c. 1900 and Fanny b.c. 1902 w/ a gap between them and Reuben b.c. 1907, it is likely that the 2 dead children were born in the 1903-1906 timeframe. Look for birth/death records to fill in the blanks and confirm Lewis and Mary's names. 
The census shows that Lewis was not naturalized.  It might be worth while to look for naturalization after 1911 census.  If he wasn't naturalized, look for naturalization for Philiip.
Try to determine if Lewis changed his surname to Lubin.  When did Aaron/Edward change his name?  Since Aaron/Edward named his son Louis it is likely Lewis Lubosky had died.  The date of son Louis' birth will help narrow the timeframe on Lewis' life.  That could help you find a death record for him.  Just look for Lubin/Lubosky and allow for variations in spelling of Lubosky. 

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI, USA

Re: Child of holocaust survivors seeks to obtain Polish citizenship #general #poland

arnold friedman <afriedman21@...>


it can be done takes bout 6 months for citizen and about a year for a pssport.    my parents were both survivors from radom poland.   i did not want it, but my kids wanted it for eu travel and in case they ever wanted to work in the eu.   poland is one of the easiest countries because if you have one  grandfather or in many cases one grandmother you can qualify. so i did notbhave to get it for my kids to get it.  my son has his passport and my daughter is getting hers next month.    the fees per person with a consultant are about 2k  or 3k for 2 with the same bloodline.   i had the record for grandparents documented well which helped.   you can save 1k without consultant but it was worth it vs figuring it out on your own and she hand delivered documents.   we went thru the los angeles consultate.    we live near sf so that was the closest.   you have to visit consulate or embassy only once  in process so pick the closest one to you.    

the consultant i used is

Aleksandra Kaniak
(310) 714 3342
She is knowledgeable and excellent

good luck

arnold friedman

WEISINGER posting-March 2021 #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Several weeks ago (during March) someone mentioned the family name
WEISINGER. Can the poster please resend to me the post. Privately.


Yoni Ben-Ari

Re: Looking for a Jewish Genealogy DNA Book #dna

Richard Werbin

Update: The negative comments I wrote was about the book Seed Of Israel: DNA Guide To Tracing Your Jewish Ancestry by Joshua Robbin Marks.
It was from a review at Amazon.
It was not about the book by Israel Pickholtz which is detailed and excellent. 
Richard Werbin    New York, New York     JGSNY Membership Vice President

Re: ViewMate Translation request -Hebrew #translation


Miron is correct that the heads of talmudic schools during that period were referred to as the Gaonim, but it is also a title that is still used today meaning genius and used to honor a well respected and learned Rabbi.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: brackets on records #records

Mike Coleman

Hi Mandy,

On your first point, I think this might be the case if the child had died very soon after birth and before the parents were able to register her/him, when living, with a given name.

The identity of the Informant could clarify that.

It would be worth checking whether there was a corresponding contemporary death entry.

Another possibility might be if the parents, whilst having to make the registration within the deadline, had not then decided on a name.

As regards adoption, this might occur if the birth parents were unwilling to name her/him for themselves.

Again, the identity of the Informant could shed some light on that.

I look forward to others' views.

Mike Coleman   London  U.K.




Re: Searching French birth record for Christophe Jean Le Noel #france #records


Hello, Rose. 

I've just sent a record and contact info to your e-mail.  Obtained by using, a French Genealogy website.
According to that record, he was born 1 January 1852.  Married in 1880.  And more.
It's likely you can get much more info from the Contact provided.
Good luck!

Bob Pachner
San Diego, CA

Re: Families BARTMANN and SCHAPIRA in Russia and Poland #poland

Sherri Bobish


Alfred BARTMANN was born in Vienna 1879-10-11 to SCHAPIRA, Rosalie
and BARTMANN, Ignaz.

Alfred BARTMANN married SCHAPIRA, Klara in 1914 in Vienna.
Alfred and Klara (Clara) had at least two children born in Vienna:

Hedwig born 1918-02-11
Fritz born 1923-10-16

Info found by searching BARTMANN at:

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Re: please translate from Hebrew (Yiddish?) on a tombstone #translation

Yitschok Margareten

I retract my original translation. Jacob Shayzaf's translation is correct. 
The name is Rasha and the date is Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5616.
Yitschok Margareten

April 15: israel genealogy webinar from the Center for Jewish History #events

Moriah Amit

Family History Today: Researching your Family History in Israel from Home

April 15 at 2 PM Eastern Time 
Presented by the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish History and the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA)

Searching for records of your family in Israel can be daunting. Fortunately, much of your research can now be done online. In this lecture, Garri Regev, President of the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA), will provide an overview of the types of records available online and where to focus your efforts. In addition, you will learn about alternatives to vital records and how you can create a vivid picture of how your ancestors lived in Israel.

Ticket Info: Pay what you wish; register here
 to receive a link to the Zoom program. Note: This program was rescheduled. If you registered for the initial date (January 21), please DO NOT register again. Your registration is still valid and you should have received a new link for the Zoom program. 


This program is funded, in part, by a Humanities New York CARES Grant, with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the federal CARES Act, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Info on Jewish refugees in Central Asia during the War #ukraine


Dear Ones,
My father from Lutzk (Pre-War Russia-Ukraine) was drafted into Red Army at start of War. He fled the Red Army to Central Asia (Uzbekistan -Tashkent, Samarkand). Having trouble finding info on life of these refugees in this area.
Any help would me appreciated.

Rabbi Moshe Waldoks
Founding Rabbi -Temple Beth Zion (TBZ)
1566 Beacon Street
Brookline,MA 02446
617-566-8171 x 12

ABRAHAM SULTAN of Moldova #romania

Herbert Danziger

I would like to make contact with descendants of Abraham Sultan who died in Moldova during the 1820's.


Herbert Danziger

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Re: Searching French birth record for Christophe Jean Le Noel #france #records

David Choukroun

2nd try

the military records are telling us : 

Sso the 2 possibles cities are Millieres and Vesly if we take the assumptions that the "Le Noel" family did not move too much

Milieres  Millières, 1853-1862, 3E 328/6 - Visionneuse - Archives départementales de la Manche ( 
(see item 50 for the list of birth/death/mariage @ 1854) : negative

Vesly : Vesly, 1853-1862, 3E 629/6 - Visionneuse - Archives départementales de la Manche (
(see item 64) : negative as well 


Just in case : Placide Lenoël born in 1885 is recorded here : 
Millières, 1883-1892, 3E 328/9 - Visionneuse - Archives départementales de la Manche (
(see item 59)

I am sorry, I think we really need the city of birth to get the official act

Kind regards,



Re: Searching French birth record for Christophe Jean Le Noel #france #records

David Choukroun

Dear Rose, 

Archives Départementales 76 (
will give you the birth for Jan 1854 @ Rouen (item 10 or 11) : but nobody recorded with this name at my first quick reading

To my knowledge, La Manche is a french department, with Saint-Lô as main city.  
Manche (département) — Wikipédia (

Without the city, it is difficult to find the right register : 
Rechercher - Registres paroissiaux et d'état civil - Archives de la Manche (
(you can see on the left side all the possible cities... more than 100...)

As I see (Geneanet) the following information: 
  • Born 17 January 1854 - Manche, France
  • Deceased 17 February 1939 - Auckland, New Zealand, aged 85 years old

I suggest to get the death act in NZ first to get the exact city of birth in France

Kind regards from Paris



Re: Need (for hire) German Translator #translation #usa

Abigail Huber

Hi Jeff, 

I am a professional translator for German-to-English translation and I specialize in history, including Jewish history. I would love to take a look at the article.  

Any other JewishGeners looking for a translator should also feel free to call or email. 

Abby Huber 

Abby Huber, C.T.
Translator & Interpreter
German to English (ATA-certified), Spanish to English
Providence, RI, and Boston, MA, US
+1 401-830-3250

Descendants of Abraham SULTAN #names

Herbert Danziger

I would like to make contact with descendants of ABRAHAM SULTAN who died in Moldova during the 1820's.

Herbert Danziger

Re: please translate from Hebrew (Yiddish?) on a tombstone #translation

First line illegible.
The modest woman 2-3 illegible words
Rashe daughter of mo"h Yehoshua z"l
Emdin died Wednesday 
Rosh chodes Sivan 5616
May his soul bound in the bond of life

1 Sivan 5616 was Wednesday from sunset 12-May 1895 to sunset 13-May1895

mo"h - morenu harav, our teacher the rabbi, used as a title to people with religious law education.
z"l - zichrono livracha, bless his memory

Jacob Shayzaf

Looking for Sarah and Edward Greenberg #lithuania

Sharon Ann Dror

The Penn Family shared a 100 page typewriter journal by Sonia nee Greenberg Penn Helfand dated 1960 with me.
I read thorough and unfortunately, she did not use the people’s names, instead she said, my brother, the butcher, my father, my mother, etc.
Because of this journal, I discovered that she had several brothers. One brother is Joseph Greenberg. He came into the USA in May 29, 1907 on Statenham and stayed with uncle Chaim Greenberg per this document: New York, Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957

Someone I forgot who it was also sent this information to me from JewishGen. Thank you....

Chaim’s granddaughter Dara does not know anything about her grandfather.
Sonia’s grandson Matthew does not know the names of the people Sonia is referring to in the book and doesn’t know her family.
Joseph married to Sarah Tabriz on June 3, 1915 in New York.
They had one girl Roslyn AKA Rosalind who died at 17 months old. November 1, 1924 - April 2, 1926 in New York. I got a picture of her tombstone and her death certificate.
I have a picture of Joseph’s tombstone who is buried near Roslyn and his death certificate. He died on January 20, 1954. They both are buried at Mount Hebron in New York.
Jospeh and Sarah have a son Edward - I’m looking for his whereabouts and if he has a family in New York. He was born on January 26, 1918.
I do not know what became of Sarah nee Tabris as she is not buried by them. So I would like to know what became of Sarah and Edward...
1915 US Census shows: Joseph and Sarah
1920 US Census shows: Joseph, Sarah and Edward
1925 US Census shows: Joseph, Sarah Edward and Roslin
1930 US Census shows: Joseph, Sarah and Edward
1940 US Census shows: Joseph and Sarah
1940 US Census shows: Edward (24) as a nephew stayed/lived with: Popowsky Family Abraham, Kate, and Herbert (21)

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror
Los Angeles, CA

Re: Morris (Moshe?) Friedman – Russia-Poland - Cleveland #usa

Diane Jacobs

Try to find his passenger manifest to NY
And other ports including Canada using

And also try using ancestry and family search for his naturalization petition and US censuses 

Good luck
Diane Jacobs

On Mar 30, 2021, at 9:29 AM, Anne Steiner <anne6805@...> wrote:

Hello all and Happy Passover

I’m stuck at a dead end and hopefully I can get some suggestions here. I never knew my grandparents and my mother never spoke much about their roots, I am trying to find my maternal grandfather’s origins, his name was Morris Friedman, born c. 1880 in “Russia-Poland” and emigrated to the States (Cleveland Ohio) circa 1900. On his marriage certificate it’s written that his parents were Harry Friedman and Anna Dekhtar. He died in August 1925. I found his headstone and his Hebrew name was Moshe. I’ve looked scrupulously at the jewishgen databases in Poland Belarus and Lithuania but I can’t seem to find any trace of him. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Anne Bagon Steiner
Arad, Israel
researching Bokshitsky (Bakshikis), Kirschner, Bagon, Sandler, Friedman, Klein, Dekhtar

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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