Re: What was the purpose of this document issued in Czarist Russia? #russia

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

Domestic passports were necessary in the tsarist empire if one left one's place of residence for longer than six months or to travel outside the home region. Numerous Jews left the tsardom only with a domestic passport. They crossed the border into Prussia illegally and then traveled on.  

Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw

Re: Gans Family in Czechia #austria-czech

Sherri Bobish


Alternate names: Dobruška [Cz], Gutenfeld [Ger], Dobruschka

Try searching for old records at:
the JewishGen Austria-Czech Database

Always a good idea to use a soundex search on names.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Translation needed of German letters in Suterlin script #translation

dedra hauser

I would like to hire a translator for World War II family correspondence, some of which is written in the Suterlin script.  Any leads would be greatly appreciated. These are from the Mathiason and Dobrin families of Berlin and Hamburg.
Thank you.
Dedra Hauser
Palo Alto, California

Re: a RussianJewish name #names

Lisa Steinberg

My sister is Leah Ganessa (Linda Gail in English).
I also had a great-grand aunt called Gnessa Yocheved. She came from Pasvalys, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania.
My husband never heard the name either and was surprised when I showed him an aunt with that name born in 1860. His family is from Sub Carpathia, so maybe it wasn't used in that part of the world.

Lisa Steinberg, Rivedale The Bronx NY

SHATZMAN (Medzhybizh, Kamieniets Podolsk, Ukraine/Russia)

ROSENTHAL (Parchomowzy (Parhomowce/Parkhomivtsi), Khmelnytskyi, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)

SEGAL (Neshchiz, Kovel, Wolin, Ukraine)

ACKERMAN (Brichany, Khotin, Bessarabia) And Yedintz

KUPERMAN/COOPERMAN (Brichany, Khotin, Bessarabia) And Yedintz

CHAYET (Pasvalys, Kovno, Lithuania)

MEYEROWITZ (Kovno, Lithuania)


Photographer L. Epstein, Minsk #belarus #photographs


I have a photograph of my maternal great grandparents, Dov Ber Sossinsky and Chaya Malka Ekstein, taken some between 1901 and 1911 by photographer L. Epstein. As well I have separate large portraits of them made from that photograph created by the Solar Enlarger technique, then in vogue.
Could anyone help me with more information on L. Epstein and what such a photographer might charge.

On the back of the picture of the couple is printed in Russian:
“Gifted by the Highest Award by His Imperial Majesty, the photographer L. Epstein 1901
Minsk region
Gubernatorskaya St
The House of Erokhov
Awarded the Golden Medal at the Exhibition of 1901. Photo negatives are kept.”

Heather Shapero
Toronto, Canada
Sossinsky- Dolginovo
Margolis- Lithuania
Frankel- Drildge

Re: What was the purpose of this document issued in Czarist Russia? #russia

Elise Cundiff

Perhaps my gr-gr-grandfather had intended to emigrate, but he never did.  His eldest son did, in 1889, followed his two eldest daughters (including my gr-grandmother) in about 1891, and all the other siblings and his widow by 1900.  There was never any mention of any of them holding such a passport - my grandmother seemed to think that having had one was a point of pride.

Elise Cundiff
Columbus, OH

Researching Zieve, Glickman, Gordon (Moletai, LT);  Markus, Snitz (Siauliai LT);  Rosenberg, Hillelsohn, Mendelsohn (Erzhvilki, LT)

Re: Kolomea, Galicia, birth record, translation? #translation #galicia #ukraine

Frank Szmulowicz

Caveat: Cursive letters are not easy to read, but here is my best attempt at deciphering the text.
Josef Dawid

private office worker                   (urzędnik is a catch all category that encompasses an official, officer, etc. but in general is someone who works in an office)
from Nadwórnia, married
married in Ra(??enek?) in Bukovina
on June 22, 1899

page 2
married in Nadwórnia
daughter of Eisig? Greier
and Golda
nee Helfer
from Kolomyja

Second column
Leon. (Z?)iegter
? from Kolomyja

signature in Yidish
hand sign 

Eisiga Greier
in Kolomyja
the signatory and witness
Moses ?

Frank Szmulowicz

P. S. I hope this will give you some idea about this document. I am not used to such fancy calligraphy. Hopefully, someone will fill in what to me appears illegible.

Seeking lost family FRUMKIN/LEVINSOHN/last news 1950 Kazakhstan/Moscow #names #ukraine #russia



My grandfather, Ilya Lewi was born in 1908 in Lodz. During world war I they run away with his parents to Russia, and with cousins. In 1921 he came back to Lodz but his cousins stayed in Ukraine. My grandfather  survived WWII in France, but lost his mother Ida Lewinsohn. He received news from his cousins who lived in AYAGUZ KAZAKHSTAN, Semipalatinsk region.
His aunt Rebecca Lewinsohn (born around 1876) was married with LEVI FRUMKIN, who was accounting.
They lived in Ayaguz from about 1937.
They had one son Ilya (born in 1908) who got married with a doctor. in 1947 he lived in Moscow, 8 impasse Mihalkovski.
They had a daughter.
Rebecca died in 1949, they lived in Ayaguz, 147, st, Podgornaya.
They also had a daughter called Bertha, who gave birth in 1930, may to Evguenia (Zhenia) who went to study in Moscow in 1948 in "Institut". She was born in Ukraine, Peretsfeld (a jewish colony).
She had a young brother Borya, Boris.
The last letter was from 1949, and it was written that the letter had been opened. Our cousins from Israel wrote in 1950 that they decided to stop writing so that they did not have trouble...
If ever, You've heard about The FRUMKIN, LEVINSON Family, it would be incredible, and I have no idea how to find them.
Best regards
Leila Ferault-Levy (Paris, France)

ABRAMOWITZ descendants -Turn of 19th-20th century. New Haven-Boston area #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to an autobiography written by a member of my family in
which authoress stated that the "facts" she writes are not to be taken
exactly, as they are based on her personal experiences or heresay in
the family, my great great grandmother, Gittle ABRAMOWITZ , came as a
widow from Novarodok with 4 young children to New Haven, Ct. during
the latter part of the 19th cent.

She sent her two younger sons, Meyer and Kalman to Jerusalem to have
an orthodox environment. Soon Kalman returned to the states and Meyer
stayed in Jerusalem. I am a descendant of Meyer and I have contact
with Kalman's family.

I am interested in contacting descendants of the other two branches
and what I know about them is from the above mentioned autobiography
with no exact records or exact dates to back them up.

The two eldest children of Gittle were David and Sarah. David went to
Boston "to seek his fortune". Supposedly changed his name and got a
job in a dept. store in Boston and eventually rose to management. In
the 1930s my grandfather (his nephew), during a short residence in New
York, tried to contact him but was rebuffed, being told that he was an
old and sickly man and was recuperating in his Florida residence.

The authoress of the autobiography writes that when her family
vacationed on Coney Island in the mid 1930s she met a young man Tom
(no family name mentioned) who introduced her to his grandmother,
Sarah, (david's sister Sarah and her husband (again no family name).
It seems that Tom "disappeared" from the area and "returned to Boston"
where he was going to college. Presumably this "disappearence" was
meant to avoid further contact between her , coming from an orthodox
Jerusalem bound family and her distant cousin (who may not have been

Sarah and her husband were members of the Jewish socialist "Bund" as
the above authoress remembered setting up chairs for their lectures.

Since the 1930s there has been no known further contact with Sarah and
her brother David's families. Again, most of the above, is based on
oral family history with no official records to back them up.
Interviews with other family members of previous generations hint to
some of the above but most of our family data is based on the above
mentioned autobiography.

We are related to the HOROWITZ family (Rabbi I.S.) of Hartford, Ct.
and New York, but I have not been able coaborate any details through

If any of the above sounds familiar to anyone I would appreciate
hearing from you.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem
If the above

Re: Gans Family in Czechia #austria-czech

Peter Lowe

Is the attached death record of  your ancestor, Jacob Gans ?  It gives birthplace as "Hungary" .  Dobruska in Czechia  does not seem to fit with Hungary.  You wrote "East Dobruska", but on a quick search could not find that place.

On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 12:08 PM, <catherinetgans@...> wrote:
I am researching the GANS family who lived in East Dobruska in what is now Czechia.

Peter Lowe
Hertford England

Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

James Rothschild

I've probably been my own worst enemy here ... I once sync'd my own MacFamilyTree (in development) with and Oh Gosh! Nooooo :-(
James Rothschild

name search: ROTHSCHILD
location search: BIELEFELD, PADERBORN

Re: Need Help to Understand the Lodz Ghetto List #poland

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Harris,
Lodz ghetto archives have been fully preserved and are ca. 800.000 pages of documents.
You can find more than 95% on line at Polish state archives :
But to search, nothing is more valuable that the Finding Aid established by USHMM, 165 pages of explanation ! 
Thanks to Megan Lewis, USHMM Library referee, I could understand how to search.
Lists of "Residents", in fact ghetto's detainees, are numerous and as been established from ghetto's start in 1940 to its end in June 1944.
So some persons have an "address" change within ghetto without any other indication.
All lists have been scanned by Yad Vashem and OFRLI (Organisation of Former Resident of Lodz in Israel) ca 1994.
Index  have been made by JewishGen and explanations are here :
I tell you my truth : when you start to search and follow your Lost's fates among these 800.000 pages of real archives, records of last attempts for some more days of life and records of Holocaust , you don't leave them before numerous hours.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen Circle of France)
Found my Zysman, Kronenberg, Rottersman of Lodz...

Re: More translations from German #germany #translation


Since you seem to have quite a number of letters that you wish to translate and the pds copies you sent are not easy to read I would suggest, if yoy are able to read the originals and just not understand the content, to do what i tested:
see the enclosed pdf.
Ron Peeters(NL)

Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

David Lewin

Thank you.   You made me chuckle

David Lewin

At 16:22 23/04/2021, Marcel Apsel wrote:

Luckily there are some people like you; if not we will have to ‘accept’ that each rabbi would have between 50 children or more ……!!!!!


Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium
[]  Virus-free.

Re: a RussianJewish name #names


All true, and not to be confused with 'Gisya' a diminutive of Giselle, [Ukraine].
Shirley Ginzburg
Aptos, California

Re: Searching for PUSKIN/PUSKEN/PUSHKIN in 1925 Canton, Ohio #usa

Greta Huls

Thank you all! I got several replies so I'm starting down the rabbit hole! I shall keep you posted.

If you are interested, I am blogging about the OSU poisonings at

Greta Huls

April 27: Genealogy Coffee Break from Center for Jewish History #sephardic #events

Moriah Amit

Tomorrow (4/27) at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. CJH librarian J.D. Arden will interview Professor Sofija Grandakovska about Jewish history and Sephardic genealogy in Northern Macedonia, the Balkans, and the Ottoman Empire. We welcome you to pose your questions to our guest and our genealogy librarians during the live broadcast. There is no registration or log in. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" or "Like" on the top of the Center's Facebook page and return to the page at 3:30 pm ET, where you will be notified when the video goes live. Note: If the notification doesn't appear or if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here.
Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Need Help to Understand the Lodz Ghetto List #poland

Harry Kleinbourg

Hello everyone,
In the Database of JewishGen, I've found some of my relatives in the list of the Lodz Ghetto.
I need some help to undertstand some of the information found in the list:
  • In the row named "Deported/Type-Transport/Destination":
    • For one of the line, there is "26/09/1942 / AUSG" -> I assume AUG is for "Ausgehen". Does it mean the relative has been deported from the Ghetto on the 26th of Sept 1942? 
    • For another entry, there is a date only: 04/06/1942. Without the word "AUSG" -> Is it just an oversight? How must I understant this?

  • Is there a way to find the list of the transports and the exact destination which are in relation with the dates above? I know a lot of jewish have been deported to Chełmno and murdered there. But one of my relatives who has been recorded into the Lodz Ghetto List has been deported in Auschwitz for sure and have survived. So it seems that Chelmno wasn't the unique destination... 
  • Some lines have nothing for the row "Deported/Type-Transport/Destination". Does it mean those people haven't been deported? 

  • row "Residence Address": is that the address before entering into the guetto?

  • Some lines have the same person but the addresses are different. For instance, for my relative Cyrla MATYS, there is one line with Residence Address A, and Ghetto Street house B. And a second line with Residence Address C, and Ghetto Street house D. How must I understand such entries? Is there a way to know the dates when each entry has been recorded?
Thanks for any help / advice / recommandation / ideas
Best Regards,
Harry Kleinbourg

Re: Relatives want to know - where are the coveted records? #general #lithuania #records

Dan Nussbaum

There was a well known Rabbi Issachar Levin in Trenton, New Jersey at one time.

Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D., FAAP
Retired Developmental Pediatrician
Rochester, New York
Tone can be misinterpreted in email. Please read my words with warmth, kindness, and good intentions.

Searching for;
Nussbaum, Katzenstein, Mannheimer and Goldschmidt; Rhina, Raboldshausen and Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Teplitzky, Bendersky and Kaszkiet; Uman, Ukraine
Rosenthal and S(c)henk(el)man; Zinkov, Ukraine
Bild and Kashlevsky; anywhere

Possible descendancy from R' Chaim of Volozhin #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

A scribbled note in our family mentions that my great grandmother was
a descendent of R' Chaim of Volozhin. From my maternal side my great
great grandmother was Sarah Hinde who married Shlomo KANTOR of Karlin

A rumor in the family states that R' Itzaleh escorted her to her Chupa
(wedding canopy) as her parents had died already. This is similar to
the published biography of the family that Itzaleh's daughter who
married LANDAU did in fact pass away during Itzaleh's lifetime. The
problem is that Sarah Hinde is not mentioned in any published family
tree of the Volozhiners.

One of Sarah Hinde's children is named Chaim Dov(KANTOR) but that does
not confirm descendancy from Reb' Chaim himself. This Chaim Dov KANTOR
was a well known Rabbinic Chalutz in Israel but his family also do not
know the exact connection to the Volozhin family.

If anyone has information on Reb' Chaim of Volozhin's tree which has
not been published I'd appreciate hearing from you.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

3721 - 3740 of 661989