Re: Searching: Philip BLUMENTHAL, Jr. #usa

Sherri Bobish

Hi Sandi,

I searched
for Phillip, born Illinois with mother's name Una, and found this Illinois death record.
This Phillip has the same birth date as your Phillip, and his mother Una was born
in Joplin, MO.  Although, this Una's maiden name is different.  It might be worth looking into further.


Sherri Bobish

Name: Phillip Wentzell
Sex: Male
Age: 9y 1m 29d
Death Date: 08 Sep 1938
Death Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Occupation: Student
Race: white
Ethnicity: American
Father's Name: Edwin Wentzell
Mother's Name: Una Corley
Birth Year (Estimated): 1929
Birth Date: 09 Jul 1929
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Father's Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mother's Birthplace: Jop;in, Missouri
Burial Date: 12 Sep 1938
Cemetery: Wunders

Re: Hamburg ship lists #unitedkingdom #records #lithuania

Jill Whitehead

Hi Shirley

There are few if any shipping records from Eastern Europe to Hull or any other nearby port such as Grimsby. My ancestors (on three sides) came via Hull between 1865 and 1875, but there are no official records. Please note that by the 1890s a lot of migrants came via Grimsby rather than Hull. You should contact the University of Hull Maritime Studies Dept for further information. 

Records were either not kept or were destroyed for the East Coast ports (my 4th side went to Leith in Scotland but no records there either).

My Guttenberg family also ended up in Sheffield in early 20th century after having lived in Hull and Grimsby in latter quarter of 19th century.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Polish army soldier #poland #holocaust

Janet Furba

Ask the archives.
Janet Furba,

Re: Looking for descendents of the brothers Samuel and Israel Altman of Woodbine, NJ #names #usa

Janet Furba

Hi, ask the relevant archives.
Janet Furba,

Help required to translate the back of a photo #translation #yiddish


I am looking for help to translate writing on the back of the photo in attempt to identify family members. 

Thank you.
Esther Gertopsky
Silver Spring, MD

BRADY: Is "Bohm Leipach" Bohmisch-Leipa, Bohemia, Austria - now Česká Lípa, Czech Republic #austria-czech #germany #general

Hilary Osofsky

I would appreciate some help in identifying the town of origin of my son-in-law's BRADY family. According to family records, his third great-grandmother, Betty BRADY de BEER, was born in Ritzebüttel, Germany, c. 1817. However, her father, Isaac BRADY, born c. 1776,  and his father, had both been born in "Bohm Leipach."  Could "Bohm Leipach" be Bohmisch-Leipa, Bohemia, Austrian Empire - now Česká Lípa, Czech Republic?

Thanks very much.

Hilary Osofsky
Orinda, CA

de BEER / BEHR, Amsterdam > Wiegboldsbur, Aurich, Emden, Germany
BRADY: Ritzebuttel, Germany, "Bohm Leipach" 
PELS, HARTOG: Wiegboldsbur
MOSES: Emden 
AHRON: Ritzebuttel

Disinternment #romania #general #usa


My sister was buried in Romania, and I would like to see if I can bring her remains to the US. Does anyone have any experience on this topic or words of advice on how to go about this.

Thanks in advance,
Peter Grossinger

Hamburg ship lists #unitedkingdom #records #lithuania

Shirley Holton

My great grandmother Taube Mankunsky came over to England via Hamburg circa 1898 from Simnas Lithuania with her son Dovid Yitzchok’s fiancee (later my grandmother) Tsivia Shochet as well as Taube’s 2 youngest children Zelda (later Betsy) and Leib (later Louis) Mankunsky. They landed in Hull. At least that was the oral history which I had from my grandmother Tsivia via her daughter my mother Mary Myers Adams. The name Mankunsky was changed to Myers in Engand. My grandparents Dovid Yitzchok and Tsivia Shochet Myers married in Sheffield in 1899.

I have searched the Hamburg ship lists but can find no record of Taube and Tsivia’s journey. Are the shipping lists complete? Was there another shipping line? My grandmother talked of travelling by horse and cart to Hamburg but once in England they travelled by train from Hull to Sheffield where Dovid Yitzchok and his older brother Benyomin Meir already married to Sarah Rose Nathanson from Prien awaited them.
I would be grateful for any further infomation.
Shirley Adams Holton
formerly of Leeds and Sheffield Now of Chalfont St Giles Buckinghamshire England

JGS Toronto. Free Virtual Meeting. EXPLORING CITY DIRECTORIES. Sunny Jane Morton. Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 7:30 p.m.. ET. #events

Jerry Scherer

Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto


Exploring City Directories

A Family Tree Magazine Webinar


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Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 7:30 p.m. ET.


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City directories are indispensable locating tools for genealogists, but they go far beyond connecting an ancestor to a certain place in time. They lead to a multitude of sources, contain information of genealogical value beyond the individual listings, and present a fuller picture of our ancestors’ lives.


Although the webinar is focused on U.S. city directories, many of the same principles apply in Canada. A PDF with links to major online Canadian city directories will be made available to all attendees.



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Jerry Scherer

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JewishGen Talks: Portuguese Jews: Names & History #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

We invite you to attend the next presentation in our series of JewishGen Talks webinars:
Portuguese Jews: Names & History
Speaker: Dr. Alexander Beider
Tuesday, April 27, 2021 @ 2:00 PM Eastern Time
Registration is free with a suggested donation.
About the Talk
The case of the so-called "Portuguese" Jews (Western Sephardim) is exceptional in the Jewish history: a mass conversion to Christianity at the end of the 15th century and a gradual return to the religion of their ancestors generations later. The debate about the reasons of this return and the degree of "Jewishness" of members of these communities (primarily in such cities as Amsterdam, London, Hamburg, Livorno, Venice, Bordeaux, and Bayonne) never ceased. Considerations of certain authors are passionate and more closely related to ideological rather than scientific factors. The analysis of names used in these communities allows to shed some (ideologically neutral) light on these complex and fascinating pages of the Jewish history.
About the Speaker
Dr. Alexander Beider has a PhD in applied mathematics, and a second PhD in the domain of Jewish studies. Beider uses onomastics and linguistics as tools allowing to unravel the history of the Jewish people. He has written a series of reference books dealing with the etymology of Jewish surnames. Beider is also the designer of the linguistic part of the Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching method of computer-based searches for equivalent surnames.
Registration is free with a suggested donation.
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Re: Tiktin #general

Jeremy Lichtman

According to "The Oldest Families in Czestochowa" by Janusz Spyra, Wolf and Moysesz Landau's father was Abraham.

Abraham was long-lived - he witnessed a grandchild's marriage in 1829.

Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

Richard Nohel and Kojetin cz #austria-czech

Daniela Torsh

Tony Hausner has asked me to pass on a message about Kojetin to Richard Nohel. Can you pls help? Tony is part of a Kojetin group. I don’t seem to be able to reply to posts.

Daniela Torsh


Searching: Philip BLUMENTHAL, Jr. #usa


Fellow Searchers -

I just learned this week that my U.S. Merchant Mariner, and later, Coast
Guard, uncle, Philip BLUMENTHAL, b: 1897, London, East End, has a son:
Philip/Phillip BLUMENTHAL, JR., b: July 1929, Chicago. His mother’s name is

Since the discovery I have searched for follow-on material and came up with
nothing. There are Una NEWTONs connected to the UK on Ancestry, but
Philip’s mother was born in Joplin, MO.

Uncle Phil and Una divorced at some point, and if she remarried, it could be
that Philip, Jr. took a new family name.

Let’s see if anything turns up.

Sandi (Blumenthal) Root
Bulverde, Texas

Actively searching:


Re: Hungary Jewish records #hungary

Vivian Kahn

You can find all of the volumes on line at .

Vivian Kahn
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

New Uploads to Gesher Galicia YouTube Channel #announcements #education #galicia

Steven Turner

Dear Friends:

We are happy to share with you two recent uploads to our channel that
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I spoke in the JewishGen Talks series on March 23rd, 2021. Some of the
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Dr. Andrew Zalewski participated in the Yom HaShoah commemoration at
the University of Connecticut Stamford Campus and co-sponsored by
Gesher Galicia (April 6, 2021). The program was moderated by Dr.
Frederick Roden, and Dr. Zalewski was joined by co-panelists: Ms.
Leora Tec, founder of “Bridge to Poland”, and Mr. Ralph Berger who
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Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

Tamas Fleischer

I'm afraid half of the contributors to this post believe that the task of the public tree is to help them with extra information while others wouldn't need their collected knowledge. I find this to be a very selfish attitude. The public tree is a surface of exchange, where I pay with my collected data for other's data. In this exchange, it is natural to leave living people's data hidden, but less fair to make all old data private while expecting help from others (or why are you in a public space?). 
There is no sense to speak about 'my tree' on a public surface. Especially I also collect similar family names from neighboring villages and also add their sources if they appear. These small trees are not connected (yet) to 'my tree' but I hope to find once the common ancestor. Sometimes these small trees hit another existing tree -- in such a case I added a few people to the tree of a potential relative. If we find a common ancestor the whole chain becomes 'my tree'? Or his/her tree? Has it any meaning?
To build trees from records is a kind of voluntary activity.  To faith against such people is similar to as if you'd fight against people who take photos in 'your cemetery' and 'your graves'. At the same time, I understand the expectation that such voluntary activity needs precaution, and  I myself dislike those people too who connect families too easily, just because they could be relatives. But in such a big group, it is necessary to accept that you can't prescribe to other people how to behave. First of all, if you'd not like other people to prescribe your behavior. 
Tamás Fleischer
Buapest, Hungary

viewmate translation from Hungarian to English #translation #hungary


Could someone kindly translate the two following approved viewmate Hungarian letters via the following links:

The above links correspond to viewmate ids:  93272 and 93273.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Elizabeth Cotter

viewmate translation from Hungarian to Englsih #hungary #translation


Could someone kindly translate my submitted Hungarian letter found via the following link:

Thank you in advance for your help.
Elizabeth Cotter

Polish army soldier #poland #holocaust

Belinda Dishon

My great uncle Oysez(Sheye) Jacker/Katz was a soldier in the Polish cavalry during WW2. We have a photo of him in uniform. He was captured by the Nazis and imprisoned in a camp near Lublin. Family were told that he escaped but froze to death in the snow. My questions are: 1. Did the Polish cavalry actually ride horses? 2.Are there any accessible records that would have information about his conscription 3. In which What camp near Lublin would he have been imprisoned? For some reason my the word ‘stalag’ seems to come to mind? If so what number stalag? many suggestions would be most gratefully received. 

thank you
Belinda Dishon
Melbourne Australia

Tracing descendants of Abraham and Belle Weiss #usa

Cynthia Hollinsworth

Tracing living descendants or relatives of Abraham and Belle Weiss who ran White Star Linen Service in Denver.
Cynthia Hollinsworth

4441 - 4460 of 662622