Re: Hungary Jewish records #hungary

Vivian Kahn

You can find all of the volumes on line at .

Vivian Kahn
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

New Uploads to Gesher Galicia YouTube Channel #announcements #education #galicia

Steven Turner

Dear Friends:

We are happy to share with you two recent uploads to our channel that
we think you will want to see.

I spoke in the JewishGen Talks series on March 23rd, 2021. Some of the
topics included: the partnership between Gesher Galicia and JewishGen,
tips in genealogy research, Gesher Galicia research and maps,
educational and cultural endeavors, and a trip to Nadwórna.

Dr. Andrew Zalewski participated in the Yom HaShoah commemoration at
the University of Connecticut Stamford Campus and co-sponsored by
Gesher Galicia (April 6, 2021). The program was moderated by Dr.
Frederick Roden, and Dr. Zalewski was joined by co-panelists: Ms.
Leora Tec, founder of “Bridge to Poland”, and Mr. Ralph Berger who
spoke about his parents’ experiences with the Bielski partisans.

The registration for Gesher Galicia’s virtual course, “The Path to
Modernity: The Jews of Galicia” scheduled June 21–24, is quickly
filling in. Gesher Galicia members receive a 25% discount off the
tuition from Gratz College. To learn more about the course, click

With just few remaining spots left, register for it here:

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Any questions you may have on any of the content, please write us at

Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia, Inc.

Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

Tamas Fleischer

I'm afraid half of the contributors to this post believe that the task of the public tree is to help them with extra information while others wouldn't need their collected knowledge. I find this to be a very selfish attitude. The public tree is a surface of exchange, where I pay with my collected data for other's data. In this exchange, it is natural to leave living people's data hidden, but less fair to make all old data private while expecting help from others (or why are you in a public space?). 
There is no sense to speak about 'my tree' on a public surface. Especially I also collect similar family names from neighboring villages and also add their sources if they appear. These small trees are not connected (yet) to 'my tree' but I hope to find once the common ancestor. Sometimes these small trees hit another existing tree -- in such a case I added a few people to the tree of a potential relative. If we find a common ancestor the whole chain becomes 'my tree'? Or his/her tree? Has it any meaning?
To build trees from records is a kind of voluntary activity.  To faith against such people is similar to as if you'd fight against people who take photos in 'your cemetery' and 'your graves'. At the same time, I understand the expectation that such voluntary activity needs precaution, and  I myself dislike those people too who connect families too easily, just because they could be relatives. But in such a big group, it is necessary to accept that you can't prescribe to other people how to behave. First of all, if you'd not like other people to prescribe your behavior. 
Tamás Fleischer
Buapest, Hungary

viewmate translation from Hungarian to English #translation #hungary


Could someone kindly translate the two following approved viewmate Hungarian letters via the following links:

The above links correspond to viewmate ids:  93272 and 93273.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Elizabeth Cotter

viewmate translation from Hungarian to Englsih #hungary #translation


Could someone kindly translate my submitted Hungarian letter found via the following link:

Thank you in advance for your help.
Elizabeth Cotter

Polish army soldier #poland #holocaust

Belinda Dishon

My great uncle Oysez(Sheye) Jacker/Katz was a soldier in the Polish cavalry during WW2. We have a photo of him in uniform. He was captured by the Nazis and imprisoned in a camp near Lublin. Family were told that he escaped but froze to death in the snow. My questions are: 1. Did the Polish cavalry actually ride horses? 2.Are there any accessible records that would have information about his conscription 3. In which What camp near Lublin would he have been imprisoned? For some reason my the word ‘stalag’ seems to come to mind? If so what number stalag? many suggestions would be most gratefully received. 

thank you
Belinda Dishon
Melbourne Australia

Tracing descendants of Abraham and Belle Weiss #usa

Cynthia Hollinsworth

Tracing living descendants or relatives of Abraham and Belle Weiss who ran White Star Linen Service in Denver.
Cynthia Hollinsworth

Re: More translations from German #germany #translation

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

They are letters from the wife to the husband from vacation. In them, everyday life on vacation is described. Some of the words cannot be deciphered. 
Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw

Re: Translation from German #germany #translation

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

This is typical occasional poetry for a family circle. The occasion is apparently a New Year's Eve celebration. Typically, each member of the family is given a verse, even a bride and groom get a joking comment.

Ruth Leiserowitz

Berlin / Warsaw

looking for records of Edgar Joseph Morais born in New Orleans in 1875. #usa


I am trying to find any record of Edgar Joseph Morais, born in New Orleans in 1875. The last record of him is in N.O. in 1892. Family lore says that he ran away because he was accused of murder, but no one really knows. Any info would be appreciated.
Adrien G. Genet
New Orleans

Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

Jx. Gx.

Obviously no one genealogy program/site is going to please everyone because no one program/site is perfect.  I don't publicize my family tree because of all the horror stories mentioned in the foregoing posts.  Maybe the only way to eliminate theft or at least mitigate the problem is to post the name of a deceased family member who is key to your research and the town they came from and ask if anyone has a connection.  This way you're not exposing all your hard work to a bunch of fraudsters and it gives you enough time and distance to check out the legitimacy of the responses you receive.

Having said this, I learned that no system is 100 percent foolproof in preventing hijackers.  A while back a non-Jewish women happened upon my great-grandparents information from public records and decided to appropriate them into her tree because their surname sounded Polish to her. She completely ignored their Yiddish first names and similar Yiddish references on census records.       

Jeffrey Gee

Family Finder contact deleted by mistake (Berland, researcher 692250) #general

Family and DNA

Somebody recently (last week??) sent me a message via Family Finder, and I deleted it by mistake.

Whoever it was, please do re-contact me if you are reading this! Thanks.

Juliana Berland (France)


Survivors of Maisi Klein #subcarpathia Friedman family #subcarpathia

Stuart Kaufer

Searching for surviving members of Maisi Klein, last known address in 1967:   155/40 Zolotov Askolon, Israel.   He was the brother of Perl Katz who was a cousin through my great uncle David Friedman.  Perl lived in Munkacs w her husband Herman and sons.  Emigrated in early 70's to Israel. 

Stuart Kaufer
Friedman, Kaufer, Lebovits, Steinlauff
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

Archival Information: 1913 Poltava Province #ukraine

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
For those of you with an interest in Ukraine, on my blog, JewishGem's Genealogy, I have added a posting related to Poltava Province 1913 Recruitment & Residency. This is archival information which included a variety of complaints against governmental actions related to the draft of loved ones. Included are many names, addresses, & other information that you may find interesting.
As one example, a grandmother complained that Kremenchug failed to grant benefits to her grandson. Her name as well as that of her grandson, & foster child were mentioned inthe complaint; also her address. 
Information can be found on my blog at:
Marilyn ROBINSON (aka JewishGem)
Searching: YUDIN (Sharkovshchina, Belarus), UNTERBERGER (Krakow, Tarnow)


Re: Immigration via Hoboken? #usa

Laurie Budgar

Thanks to everyone who responded. It makes a lot more sense knowing the ship would have gone through Ellis Island. Unfortunately, as Janette points out, the ship did not dock in NY at any time in the month of September 1898. The information my ancestor (Abraham Winokur) provided is obviously unreliable, as Joel noted would be likely. I did browse through the manifest for the ship's Aug 23 1898 landing, page by page, and did not find his name. I cannot find it on any indexed list, either (including the one David suggested). It may be a very tedious process of browsing through all the ship's landings from that year and 1899. (Why only those two years? His son Hyman was allegedly born in Russia in August 1898, and I know Abraham is in the US by 1900 (appears on the census and reports year of immigration as 1898). I doubt he would have traveled first or second class, though. 

Laurie Budgar
Longmont, CO, USA

Re: Kitchener Camps Sandwich #unitedkingdom

Emily Rosenberg

This article from The Guardian can lead you to more information.

Emily Rosenberg
Oakland, California

KESNER in Amsterdam, London, Chicago
STODEL in Amsterdam, London, USA
KAWIN in Suwalki and Poland
RUBINSKY in Suwalki and Poland

Re: Tiktin #general


Yes.   Based on the marriage entry for Recha (Rosel) LANDAU and R. Salomon TIKTIN, indexed by the good works of the Czestochowa-Radom Area Research Group (CRAGR), Recha's parents were Wolff LANDAU and Estera HERSZLIKOW.  (And Estera seems to be the same person as Ester LANDAU geb. ZYNGIEROW who died on 19 January 1823 (age: 61), widow of Wolf LANDAU (and her father was presumably Hersz ZYNGIER).)

Wolff seems to have had a brother name Moysesz (Mosche) LANDAU, but I have not been able to identify his (their) father.

Wolff was born ca.1749, based on his stated age (62) at his death on 24 November 1811 (but the ages of people was notoriously inaccurate before modern times).   (Again, thanks to CRAGR database,)

I have not managed to learn where Wolff LANDAU fits into the LANDAU firmament.

All the best,
Stephen Falk
Point Roberts, WA, USA

ISO descendants of SINGER/ZINGER brothers Hirschel (Girsh), Simon (Shimel), Peisakh & Leizer Singer of Pusalotas & Najamiestis Panevezys, Lithuania #lithuania


Are you descended from a SINGER/ZINGER family in the towns of Pusalotas and/or Naujamiestis Panevezys, Lithuania? If so, we are almost certainly related. In the 1970s Rosanne and Dan Leeson were very far ahead of the curve in creating a computer database of the descendants of Hirschel/Girsh and Simon/Shimel Singer, brothers who came to the U.S. in the 1880s from Lithuania. At that time, the database included info for more than 3,000 individuals.

WHY I'M WRITING NOW: yesterday I found a record--for on Ancestry, then on JewishGen--that greatly expands my knowledge of the family after four decades of research. This record is from a REvision List from Pusalotas, Lithuania, dated April 26, 1834. This new (for me, perhaps for you) information includes:
Birth year for Hirschel/Girsh: 1802
Birth year for Simon/Shimel (my gg-grandfather): 1808
Hirschel and Simon had two brothers: Peisakh (born 1805) and Leizer (1812)
The parents of these four brothers: Leib (born 1755 in Kaunas) and Ester (born 1784)--my ggg-grandparents
The grandfather of these four brothers (my gggg-grandfather): Girsh (also)

This is quite a treasure-trove of new discovery for me--again, perhaps it is for you, too. If these are your ancestors, as well, I'd be delighted to connect. I am not sure of what became of the family-tree database created by the Leesons--I hold hope that someone has been updating it over the 45 years since it was created. 

Yours in extended family,
Matt Singer
Philadelphia PA
Singer-related families in my line: GARONZIK, FREEDMAN, GERBER

PS: I searched JewishGen for others researching Singers from Pusalotas but found no matches.

Looking for descendents of the brothers Samuel and Israel Altman of Woodbine, NJ #names #usa


I have a very strong (2nd or 3rd cousin) DNA match with Alfred Altman, grandson of Samuel Altman and grandnephew of Israel Altman.   In the 1890s, the brothers Samuel and Israel Altman emigrated to Woodbine, NJ, also home of my grandparents - Solomon and Ida (Potashnick) Dimenstein.  I am looking for the relationship between the Altmans and the Dimensteins/Potashnicks. 

Stephen Diamond

Re: Requesting translations from German #germany #translation

Andreas Schwab

The letter (4 Jul 1936 - 2.pdf) is in reality dated 7 July 1936. The day may look like a 4, but is more similar to the 7 of the month (compare with the 4 in the other letter). It is in Dutch, except for the last paragraph which is in German. It is addressed to "my dear husband" (in Dutch) and is signed by "your wife" (in German). In the Dutch part there is a "Liesje" mentioned, who becomes "Lieschen" in the German part.
The second letter (4 Jul 1936.pdf) starts in German and continues in Dutch about halfway down the page. It ends without a signature. But in the middle of the Dutch part, there is the German phrase "Leb wohl, Geliebter". 
The undated two pages are in German, but the interesting thing is that at the end, there is a timetable of the return trip of the writer (the mother) by train from Chur to Amsterdam.
Here is my interpretation of the situation: It appears that the mother was staying in St. Moritz in a hotel and visted Lischen/Liesje, presumably her daughter, whereas the  father stayed in Amsterdam where he worked at the stock exchange. The daughterl had been very sick before and now stays in St.Moritz at a sanatorium. The family seems to be normally living in Amsterdam and to be bilingual. Lieschen is also bilingual because the writer sometimes speaks Dutch with her.
If you have the originals, it would be wise to scan them again with less contrast because some of the strokes disappear which makes is hard and someltimes impossisble to read.

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

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