Seeking families with paintings of relatives by Chicago artist Isador Langhaus (1910-1950) #usa


Good morning,

I recently discovered that my paternal great-grandmother?s
Romanian-born nephew?Isador Langhaus?was an artist by profession. See
1940 US census attached.

He painted a portrait of his father Jacob Langhaus (also attached)?my
great-grandmother?s brother. I am assuming Isador Langhaus painted
many other people?s relatives in the Chicago area from about

I am asking if anyone else has a portrait by Isador Langhaus to please
let me know so I can create a virtual exhibition of his work, perhaps
through JewishGen. Please check the artist signature on any family
paintings you may have. He seems to me to be quite a fine artist who
deserves some recognition after all these years.

Mel Solman


Langhaus, Vineberg, Salmanovitz, Zalmanovitz, Holdengraber,
Kruk/Cooke/Kirk, Wigdor, Sobiloff, Sobelevski, Goldenberg, Zatkovetski

Re: Is there a JewishGen equivalent for Italian Americans #usa #general

Sarah L Meyer

There is an  I know that it specializes in New York City records but it may have other records and you may be able to ask questions there.

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: A Request for someone who has the book: "Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon (Of Blessed and Saintly Memory)" #lithuania

Eliyahu Allon

You could try writing to the author of the book, Chaim Freedman. He was very helpful with a question I had a few years ago. Chaim freedman [chaimjan@...]

Eliyahu Allon
Detroit, MI

Re: DNA matches with descendants of enslaved African Americans. #usa #general

Brad Fanta

Thank you, Erika.  These are great ideas, particularly about contacting African American genealogical associations and discussion groups.


I realize that the vast majority of JewishGen readers on this listserv do not have southern antebellum ancestors, so I have thought about contacting various southern Jewish Genealogical societies directly to see if they have addressed this topic. In fact, researching former slaves and finding their descendants has its own set of research challenges. Perhaps this is an opportunity to organize a talk at select JGS chapters. Teaching others how to look for these connections would be helpful.


Another possibility which would include many more people, such as your mother’s line, is to do genealogies of the people who worked and lived in our ancestors homes. Understanding their backgrounds and the caste system that everyone had/has to negotiate in, has deep ramifications for understanding our present. 

As you can see, I'm still in the early stages of thinking through this topic.  I see it as a moral and civic responsibility. 

Thank you again for your support and suggestions.

Brad Fanta
Austin, Texas


Re: A Request for someone who has the book: "Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon (Of Blessed and Saintly Memory)" #lithuania

Mark Shapiro

The Center for Jewish History has the volume and might be willing to scan and send you the page.  You can send a request to inquiries@....

Mark Shapiro
New York, NY

Today: CJH Genealogy Coffee Break #events #latinamerica

Moriah Amit

Interested in finding relatives who emigrated to Latin America or their descendants? Today (4/20) at 3:30 pm Eastern Time, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. We'll teach you how about online resources for Jewish genealogy in Latin America. We welcome you to pose your questions to our librarians during the live broadcast. There is no registration or link. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" or "Like" on the top of the Center's Facebook page to be alerted when the video starts and return to this page at 3:30 pm ET. Note: If the alert doesn't appear or if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here.
Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

JGS of Greater Boston Virtual Program with Emily Garber May 2 1:30-4:00PM EDT #education #events #announcements

Jessie Klein

The JGS of Greater Boston presents two talks by Emily Garber: When It Takes a Village: Applying Cluster Research Techniques & Conflict Management: Evaluating Evidence of Identity. May 2 1:30-4:00PM EDT. 
Free for JGS of Greater Boston members. $5.00 for non-members. Information at

Jessie Klein
JGS of Greater Boston

Re: DNA matches with descendants of enslaved African Americans. #usa #general

Janette Silverman

A phenomenal resource for learning about and studying the history and background of African-Americans, including DNA and the pre- and post-slavery era is MAAGI - the Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute  This year's Instittute is virtual, and registration is open until June 1.

Janette Silverman
Phoenix, AZ and Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Hebrew/Yiddish translation request: photo caption in Rudky Yizkor book #galicia #ukraine #yizkorbooks #translation


Good morning,


Hannah Hoch by the tomb on the communal/mass grave in Brazina in the year 1944.

Shalom, Malka Chosnek


Re: Is there a JewishGen equivalent for Italian Americans #usa #general

Raina Accardi

Here are a few specific to Italian research. Any site with records in the USA will turn up info about Paterson, NJ residents.

Italy Genealogy Resources & Vital Records


Raina Accardi 
Saugerties, NY
Poland: GEVIRTZMAN in Kobylin; JESINOWITZ/YESNOWITZ in Mszczonów; FELSENSTEIN in Parysów.
Belarus: GUTTWOCH/GOODMAN and ZISSERMAN in Volchin; BUSHMITZ in Vysokaye.
Ukraine: TRAUB and JANOVSKY in Kolki, Sofievka, Radomysl, and Zhytomyr; WEISMAN or ROSENBERG.

Re: Where to find 19th-century records from East Prussian Memelland, now Klaipeda province of Lithuania; re: my SINGER family #lithuania #germany

Russ Maurer

Civil registration began in East Prussia (including Memelland) in late 1874. The books include some delayed registrations from earlier years, but very few. All the civil registration books from the 19th C have been indexed and are included in the All-Lithuania database. I am not aware of any earlier vital records for Jews in Memelland (e.g., a parish record), and I believe very few Jews had legal residence there in that time frame. Ruth Leiserowitz is definitely the person to ask. Check out her website, or her facebook group, also called jewsineastprussia.

Russ Maurer, Klaipeda district coordinator, LitvakSIG

Re: A Request for someone who has the book: "Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon (Of Blessed and Saintly Memory)" #lithuania



I can not help you, but I'm also interested in your research. As Yoav Aran, I'm wandering how and if my grandfather was related to him.
My grandfather ( Ilia , Eljias Ber Lewi (1908-1997) son of Ida Levinsohn (About 1870-1942) came from Vilna, and several names are related to the Vilna Gaon, even if I do know more.
As Yoav Aron, (Thank you very very much for your publication, I'm very grateful !!) if someone could please send me a picture of the pages from the book that describe my family's relation to the Gaon. If there is a family tree that traces back their lineage to him--that would be greatly appreciated
Here are the name...
Levinsohn Ida 470
And Levinson Eliyahu Ber 475 478
Levinson Yitskhak 470 and Yitskhak Eisik 475 476 478
If someone answers to you, I'm also interested...
Thank you very much
Leila Ferault Levy (Paris)

Re: Where to find 19th-century records from East Prussian Memelland, now Klaipeda province of Lithuania; re: my SINGER family #lithuania #germany

Joyaa Antares

Here are a couple of resources I have found invaluable:
1. Memel address books -
2. Memel ortsfamilienbuch -

FWIW, some of my family were also from Kretinga

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Researching ZAUSMER, ZOUSMER, CHOUSMER, CHAUSMER, MARCUS, DAVIDOFF, COHEN, KAHN in Polangen, Kretinga, Darbenai, Libau, Riga, Memel

Re: Georges Szlamowicz, Records from the 1920s, Paris #france #records

David Seldner

somewhere I have a picture of him and of his father and his brother (my Grandfather), but it probably is better to send them to me privately. I will look for the pictures and send them to you.
David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany

Hebrew/Yiddish translation request: photo caption in Rudky Yizkor book #galicia #ukraine #yizkorbooks #translation

Jay Osborn

I am researching the history of monuments at a Jewish mass grave site located a few kilometers north of Rudky in the Lviv oblast of western Ukraine. The memorial (Yizkor) book for Rudky (Rudki) is on the JewishGen translations database, but only the list of martyrs has been translated to English. The image and its caption attached here is on page 316 of the Yizkor book; this image page and the surrounding text can be viewed on the NYPL Yizkor book collection linked to the JewishGen translation:

If someone could please translate the photo caption below this image, I would very much appreciate it. It's possible I will later request translation of the pages before and/or after this image; I am trying to learn when this monument was erected, and by whom, plus any other info which might be available. I have visited this site and have worked with others to clear and clean it; now I want to understand its history for a heritage research project my wife and I are working on in the region.

Thank you for your help.

Jay Osborn
Rohatyn Jewish Heritage
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Is there a JewishGen equivalent for Italian Americans #usa #general


I’m doing some research for an Italian American relative. I’m wondering what Facebook groups or websites might be helpful to pursue research about relatives in Paterson, NJ?

Jeff Fine
Montclair, NJ, USA
Family names/towns
Sekuran, Bessarabia (Shecter, Eisenberg)
Igumen, Minsk, Belarus (Ekelchik, Sussman)
Minsk(?) (Fine, Z(w)erlin)
Ulanow, Poland (Hassenfeld, Laufer, Reich, Ölbaum)

Re: What is the name "Katty" short for? #names


My Hungarian great-grandmother Katalin was known as Kati for short.  No idea what her Hebrew name was.
Tom Beer
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Zeitlin’s in Minsk #russia #belarus

Diane Jacobs

Julius could have been Yehuda or Yudel or
Check out these as first names And Zeitlin could be listed as an S or Sh.

Good luck .
Diane Jacobs

On Apr 19, 2021, at 7:16 PM, ZeitlinBaker <2bakersdesigns@...> wrote:

I’m looking for information about my great great grandfather, Julian/Julius Zeitlin. He had a wife named Chaie Lachevsky, a son named Max, and a daughter named Bertha. His wife and children came to America in 1895, per the Hamburg passenger lists.  I cannot find many records for Julian online and I’ve hit a dead end on my family tree research. Any ideas? I keep wondering if there’s a Russian/German equivalent for Julian/Julius that I’m not aware of. I want to know his parents’ names and keep going further back into my family lineage.  Any suggestions or help you have would be most appreciated. 
Amanda Zeitlin Baker

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

MyHeritage New Advanced Features and Technologies with Daniel Horowitz #announcements #events

Leah Kushner

The Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society (SCJGS) invites you to a Zoom meeting at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) on Sunday, May 02

MyHeritage New Advanced Features and Technologies

with Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage Expert Genealogist 

To request a Zoom link, please complete register here

SCJGS Members of can attend for free.  Non-members-$5 donations.    


 Having problems finding your documents?

Check out the latest MyHeritage innovations to expand your research! Explore advanced MyHeritage features that will enhance your family tree and make the most of your DNA results. Learn more about the Pedigree Tree, Pedigree Map™, Tree Consistency Checker, the Theory of Family Relativity™, AutoClusters, and many more.


About Daniel Horowitz:

 Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, Daniel was the teacher and the study guide editor of the family history project "Searching for My Roots" in Venezuela for 15 years. He was a board member of The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) for 10 years, now is involved in several crowdsource digitization and transcription projects, and holds a board-level position at The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA). Since 2006 Daniel has been working at MyHeritage liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers, and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world.
To become a member or join our mailing list:


Leah Kushner
President, SCJGS

Family of Louis Stengle born 1871 #subcarpathia

Stuart Kaufer

I am searching for relatives of Louis Stengle.  He was the 3rd husband of my paternal GM, Fannie.   The 1930 census lists them living at 900 N Damen Av Chicago.  They lived with his children from his first marriage to Annie Gluck who pre-deceased him.  The last child listed is Ernest Stengle who was my dad Ernest Kaufer whose name was never formally changed.  Never learned what happened to this marriage.  Fannie went on to marry a 4th husband, David Maiman.  Thank you.

Stuart Kaufer
family name searches
Kaufer, Stein, Steinlauff, Friedmann, Lebovitz

1561 - 1580 of 659618