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Re: Tiktin Family of Rabbis #poland


Dear Karen Saunders,


I hope any replies to you can be shared with me.


My relationship to Rabbi Gedaliah Tiktin is as a distant cousin. He performed the marriage of my great grandmother Selma Weinbaum (descended from Rabbi Chaim ben Aron Kroner of Dyhernfurth) to my great grandfather Leo Schwarz (descended from Rabbi Chaim Schwarz of Kempen, Posen) in 1884 in Dyhernfurth, 10 km north of Breslau (Wroclaw).


We have a letter from Selma’s Titktin cousins. The letter is dated September 8, 1885 from Breslau and they are from an E. Tiktin, her daughter Emma Tiktin and her husband Erich Albert Tiktin.


As far as I can trace it, my great grandmother (Fanny Kroner)'s grandmother, Sarah Landau, was a sister to Rachel Wolff Landau who married Solomon Tiktin.There are Landaus buried in the Jewish cemetery on Lohestrasse in Breslau.


The White Stork Synagogue in Breslau, whose reconstruction was organized by Bente Kahan and her foundation, have the Tiktins in their temporary exhibition and Bente may know where to find more records…she does not answer me however since I donated a pulpit sized Pentateuch illustrated by Gustav Dore with an Ex-Libris from Breslau.



Bente Kahan Foundation

Wroclaw Center for Jewish Culture and Education

in The White Stork Synagogue




Here is more information I have found in my own searches:

Per die Juden in Deutschland von der Romerzeit bis zur Weimarere Republik by Nachum T. Gidal,  copy of lithograph from Inkunable der vier Gebruder Henschel, 1812 says "Rabbi Abraham Ticktin (1764-1820), Oberlandesrabbiner zu Breslau.  Wie seine Vorfahren und Nachkommen, war Abraham Ticktin ein Reprasentat orthdoxen Judentums." Rabbi Abraham Ticktin, Chief Rabbi of Breslau.  As his ancestors and his descendants, he was a representative of Orthodox Judaism.  Portrait on p. 126.


No answer from Max Tiktin whose address is below this narrative:


Gedalye = Daniel


Gedalja Tiktin, born in 1808 in Czestochowa, was a royal rabbi in Silesia and belonged to the orthodox circle of the "Landschul" (Antoniengasse) in Breslau. In 1843 he was elected rabbi by members of this old religious group and then officially represented the interests of the local Orthodox. By cabinet order (1854) he was appointed State Rabbi of Silesia by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Conflicts within the divided community (with the reform-oriented Breslau city rabbi Abraham Geiger at the time) were only settled under Rabbi Manuel Joel. Gedalja Tiktin, whose commitment to social causes was widely recognized, died in Breslau in 1886.


Buried in Breslau Jewish Cemetery on Lohestrasses (now Slezna), tombstone is an obelisk written entirely in Hebrew.  Next to him is smaller obelisk of wife, and then a smaller obelisk of his daughter.  Writing solely in Hebrew was a protest against Germanization i.e., assimilation of the Jewish people.  In the Breslau Jewish Cemetery booklet bought there, the location of his grave is #75.


This is a very bad translation:

In Dyhernfurth appeared in 1772, the first Jewish newspaper in the German Reich ( "Privileged Dyhernfurter newspaper"); there were texts German-made in Hebrew. 1834 in the print shop's last work was published; the publisher was six years later finally closed. 


In the following years, gradually increased the number of Jews living in Dyhernfurth; however they needed the approval of the Royal. Chamber and the local manorial. With their right of establishment is not permission to local trade was connected; at most they could seek for trading the Fairs Silesia.


After initially a room was used in the printing plant as prayer hall, built at the beginning of the 18th century an inconspicuous synagogue; this was then replaced by another house in the Judengasse due to disrepair 1785 to Mid-19th century was the time already shrinking community in Flurstraße build a new synagogue building that purely external rather resembled a village church or chapel and as a special feature probably had a bell. The solemn consecration was consummated in January 1848 from Brzeger Rabbi Kroner and the Wroclaw Orthodox Chief Rabbi Gedalie Tiktin.


Challenge Memorandum 1894 - my great-great grandfather’s dairy, in which he wrote: August 8: "1886 gest Konigl ? und Gedalye Tiktin in Breslau" 


>Jewish Encyclopedia, 1911:  Rabbi in Breslau 1843.


>Per Sydney Levine:  In 1998 I was speaking with -- who said he knew Max Tiktin who was a professor at George Washington University.  I had his address from Elyse Eisenberg who also traces her family back to a Tiktin. [ If you want this, please ask me directly]  I wrote him an inquiry letter as did Elyse (cc’d here), but we got no response.


Please let me know of any responses you receive.


Thank you!

Sydney Levine





Sydney J. Levine
Los Angeles CA and Berlin, Germany

Re: Tiktin Family of Rabbis #poland


I am also related . The Storch Synagogue in Wroclaw might have records. Elyse Eisenberg whom i cc here also has done some research. At Storch Synagogue, contact
Bente Kahan or her Foundation.
Sydney Levine
Sydney J. Levine
Los Angeles CA and Berlin, Germany

SCJGS Sunday, April 18th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time- Jewish Genealogy DNA Basics and Beyond #announcements #dna #education #events

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society (SCJGS) invites you at 1pm Pacific Standard Time on April 18th

Jewish Genealogy DNA Basics and Beyond

with  David Ellis

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Are you considering taking a DNA test? Have you taken a DNA test to learn about your ancestry?  Are you confused by the results?  This presentation covers the kinds of 
tests available, the major DNA testing services and the differences between them, and how to interpret your results to get the most out of them.  Learn about Jewish 
genealogy DNA challenges. 


David Ellis is JGSGB Board member and leader of the Litvak and Galicia SIGs.   He discovered dozens of ancestors unknown to his relatives and initiated contact 
with distant cousins who were out of touch for many years.  He enjoys helping people research their ancestry and is writing a document describing his research.

For more information: SCJGSociety@...

Leah Kushner, President
Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society (SCJGS)

Tiktin Family of Rabbis #poland


Hello, I am wondering if anyone has access to records which may provide info./details on the parents of my ggggrandfather Abraham ben Gedaliah Tiktin
With many thanks.
Karen Saunders
- researching Tiktin, Wallerstein, Horowitz, Davidow, Stern, Frank
Abraham ben Gedaliah Tiktin
Prussian rabbi

Main results


Born: 24 December 1764, Swarzędz, Poland
Died: 27 December 1820, Wrocław, Poland

Hello. I would like to join to research info about my 4 x g grandfather Abraham ben Gedaliah Tiktin 1764 - 1820. With thx.

Re: Are "Muni" and "Munya" nicknames? For what name? #names


Now that we're wandering a bit further afield on names, I am reminded the same ggp who had the sister named Manya (or Maria) had another sister (Ida) whose husband apparently was killed in WWII serving in the Russian Army. Ida gave his name as "Musia" (or at least the name was translated that way) in the set of post-war letters I have. Wondering what Musia could be a nickname or variant of, as that might help me look up Ida's husband in the Russian Army databases.


Gary Ehrlich
Rockville, MD
SCVIRSCI, Zhivotov, Ukraine; WASHLIKOVSKY/WASHALKOWSKY, SATER, Bialystock, Poland;
LIFSHITS/LIFSHITZ, GOROVITZ, HOROVITZ, Lvov, Ukraine; Ufa and Moscow, Russia
YAGUDA, Albany, NY

Re: Seeking male descendants of Jean GOLDKETTE #dna #unitedkingdom

David Ziants

In my post, I should have suggested to see:,_Duke_of_Edinburgh

to understand why this is relevant to  Constantine I , King of the Greeks.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Re: Jews with Christian names #names

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

In Prussia, until 1850, it was forbidden by the state to give Jews names such as "Friedrich" and "Wilhelm" (names of Prussian kings), as well as distinctly Christian names such as Peter, Paul, Christian, Maria, etc. In later decades, these strict regulations no longer applied.

Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw

April 13: CJH Genealogy Coffee Break #events #announcements #usa

Moriah Amit

Tomorrow (4/13) at 3:30 pm Eastern Time, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. We'll teach you how to search for your immigrant ancestors in the records of the Industrial Removal Office and the Baron de Hirsch Fund. We welcome you to pose your questions to our librarians during the live broadcast. There is no registration or log in. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" or "Like" on the top of the Center's Facebook page and a notification will pop up on your screen when the webinar goes live. Note: If the notification doesn't appear or if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here.
Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Re: August 1882 Prienai Pogrom: Any Documents from the Trial? #lithuania #poland

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

The following article (DARIUS STALIŪNAS (2004) Anti-Jewish disturbances in the North-Western provinces in the early 1880s, East European Jewish Affairs, 34:2, 119-138, DOI: 10.1080/1350167052000340913  ) elaborates among others on the events in Prienai, citing a Russian dossier as a source.But the article give no names. The author, Dr. Darius Staliunas, is a researcher at the Institute of History of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.   

Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw

Ludza - Town Manager? #latvia #general

Steven Granek

Is there a JewishGen “town manager” for Ludza (name in present day Latvia)??
Thank you -
Steve Granek

Barcelona Entry Document? #records

Steven Granek

Can anyone make sense of what this below document actually is and tells one?  I have a Joseph Granek in my family tree - the brother of my Grandfather - no resolution as to what became of him -one of those ‘black holes’ so far.   He lived - I THINK in Lodz but perhaps in Kalisz or even Pabianice.
Here’s the document

Steve Granek

Help in translation of gravestone #translation

Enid Rose

Assistance needed to translate Hebrew on family gravestone.
Paramus NJ
to translate Hebrew on family gravestone

Help needed tracing descendants of Hannah WEISS GELLER us citizen last location New York #usa

Cynthia Hollinsworth

I am trying to trace descendants of Hannah Weiss Geller who was married to my Uncle Wolf (William) Geller from Tarnow, Galicia, Poland.

Hannah was a US citizen and the passenger list of the Ship Batory shows that on 24 August 1939 at age 28 she left the Polish port of Gdynia on the Batory, one week before the Nazis invaded Poland on 1 Sept 1939. She arrived New York on 5 Sept 1939.   (She became a naturalised US citizen in September 1935). The ship manifest showed an address in Brooklyn.


My Uncle Wolf died in the Shoah.

Cynthia Hollinsworth Cornwall

R' Meir Who Taught GRA Kabbalah in Ciechonowiec #rabbinic #poland #lithuania

Adam Cherson

According to the Ciechanowiec YB, the GRA wrote this: “In my youth I arrived during my wanderings and strayings at the hamlet of Ciechanowiec which is full of scribes and sages. The rabbi there, R' Meir was my instructor in the secret Kabbalistic studies, and he was my comrade in the open rabbinic studies.”

I estimate the year to be around 1740, at which time the GRA was about 20 years old. R' Meir (referred to as 'the' rather than 'a' rabbi) was probably a venerated rabbi by that time of an estimated age of 60 (so born circa 1680). R' Meir may have been the chief rabbi at Ciechanowiec at this time.

Does anyone know who R' Meir was with any more detail?
Adam Cherson

Northeast Indiana Synagogues - Virtual Program on Sunday #jgs-iajgs #announcements


The Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society is thrilled to welcome Dr. Wendy Soltz on Sunday, April 18th at 2:00 p.m. for a program of “Northeast Indiana Historic Synagogues and Influential Families.”  Soltz will speak on three historic synagogues: 1889 Ahavath Sholom in Ligonier, 1914 B'nai Jacob in Fort Wayne, and 1936/7 Sinai Temple in Marion and highlight some of the families who helped to build them and create sacred spaces for their communities. During the presentation, she will also discuss the larger Indiana Synagogue Mapping Project which she started in 2018 with the Indiana Jewish Historical Society (IJHS). This project uses ArcGIS mapping technology to pinpoint and describe over 90 Indiana synagogues.

Dr. Soltz is currently an Assistant Professor of History and the Director of the Public History Program at Ball State University. Previously, Soltz was Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and History at Defiance College in Defiance, Ohio, and Executive Director of the IJHS. Soltz received her PhD in Modern Jewish, 19th- and 20th- century US, and public history in 2016 from the Ohio State University.

Registration is required to attend this free virtual program.  The link can be found at the NEIJGS website at

Additional information about the NEIJGS can be found on our website at, or our Facebook Page,   Contact Betsy Gephart at vp@... for more information.


Hope to see you on Sunday!


Betsy Thal Gephart, vp

Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society

JGS Toronto. Free Virtual Meeting. EXPLORING CITY DIRECTORIES. Sunny Jane Morton. Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 7:30 p.m.. ET. #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Jerry Scherer




A Family Tree Magazine Webinar


Followed by Questions and Answers

with Sunny Jane Morton

VIRTUAL MEETING: View from home

Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 7:30 p.m. ET.


Sunny Jane Morton is a contributing editor at Family Tree Magazine, contributing editor at, editor of Ohio Genealogy News and a blogger for


City directories are indispensable locating tools for genealogists, but they go far beyond connecting an ancestor to a certain place in time. They lead to a multitude of sources, contain information of genealogical value beyond the individual listings, and present a fuller picture of our ancestors’ lives.


Although the webinar is focused on U.S. city directories, many of the same principles apply in Canada. A PDF with links to major online Canadian city directories will be made available to all attendees.



To register, please go to


Please keep the acknowledgement email when you receive it as it contains your personalized link to join the Zoom meeting.  


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Re: Assistance Needed to translate the Hebrew on Family Gravestones #translation

I agree with Keith Osher Phillip's father was indeed Shmuel.
However R' is the equivalent for Mr.

Jacob Shayzaf 

Re: Searching for a relative who escaped to USA from Nazi Germany during WWII #germany #usa #belarus


I wonder if you have the year when he came to the United States or any information about where in the United States he lived.  Do you know if he became a US citizen? Was he an adult when he escaped or still a child?  Any such facts might help us in helping you.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

RECHT family of Poland research #poland

Colleen Knol

Hi, thanks for accepting my application to join.  I am researching  my RECHT family, from Poland, specifically, Jack (Jakob Gedalia), and his father, Yechiel Altar RECHT.  Jack changed his surname to Rich when he immigrated to the U.S. I've been trying to find birth certificates for them, but can't find anywhere. I'm wondering if someone can help me with info on this?  Thank you, Colleen Knol
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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