Re: Translation of Polish Occupation #translation

Alexander Sharon

The Polish equivalent of the cotter (at least to the 19th century) was the Pachciarz krów. The term translates as "Cow tenant". One of the functions of the Pachciarz krów was to supply the landowner with milk and other bovine produce.

Alexander Sharon

Re: Bayside cemetery Queens, NY #usa

A. E. Jordan

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From: Nana Redell <nane7012@...>

I recently found out that my grandfather Max LEFKOWITZ who was living in Newark, NJ was buried in the Bayside Cemetery, in Queens, NY.
Nana(nayna) Redell

I am not sure what the current status of Bayside is. There was an effort (the last of many) maybe two years ago to clean it up. But unless they have done ongoing maintenance it would be useless.

The office was ransacked years ago and most of the onsite records lost ... I was actually there before it happened and even then the records were spotty.

I have not been to the cemetery in years and I am not sure what it hours are for visiting as I think they are limited. Also I am not sure it is the best of areas so I wold not go alone. My great grandfather is among the missing at Bayside which is a great personal frustration.

As for finding a grave there are several partial databases of Bayside burials. Check the JOWBR record here at JewishGen to start. Steve Lasky had some records but I don't know what his status is and he had the overall map of the cemetery You could try emailing him to see if he has the person in his records but make sure you give him the date of burial.

Like most cemeteries it is divided into mostly burial societies. You need to find the name of the society and its gate number.

The Jewish Theological Institute has the burial books and you can try emailing them and ask them to give you the data. My experiences with them were difficult and uncooperative.

Also try newspapers and see if you can find a notice for the person's burial because it might give the name of the society.

Without the society name and the gate number it is a nearly impossible search because of the size of the cemetery especially since you said you are looking for a singe grave.

There are two cemeteries bordering Bayside that are separate but in poor condition as well. A lot of people got confused with which of the three cemeteries a person was being buried in so it is not uncommon to find a record saying Bayside but the person is in one of the two adjoining cemeteries.

Wish there was more encouraging news to offer.

Allan Jordan
New York

Re: Bayside cemetery Queens, NY #usa


Many years ago my brother and I went there to look for our maternal ggp’s graves. It was open, but there no help available then, either. The Cemetery is fairly large, but not as big as many of the others in NY. It took us about an hour to find it. 

As an aside, our plan was to look from back to front, each of us having our own territories. Of course, with our luck it was in the front. When we told our mother who was about 75 then, she said “you know, I remember going there as a kid. It was right by the front fence.” 

Good luck. See if some elderly relative can remember anything. If not, prepare to do some work. It feels like striking gold or oil when you find it.

Arthur Feinberg
Kalamazoo MI

Re: Samuel and or Raizel KOSHLAND. maybe from LATVIA #latvia

Reuven Mohr

the Koschland's I came across all came from Ichenhausen in Bavarian Swabia. 

Reuven Mohr

Re: Translation of Polish Occupation #translation

Maciej Łopaciński

Pachciarz krów - (fifth letter C) leaseholder of cows


Maciej Łopaciński


New and Updated Databases on IGRA’s Website #israel #announcements

Elena Bazes


The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released new and updated databases on its website. There are now over 1,900,000 records available in our databases. With each release we provide a variety of records to our collection. 

A preview of the databases are available at


New Databases

Teachers     1939-1942        

1,725 listings


Bat Yam Voters Local Elections    1943      

1,143 listings


Immigrants in Communal Settlements      1948
724 listings


World Zionist Congress Delegates         1978, 1982, 1987, 1997
4,954 listings



Updated Databases


Voters Knesset Israel    1944     Tel Aviv       Letters vav-zion, tet-kaf
17,118 listings


Jerusalem 1947 Census – Jewish Community (partial)

11,302 listings



Before viewing and searching the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:


Please note, the IGRA databases are now searchable to all registrants. The search results page is also available to all registrants. Additional details regarding most databases are available only to paid IGRA members. Certain exceptions exist due to requests of the specific archives.



To view/search the databases, go to the database tab on the website.



Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair

Re: 1905 New York Census #usa #records


Since Rose Palley and her family arrived in the US in 1906, I don't believe that the 1905 census will make you any wiser about the first name error. 
Giannis Daropoulos 


DE BEER: Naming traditions #germany #names #sephardic

Hilary Osofsky

 I could use some help determining which of two conflicting patronymics provides the given name of a DE BEER ancestor.

According to a summary written by a family member about 25 years ago, "In the year 1742, Jacob Simon Beer signed his name Jakob bar Moscheh Bar in Hebrew." The question is, what was the name of Jacob Simon's father - Simon or Moscheh?

For context, this signature might have been for secular purposes, possibly related to a writ of protection the family was seeking in Emden that year, following their emigration from Amsterdam to Germany. Although we don't have Jacob Simon's date of birth, since he was necessarily an adult in 1742, guesstimating, he was born in the late 1600's or early 1700's, most likely in Amsterdam. There is some speculation that the family originally came from Portugal.

Normally, I would conclude that Jacob Simon's father was Moscheh.

However, Jacob's descendants were very consistent in the naming pattern they used; in every generation, the sons used their father's given name as their middle name. So Simon Jacob, born 1747, named one of his sons Jacob Simon (1774); who named one of his sons Simon Jacob (1808), who named one of his sons Jacob Simon (1853). Presumably, the "bar" was implicit in this patronymic naming scheme. 

If the family naming pattern were decisive here, then the original Jacob Simon's father would be Simon. 

If, however, "bar Moschech" were determinative, then Jacob Simon's father was named Moscheh.  

I'm hoping someone who has some knowledge of naming customs in Amsterdam around the turn of the 18th century can give me some direction.

Thanks very much.

Hilary  Osofsky




Translation of Polish Occupation #translation


I am after the correct translation for the polish occupation of PACHAIARZ
Literally it means Tenant cow.
Your opions would be welcome.
Max Wald

JGSCNY virtual meeting on Wednesday, May 26 at 6:00 PM EDT - Jewish Cemetery Research in Europe with Dr. V. Fred Chvatal #education #jgs-iajgs #announcements


Greetings Genealogists,

The next meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Central New York (JGSCNY) will be on Wednesday, May 26th at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

Dr. V. Fred Chvatal will speak on "Jewish Cemetery Research in Europe

Fred has been documenting, photographing and restoring Jewish cemeteries of over 180 Jewish cemeteries in Central Europe and Finland. His body of work include over 90 publications on subjects such as methodology of documentation of Jewish cemeteries, theory of the gradually usage of burial area in old rural Jewish cemeteries, comparison research of the Hebrew epigraphy and more. He spoke at several International IAJGS conferences and serve as the Chairman of the Tachov Archive and Museum Society or TAMUS ( He lives and work in the town of Tachov that is on the German-Czech border.


This webinar is free and open to the public.

To register in advance for this meeting please use the following link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link and information about joining the meeting.


We look forward to "seeing" you


Yonat Klein
Syracuse, NY

Re: 1905 New York Census #usa #records

David Oseas

Using Steve Morse's "Obtaining AD/ED for the 1890-1925 New York State Census in One Step" tool, you can find the 1905 NY census images on Ancestry for any address:

Steve's tool will take you directly to the images if you have an Ancestry subscription.  If not, most libraries are offering free access to the Library Edition from home during the pandemic.  You will need to edit the URL obtained from Steve's tool to point it at the Library Edition.

David Oseas

Bayside cemetery Queens, NY #usa

Nana Redell

I recently found out that my grandfather Max LEFKOWITZ who was living in Newark, NJ was buried in the Bayside Cemetery, in Queens, NY. The cemetery has had problems with upkeep and vandalism and is profiled online.
I attempted to contact them by phone and there was no connection.
I was wondering if anyone on this list has had experience with this specific cemetery and could give me some tips as how to begin.
My ultimate goal is to have a photograph of the headstone. Note Max is the only one in the family to rest at Bayside.
I just want a plan of action.
Nana(nayna) Redell

Looking for Yasha from Zhitomyr Ukraine #ukraine


Looking for Yasha, last name unknown.


After Yasha’s father died his mother, whose name might have been Hannah, remarried.

Yasha immigrated with an uncle from Zhitomyr, Ukraine to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA in the early twentieth century where he became a pharmacist and had three sons.


Yasha sent parcels to his mother Hannah in Soviet Russia. The parcels were rejected because it was unsafe to have contact with foreigners. Contact was lost but Yasha is remembered three generations later for his efforts. 


Can you help reestablish the connection between Yasha’s descendants and the relatives  who were trapped in Russia, some of whom are now in the United States?


*Yasha might be Jacob in English 


Thank you for your help. 


please contact me directly.



Aaron Ginsburg

Foxboro, MA USA


Re: Searching for American immigration for Jennie Baer #general #lithuania #usa

Kathryn Kanarek James

I couldn’t find my great grandmother on a manifest for years! Her US name, as found in census records and her death certificate, was Jennie Goldstein! She was a widow who was never natualuzed inthe US. sent in a gravestone picture request to findagrave and got a picture of her gravestone. The given name Jennie is not there, but the name Baba is, as well as the Yiddish name Keile Golde. I then searched at the Ellis Island site for Baba Goldstein. No luck! Then, I searched on B*b* Goldstein. I finally found her! She was a widow from Shpikov of the right age range (based on census data). Who knew? You have to be very creative to find these records. Also, look at marriage and death records for the children of your relative because they may contain the various names used by your relative.

Kathryn (Keile Beile) Kanarek James
Annandale, Virginia
searching for Goldstein and Landa in or near Shpikov, Siduch and Wegodner in Justingrad, Kanarek and Brod in Galicia

April 2021 Summary of IAJGS Records Access Alert #records #general #jgs-iajgs

Jan Meisels Allen

As mentioned previously, every month I post a listing of the IAJGS Records Access Alert topics from the previous month for you to see the variety of issues…some were posted on this discussion group but most were not—all postings are included below.  The following are the summaries for the month of March, 2021.  In order not to miss out on important information it is worthwhile for you to be subscribed to the Records Access Alert.

Without records, genealogists cannot do genealogy –making certain that we retain access and gain access where it is impaired is every genealogists' responsibility.


  • (Algeria-France) Algeria Wants Return From France of Algerian Archives Dating Back to Ottoman Empire
  • (Ancestry) What Might Blackstone do with Ancestry's DNA Data?
  • (Belgium) Constitutional Court Overturns Framework Telecom Data Retention Law
  • (British Commonwealth) Commonwealth War Graves Commission Report Casualties from WWl Not Commemorated
  • (European Union) Facebook Data Breach Finds Irish Data Protection Regulator Looking Into It
  • (EU-Facebook) Digital Rights Ireland Announces "Mass action" Against Facebook Due to Data Breach in 2019
  • (European Union) Issues Biannual Microsoft Transparency Report on Right to be Forgotten
  • (European Union- France) NoYB Files Complaint with French Data Protection Agency Against Google
  • (European Union-Ireland) Ireland's Data Protection Commission Launches Probe into Facebook of Data Leak
  • Facebook v Apple The Battle Heats Up-Consumer Privacy
  • (Germany) Internet Media and Advertising Industries File Antitrust Complaint Against Apple
  • MyHeritage Acquisition by Francisco Partners Finalized
  • (Russia) WWll Soldier Database For USSR Posts 8 Million Records
  • (South Africa) University of Cape Town Library Destroyed by Fire
  • (UK) Office for National Statistics Says They Never Gave Census Data to Anyone Including Spy Agencies
  • (US) Biden Administration Halts Sale of Pacific NW NARA Building
  • (US) 16 States Join Alabama's Challenge to a Statistical Method Used for 2020 US Census; President Biden Nominates New Head of Census Bureau
  • (US) 2020 Census Information Released
  • (US) Even More on 2020 US Census Release
  • (US) HR 2738 Prevents Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies from Obtaining Subscriber Records-ISP Records
  • (US) National Archives Genealogy Series
  • (US) National Archives National Personnel Records Center 18-24 months to Clear Backlog Due to Covid-19 Once r Fully Staffed
  • (US) National Archives Releases Two Datasets -National Archives Catalog and 1940 Census Dataset
  • (US) Proposed New System of Records on Cybersecurity Vulnerability
  • (US) Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Sponsor Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act of 2021
  • (US) Smithsonian Libraries and Archives New Online Genealogy Research Guide
  • (US) Speaker Pelosi Won't Permit Court Packing Bill to Reach the Floor
  • (US) Supreme Court Sides with Google Over Oracle in Copyright Battle
  • (US) Thousands of Name Errors Possible in New Korean War Remembrance Wall
  • (US) Twitter Won't Allow National Archives to Restore President Trump's Tweets
  • (US) USCIS Fee Schedule
  • (US) USCIS Posts Proposed Regulation in Federal Register
  • (US-FL) Florida Bill on Privacy Amended as it Moves Through Legislature
  • (US-FL) Florida Supreme Court to Challenge on Insurance Law Pertaining to the Death Master File
  • (US-FL) HB 833 on DNA Privacy Passes Florida House 85-28; Senate by 22-18
  • (US-MD) HB 240 Passes Legislature Requires Licensing of any Forensic Genealogist Who Works With Police
  • (US-MO) Reclaim the Records Wins Missouri Sunshine Law Suit Against Missouri Dept of Health and Senior Services I
  • (US-MT) Montana Legislation Would Require Warrant for Police to Search Consumer DNA Databases Passes House
  • (US-MT) Montana Stop the Press From Serving Slander Machine
  • (US-OH) Dept of Health Will Not Appeal Federal Court Barring Not Allowing People to Change Gender on Birth Certs I
  • (US-OK) Data Privacy Bill Passes House and Won't Get a Hearing in the Senate 
  • (US-TN) Tennessee House Passes Resolution to Make Bible Official State Book
  • (US) Wisconsin Newspapers Sue Google and Facebook


The IAJGS Board of Directors approved opening the Records Access Alert to anyone who is interested in records access. This was announced previously.  We now have subscribers from many genealogical organizations not previously able to subscribe. To be on top of what is happening you are encouraged to register for the Records Access Alerts to receive the information in a timely manner.  If you are interested in any of the above items, please register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert and look at them in the archives.  To register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert

go to: and follow the instructions to enter your email address, full name and which genealogical organization you belong to-a society, SIG  or a subscriber of JewishGen, AVOTAYNU, Legal Genealogist  etc. You will receive an email response that you have to reply to, or the subscription will not be finalized. The alerts are archived and once you register you may access the archives at:


The IAJGS Records Access Alert is not a daily announcement list. Depending on what happens worldwide, there may be no postings for several days and other times there may be several in one day.


These are listed alphabetically not chronologically.  Each month the locales covered differ.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee





JewishGen Talks: An Exclusive Preview of the 2021 Virtual IAJGS Conference #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

We invite you to attend the next presentation in our series of JewishGen Talks webinars:
An Exclusive Preview of the 2021 Virtual IAJGS Conference
Speaker: Judi Missel
Tuesday, May 4, 2021 @ 2:00 PM Eastern Time
Registration is free with a suggested donation.
About the Talk
Join us for an exclusive preview of the 2021 Virtual IAJGS Conference.

About the Speaker
Judi Gyory Missel, a member of the Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group, has been fascinated by genealogy for over 30 years. Being the first of her family born in America and the child of Holocaust survivors, history and family have always been important. Judi offers presentations and classes on basic genealogy research, Hungarian research, and Holocaust resources to a variety of audiences. She has also spoken about her visit to the Arolsen Archives in Germany. Professionally, Judi has researched and published genealogy reports for a range of Jewish and non-Jewish clients from Mayflower families, Scottish clans, to Native Americans. Judi received the IAJGS Volunteer of the Year award in 2019.
Registration is free with a suggested donation.
Please click here to register now! After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about how to join the webinar.
Please click here

(US) National Archives Genealogy Series Reminder it Begins Tomorrow #announcements #records #usa

Jan Meisels Allen


On April 20 I posted about the (US) National Archives is holding a series of virtual genealogy presentations in May and June- the first being tomorrow on Tuesday May 4th    at 1:00 PM EDT.


The (US) National Archives has presented a virtual genealogy fair since 2013 and last year due to the pandemic they canceled the virtual genealogy fair. This year, they announced several sessions to be held over different days in May and June. You are invited to watch and participate in real time with the presenters and family historians from around the world on YouTube (


Over the two months, the sessions will offer family history research tools on federal records for all skill levels. The May sessions are broad and will appeal to the beginner and beyond. The June sessions are focused on specific topics and may be better suited for the experienced researcher. All are welcome! Session descriptions, videos, handouts, and participation instructions are available if you click the schedule link below.


  • Open with no reservations required
  • Watch the broadcasts via YouTube
  • Participate and ask questions via chat during the scheduled broadcasts
  • After the scheduled broadcasts, video recordings and presentation materials will be available online


The Schedule:


Tuesday, May 4, at 1:00 p.m. ET

Preserving and Digitizing Personal Photo Albums and Scrapbooks 

Wednesday, May 12, at 1:00 p.m. ET 

Finding Genealogy Resources and Tools on

Wednesday, May 19, at 1:00 p.m. ET

Tips and Tools for Engaging Family with Your Research Finds 

Tuesday, June 1, at 1:00 p.m. ET

From Here to There: Researching Office of Indian Affairs Employees 

Tuesday, June 8, at 1:00 p.m. ET

Civil War Union Noncombatant Personnel: Teamsters, Laundresses, Nurses, Sutlers, and More 

Tuesday, June 15, at 1:00 p.m. ET

Merchant Marine Records at the National Archives at St. Louis 

To learn more about this year’s virtual fair and details about the aforementioned sessions go to:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Samuel and or Raizel KOSHLAND. maybe from LATVIA #latvia

Ancestry Mail

-  Trying to locate any information about the husband and wife "Samuel Koshland" and "Raizel Koshland".
(The surname "Koshland" may not be correct.)
-  They may be from Latvia.
- They might have been born between 1830 and 1953.
-  Raizel's maiden name might be "Levitt."

Ella Mullens

Transcript please German #germany #translation

Reuven Stern

I've posted a section of a register for which I wish I had a transcript, translation is NOT required. It is on ViewMate at the following address

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Best regards,
Reuven Stern, Kfar Vradim Israel

Re: 1905 New York Census #usa #records

Diane Jacobs

Before the 1905, 1915and 1925 NY State Census was online on ancestry and family search, the only way to find people was to go to a place like the NY public library at 42 nd St and Fifth Avenue and look up the AD and ED and page numbers for a specific address in NYC.   Then you would be able to find the correct microfilm volume and search for the residents for a specific address.
It took time.but can be done.

Diane Jacobs

On May 3, 2021, at 2:54 PM, June Genis <junegenis@...> wrote:

I'm trying to reconcile what appears to be conflicting information on
different records which may require tracking down who was living at a
particular address in 1905.

I have a "CERTIFICATE AND RECORD OF MARRIAGE" from the New York City
Dept. of Health for Samuel Okun to "Rose Palley" in 1909 which appears
to list her father as "S. Palley" The bride's address was 115
Hinsdale St which appears to be in Brooklyn. That address pops up
in other related records as well.

The 1910 census shows a Louis Pailley at that same address with a wife
of the same name as listed as the bride's mother, Fannie, on the
marriage record.. Old handwriting, especially capital S vs capital L,
can be tricky but there are other capital S words on the same page in
the certificate. The different spelling of the last name doesn't
bother me but "S" vs "Louis" does. Could it be that whoever entered
the information got the wrong initial for the father of the bride?
The handwriting looks to be the same for both the bride and groom so I
assume it was a clerk who entered the data. Of course Rose is not
listed on the 1910 census for 115 Hinsdale but on a later census she
and Samuel appear to be living there with the Palley's having moved to
what looks like another nearby location.

How can I find out who was living at 115 Hinsdale when the 1905 New
York State Census was taken?

June Genis

June Genis, 650--851-5224
Hemet, CA
Researching: GENIS, OKUN, SUSMAN, ETTINGER, KESSLER/CHESLER (Russian/Polish Empires)

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

3441 - 3460 of 661888