Geographic references from 1945, near Mizoch, Warsaw, Treblinka. #yizkorbooks #warsaw #poland #ukraine

Laurence Broun

I am providing a map to accompany the translation of an essay in the Yizkor Book of Mizoch about the story of a partisan. Several of the geographic references are obscure, some being small hamlets, and others just too much of a leap to find on current Polish and Ukrainian maps from the translated Yiddish name. If anyone is familiar with these towns, hamlets, or neighborhoods, you help would be appreciated.
  1. Oyezdtse, a town with a Czech population … when it became dangerous to go through Aynsbrukh near Mitlen. These three places are near Mizoch (then Poland, present day Ukraine.)
  2. Tseglov. Is it present day Tsehiv? (It is in proximity of Kovel.)
  3. Podlias territory (near Lublin region. )
  4. Radzim (near Siedlce, Sokolov Podlaski  and Treblinka.)
  5. The hamlet Karchov,   (20 km from Sokolov)
  6. Yablone. (Is it Jabłoń  ?)
  7. Lionke  (by Warsaw.)
  8. Siski, on the Vistula river, probably an area in Warsaw, the front line January 1945.
Larry (Itzik Leib) Broun
Washington, DC | USA
e-mail: Laurencebroun@...

Re: Copying Hebrew text from a PDF into a Translation tool - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Help Request #general


I think that Gary Binetter’s solution is a very practical solution. 

However, I tested it on my psalm book , with printed characters. The Hebrew is read with a medium accuracy of about 80%. This causes the translation to be very poor, almost illegible. 

Depending upon the original document quality, the result is unpredictable, but very much worth trying. 

If we are dealing with a manuscript, it’s a lost game.

Daniel Ewenczyk
Paris, France
Searching Evenchi(c)k, Ewenczyk (Minsk, Belarus) / Receptor, Retzepter (Luboml, Ukraine).

Re: Tomorrow's Forum for Dialogue Zoom: Krakow Holocaust Survivor Tells Her Story #announcements #holocaust

tony allan

Fascinating talk but does anyone know the book that was mentioned.
Tony Allan

cemetery photos #photographs #poland

ירוחם צבי קינסטליך

hello everybody.i am planning a trip to poland.i want to volunteer by take photos from cemetery's.with who in Jewish gen I have to talk about it?
thanks a lot

Re: Seeking Norwegian birth record for Joseph Albert KOLIN #records


I also tried to search in records of births in Flekkefjord and elsewhere in Norway, without any success for the name Kolin. I have also looked up the name Kolin in Oskar Mendelsohn's exhaustive two-volume compilation of Jewish history in Norway, where he mentioned and listed every known Jewish person who lived in Norway up to the dates of publication (1969 and 1986), and the name Kolin does not appear. This might indicate that he and his family used a different surname. Where did you get your information about his name and year and place of birth?

Shari Nilsen, Oslo

Re: Seeking Norwegian birth record for Joseph Albert KOLIN #records


I tried a search at the National Archive of Norway, but no success:

Kind regards,
Rolf Cohn,
Oslo, Norway

Re: Birth record from The Netherlands #records



I have never contacted the Rotterdam municipal databanks but maybe the folowing link may be of help to you.
Ron Peeters(NL)

Re: Copying Hebrew text from a PDF into a Translation tool - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Help Request #general


Hi Joyaa,

I posed the same question not too long ago about documents with Kurrent characters and Logan Kowacks informed me that this doesnot  work, I think  it may be the same with Hebrew? 
Ron Peeters(NL)

Reminder April 8-9- MyHeritage and Legacy Family Webinars Sponsored 24 Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon #announcements #records

Jan Meisels Allen



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Jan Meisels Allen

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Re: Copying Hebrew text from a PDF into a Translation tool - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Help Request #general


Hi Joyaa,
I live in Israel. My Hebrew is very poor. Reading mail was a challenge but since I have Google Translate on my phone, I no longer run away screaming when the mail arrives. I would be lost without Google Translate. It can be used on a computer but I find it gives better results via the phone.

Open the app on your phone. Make sure you have selected Hebrew to English. touch Camera then Scan. Get the section you want to translate in the frame then take the picture. The app will quickly scan the document. When it is finished touch all the words or the section you want to translate. If it is a large document just repeat the process, section by section.

Gary Binetter garybinetter@...
Tel Aviv, Israel


Re: Does DNA prove that Jews are a race? #dna


Good reply about Genetic Determinism and such with some reservations about tying this to ancient history. 

Bantu, however, refers to the linguistic group rather than any individual ethnic group.  Same as Semitic. The slaves from West Africa came from many ethnic groups, many, if not most, of them at some point at war with each other. Peoples all over Africa including, South Africa, speak Bantu languages.

Jessica Schein

Re: Trying to locate the farming village named "Mehr" #galicia


Hi Elena,
That was a great response.  There are some very detailed maps referred to, and I looked closely but did not find a match.
However,  I now know a lot more about the area as a result of the exercise.

Re: Birth record from The Netherlands #records


Correction on previous message regarding birth  certificates from Rotterdam. Her dates of birth are either March 29, 1921, or March 31, 1921. I am recovering from a recent concussion - seriously - and missed the typo in the first email. Sorry about the error.

Neilan Stern
researching:  Stern, Pistrong, Radomysl Wielki Poland; Black, Schwarz- Nesvizh, Minsk - Belarus;

possible labor camp -- AL Choscuniak? Chaslumiak? #holocaust

Renee Steinig

I'm trying to help a friend understand some references in the Arolsen Archive / International Tracing Service records of his father, Chaim Sztanski, a survivor of Auschwitz.
According to one record, Chaim was "detained" from June to Dec. 1940 at what looks like AL Choscuniak. Another record refers to his location during the same time period as AL Chaslumiak. I'm hoping that someone can identify this place. (I'm guessing that AL = Arbeitslager, labor camp).
Chaim was probably born in Komorowo or Pultusk, Poland. His locations after "Choscuniak" were the Makau/Mackheim ghetto (Makow Mazowiecki), Auschwitz, and two Auschwitz subcamps.

Thank you.
Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

JewishGen seeking volunteer development/grant writers #announcements #JewishGenUpdates

Karen Leon

JewishGen is seeking volunteers with experience in non-profit development and grant writing, to assist with ongoing organization fundraising efforts. Thank you for your interest. Please respond to Karen Leon, kleon@...

Karen Leon

Volunteer Coordinator


Trying to find my way through the wall #lithuania #names #rabbinic


I have previously requested information on this subject from this discussion group and apologize for re visiting . I am hoping that a more experienced genealogist or someone with access to records or rabbinical family trees may be able to shed light.
I am trying to confirm my fathers assertion that we are descendants of the Rabbi Schneir Zalman. Working my way backwards the first possible connection I have found was when Levi Yitzchak Zalmanson married Dvorah Leah Schneerson daughter of Rabbi Menacham Mendel Schneerson ( although it does not mean much my father's name was Levi Yitchak. Do two genealogical co-incidents create a fact?). I can follow the tree for a couple of generations but it then seems to fade out.

Working my way forwards my (I believe) grandfather was Srol (Israel) Salmenson who settled in South Africa. He was Schneerson when he arrived in SA but reportedly changed his name to Salmenson. He was born in 1876. His father was Leyvik Zalmanzon born about 1852. Srol was born from a previous marriage, I am not sure where but ended up in Rokiskis in 1886. I think his grandfather was Srol who died in 1852 and his great grandfather was Zalman.

I am trying to connect the dots.
Herman Salmenson

“How I Found My Third Great Grandfather”. The Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County (JGSPBCI) Virtual meeting April 14 at 1:00 pm EST #announcements #events #jgs-iajgs

Walter Rosenthal

“How I Found My Third Great Grandfather”.

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County (JGSPBCI) will host a virtual presentation by Larry Schulman on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 1PM EST.  Larry will walk us through many years of developing his maternal family tree and how he came upon the “unique process” he noticed and followed — a method which unveiled many unknown family members and eventually led to the discovery of his third great grandfather born in 1801.  -For more information and a link, email Walter Rosenthal,  JGSPBCI Outreach Coordinator at waltrose864@...


Walter Rosenthal

Re: Copying Hebrew text from a PDF into a Translation tool - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Help Request #general

Peter Straus

Adobe offers a tool to edit pdfs, including the ability to copy text in a form that can be dropped into other apps.  I haven’t tried Hebrew, but it does include language options.  I’m paying $14.99 a month, but I use it a lot.  There are probably other pricing options, and possibly other similar products.

--peter straus

   San Francisco

Birth record from The Netherlands #records


My mother-in-law, Hanna (Helen) Krakovsky Friedman just celebrated her 100th birthday. a few days ago. Her family had left Russia, when the ship they were on docked in Rotterdam, Holland. She was born there on either March 29, 1921, or March 21, 1921. Her parents were Aron Krakovsky and Hesia Besid(t)sky. No one in the family has been able to locate a Birth Certificate for her, even though her husband went back to Rotterdam to find it.  Does anyone have any ideas as to how to locate a birth certificate in Rotterdam?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Neilan Stern
researching:  Stern, Pistrong, Brand, Mahler - Radomysl Wielki Poland;  Black, Schwarz - Nesvizh, Minsk - Belarus;  Aronovsky, Aronowsky, Entes, Portnoy, Israeliovitch, Seigel, Katzberg - Vilijampole Kovno Lithuania;

Need help in translating post cards #translation

Valentina Dora Krevisky

Good Day

I found an old postcard and a picture among my grandmother’s documents. Will someone kindly translate the hand-written Yiddish script? Thank you so much

valentina Dora Krevisky 


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